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 Stunning Edge - C317

The True King's territory was filled with endless mountain ranges. There were gurgling streams in the mountain valleys that sparkled under the sunlight. They were like silver necklaces on the mountain ranges. There were many birds and beasts in the valley, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

The True King's castle was located between two cliffs. After leaving his mount to descend, the group stopped between two tall cliffs. In front of them was a dark and indistinct path. Mishus retracted his mount and took the lead. Feng Yi Xuan carried the still sleeping Qi Ao Shuang and followed. The steep cliffs on both sides seemed to be about to collapse. At first, when he looked up, he could see a line of sky above his head, but then it was dark. Moon King took out a crescent shaped white jade. The white jade emitted a bright light, illuminating their surroundings.

At that moment, the sounds of rustling could be heard. Just as Feng Yi Xuan was about to turn around, Misius stopped him. "Don't look, these are the guardian beasts guarding the entrance of the True King." Feng Yixuan nodded and didn't look back. The rustling sound continued from far behind them. It was only when they reached the end of the road that they retreated. At the end, there was a huge stone wall. There were countless strange patterns on it, simple and somewhat strange.

The Moon King stepped forward and placed his hand on the circle of patterns on the circle. A rumbling sound could be heard, but the stone wall only made a sound and did not open.

"Strange?" Yue Wang frowned in confusion, "Why didn't the door open?"

Just as Moon King said this, Misius had already formed two barriers. After covering the Moon King, he had also enveloped both himself and Feng Yi Xuan.

Bang! The powerful collision sound shook the entire barrier, almost causing it to be transparent. Just like that, it was almost destroyed. A terrifying force shot out from the circle, colliding into their barrier without warning.

Moon King and Mishus' expressions instantly changed. They exchanged a look, and after a moment, they said with some difficulty, "Could it be that the True King was also killed?"

"What's going on?" Feng Yixuan asked with a puzzled frown.

"The seal on this stone door can identify us." It could also reach the true king. But we were attacked. Could it be that the True King has been killed? " Yue Wang's expression turned extremely ugly.

"No." Mishus' face darkened as he pondered, "This stone door, if the other two generals wish to enter, they definitely won't be able to open this door. I'm sure there will be a battle here and the door will be destroyed." "But the stone door is still intact."

When Yue Wang heard this, his expression slightly relaxed. He then asked worriedly, "But why are seals unrecognizable?"

"This seal can recognize all kings?" "What about the former White King?" Feng Yixuan asked in puzzlement.

"After he devoured the Heavenly King, the White King was no longer the White King. The seal will not be able to recognize him, and the True King should have received the news as well. He will definitely take action." Mishus answered Feng Yixuan's question.

"True King, open the door!" The Moon King yelled at the stone door.

Only the echo, no other reaction.

King Yue and Mishus looked at each other. Just as they were about to take action, a cold voice rang out. "You two, are you King Yue and King Mishus?"

Moon King and Mishus King were stunned because this voice was unfamiliar, but it came through the stone door's seal. The only person who could use the power of this seal was the True King himself! How could it be an unfamiliar man's voice?

However, when Feng Yi Xuan heard this voice, he was stunned. He couldn't help but cry out, "Jin Yan, Jin Yan, is that you?"

"Miss?" There was excitement in that cold voice.

"No, I am Feng Yixuan. Ao Shuang and I have exchanged bodies. She is now by my side." Feng Yixuan confirmed that the person who had spoken was actually Jin Yan, who was even more excited. He didn't expect to meet Jin Yan here.

"Where's Miss?" "What's wrong with her?" Jin Yan's voice was no longer cold as before. Instead, he asked urgently.

"Ao Shuang is fine. She just fell into a deep sleep." Feng Yixuan replied. As he watched the stone door slowly change, the patterns on the stone door began to emit a white glow filled with runes that gradually overflowed.

A rumbling sound rang out once again as the stone door gradually opened.

Moon King and Mishus were both surprised and surprised. This man was able to use the seal of the True King. Clearly, he knew Feng Yixuan. What was going on?

Very quickly, a tall figure appeared in front of the stone door. It was Jin Yan. Jin Yan was dressed in light blue clothes and had a metal gauntlet on his right arm. The ancient pattern on it was somewhat similar to the one on the stone door, but on his back was a huge sword. That huge sword left the Moon King and Mishus even more stunned. It was the True King's weapon. They could tell at a glance from the patterns on it and the cold radiance radiating from it, but there seemed to be a difference.

After coming out, Jin Yan rushed to Feng Yi Xuan's side. When he saw the peaceful face of Qi Ao Shuang in Feng Yi Xuan's arms, he relaxed. Xiao Ao Shuang was indeed sleeping soundly, with no major problems.

"Young Master Feng, what's going on with Miss?" Jin Yan completely ignored Moon King and Misius who were anxiously looking at him. Instead, he solemnly asked about Feng Yixuan.

"I don't know. We were ambushed." Feng Yixuan told the things that had happened to Jin Yan without reservation.

After listening to what she said, Jin Yan's expression turned heavy. He clearly knew that Qi Ao Shuang wasn't that adorable young miss from another world. So, everything that's happened has to do with this? While Jin Yan was deep in thought, Moon King and Mishus grew anxious.

"Hey, hey, you, that ..." King Yue didn't know how to address her, so he could only feed her awkwardly.

Only then did Jin Yan come back to his senses. He noticed Yue Wang and Mishus standing to the side. He smiled apologetically. "My apologies to the two kings." "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jin Yan, the new True King."

The moment Jin Yan said this, everyone was stunned.

"Then, what about that old man?" The Moon King was shocked and hurriedly asked.

"He was very happy, so happy that his nose bled every day ..." Yet, the corners of Jin Yan's mouth twitched as he said those words.

Moon King and Mishus looked at each other and asked, "Why?" "What's going on?"

"You'll know when you see it." Jin Yan disdainfully spoke before turning his head to look at Qi Ao Shuang in Young Master Feng's embrace. His eyes had already turned gentle. "Go in first and let the young lady have a good rest."

After walking through the stone door, the area ahead gradually became more spacious, and the light also became brighter.

"Um, that Jin Yan, was this weapon that this old man passed to you?" "Why does it seem a little different?" Mishus' eyes widened as he stared at the greatsword behind Jin Yan. The tip of the scabbard was actually able to reach Jin Yan's heels with the huge sword behind his back.

"The old man gave it to me, but I mixed it with my own weapon." After Jin Yan said that, he looked at Qi Ao Shuang's face and smiled faintly, but didn't continue speaking. His weapon, which was gifted to him by Qi Ao Shuang, which he had been carrying by his side all along, was now fused with the weapon on his back.

Full of questions, Moon King and Mishus followed Jin Yan all the way in. The palace was still the same as before, and there didn't seem to be any difference on the way. However, as soon as he entered the palace, he immediately realized that something wasn't right. Laughter and laughter could be heard in his ears as he walked deeper into the cave.

"Lover, this way ~ ~"

"Over here ~"

"I'm over here ~ ~"

The grand and magnificent palace was magnificent, and the sound of laughter came from behind. The faces of Moon King and Mishus changed. They had heard the True King's voice. They walked quickly inside and were stunned when they saw the scene in the side hall. The True King was dressed in snow-white clothes and his eyes were blindfolded. He was blindly flapping his hands while the other beauties around him were teasing him.

"Don't run ~ Haha, I'll catch you right now." The True King laughed as he stretched out his hand and pounced. The beauties screamed as they scattered.

Moon King and Mishus looked at each other, their mouths twitching. They were completely speechless. However, the True King continued to flop about as though there was no one around, playing with the beauties.

"True King!" The Moon King roared in rage.

"Oh?" "This voice seems to be the Moon King." The True King pulled off the blindfold on his face, looked at Moon King and Mishus, and said with slanted eyes, "Don't shout, I'm no longer a True King. Everything has nothing to do with me." What do you want with that brat? He's the current True King. Don't disturb my good life right now. " After saying that, he covered his eyes and continued to flop around with the beauties, no longer paying attention to the crowd.

Moon King wanted to say something, but was stopped by Mishus. He shook his head and said, "Let him live the life he wants. He has been a true king for too long."

When King Yue saw the look in Mishus' eyes, he let out a soft sigh in the end, not saying another word.

"Please come with me." At this moment, Jin Yan politely replied, "I already know all of this." "You guys can talk about this after you get some rest."

Everyone nodded helplessly.

Jin Yan brought Feng Yi Xuan to a luxurious large bedroom and carefully placed Qi Ao Shuang on a large, comfortable bed.

"Jin Yan, I didn't expect you to become a True King." Feng Yixuan sighed.

"Young Master Feng, I have a question that I want to ask you. Please answer it seriously." However, Jin Yan's expression turned serious.

"What?" Feng Yixuan was puzzled.

"No matter what happens to Miss, will you still resolutely love her?" Jin Yan's eyes burned as he solemnly asked.

"Yes!" "No matter who she is or how she changes, I will definitely love her!" Feng Yixuan was more determined than he had ever been.

"Okay." "That's enough." Jin Yan nodded, faintly smiling before replying in a deep voice, "As long as I find Young Master Leng, I think that everything will come to an end." Go and rest, too. Your room is next door. This rebellion was much more complicated than what King Yue and the others had expected. I'll tell you later. "

Feng Yixuan was puzzled, but he still shook his head and said, "No, I want to stay here and wait for her to wake up."

"All right." Jin Yan looked at Feng Yi Xuan's resolute gaze and nodded.

After Jin Yan left, Feng Yixuan quietly sat beside the bed, lost in thought as he looked at Qi Ao Shuang's peaceful face.

"Eh, you two are big brother Jin Yan's friends?" Suddenly, a crisp voice came from the window.

Feng Yixuan looked up and saw a smiling girl with bright eyes and white teeth sitting on the windowsill.