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 Stunning Edge - C313

"How is it?" Feng Yi Xuan was burning with anxiety.

"I, I don't know." Yue Wang's expression became more and more solemn. He suddenly exclaimed, "Feng Yixuan, let her go first. Put her on the chair, quick!"

When Feng Yi Xuan heard this, he panicked. However, he still listened to the Moon King and carefully placed Qi Ao Shuang on a chair. As soon as Qi Ao Shuang was released, the Moon King rushed forward and pulled Feng Yi Xuan away. Just as Feng Yixuan was about to erupt, the scene in front of him left him completely stunned.

"Swish!" A loud sound rang out, and intense flames burst forth from Qi Ao Shuang's body. The flames were red, but also gold, and slowly engulfed Xiao Ao Shuang.

"Ao Shuang!" Seeing this, Feng Yixuan panicked and was about to step forward.

"Don't go, the fire won't hurt her." However, King Yue once again pulled Feng Yixuan back.

"But!" Feng Yixuan was alarmed as he recalled how Qi Ao Shuang's body temperature was getting higher and higher.

"This fire seems to be from her soul, from her own body ..." "Strange..." Yue Wang frowned as he pondered, his eyes filled with doubt.

At this moment, the golden lotus suddenly appeared. It was still holding onto the tail of Chang Kong and threw him into the embrace of Feng Yi Xuan. It then stood in front of Qi Ao Shuang and looked at Qi Ao Shuang with a serious expression.

"Golden lotus, what's going on?" "Is this your flame?" Feng Yi Xuan asked anxiously when he saw the golden lotus arrive.

"No, no." The expression on Golden Lotus's face became increasingly ugly. "This flame belongs to mom." In addition, it was hidden very well. "It seems like it has always been hidden in the depths of Mom's soul. It's so powerful!" The golden lotus cried out in alarm. Suddenly, the golden lotus's figure began to fade away. The golden lotus's face also revealed a terrified expression. "What a formidable power. He's going to swallow me ...!"

"Golden Lotus!" Feng Yixuan's complexion also changed. He turned to look at Qi Ao Shuang and cried out, "Ao Shuang, wake up! Wake up!"

"Golden Lotus, how are you?" At this time, Liu Li also appeared with a face full of fear. She turned her head and looked at the burning Qi Ao Shuang and anxiously shouted, "Grandma, wake up! If you continue like this, Golden Lotus will die!"

"Her aura is also weakening. If she doesn't wake up soon, she will be in danger herself." Other than worry, there was doubt on King Yue's face. What was going on with this inexplicable flame? Furthermore, Qi Ao Shuang's aura started to become unstable.

"Ao Shuang!" Feng Yixuan was anxious as well. He didn't care too much. He rushed forward and grabbed Qi Ao Shuang's shoulder. "Wake up, wake up!" A heart-wrenching pain immediately assaulted Feng Yixuan's entire body, and it even pierced through his soul. This kind of pain, crying out for pain, wishing for death. However, Feng Yixuan didn't take back his hand. Instead, he bent over and hugged Qi Ao Shuang tightly.

"Ao Shuang, wake up!" Ao Shuang! Feng Yixuan painfully hugged Qi Ao Shuang tightly, allowing the abnormally hot flames to wreak havoc on his body.

The scorching flames enveloped the two of them, and even though King Yue was worried, he couldn't do anything about it. Liu Li held onto the almost unconscious Golden Lotus, feeling anxious and afraid. Tears began to flow down her face. The sky was crouching on the Moon King's shoulder, anxiously looking at Qi Ao Shuang and Feng Yi Xuan.

Gradually, the flames began to die down and the searing pain on Feng Yi Xuan's body began to alleviate.

"Ao Shuang, you're awake?" As Feng Yixuan felt the flame extinguish, he was overjoyed. He let go of his hand and happily looked down at Qi Ao Shuang. However, he was stunned the next moment.

Qi Ao Shuang's eyes didn't seem to be focused. She just sat there quietly, not moving at all.

"Ao Shuang, what's wrong with you?" "Don't scare me!" Feng Yixuan's heart sank and he gripped Qi Ao Shuang's shoulders tightly in panic.

At this time, Liu Li cried out loud. The golden lotus had already lost all feeling and slowly collapsed to the ground. However, King Yue heaved a sigh of relief. He could tell that the golden lotus had only lost consciousness due to exhaustion and was not devoured. However, when he looked at Qi Ao Shuang again, he frowned. He found that he could not see through her at all.

Qi Ao Shuang slowly stood up and stared at Feng Yi Xuan's face. Her eyes were still unfocused. They were misty and empty.

"Ao Shuang?" Feng Yixuan looked at Qi Ao Shuang with suspicion. He had a nagging feeling that something was wrong with Qi Ao Shuang, but he couldn't pinpoint what was wrong with her. At this moment, Qi Ao Shuang's face turned cold. Her beauty was breathtaking, so beautiful that it was hard for people to breathe. The cold light almost made one stop breathing. This feeling caused a strange feeling to arise in Feng Yixuan's heart, but there was also a faint sense of familiarity to it. Just why was this happening?

"Ha ..." A soft sigh came out of Qi Ao Shuang's mouth. This sigh seemed to come from a very long time ago. It seemed to pass through the vicissitudes of life, as if the sea had dried up and rocks had rotted away. There are too many, too many emotions.

Feng Yixuan stared at Qi Ao Shuang in front of him; she was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Qi Ao Shuang slowly raised her hand and gently touched Feng Yi Xuan's face. An indescribable look appeared on her face.

"Finally ..." However, before Feng Yi Xuan understood the meaning of Qi Ao Shuang's words, or perhaps Qi Ao Shuang might not have had the chance to finish speaking, her eyes slowly closed once again. This time, it seemed as if she was sleeping. He no longer looked as if he had suddenly fallen unconscious.

Qi Ao Shuang's body slowly slid down. Feng Yi Xuan extended his hand and hugged Qi Ao Shuang. Her face was still as gentle as the one Qi Ao Shuang was stroking earlier. What did that mean? What finally happened? What was she trying to say?

"Alright, let's bring her in to rest first." You can change your clothes, this kid is fine. "Take it in to rest." At this moment, King Yue spoke. This kid was obviously referring to the golden lotuses.

After listening, Feng Yixuan was somewhat puzzled as to why he had to change his clothes. When he lowered his head to take a look, he suddenly felt extremely embarrassed. The clothes on his body had been burned to the point that not even a strand of them remained. His entire body was completely bare! As for the clothes on Qi Ao Shuang's body, they were completely undamaged!

Feng Yixuan's face turned red. He hurriedly carried Qi Ao Shuang and ran upstairs. Liu Li, who was standing behind him, was dumbstruck. She quickly turned her head away from Feng Yixuan and looked down at the unconscious Golden Lotus.

"Little girl, don't worry, this brat has gotten lucky from the disaster." "Quickly bring him in and let him rest as well." King Yue looked at Liu Li and said with a smile.

"Yes, thank you, Uncle." After Liu Li finished speaking, she carried the golden lotus and stomped upstairs, leaving Duke Yue petrified on the spot.

"Uncle ..." Dashu ... I, am I that old? "I'm so handsome and young, shouldn't I at least call you brother?" King Yue was full of complaints.

"Then you'll have to call me Auntie Qi Ao Shuang." Suddenly, a voice came from the side. He seemed to drink even more, and his entire body seemed to be unstable from walking.

"That's right, it's true." After hearing Mishus' words, Moon King felt much better.

"What the hell is going on?" Even though he was a little drunk, Mishnu's mind was clear.

"I don't know either, but I'm certain of one thing. That girl's body contains a lot of power." Yue Wang waved her hands.

Mishus fell silent.

"Let's just wait and see." Moon King patted Mishus on the shoulder.

"Say, is it possible that she is the White King?" Mishus couldn't help but blurt out these words.

Yue Wang was stunned, frowning slightly, "This is not impossible." Every birth of a king was inexplicable. "When I became the King of the Moon, I was having my meal. Everyone at the table was so shocked that they spat out the food in their mouths."

"Of course, who would have thought that the extremely thin and weak person would be King Yue?" "When some people were bullied when they were young, they only wiped away their tears and hid in a corner, refusing to come out."

"Damn!" You're still bringing up the matter after so long! "I'll kill you!" Moon King reached out his hand to grab Mishus by the neck, shaking him until he almost vomited before letting go.

"Ungrateful fellow, if it wasn't for me protecting you, you would have..." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..." Mishnu rolled his eyes and reprimanded, but he didn't fight back.

Yue Wang glared at him and pretended to be angry, but there was an undetectable gentleness in his eyes.

"However, it is hard to say whether or not Qi Ao Shuang is the White King. "Anyway, let's just wait and see. If she's the White King, it'll be much easier." Mishus said sternly.

"One more thing, I wonder how the other kings are doing." King Yue sighed softly.

"Don't worry, they're not easy to deal with either. If they're that easy to get rid of, wouldn't they be kings?" Mishus comforted her.

"I hope so." Yue Wang nodded.

At this time, Feng Yi Xuan had already settled Qi Ao Shuang up. He changed his clothes and stood beside her bed.

"Oh, Feng Yi Xuan, I didn't expect you to be so shy." What the f * ck are you so shy for? I've already seen through your body long ago. Don't mention me, my Xiao Ao Shuang has seen it as well. Not only has she seen it, she has even touched it... "Hrmph. Ahhhhhhh!" The skies were originally squatting by the bed.

However, the more and more embarrassed Feng Yi Xuan became, the more he covered his mouth and threw him to the side.

"If you don't talk no one will take you for a mute. "There's still Ao Shuang who needs to rest. You need to be quiet." Feng Yi Xuan's face turned red as he warned the others.

"I'll go take a look at that annoying kid. If he dies, it'll be very boring." He didn't wait for Feng Yixuan's reply before skipping out.

The room quieted down, leaving behind only Qi Ao Shuang who was breathing calmly and evenly.

"Ao Shuang ..." Feng Yixuan extended his hand and gently grasped Qi Ao Shuang's hand. He muttered to himself, "Why did I feel that you were a stranger to me just now?" "How can there be such a feeling?"

Xiao Ao Shuang was still sleeping. Her eyelashes that were like small brushes were trembling slightly. At this moment, she saw a strange scene.