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 Blocking Claire and Lashia was an aristocrat youth. If his expression wasn't so pale and unusual, along with his erratic gaze, he could count as a pretty boy. Right now, he was staring at Claire without the slightest restraint.

"What are you doing? Do you have a problem?" Lashia frowned looking at the youth and asked harshly.

"Two beautiful misses, good morning." The pale youth bowed courteously and then gave a smile he thought to be enchanting.

Lashia's mouth twitched. Watching the artificially friendly youth, she held back her impulse of wanting to spit.

Claire frowned. This person... she had a slight impression of. It seemed like a person Claire had pestered before and chased after very hard. He was called something like Si something De, she forgot his name already. But Claire did indeed have an impression of this face that was as pale as a pig's butt.

"Miss Claire, I want to invite you to eat lunch with me. Would you give me the honor?" Male pig smiled, filled with self-confidence. Keep in mind that before, Claire had constantly pestered him. Male pig's gaze kept on wantonly drifting to Claire. It was really out of his expectations that Claire, who had at the time been so ordinary and idiotic, would actually become so brilliant. The fight from before that made her famous and the duel on that day in the library both left a deep impression on him. He really didn't think, didn't think that that idiotic male-chaser would also have a day when she attracted attention. Her radiance really made it a bit hard for people's gazes move away. Truthfully, if he looked closely, she was very pretty, it was just that before, that idiocy and male-chasing tendency made people's stomach churn. But now, it was completely different.

"Not available." Claire coldly refused, watching that unbridled gaze.

"What?" Male pig became extremely rigid. He completely didn't expect his invitation that he was full of confidence of would receive these two cold words in response. He estimated that even if Claire was now different from before, perhaps have some misgivings and not accept while jumping wildly in joy, she would still smile like a flower and accept. But now she would directly refuse like this and not give any face?! Was it some kind of ploy to win his heart? It was definitely that!

Lashia frowned and said impatiently, "Do you not understand the human language? Elder Sister's said she's not available."

But male pig didn't care for Lashia's attitude; the arrogant Lashia was always like this. And really, Claire's sister had already said that; was she really going to continue on acting?

"I think miss Claire only feels it's too embarrassing to accept immediately. Miss Lashia, can you give us some space for privacy?" Male pig's pale face revealed what he thought to be an enchanting smile.

"No time." Claire insipidly said and then was about to go forward.

Lashia coldly snorted, disdainfully glanced at that male pig, and then followed behind Claire, preparing to leave together.

Male pig froze, then became a bit angry. That idiot, not even giving face! When would she stop acting?

"Wait." Male pig raised his voice and said.

Claire turned a deaf ear and just left.

Male pig became a bit anxious, quickly chased and caught up and barred Claire's way. He started laughing coldly. "Stop acting, didn't you always long to be together with me?" After he said this, male pig was about to grab Claire's hand. Male pig's eyes only saw the cold-faced Claire. This kind of Claire made his heart beat incessantly. Men are just this kind of creature; something easily obtainable would never be considered rare and vice versa.

Claire watched that pervert reach over and slightly frowned.

The next moment, an extremely tragic cry echoed from the forest into the skies, scaring all the birds in the forest to fly away.

Claire's face was ice-cold as male pig grasped his own right wrist, incessantly bawling. The crisp cracking sound just now was so clear-cut! It snapped, it snapped, his wrist bone had snapped! Male pig's tears flew violently, and his nose nearly flew with them. He watched the cold-faced Claire fearfully. From when she had snapped off his wrist to now, she still hadn't changed her expression!

"Idiot! My elder sister said she's not available! If you do that again, I'll snap off your other hand!" Originally, Lashia had started gathering up her energy, preparing to attack with magic, but looks like it wasn't needed anymore.

"You... You... Ah! Ah! My hand, ah!" Male pig's tears were still flying violently.

"If you still don't find a healer, your hand will be gone." Claire's quiet voice was as tranquil and clear as a death god.

Male pig seemed like he had woken up from a dream as he ran out the forest panicking, hating that his parents had only given him two legs.

Male pig was an example...

So afterwards, Claire's campus life went very smoothly, and never again was there a narcissistic so-called pretty boy that came to harass her.

Just as Claire thought she could have a period of peace, something big happened.

An epidemic broke out in Niya City, Claire's fiefdom!

In the Hill castle's study.

Duke Gordan's serious face looked at the documents on the table, his brows already knit tight.

Claire stood aside quietly, waiting.

"Claire, this time the situation is extremely serious. The epidemic in Niya city is still expanding, furthermore, this time the epidemic arrived very strangely. The public is also a bit restless. Although I don't want to go there and take any risks, but as Niya city's city lord, you need to go. Do you understand?" Duke Gordan's expression was a bit solemn and worried. Based on his desires, he would definitely not want Claire to go to that kind of dangerous place. If she was infected by the plague, then the consequences go without saying. But Claire was the city lord and a member of the Hill family.

"I understand, Grandfather. When do we go?" Claire solemnly asked.

"Go back to your room and see this data. Tonight we go out. The Temple of Light also sent people to assist you. I hope you can control this epidemic. Disaster relief supplies will be sent from the capital tomorrow. You will first leave tonight."

"I understand. Grandfather, you don't need to worry. Nothing will happen to me." Claire consoled Duke Gordan after receiving the data.

"You must be extremely, extremely careful and return safely, okay?" Duke Gordan exhorted again worriedly.

"Yes. Grandfather, don't worry." Claire revealed a smile.

It was at this moment that an enormous explosion sounded, which the two heard.

Duke Gordan abruptly got up, looking completely astonished, because the sound was from inside the castle grounds. It seemed to be Emery's house!

Claire also looked doubtfully out the window and saw the rolling black smoke. It seemed like something had exploded. But Claire perceived intense magic undulations in the air. Evidently, this explosion was created by magic!

"Sir, something bad has happened, something bad has happened! Cliff and Emery have started fighting. Cliff wants to kill Emery!" The servant started to shout, not even knocking on the door before he pushing it open abruptly. Everyone knew that Emery was Duke Gordan's right hand man, and Cliff was a legend. No matter which of the two was harmed, small characters like them wouldn't be able to deal with or even think the consequences.

What? Second master wants to kill first master?

Claire's expression changed. Without a word, she hurriedly rushed out of the study to Emery's house. Duke Gordan followed closely from behind.

Emery was definitely not the wizard sage Cliff's match!

What was going on?