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 Stunning Edge - C324

As Qi Aushuang plummeted towards the surface of the sea, the surrounding Seafolk surrounded her. These Seafolk all had long green curly hair, beautiful posture, fish tails, men and women, but the strange thing was that all of them had the same beautiful face, eyes, nose and eyebrows, as if carved from the same mold. Qi Ao Shuang fell into the sea. Without turning her head, she dived downwards, and all the Sea race members followed her. Leng Lingyun also followed closely behind.

The depths of the ocean grew darker and darker. Countless fish saw them and fled in all directions. The Sea Race members held Qi Ao Shuang and kept moving deeper into the cave. Everything gradually went dark. At this time, the surrounding merfolk fins shone with a green light, illuminating the road ahead. Qi Ao Shuang did not seem to need to breathe, her face was cold, and she kept diving with a calm face.

Gradually, a magnificent palace appeared before him. They were all made of milky white shells and emitted a faint white glow. There was no seawater in the palace. It was clear that he had used some sort of magic to separate the seawater. From afar, he saw a girl dressed in green clothes standing at the entrance of the palace as if she was waiting for something. She stood there barefooted, different from the rest of the Seafolk. She had a pair of beautiful legs.

Qi Ao Shuang's expression was cold as she swam over, slowly standing at the entrance of the palace. The green-clad girl had a beautiful face and an outstanding figure, but her pretty face was exactly the same as those Sea Tribes'. When the Sea race saw the girl in cyan, they all prostrated themselves and bowed respectfully.

"Master, you're finally here." The green-clad girl knelt in front of Qi Ao Shuang with a pious look on her face, lowering her head with extreme respect.

Leng Lingyun also followed, standing behind Qi Ao Shuang. The azure-clad lady didn't even raise her head as she spoke respectfully, "Sir Ru Bing, you've come as well."

"Blueflower, thank you for your trouble."

Qi Ao Shuang's voice was extremely cold, without any fluctuations or warmth. It was so cold that it penetrated deep into one's heart.

"No, this is my mission." That azure-dressed lady called Qinghua knelt on the ground respectfully and did not get up.

"Stand up."

Xiao Ao Shuang said coldly without raising her eyes.

Only then did Blueflower raise her head and slowly rise to her feet.


Xiao Ao Shuang asked lightly.

"In this servant's body." Blueflower said softly.

Qi Ao Shuang's expression did not change as she extended her hand to pierce through the azure flower's body.

"Wait!" At this time, Leng Lingyun suddenly spoke to stop him.


Qi Ao Shuang raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Leng Lingyun.

"I don't want her to disappear." Leng Lingyun looked at Qi Ao Shuang and said clearly.

Qi Ao Shuang slowly turned around, looking at Leng Lingyun, her eyes became colder and colder. The her Leng Lingyun spoke of wasn't Qinghua, but the real Qi Ao Shuang.

Qi Ao Shuang stared coldly at Leng Lingyun, advancing towards her step by step. Leng Lingyun did not even bother to dodge, and just stood there facing Xiao Ao Shuang.

Suddenly, Qi Ao Shuang raised her hand, and with a loud slap, she slapped Leng Lingyun in the face. A trace of blood slowly seeped out from the corner of Leng Lingyun's mouth; it was extremely shocking. As for Leng Lingyun, she did not dodge, and only stared at Qi Ao Shuang.

"You fell in love with her?"

Qi Ao Shuang's face was terrifyingly dark.

Leng Lingyun did not say a word, but just stood there looking at Xiao Ao Shuang. However, his eyes were filled with determination and perseverance.


Qi Ao Shuang was furious, she raised her hand and was about to attack again.

Qing Hua's face tightened as her heart leaped into her throat.

Leng Lingyun did not dodge, and just stood there.

"Good, very good, very good."

Xiao Ao Shuang suddenly laughed out loud, putting down her hands and said coldly: "I will give you one more chance." "If none of you have passed this test, don't blame me!"

"Thank you." Only then did Leng Lingyun relax, and let out a sigh of relief.

"Hmph!" No need to thank me so early! I've been too indulgent with you! "That's why I can't take back your hearts."

Qi Ao Shuang's eyes were cold, she was truly enraged.

Leng Lingyun did not say a word, and stood behind him with her head lowered.

"Blueflower, just temporarily follow them." "Protect them well."

After Xiao Ao Shuang finished speaking coldly, she closed her eyes and slowly fell to the ground. Leng Lingyun stepped forward and hugged Qi Ao Shuang.

"Lord Bing, you shouldn't disobey your master." "Master's love for you is incomparable." Looking at Leng Lingyun's nervous expression, Qing Hua sincerely spoke.

Leng Lingyun just looked at the person in her arms without saying a word.

"Lord Bing, the master made a big mistake because of your disappearance. That's why he's in such a difficult situation right now." "Lord Ice, please reconsider." Blueflower was still trying her best to persuade him.

"Your master seems to have only asked you to protect us, not to keep your mouth shut?" Leng Lingyun's eyes darkened, and she spat out these words coldly.

Qing Hua was stunned. She stared at the ice-cold Leng Lingyun, unable to say a word.

Qi Ao Shuang, who was in Leng Lingyun's arms, slowly woke up. The moment she woke up, she was facing Leng Lingyun's face. The worry in Leng Lingyun's eyes gradually melted.

"Lingyun ..." Qi Ao Shuang extended her hand and gently wiped away the blood at the corner of Leng Lingyun's mouth.

"Ao Shuang, I won't let anything happen to you." Leng Lingyun revealed a warm smile.

"So, you've thought of everything ..." There was a hint of melancholy in Qi Ao Shuang's eyes, as well as her feelings, "Why did you do that?" Can you really abandon her for me? "Is it worth it?"

"Yes, it's worth it." Leng Lingyun smiled and held onto Qi Ao Shuang's hand, "I will not let you disappear, I will not let you disappear."

Qi Ao Shuang slowly revealed a smile, but it was a bitter one.

By now, Blueflower was watching quietly from the sidelines, her fists clenched tightly. His smile should belong to his master! Didn't he not know how to cherish his master's love?

"Let's go. If we go up, they'll probably be waiting impatiently for us." "Especially that tyrannosaurus, Feng Yixuan." Leng Lingyun smiled, put down Qi Ao Shuang, held her hand, and jumped into the sea.

Qing Hua bit her lips, her eyes filled with dissatisfaction as she followed him.

When they returned to the surface of the sea, the group of men was still frozen by Hua Li. When Feng Yi Xuan saw them approach, his eyes widened in fear and worry. He was afraid that Xiao Aushuang would understand.

Qi Ao Shuang crouched down in front of Feng Yi Xuan and revealed a smile. "Yi Xuan, I'm fine."

Feng Yixuan was startled and his face finally relaxed.

Leng Lingyun extended her hand and all the people were untied.

"Leng Lingyun, you bastard, I'll kill you!" Feng Yixuan leaped up and was about to rush towards Leng Lingyun.

However, a green shadow flashed across his eyes. When Feng Yixuan regained his senses, he saw a beautiful woman dressed in green standing in front of Leng Lingyun.

Feng Yixuan was stunned. What was going on with this blue-clothed woman?

"Lord Flame, you still haven't changed." "It's still as popular as ever. I still love playing around with Lord Ru Bing." The girl in cyan said with a gentle voice.

Feng Yixuan frowned as he looked at Leng Lingyun, but she ignored him and turned her head to the side.

"Who are you?" Feng Yixuan asked bluntly.

"Lord Flame, have you recovered your memories yet?" Qinghua asked in surprise.

"Humans are stupid, of course they won't recover so quickly." Leng Lingyun spat out faintly.

"I'll kill you!" Feng Yixuan flew into a rage.

Leng Lingyun ignored them, and Qinghua still stubbornly stood between them.

Looking at the scene in front of her, the corners of Qi Ao Shuang's lips curled up in a faint smile.

Leng Lingyun briefly explained Qinghua's identity, and did not mention what had happened between him and Qi Ao Shuang. Everyone was surprised and sighed endlessly. After this storm, everyone set off again. The expression in Blue Flower's eyes had always been that of his follower, Qi Ao Shuang. Feng Yi Xuan and Leng Lingyun sat beside Qi Ao Shuang. Feng Yi Xuan kept scolding Leng Lingyun, but Leng Lingyun remained silent. From time to time, she would smile at Qi Ao Shuang.

After exiting the Bluesea, Mishus' mount also needed to rest. Thus, they descended into a large, lush canyon. After clearing out a piece of empty space, everyone felt relaxed under such a beautiful environment. Qi Ao Shuang sat to the side and watched Feng Yi Xuan roast the meat. Leng Lingyun had lit a fire while the others were also busy preparing some fresh food. Eating the dry rations carried in the interspatial ring all the time did not taste good.

As Qi Ao Shuang smiled as she looked at the others busying themselves, she silently sat down beside Qi Ao Shuang.

"You shouldn't exist!" They were both masters. Your presence has upset everything. " Blue Flower's voice sounded in Qi Ao Shuang's ear in a low voice.

Xiao Ao Shuang was stunned, turning to look at Qing Hua.

"You are superfluous, you are just an appendage. "Just an impostor trying to rob his master of his love, you should say." Qing Hua's eyes were incomparably cold.

Xiao Ao Shuang looked at Qing Hua's face, and suddenly revealed a brilliant smile. Lowly but firmly, she replied: "Do you know?" I thought so. But I don't think so now. My existence must have my meaning. I have too many memories of my own, my own relatives and friends. I have ideals and hopes. I wish I could go back to the continent with them one day to visit my family, my friends, and live happily ever after. And you? ' Qi Ao Shuang paused for a moment, before continuing, "Who is the only enchanted item?" You have no life of your own, no memory of your own, no family or friends of your own. You are the poor one. "

Qinghua was completely stunned, staring blankly at the determined look in Qi Ao Shuang's eyes, unable to say a word.

"I will work hard to survive." "Definitely." Xiao Ao Shuang stood up, and without turning back to look at Qing Hua, she walked straight towards the crowd in front. "Because, I have them." A voice drifted over.

Because I have them.

In this instant, Blueflower fell into a trance.

For some reason, a ridiculous thought suddenly appeared in Qing Hua's mind. Her master and this woman would fight for her sooner or later!