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Before she could finish her words, Parina covered her ears and shouted, "Shut up!" Shut up! I didn't hear it, I didn't hear anything! "You're not, you're not!"

"Parina!" Xiao Ao Shuang wanted to say something.

However, Parina was on the verge of collapse. She covered her ears and ran far away while crying. She didn't even look at the mirror. Because there was no longer any need for it, everyone's reactions and words had explained everything.

Qi Ao Shuang is a woman! She was really a woman!

Qi Ao Shuang looked at Parina's back and sighed. He had hurt her badly, but how could she believe him otherwise? If this went on any longer, it would only be a more devastating blow.

He retracted his gaze and saw Jonathan still holding up the mirror, staring at the person in it. Xiao Ao Shuang said exasperatedly: "What are you looking at?" "With everyone gone, this matter can finally be concluded."

"Oh, oh." Jonathan reluctantly put away the mirror. However, his heart was filled with emotions. Qi Ao Shuang was really a woman! And a woman so beautiful that it was impossible to describe! God, this world was crazy! When he thought of the times when he had hooked arms with her, Jonathan was tempted.

Xiao Aushuang walked forward with a sullen face, how could she be in a good mood after what happened tonight?

"Ao Shuang, wait! Wait!" Jonathan hurried after her, and they walked side by side.

Jonathan was full of questions. He really wanted to know what Qi Ao Shuang's current attitude was, because she had used some sort of treasure to change her appearance or some sort of divine artifact. However, seeing how Qi Ao Shuang kept a straight face, he knew that this was not a good time to ask questions.

Although Xiao Ao Shuang was a little worried about Parina, she knew that Parina would eventually figure it out. It was just that the process would be a little longer and more painful. What she was thinking now was the news that Parina had brought. There really was a huge net behind the Star Academy. And what was the purpose of the man in the net?

Just as Qi Ao Shuang was pondering, a breeze suddenly blew by, and an abnormal aura could be felt. Xiao Ao Shuang abruptly raised her head, and saw the mysterious man in white clothes silently standing in front of her.

"It's you. You've finally appeared." Qi Ao Shuang looked at the man in front of her, and a sense of calmness arose in her heart.

"Yes." "Because it's time." The white clothed man said softly, "It's time for you to understand your current strength."

"Hey, what do you understand?" Jonathan frowned, puzzled. Why is this fellow acting so smug, he seems to be on good terms with Xiao Ao Shuang.

"You seem to know something about it tonight." The mysterious man in white smiled faintly, "Sit down, I'll tell you everything I know."

After speaking, the white-clothed man sat down on a nearby stone bench and patted the seat beside him. Xiao Ao Shuang did not hesitate as she walked over and sat beside the man in white.

Jonathan pursed his lips and sat on the stool beside him.

"Who are you?" Qi Ao Shuang looked at the man in white clothes in front of her. She did not know why, but she felt that this man had a faint familiar scent, but she could not tell what it was exactly.

"I ..." The white clothed man's face darkened slightly when he said this. He sighed softly, "Actually, I don't know who I am either."

"What do you mean?" What nonsense! How could he not know who he was? "It's not like you've lost your memory!" Jonathan retorted disdainfully.

"Hur hur." The white-robed man laughed calmly, then said softly, "You are right, I do not have any memories from before." I really don't remember who I am? "

"What?" Jonathan was dumbfounded. He did not expect that he would be able to hit the nail on the head with just a few words. The white-clothed man's words rendered him speechless.

"Don't you remember who you are?" "Where are you from?" Xiao Ao Shuang asked curiously.

"That's right. When I came back to my senses, I was already in this world. However, I feel that there is something calling me from the other plane. That's why I went to the Star Academy. I wanted to go to that plane after stepping into the Void Shattering Realm through the ninth level of the Sky Tower. "But ..."

"However, you discovered the Star Academy's hidden identity, which is why you fought against the Star Academy's people. "In the end, he almost overturned the Heavenly Pagoda, right?" Qi Ao Shuang told him what she had expected.

"That's right." What I discovered is that to step into the Space Shattering Realm, it doesn't have to be the ninth floor of the tower. It was the same on the outside. However, the Star Academy had gathered all the experts from this world and allowed them to pass through the ninth level of the Heavenly Pagoda. After entering the ninth level and making a breakthrough, he wouldn't be going to that plane, but would lose his life. "His life will be devoured by the hidden power behind the Star Academy." The man in white slowly said.

"That's why you stopped me from going to the ninth floor." Qi Ao Shuang followed.

"Why didn't you stop me?" Jonathan muttered.

"That's because you always give me a very familiar feeling. I seem to know you. But I can't remember where I saw you. "This feeling is very familiar, very nostalgic." The man in white looked at Qi Ao Shuang with misty eyes.

"Pei, you know that Xiao Aushuang's real body is a beauty, that's why you're saying these words." Jonathan interrupted the man in white with disdain. He was sure that the man in white had seen everything that had happened in the forest and that he knew that Xiao Aushuang was actually a breathtakingly beautiful woman.

"Hur hur." The white-clothed man smiled faintly and didn't comment.

However, Xiao Aushuang understood that this was not what Jonathan was talking about. This was because not only did the white-clothed man feel this way, she herself felt the same! She felt that the person in front of her was very familiar, but she had never seen him before. It was a strange and subtle feeling.

"Back then, when I fought with the people from the Star Academy, I found out that these people were truly working for the power backing them, collecting these experts." And this was the goal of opening a Star Academy. However, there had always been too few people with good talent. This time, you showed up, along with Dittos and Jonathan. The dean and the others were looking forward to it. "Seems like the people they're looking for will be enough." The white clothed man said in a deep voice.

"They seem to have descended from the previous plane." Didn't he say that he wouldn't be able to come down after he went up? "But these people came down." Xiao Ao Shuang thought for a while.

"It should be something that the people behind them can do." "And it lowered their power, which is why they came to this plane." The white-robed man analyzed.

"Now, what's the most important thing?" Jonathan interrupted their conversation. He had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere between Qi Ao Shuang and this white-clothed man was so harmonious that it made him unhappy.

"The most important thing is to destroy the Star Academy's plan and unravel the Heavenly Pagoda's true appearance. I've been to the ninth floor many times and discovered quite a few formations. But the biggest one needs someone to work with me. " As the man in white spoke to here, his gaze shifted to Qi Ao Shuang.

Xiao Aushuang understood that what the man needed was her cooperation with him. Immediately, Qi Ao Shuang nodded her head and agreed.

"Get rid of this. Only by getting rid of the interference from the school can we successfully enter the upper plane." The white clothed man said.

"Yes, I have to go to that plane as well." Qi Ao Shuang nodded and said solemnly and resolutely.

"Is it because someone is waiting for you?" The man in white asked with a smile.

Qi Ao Shuang smiled and nodded gently, "Yes."

The man in white smiled and did not say anything else, but his heart felt empty.

"Okay, tell me when to start?" Jonathan interrupted again. He was extremely displeased with this mysterious man in white clothes. Was there a need to get along so well with Qi Ao Shuang? Really!

"Don't worry, this matter must be done in secret." The white-clothed man smiled faintly at Qi Aushuang, saying: "Also, bring along your personal bodyguard, his strength is also not to be underestimated." "He can enter that plane with us."

"What?" "How strong is he?" Jonathan was incredulous.

"He's hiding his strength." The man in white stood up and looked at the night sky as he said, "Let's meet a week later at the entrance to the ninth floor of the Sky Tower."

"Okay." See you then! " Xiao Ao Shuang also stood up and agreed.

Johansson remained silent with a dark face. He felt awkward as if the two of them were lovers.

The wind blew past, and the white-robed man disappeared. Qi Ao Shuang let out a long sigh, then turned around and walked back to her dorm.

"Ao Shuang, Ao Shuang, you ..." Jonathan racked his brains to find a topic to talk about. Qi Ao Shuang turned around and looked at him with an inquiring gaze. He held back for a long time before saying, "You, are you hungry?" Let's go have some supper. " After saying this, he almost bit his tongue. What kind of words were those! Initially, he wanted to talk more with Qi Aoshuang, but he ended up saying such pointless words.

"I'm a little hungry, let's go." Unexpectedly, Xiao Ao Shuang replied in such a manner.

Jonathan was overjoyed. "Alright, let's go have some barbecue and some wine. I'll treat you ..."

The two of them walked along the street to the west of the school.

At this time, Dittos was alone in his dorm, feeling conflicted.

Qi Ao Shuang is a woman?!

Xiao Aushuang was actually a woman!

The only person in the world who knew him and knew his heart was a woman!

Dickens's thoughts went back to the first time he met Qi Ao Shuang. At that time, before they could finish speaking, Qi Ao Shuang had already pushed open the door with a calm face, and appeared in front of them coldly. And when she participated in the Heavenly Tower's smelting trial, she was the first person in all these years to comprehend the meaning behind her words. Furthermore, no matter what she did, she seemed to be able to guess that no matter how much the people around her were shocked, she would still act as if it was only natural.

What should he do?

The person he thought he was going with was actually a woman!