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 "The small shameless person brought a big shameless person and wants this sword back!" Once Lashia heard this she became furious, suppressing her anger as she faced the nearby cold-faced Claire.

"Indeed it's shameless." Claire said insipidly. She didn't really want to deal with clans' clash of interests; it was enough to let Grandfather deal with those. But if they thought Claire was easy to bully, then they were gravely mistaken.

"Jean, come over here." A thin, cold smile emerged from the corner of Claire's mouth. She turned towards Jean who was behind her and beckoned with her finger.

"Miss?" Although Jean had an inquiring tone of voice, inwardly, he knew crystal clearly that every time a smile surfaced on Miss's face, someone was out of luck.

"Do this... like this... yes, right, just like that." After Claire quietly finished explaining, Jean's brow raised. Currently, he really wanted to laugh, but it would be better if he suppressed it so the people inside the grand hall wouldn't hear. Walter didn't have to worry about this, so he started laughing an earth-shaking wahaha in Claire's head. Too devious, later he must write a book and call it Eighteen Deceiving Strategies of a Little Devil.

"Lashia, come with me, let's go to the training area." Claire turned and faced Lashia.

Lashia smiled like a flower while she was inwardly feeling peeved why she hadn't thought of this great method.

Claire and Lashia didn't go through the grand hall and instead went around from the back, directly going to the training grounds.

Once the two people were gone, Jean's expression changed into grief and indignation. Alright, Jean couldn't help but admit, this expression really made him feel a bit uncomfortable. At the entrance, he practiced for two full minutes, and finally, he had an expression barely qualifying as extreme grief and indignation.

And like so, Jean entered the grand hall, rushing right to the Duke Gordon who was sitting at the top of the hall, and reported with grief and indignation, worry written all over his face, "Your Grace, something happened! First miss and second miss..."

"What? What happened? What happened to Claire and Lashia?" Duke Gordon stood up in fright and surprise. If it was about anyone else, Gordon would have rebuked his servant's emotional attitude. But Gordon had never seen Jean look so grieved and worried. Even if he just used his butt to think, he knew that something big must have happened! Claire's place in Gordon's heart had become very important; he could never let anything happen to her. Lashia was arrogant, but still very strong, and could not be hurt either! Did the conflict between the two sisters escalate and result in something big?

"Your Grace, today, first Miss ran into someone who challenged her, inviting her to a duel while insulting the Hill family as much as possible. First Miss was furious and accepted the duel. Although she won, first Miss was still angry that someone would insult the Hill family like that, and she blamed it on herself, that she was not powerful enough. So now she is practicing like crazy with second Miss, fighting in the training ground. Practicing like this without limit, your servant is afraid that first Miss's body won't be able to handle all this." Jean's emotions and tone were very complex, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, sometimes grieved and sometimes worried. He had never said so many words with such emotion and intensity. If Walter was here, he would have exclaimed that the honest handsome knight has been brought astray by little devil Claire.

"What!!!" Duke Gordon's expression became serious and he stood up suddenly, rushing to the backyard without caring about Sir Roman anymore. Jean also hurried after Duke Gordon.

Sir Roman twitched his mouth, his face dark. After hearing Jean's words, he had understood that he could never get that sword back again. He also had a feeling that he was tricked! He had not paid enough attention to this man-crazy miss. He had wanted to gain the initiative, reducing the situation as small as possible, and then get the family heirloom back by sending a few gifts. Even if afterwards Duke Gordon knew the details, he wouldn't be so stingy as to revisit this matter. But now, everything was doomed, totally doomed. Not just getting the sword back, Duke Gordon might even get to the bottom of it in his fury.

"Grandfather, that..." Alice said somewhat angrily. How could she not understand this was Claire's scheme!

"Hold your tongue!" Sir Roman angrily reprimanded. "Go back with me. From now on, never provoke someone from the Hill clan!" Sir Roman got up and left with Alice, not even saying goodbye. They would just visit their home another time to apologize. Immediately, Alice's face paled.

The whole time in the carriage, Alice held her head low, not uttering a sound. Sir Roman watched Alice with her head down and his expression became complicated. He lightly sighed and quietly said, "Are you blaming Grandfather?"

"No, Grandfather, I don't have any intent of blaming Grandfather." Alice looked up and fearfully said.

"Alice, you are the Roman family's future hope, but you are too impulsive. Do you understand why Grandfather criticized you?" Sir Roman asked profoundly.

"I shouldn't have provoked someone from the Hill family." Alice quietly said and slowly faced down.

"No!" Sir Roman unexpectedly refuted resolutely.

"Then?" Confused, Alice looked up at the old man in front of her and asked.

"I scolded you because you shouldn't have provoked someone we currently can't provoke." Sir Roman's gaze became a bit icy.

Instantly, Alice's gaze lit up, immediately understanding Grandfather's meaning. The Hill clan was someone their Roman clan couldn't provoke, so she had made a mistake and provoked someone who she couldn't afford to provoke. But, one day... there would definitely be a day she could provoke someone from the Hill clan!

Sir Roman watched in relief as Alice's expression changed, understanding that this granddaughter had already comprehended his meaning. He lightly stroked Alice's head and said, "You need to work hard, continuously strengthen yourself, surpass me, and the day will come."

"Yes, I will, Grandfather." Alice nodded seriously, strengthening her resolution. Yes, there would definitely be a day where she would step on that idiotic Claire, step on the Hill clan! Once she thought of that huge goal, all of the blood in Alice's body surged.

Sir Roman slowly closed his eyes, a sliver of a cold smile appearing from the corner of his lips. Amparkland would definitely not let the rose flag wave forever!

The Hill castle's rear court's training ground at the moment.

Duke Gordan saw a scene that made him trepid, his two darling granddaughters seemed to be suicidal as they released magic to fight. Dust swirled in the sky along with a gale that messed up their hair.

"Quickly stop! Stop!" Duke Gordan hurriedly shouted, extremely worried. He never thought that these two suicidal kids would be as incompatible as water and fire. If anyone was wounded, then it would be so disastrous.

It was only then that Claire and Lashia stopped and unanimously looked towards the side of Duke Gordan. Yes, very good, that shameless old man wasn't there.

"Oh, Grandfather, that Sir Roman left?" Lashia skipped over and cheerfully asked.

"What?" Duke Gordan first froze, and then his mouth gaped open. Naturally, he wasn't mediocre, immediately understanding everything from Lashia's words and Claire's cold expression.

"Wow, you guys!" Duke Gordan started laughing and then turned again towards Jean who had been standing behind him. "Jean, I didn't think you would also..."

"I was pressured by the first Miss." Jean blamed without changing his expression. Of course Duke Gordan wouldn't blame Claire, but Jean didn't know if he would immediately blame him.

"Grandfather, that old man is truly very shameless. Clearly it was because that Alice had insulted our Hill family that elder sister agreed to the duel, and also it was she who made the bet." Lashia angrily said, looking wronged.

"Haha... As I expected. But just now you guys hadn't come back and I didn't see the battle, so I still needed to deal with it on the surface." Duke Gordan smiled like a sly old fox. "Now it's good; he already left. Where's the sword? Let me see."

"Over here, here." Lashia jogged over and picked up the magic sword at the side, then handed it to Duke Gordan.

"A good sword, as expected, a good sword." Duke Gordan looked at the sword and praised.

"Elder sister gave it to me." Lashia proudly said.

"As a magician, why would you use a sword? Pass it to the higher ups, pass it to the higher ups." Duke Gordan murmured and then grabbed the sword, not letting go. What a joke. It was another family's heirloom; how could it be bad?

Walter curled his lip. It turns out the most shameless person was this old man!

"Ah! That was sent to me by Elder Sister, don't wanna." Lashia shouted and then wanted to snatch the sword in Gordan's hand.

"As a magician, why would you use a sword?" Old man Gordan just stuck onto that phrase and didn't let go.

Claire watched the two quarreling people, amused, and then finally said, "Alright, Lashia, later I'll send you suitable things you can use, you should give this to Grandfather."

After hearing this, Lashia pouted, watching the immeasurably satisfied Gordan holding the sword, and said unwillingly, "Alright, really now, Grandfather."

Magic swords are very rare. Gordan hugged this fire magic sword smugly, preparing to reward it to his subordinate. His mood was exceptionally good watching these two sisters' relationship that was so good right now, sweeter than eating honey, and he had also obtained this magic sword. Magic swords were very rare and precious. This time they had taken the luck of that insensible child of the Roman family, obtaining a weapon this good.

A few days later, the Sunrise Institute started school again.

When Lashia and Claire rode the carriage together and appeared at the school entrance, people's eyes almost dropped onto the ground.

The two sisters as incompatible as fire and water actually appeared together and even in such a harmonious scene!

These two beautiful figures naturally attracted attention, especially Claire, who had recently been in the limelight.

In fact, just as they passed through the school's forest, they met a male pig.