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 Stunning Edge - C306

In front of his eyes, there was a dazzling purple color. Nothing could be seen. Suddenly, Qi Ao Shuang felt that her body was as light as a floating duckweed, unable to calm down. Qi Ao Shuang wanted to move, but she couldn't. She wanted to shout, but nothing came out. He could not feel anyone around him. The surroundings were deathly silent. It was as if everything had stopped. Time, life, breath, heart beating ...

Qi Ao Shuang slowly closed her eyes and was about to fall asleep.

"Qi Ao Shuang!" Hold on! "You can't sleep!" The voice of Zhangkong sounded in her body with great difficulty, and her tone was anxious.

"What's going on?" "Where is this?" Xiao Ao Shuang still felt dizzy and she was on the verge of falling asleep.

"No sleep!" "This is a rift in space!" "You can't lose consciousness. Once you lose consciousness, you will fall into the torrent of space and time. I don't know where you will be taken to. You won't be able to come back!"

What? A rift in time? Xiao Ao Shuang opened her eyes with some difficulty, and her surroundings were shrouded in mist. That's not right! It wasn't that she was blurry, but rather that she couldn't open her eyes. The scenery around her was constantly changing, and that was why it seemed so blurry.

"We're in a gap in space and time right now. Don't fall asleep, don't move around. Otherwise, if we were to enter the current of time and space, everything would be unknown." Vast sky's voice was filled with fear.

Qi Ao Shuang's mind became more and more muddled. She remembered that after using her and Feng Yi Xuan's bodies as a medium, Leng Lingyun was trapped in a spatial rift. The final scene slowly appeared. Qi Ao Shuang slowly thought of the events on the ninth floor. White clothes! White clothes! The white robe finally resonated with the purple crystal earrings on his earlobes! However, Bai Yi did not know who he was! Could it be that the man in white was actually Leng Lingyun? It must be, it must be! It was just that his form had changed. The earring had already disappeared. At the last moment, the earring flew out completely, fusing with the white robe. All sorts of signs indicated that the man in white was Leng Lingyun, and the woman in white was Leng Lingyun! If he thought about it again, Qi Ao Shuang immediately deduced.

Leng Lingyun was stuck in the space crack and was unable to move, but somehow, she fell into the space current and changed her appearance, or was it her original appearance? Finally, he arrived at the chaosworld. He arrived there before Qi Aushuang left for the chaosworld, but he lost all of his memories. All of this made sense. Why did the sight of his white clothes feel so familiar to him? It turned out that he was someone they were familiar with - Leng Lingyun!

But now, what about everyone? Xiao Aushuang slowly looked up ahead, could it be that she had been trapped here all this time? His consciousness seemed to become more and more blurry, and his eyelids became heavier and heavier. He really wanted to sleep...

"Qi Ao Shuang, you can't sleep ..." "But, but I'm going to die soon too ..." The voice from the sky came intermittently, "We can't continue like this." "Qi Ao Shuang, you can't die ..."

"The sky, the sky, I'm so sleepy ..." Qi Ao Shuang's consciousness gradually calmed down.

"Motherf * cker!" "I'll put my life on the line! At most, I'll just start over!" The sound of the voice in the sky suddenly increased by several degrees. After a furious shout, Qi Ao Shuang's chest burst forth with a brilliant ray of light, dispersing the fog in front of her. The front began to clear.

"Zhangkong, what are you doing ..." Xiao Ao Shuang's voice was getting weaker and weaker, but she could feel that the sky seemed to have made some important decision.

"Qi Ao Shuang, remember my name - Chang Kong." When I wake up again, tell me my name, tell me what happened between us. The voice of Zhangkong was filled with emotion as he quickly said those words, and the beam of light in front of him grew stronger and stronger.

Qi Ao Shuang's heart was filled with an ominous feeling. She suddenly felt that the sky would disappear like this, and that she would never come back.

"Eh, your main body!" The sky suddenly let out a low cry of shock. Then, the white light and golden light intertwined in front of his eyes. It was extremely dazzling.

What main body ...

Qi Ao Shuang's vision went black, and she lost her consciousness just like that. Everything was gone.

In the air, in the gaps between the Sikong, everything around him seemed to have vanished completely.

"Mom, Mom, wake up!" Wake up! " A familiar voice rang in Qi Ao Shuang's ears.

Golden lotus, this voice ... it must be the golden lotus. Was he dreaming? Yes, I haven't seen a golden lotus in a long time, but now I can hear his voice in my dream. She really missed him, claiming that he was her child's lackey.

"Grandma, wake up! If you don't wake up soon, Golden Lotus will cry!" A sweet voice reached her ears again. Grandma? This name ... Qi Ao Shuang frowned slightly. This title was so weird, this was what that little girl Liu-Li called him. But, didn't she do it to protect him? He had dreamed of her too, that adorable little girl who was afraid of loneliness.

"Nonsense, I won't cry. Women cry. " Jin Lian scolded while Liu Li giggled. However, Qi Ao Shuang opened her eyes in horror when she heard Jin Lian's next words. "Mom, you're not dreaming!" "This is real! Wake up quickly!"

Blue sky, white clouds, fresh air, crisp bird calls, and even the sound of water in the distance. Also! In front of him was an enlarged face!

Qi Ao Shuang sat up abruptly, her forehead clashing beautifully with the head of the person in front of her.

"Ah!" "Mom, why is your head so hard?!" Goldlotus covered her head and wailed.

Qi Ao Shuang opened her eyes wide, looking at the person in front of her. He had golden hair, golden eyes, and was crying out while covering his head with his hands. Next to her was Liu Li, who had a look of relief on her face. It was still that cute, soft, pink look.

"Dream?" Qi Ao Shuang opened her mouth and said one word, but her voice was hoarse. It was her own voice! A real girl's voice!

"Ahhhh!" Without saying anything, Jin Lian raised Qi Ao Shuang's arm and bit down ferociously.

Qi Ao Shuang breathed in, it hurt! It was extremely painful! This feeling was very real!

"You know it's not a dream, right?" "Hmph!" Seeing how Ao Shuang was in so much pain that she was gasping for air, Jin Lian pursed her lips and said.

"Golden Lotus ..." "Liu-Li ..." Qi Ao Shuang looked at the two golden girls in front of her, then lowered her head to look at her body. She reached out her hand to look at her palm, then turned it over and looked at the back of her hand. His hand had shrunk. This was no longer Feng Yixuan's hand. Xiao Ao Shuang touched her throat again, there was no Adam's apple!

"Mom, you're touching your chest. It's bulging up." Golden Lotus giggled.

"You lily!" "Next time, I'll peel off your petals and expose your flowery heart!" Liu Li yelled from the side, while Golden Lotus stuck her tongue out repeatedly, no longer speaking.

Qi Ao Shuang took a while to come back to her senses. She finally accepted the fact that she had returned to her body!

Then ... then what about Feng Yixuan? What about Feng Yixuan's soul and body?

Qi Ao Shuang's expression changed. What exactly happened in the Space-Time Torrent?! ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....

"What the hell is going on?" You, didn't you follow my body and Feng Yixuan to that plane? "Where is this place?" Qi Ao Shuang turned around and looked around. There was a green forest around them, so lush and luscious that it was pleasant to look at. Not far away was a gurgling stream, by which two deer, one big and one small, were drinking water. Sensing the look in Qi Ao Shuang's eyes, they only looked over and continued to drink. The little squirrel hopped around on the branches, holding pine cones in its paws, curiously sizing up Xiao AoShuang and the rest. Behind the big tree, two rabbits were staring at them.

"Mom, listen to us slowly." Jin Lian's face turned serious. He sat opposite Qi Ao Shuang, and Liu-Li sat down next to him.

"What the hell is going on?" What about the sky? "The sky!" Xiao Ao Shuang's heart sank, thinking back to the last few words of Chang Kong, as if sacrificing himself to protect himself.

"Are you talking about the elemental body that helped us exchange bodies?" His name is Chang Kong ... " The golden lotus seemed to understand. "His power is extremely pure. It's the wind attribute, and I'm the fire attribute." Feng Yixuan's spirit heart is still wind, but your spirit heart is still fire. So we felt each other in the currents of space and time. I recognized you, too, so at a crucial moment, we all chose to fight it out and let the two bodies exchange back. In this way, the power will merge even more, and we, as appendages, will not disappear. Instead, we can rely on you to retain your consciousness and body. That sky had a few traces of courage. "That's right, I like him. I'll spar with him when I see him in the future." Golden Lotus finished speaking quickly in one breath, Qi Ao Shuang did not interrupt him and only listened attentively.

"Why is my body also in the flow of time and space?" Didn't Camille take you away? And the others with me? "What about Jin Yan and the others?" Qi Ao Shuang's face slightly darkened. Why did things turn out this way? Stopping in a spacetime torrent is a very dangerous thing. Camille wouldn't have done such a dangerous thing. Why would he put himself in danger?

"I didn't see anyone else. I only saw you, Mom." The others must have been swept up by the currents of space and time in different places. We were taken by Camille. " The golden lotus nodded. "With him here, of course we wouldn't risk being left in a spatial rift. We'd be too deep in sleep to move at all." "But in the end, he could no longer protect us. He himself was in danger, so he had to take the risk of sending us into a spatial rift to settle down."

"What?" "Camille's in danger?" Qi Ao Shuang was alarmed. Camil, who seemed to be able to control everything, was actually in danger. What kind of person could actually force him to this extent?