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"Is it that freakish youth who lost to you?" Naturally, Walter also sensed something was wrong.

"Doesn't seem like it." Claire shook her head slightly.

"It's most likely assassins sent by that ambassador. His excessively cautious nature wouldn't let you continue to grow. That day, your fight scared that fat pig." Jean laughed quietly. It was unusual that words like these would come out of his mouth.

Claire sighed lightly. That day's victory was really a fluke. People like the pope probably understood why she won. That's why the pope didn't care at all. But that ambassador seemed to firmly believe that she really had that strength and power. Alas, just as expected... She felt a bit wronged.

As Walter heard Claire's quiet sigh, he naturally understood what Claire was thinking and wanted to laugh again. But just like before, he didn't dare to.

"But it seems like you don't need to do anything." Claire squinted, sensing the activity outside. It was two groups of people, the group in the back had already targeting the somewhat impatient group in front. Claire immediately understood that it was definitely people sent by Grandfather to protect her. Grandfather had already anticipated this kind of situation.

"Yes, so we should continue to go." Jean sensed the movements outside and smiled. Those people are waiting, waiting until they got to a secluded area to make to move. But, once they arrived at such a place, who knows who will attack who.

"Miss Claire!" A voice suddenly shouted. It was a cook who regularly worked at the Hill castle. "Miss Claire, Second Miss Lashia is calling you home! The Duke has collapsed!"

"What?!" Claire called out in shock.

"The youth from the Feng clan ran back and is threatening to kill him if the Miss doesn't go to him and marry him immediately!" The voice continued on in fear.

Walter's jaw almost dropped off. As expected, it was the freakish youth.

The two groups outside were also starting to become disorderly. They faced one another menacingly without any indication of hiding now, neither willing to back down. A new, high-tension mood filled the air.

Meanwhile, Jean was contemplating in his heart. The title of Duke wasn't simply a title; it represented one of the highest positions possible in all of Amparkland! And Duke Gordan Hill was someone who even the king had to show face to! Someone who could subdue the Duke like that... It seemed that the Feng youth was much more than he seemed...

"Turn the carriage around!" Claire ordered. What did it mean if the Feng youth could single-handedly penetrate the Hill stronghold and threaten to kill the Duke? It was almost a national crisis. Something seemed fishy...

The carriage immediately turned around, going back to the Hill stronghold.

Nobody know who it was from, but an arrow was shot. Suddenly, the crowd outside erupted. Arrows flew, iron or elemental. The clash of swords could be heard and sparks flew. An unimaginable scene of carnage emerged.

Claire didn't really care for the Duke, but if he died, then the gentle Katherine would be sad, something Claire didn't want to see. But at the same time, something seemed wrong. Firstly, it didn't seem possible that Yixuan Feng could subdue the Duke; she knew personally from experience that the strength of Duke Gordan was unfathomable. Compared to Yixuan Feng's strength, which she had felt during the competition, it should be much higher. Yet the Duke was still subdued...

Claire's eyes flashed. "Walter!" Claire called out.

"What?" Walter called out sleepily. It was still early in the morning and he wasn't fully awake yet.

"Try and sense if there's any Dark Qi!" Claire ordered.

"Hah?" Walter asked. "Oh! There's so much Dark Qi surrounding the carriage! What's going on?"

Suddenly, lightning flashed and a dark storm brewed. A burst of smoke had appeared, and within the depths, a lightning arrow flashed. It was the fastest thing the world had ever seen. Silently, it shot through the darkness, straight at Claire's heart through the carriage.

"Im...pos..ible..." Claire's voice said while trembling.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!" Jean and Walter cried at the same time.

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