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 She wanted Jean's magic sword? Claire frowned, coldness flashing in her eyes. She had already given that sword to Jean and didn't really have control over it anymore. Also, she didn't have any interest in the rude girl's weapon.

"I believe Miss will win another magic sword." Jean's voice quietly sounded from behind Claire. His meaning was clear; Jean agreed to put his weapon at stake, and he firmly believed that Claire would definitely win.

That sword was also a magic sword? Now Claire noticed the sword that Alice had stuck into the ground. Sure enough, there was a faint magic undulation. It was a good sword.

"Here, Miss." Jean went up and handed Claire the sword from his waist. The opponent had a weapon, so naturally Claire couldn't be empty-handed. Claire accepted the sword and turned to look at Alice.

"Good enough." Claire smiled brilliantly like a cherry blossom, nodding her head lightly. "Then let's start."

"Hmph! Brat who doesn't know what's good for them!" Alice sneered, lifted up the sword from the ground, started to gather her energy, and prepared to instantly close in onto Claire and deliver a fatal blow. Secretly, she had already decided to beat this man-chaser up until she squirmed on the ground, make her lose all of the Hill clan's face, step high over her, and make Claire beg her for mercy in front of everyone here!

"Give that little vixen a Spiritual attack, making her immobile, and then kick her face, and then step on her back, and then shave off all her hair!" Walter clamoured in Claire's mind. Walter also loathed this arrogant and brainless noble lady. Aristocrats truly overestimated themselves. The little devil was also an aristocrat, but she didn't seem to show it off that much.

Claire kept silent. Without a word, she brandished the sword and directly dashed towards Alice. Exuberant at seeing this, Alice immediately raised her sword and rushed forward. Walter started howling, "Crap! Little devil, aren't you the most devious person in the world? Why aren't you tricking this vixen today? Don't tell me you actually want to fight her head on?"

Alice was incessantly ecstatic. As expected, this idiotic man-chaser doesn't think at all, actually wanting to do close combat with her! Just relying on her strength as an advanced warrior to have close combat with her?! That really was a pipe dream!

With a low grunt, teal Dou Qi burst out of Alice's entire body and she fiercely chopped towards Claire. She was confident that Claire would absolutely not be able to withstand this extremely powerful strike, and definitely be groveling on the ground by the power of her attack.

But Claire didn't release any Dou Qi, directly facing the attack. Just as a smile appeared on Alice's face, Claire made a strange, nimble dodge and disappeared right in front of Alice. Instantly, Alice's pupils widened. What did it mean if the opponent disappeared right in front of a warrior? A warrior was best at fighting head on!

The next moment, an ice-cold, hollow slash sound came from behind Alice. Instantly, Alice came back to her senses and brought her sword behind. The fierce, resonating sound of the clash of the swords made the back of Alice's head break out in sweat. If this attack hit her, then...

But what would shock her had only started. Claire's malicious, crafty, and unusual attacks made her extremely uncomfortable. How is this a battle? How is this a battle between warriors? This male-chaser was actually this malicious, her every attack was directed towards her vitals or a gap in her defense, making her weary and unable to cope. If it continued this way, Alice gradually wouldn't even have the strength to attack any more and only be able to defend.

The high intensity and weariness from blocking the blows made Alice's physical strength rapidly drop. Because if she was careless just once, Claire's sword would hit her vitals.

The more everyone who had circled around watched, the more shocked they were. Claire, that formerly idiotic male-chaser, what kind of sword skill was she using right now?! It was so eerie and nimble. The grand warrior Alice was forced to withdraw, panting for breath. The Dou Qi that had originally been radiating bright teal was now slowly fading. But!! From beginning to end, Claire hadn't even used Dou Qi, only simply using sword skills to attack!

Jean squinted while watching the duel, also incessantly puzzled. The sword skill Claire used was very strong, very incredible. Claire personally said that she was using softness to conquer strength, using the power of the opponent to attack the opponent instead. Up until now, Jean was still unable to understand much. How on earth Claire learned this mysterious sword skill had always been a mystery.

"Hmph!" Claire coldly snorted, green Dou Qi bursting out of her entire body, fiercely striking directly at Alice. Alice hurriedly raised her sword to block, but right now she was already unable to intercept this strike from Claire that had been brimming with power.

After the weapons interlocked, there was a ringing sound, followed by the sound of a sword falling to the ground.


The sword from Alice's hand had been struck flying and landed not far from the two. Claire's face was ice cold as she brandished her sword and pointed at Alice's neck.

A cold wind blew, lifting Claire's golden hair, shining like the sun.

Alice's eyes were dead and ashen.

The surroundings were silent.

"So people from the Roman family are like this? Having no strength but still insisting on challenging?" Lashia's cold voice came. This girl held onto grudges fiercely. She had remembered the words that Alice had said in the library a moment ago very clearly. Now she repeated the exact words back at Alice.

Alice hatefully looked up towards Lashia, her eyes lighting up with unresigned, angry fire, but wasn't able to say a word.

"Let's go." Claire picked up the sword that was formerly Alice's from the ground.

"But, elder sister, isn't it too many if your knight uses two swords?" Lashia said on purpose, giggling as she walked over, disdainfully looking at the powerless Alice who was kneeling on the ground.

Walter clicked his tongue. That damnable peacock, calling out "elder sister" now so intimately. Before, she had walked with her nose pointed at the sky! Jean raised his brow slightly but didn't say anything. It didn't need to be mentioned how much Lashia loathed Claire before. Now, this little girl's tone of voice had a faint hint of pride, pride for Claire. She really was a naive little girl. Once she decided on something she would believe in it no matter what.

"Then you can have it, you can give it to any warrior friend you like." After handing back Jean his sword, Claire looked at the other magic sword that was strangely shaped, and without a thought, gave it to Lashia.

Alice's eyes widened, rigidly staring at the magic sword in Lashia's hands that was originally hers. That was one of the Roman family's heirlooms! Very precious! But now she actually lost it! How could she go back and explain? Her father and grandfather would definitely fly into a rage.

Lashia happily waved the magic sword in her hand around. "Thanks, elder sister."

Claire smiled faintly, and turned back to walk towards the main entrance of the library. She still hadn't completely finished searching through illustrated handbooks. There was an impenetrable crowd but when Claire walked over, they let a path open. The conversations submerged Alice. Everyone's gaze followed Claire until she disappeared into the library's main gate.

As an advanced warrior, Claire had defeated the grand warrior, Alice, and used Dou Qi only at the very end. Some people cried out in surprise at Claire's astonishing strength, while others were disdainful that Claire constantly dodged and wasted Alice's strength to win. But no matter what, Claire had won this duel and even won the magic sword heirloom of the Roman clan.

Claire's name resounded in the capital again.

Naturally, Lashia's current attitude to Claire was completely different. After she found out the reason why Claire had come to the library, she voluntarily tried to help Claire search through the illustrated handbooks. But after working for the whole afternoon, they still couldn't figure out what kind of magic beast White Emperor was.

At dusk, Claire and Lashia returned home, but saw a luxurious carriage stopped at the doors. The insignia on the carriage was the Roman clan's insignia!

"Could it be that because that idiotic Alice couldn't beat Elder Sister, she came over here to tattle?" Lashia said, looking at the carriage disdainfully. Now that little girl was so affectionate, calling her Elder Sister, completely forgetting how difficult she had made things for Claire. Walter rolled his eyes, sighing in his heart that as expected, women are the most fickle beings.

"It shouldn't be." Claire said, insipidly. That Alice's personality would never do this kind of idiotic thing.

"Then let's go in and see for ourselves." Lashia took the lead, walking through the main gate.

In the grand hall, Duke Gordan smiled, looking at another old man and discussing. Alice had her head down, standing silently aside.

"Sir Gordan, I'm truly sorry. The two children were playing around with a gamble, but our family's child is also insensible, actually losing the Balrog flame magic sword. You also know that it is our clan's heirloom. Really, sigh..." That old man smiled, looking like he was very embarrassed.

When Walter heard this, he couldn't contain himself. There's actually someone more shameless than me!!! Wait, no, Walter immediately added to himself, it should be said there's actually someone more shameless than the little devil!

These words sounded even more appetizing than roasted chicken: two children playfully betting and losing a sword. So? So now he wanted to come and get the sword back?!