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 Stunning Edge - C326

No one saw that the cyan and white faces were turning colder and colder. The air current in her palm was gently swaying, curving and circling like a viper. It was extremely strange.

Just as Blue Flower was about to launch a sneak attack, Moon King suddenly exclaimed, "Look, someone's coming in front!"

Everyone stood up and saw a group of people quickly approaching from the distance.

"Is he from the Heavenly King?" Mezus frowned ahead.

"Dittos, Jonathan." As for Qi Ao Shuang, she stared at the approaching crowd in a daze, uttering these two names in a low voice.

"They ..." Leng Lingyun frowned slightly, and there was doubt in her eyes.

"It's the Heavenly King's army." Mishus said affirmatively.

In the lead of the crowd were Dittos and Jonathan, and behind them were the guards in uniform. Everyone sat on a kind of bird, and the reins on the bird were the same colour. The group of people flew to a spot a few meters away from Qi Ao Shuang and stopped.

"Dittos, Jonathan." Qi Ao Shuang said with a puzzled expression.

"We'll pick you up." Jonathan looked at Xiao Ao Shuang with a complicated expression and said with a deep voice.

"Pick me up?" Xiao Ao Shuang was even more confused.

"The Heavenly King is waiting for you." "Come on." After he said that, he changed his direction.

"Don't worry, the Heavenly King won't do anything to you." He's waiting for you. " Jonathan's expression was strange. He looked at Qi Ao Shuang as if he wanted to say something.

"Let's go." Yue Wang's eyes darkened as he resolutely and decisively said. It was finally time to face it.

Methews nodded and urged his mount to follow Dittos and Jonathan. The rest of the guards ordered the birds to fly behind them. A large group of people flew towards the Heavenly King's castle.

"Jonathan, why are you here?" Xiao Ao Shuang asked. For she had noticed the difference between Dittos's and Jonathan's clothes. Both of them were dressed in luxurious clothes, with light armor on their wrists and shoulders and a gorgeous sword on their waists.

"I am King Yong." "Dittens has become the White King." Jonathan's low voice made Qi Aushuang realize what was going on.

"In that case, you are all here to help the Heavenly King?" When King Yue heard this, he frowned and asked in a deep voice.

"What kind of help? We're just the Heavenly King's Foreign Dignitary." Jonathan rolled his eyes at King Yue and snappily said, "I'm in charge of sending the message now." The Heavenly King is waiting for you.

"Jonathan, what's going on?" Of course, Xiao Ao Shuang knew that things would not be so simple.

"You'll know when you get there." Jonathan turned his face away and said nothing more.

Dittos remained in the lead, silent. Jonathan flew up, side by side with Dittos.

"What the hell are you thinking, Dittos?" Jonathan asked in a low voice that only the two could hear as he approached Dittas.

Dittos did not look at Jonathan, nor did he speak. He drew the reins in his hands, and the bird beneath him sped forward.

Dittos and Jonathan brought Qi Aoshuang and the others all the way to the front of the Heavenly King's palace. From far away, Qi Ao Shuang saw a magnificent palace floating on top of a huge lake. The water of the lake was dark green, and the palace was built with white stones. The white palace and the dark green lake reflected each other beautifully. Xiao Ao Shuang looked over with rapt attention. The palace was floating in the water, and the reflection of the palace was very clear. That's where Camille lives?

Everyone landed in front of the palace. Immediately, two rows of guards ran out of the palace. They lined up in formation and saluted before taking the reins and bringing their mounts to the other side. Jonathan and Ditto followed closely behind Qi Ao Shuang and the others into the palace.

As he entered the palace, the sound of singing and music drifted into his ears. Moon King and Mishus exchanged a glance, both seeing the astonishment in the other's eyes.

As he walked deeper into the palace, the sounds of singing and music became louder and louder. Laughter and laughter could also be heard. Although the decorations of the palace were very luxurious, it was a little strange. There were mirrors on the walls, and even on the ceiling there were large ones. The opposite wall was full of mirrors. As a result, when they turned the corner, everyone was shocked by their own images.

"Why are there so many mirrors?" Did he have to go this far? "Probably not." King Yue frowned slightly. He seemed to be muttering to himself but also seemed to be talking to the crowd.

"You mean, this palace wasn't like this before?" Lily opened her eyes wide, curiously looking around and asking.

"Of course not." "I don't know what's going on in his head!"

"You'll know when you see him." "Since he sent someone to pick us up, I'm afraid he already thought of a countermeasure, or perhaps he already had his own ideas."

Mezus twitched the corners of his mouth, but said nothing.

The group arrived at the main hall. They seemed to be singing and dancing to the same tune. The singers on both sides of the hall were playing their music and singing their songs. In the great hall, a handsome man with white hair was lazily leaning against a chair, wearing a simple set of clothes. He was wearing a simple set of black clothes without any decorations. His hair that was as white as snow was not tied up. Instead, he casually draped it over his back and dragged it on the ground. Under his long eyebrows were a pair of brown eyes, and the corner of his mouth held a slight trace of a smile. When he saw Xiao Ao Shuang and the rest, his expression did not change.

Qi Ao Shuang looked at the person above. This man, was the former White King, the current Heavenly King? He originally thought that his entire body would be filled with a tyrannical aura, but why did he give off such a weak feeling? There was even an unresolvable sadness between his brows.

As for Lillie, she looked at the Heavenly King sitting there with a face full of hatred, and her eyes seemed to burn with desire. It was this person's relationship that led to her clan's extermination. Hateful, damnable! Lily clenched her fists, her whole body was trembling slightly. At this moment, a warm hand gently rested on her shoulder. Lily turned her head and met Jin Yan's gaze. Jin Yan shook his head gently and squeezed Lili's shoulder. Lily's tears almost fell. She understood what Jin Yan meant. Right now, she was no match for the Heavenly King, so she had to wait and see.

"You, came." The Heavenly King inclined his head slightly, not even glancing at the others, only looking at Qi Ao Shuang with a smile as he spoke those words.

"You knew I'd come?" Qi Ao Shuang's eyes darkened, as she could tell that there was a hidden meaning behind the Heavenly King's words.

"Of course, I've been waiting for you." "In return for helping me fulfill my wish, I have been waiting for you, waiting for something for you." There was a sad smile on the Heavenly King's handsome face.

"West Tower!" "You killed the Heavenly King, the heavens cannot tolerate you!" Seeing that the Heavenly King had ignored them, the Moon King finally let out an angry bellow, calling out the Heavenly King's original name.

"Hmph!" "Hmph!" The King of Heaven snorted coldly and gently waved his hand. Like a cannonball, the King of Moon flew backwards, smashing into the walls of the palace and shattering them into pieces. Like a broken doll, King Yue slowly collapsed from the wall, unable to move. Clearly, his injuries were not light.

When the singers saw this, they all screamed and trembled, but they did not dare to flee.

"Little Yue Ya!" His heart sank. His expression changed as he rushed forward.

"Oh?" When the Heavenly King, who was about to attack again, saw this, he slightly raised his eyebrows. His eyes moved and he stopped his actions.

Lily's face was pale. She finally understood how small she was in front of the Heavenly King. If the Heavenly King was willing, he could instantly kill her. In her eyes, this kind of power was far inferior to her own master.

"Heavenly King!" Qi Ao Shuang's eyes turned cold, "You didn't wait for me to come here because you wanted to do this, right?"

"Of course not." The Heavenly King smiled faintly, lowering his hands, turning to look at Qi Ao Shuang, "I am waiting for you to fulfill that person's final wish."

"What do you mean?" Feng Yixuan's face sank. What did he mean by that last wish?

"Before I do, I want to ask you a question." The Heavenly King did not bother with Feng Yixuan's question. Instead, he slowly sat back down. He looked at Qi Ao Shuang and asked this question with a serious expression.

"What's the problem?" What did his last wish mean? "Him?" Seeing the Heavenly King's expression, a bad feeling arose in Qi Ao Shuang's heart. Did he mean Camille?

"What do you think love is?" What do you do when you love someone? " The Heavenly King did not answer the question that followed. Instead, he asked the question with a deep voice. Suddenly, he slowly reached out his hand to gently stroke his face. His expression grew more and more contented, more and more satisfied. This scene was extremely strange.

Xiao Aushuang was stunned, she did not expect the Heavenly King to ask such a question.

"Love, love is ..." Xiao Aushuang was speechless, she suddenly realised that she was unable to answer this question accurately. Love is giving? Love is two people who stay together forever? Love is a lifelong follower? Love is.

"Love is a person who moves with another person, willing to do anything for the person who loves. "I hope the two of you will always be together." Jonathan finally interrupted. This was his understanding of love. Many of the people present also agreed with his words.

"Wrong!" Then, his right hand gently stroked the back of his left hand as he said with a face full of happiness and satisfaction, "Love, love to the point where you belong to me. Love to the point where you can eat that person bit by bit until your stomach is full."

Everyone in the hall was shocked, and their hearts trembled with fear. As the Heavenly King's actions were extremely strange, the Heavenly King slowly walked to the side, looking at the screen made of a mirror, he reached out his hand to touch the surface of the mirror and said softly, "I love him, so I ate him, and he is inside my body ..."

Everyone understood what he said, and their minds went into an uproar. Lily covered her mouth with her hand. Her face was full of disbelief and her eyes were filled with deep fear. The hall was eerily quiet without a sound. Everyone heard their own heartbeat.

"This is the pinnacle of love, understand?" The Heavenly King slowly turned his head and looked at Xiao Aushuang, then smiled and said, "You're here. I want to repay him for fulfilling my wish. So, you can go ..."