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This was not surprising. A long time ago, when the Star Academy chose the so-called four school beauties, Arnie had only come to report to the school before she had disappeared.

And then we found out that the four school beauties were Lenny. (a tragic figure who has died) Parina (Often playing with a man with an aggrieved and adorable face) Bethofenib A headstrong girl actually has a sweetheart in her heart. And then there was the one in front of him, Eber.

However, it was only after they met up with Aisha that they said that she was the true beauty of the school. Her looks were the best, and she was the one who was the most benevolent.

Eiber was not as pretty as the other three, and if Arnie was included, Eibert would not be able to rate the Colonel's flowers.

So Ibel had always been hostile to Ashanina.

"I was thinking. Camille. Qi Ao Shuang said softly.

"Who?" "Who's Camille?" The sky was surprised.

Qi Ao Shuang was silent for a while. Her eyes were misty, and her thoughts were drifting away. Camille, Camille. Who was he? He was someone who had been with him all along. A good person? No. Not a bad guy, either. He is so habitually at his side, the person who has been gently smiling to make his own rose tea. He was the one who seemed to be toying with himself but was really worried about himself.

Camille, Camille.

Qi Ao Shuang said this name softly in her heart.

What did Jing Feng mean by that? Was Camille in trouble? Was Camille faced with a problem he couldn't solve?

"Just don't tell me, Che." "I'll ignore you." Seeing that Qi Ao Shuang was only lost in her own thoughts, Chang was so angry that he ignored her and disappeared into Qi Ao Shuang's body as soon as he said those words.

Xiao Ao Shuang washed her body quietly, slowly spreading out her hands, looking at these familiar and unfamiliar hands, her heart was filled with complex emotions. A cold feeling came from his earlobes. This body belonged to Feng Yixuan, and the earring on the earlobe was from Leng Lingyun's eyes. Now, with them, the three of them were one. This feeling was very strange, very subtle.

After taking a shower, Qi Ao Shuang changed her clothes and went out. For some reason, she wanted a cup of Rose Tea. If he wanted to drink, he would have to find a teahouse on the bustling street to the west of the academy.

Walking out alone, he found an elegant teahouse. Qi Ao Shuang sat by the window and ordered a pot of rose tea, quietly savoring it. Sure enough, Camil's scented tea was the best. Or, should he say that he was already used to the smell?

It was drizzling outside, and the windows were slowly becoming hazy. Qi Ao Shuang looked through the hazy window and her thoughts flew far away. On that day, the weather was dark as well. When they met the Eastern Wind Marquis, Camil had somehow gotten a small parasol to block the splashing sea water while everyone stood on the city wall to repel the sea beasts. It would have been funny, but the movements, displayed by Camille, were so elegant and natural. Even that fellow Ah'Bao ran up to Camil to dodge the seawater.

At that time, everyone was really happy together. But, happy time is always very short, when can everyone get together again? All sorts of memories surfaced in her mind. Thinking back to those happy days, a faint smile appeared on Qi Ao Shuang's face.

"Eh, I thought you didn't know how to laugh." A charming and delicate voice suddenly reached Qi Ao Shuang's ears. Following that, a wave of sweet fragrance assaulted her nose. Qi Ao Shuang's eyes flashed. Aisha Nina giggled as she sat in front of Qi Ao Shuang. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Qi Ao Shuang in a flirtatious manner.

The smile on Qi Ao Shuang's face instantly disappeared. She looked coldly at the pretty girl in front of her, and said lightly: "Young Miss's appearance is indeed out of proportion to her inner qualities."

"You, what do you mean?!" Ashanina's expression changed. She no longer had the smiling expression she had before. Instead, she looked at Xiao Ao Shuang angrily and said, "Are you saying that my appearance is the opposite from my inner self?"

"At the very least, I forget my courtesy. It's hard for me to compliment Miss on her upbringing." Xiao Ao Shuang did not hesitate to speak. First, it was because the girl in front of him had interrupted her warm memories. Second, she had always been looking at her as if she was her prey. This woman was very curious about him. However, Qi Ao Shuang would not give her the chance to understand.

"You!" You talk to a lady like that! " Aisha Nina looked at Qi Aoshuang, her face slightly red. This was the first time someone had said that to her without any hesitation.

Qi Ao Shuang did not say anything. Instead, she picked up her teacup and took a sip of tea before turning her head to look out the hazy window. On the street, everything was wet with the long drizzle. Gradually, the air became fresher and fresher.

"Qi Ao Shuang, don't think that I don't know your secret, hmph!" "You are not a man, you are a woman," she said in a low voice.

After saying this, Azana focused on observing the reaction of Qi Ao Shuang. Unfortunately, she was disappointed. Qi Ao Shuang remained calm and did not even turn her head to look at him.

"Qi Ao Shuang!" You, you're so rude! You put a lady aside and put the back of your head against her. Annoyed by Qi Ao Shuang's cold attitude, Arena clenched her teeth and said these words.

"Who is the impolite person? This lady, you sat opposite me without my permission, and said a few insulting things to me. I'm already very polite to you for not having an attack. " Qi Ao Shuang only turned her head slightly, the corner of her mouth curling into a mocking smile as she spoke.

Aisha Nina was speechless. She sat there in a daze for a while, unable to say a word.

"Yo, our Goddess Ashanina will be humiliated one day?" Suddenly, a high-pitched voice filled with a sense of schadenfreude was heard.

Qi Ao Shuang frowned as she looked out the window at the rain, feeling a little depressed. Why is it so difficult to find a quiet place and be alone for a while? He didn't want to stir up trouble, but the gossips came one by one. Who was this woman?

"Eber!" "It's better for me to be humiliated than someone else's lover."

"You!" You shameless woman, what else can you do but seduce men? "Why? Did you end up deflated after getting your eye on Qi Aoshuang today?" The woman sat down next to Qi Ao Shuang and started to curse. Then, she started to mock Qi Ao Shuang for taking joy in his misfortune.

Qi Ao Shuang did not turn her head around, only staring at the rain outside.

The two women's eyes met each other in mid-air with lightning speed.

This was not surprising. A long time ago, when the Star Academy chose the so-called four school beauties, Arnie had only come to report to the school before she had disappeared. And then we found out that the four school beauties were Lenny. (a tragic figure who has died) Parina (Often playing with a man with an aggrieved and adorable face) Bethofenib A headstrong girl actually has a sweetheart in her heart. And then there was the one in front of him, Eber. However, it was only after they met up with Aisha that they said that she was the true beauty of the school. Her looks were the best, and she was the one who was the most benevolent. Eiber was not as pretty as the other three, and if Arnie was included, Eibert would not be able to rate the Colonel's flowers. So Ibel had always been hostile to Ashanina.

This was not the direct reason why Ibel hated Arnie so much. It was because Eibert had a sweetheart, but the lover changed his mind when he saw her and pursued her fiercely. After being played with by Ashanina, she abandoned him. She wanted to turn around to find Ibel, but she was beaten half to death by him and told him to scram again. But the two men's beams had come to an end.

"I never seduce men. It's those cheap men who put it up themselves." Azana's words were filled with thorns, and her spearhead was naturally aimed straight at that unfaithful lover of Ibel's. Ebel's face turned red in anger as he slammed the table. He stood up angrily, pointed at Arnie's nose and said, "That's because men like women!"

"Excuse me." Xiao Ao Shuang stood up helplessly as she looked at the rosetea that had been spilled on the table, and said in a low voice to Abel.

At this moment, Eber was fuming. How could she listen to what Xiao Ao Shuang said? She crossed her arms and shouted angrily, "What are you letting me do?" "Can't you see that I'm in trouble right now?"

Xiao Ao Shuang did not say anything. With a gentle wave of her hand, Ibel lost his balance and flew up into the air, pouncing towards Aisha who were waiting for a good show.

The two women exclaimed and fell into confusion.

Xiao Ao Shuang just stood up, called the waiter over and changed her seat. After he sat down, he immediately set up a barrier to prevent any noise from happening in the outside world. It wasn't until nightfall that Qi Ao Shuang stood up, paid her and slowly walked out.

Walking to the entrance, looking at the hazy rain outside, Qi Ao Shuang smiled and stepped into the drizzle.

At the same time, Ashanina was in Johansson's dorm room, angrily accusing Qi Ao Shuang of her crime in the teahouse. Jonathan yawned and listened absent-mindedly.

"Are you listening to me, you damn boy?!" I was bullied. I was bullied! "You're still so indifferent!" Ashanina grabbed Jonathan by the neck and shook him desperately.

Jonathan came back to his senses, but he said something that made Arnie almost spit out blood. "I say, Witch, it's okay if the person who provoked you was someone else. I can beat him up." "But, Qi Ao Shuang, I can't beat him."

"I, I, I, I, pah!" Aranina was so angry that she almost vomited blood. Her grip became stronger and she shook it desperately. "You useless one. You have no ambition. You actually dare to say such useless words."

"I'm telling the truth." Jonathan scratched his hair and answered nonchalantly.

"You, you're pissing me off!" Aranina suddenly let go of Jonathan's collar and sat down beside him in a huff.

"I say, witch, is there anything else you need?" If it's all right, just shut the door while you're out and I'll go back to sleep. " Jonathan yawned.

"Stupid pig, you only know how to sleep!" Asana was about to leave when she suddenly remembered something. She turned to Jonathan and asked, "How's the work I asked you to do?"

"What?" Jonathan still looked confused.

"I told you to use the mirror to see what Ao Shuang really looks like!" "What did you say?!" Ashanina wanted nothing more than to kick Jonathan in the face.

Jonathan shuddered, remembering.

"What?" "Results?" Asana looked at Jonathan and asked doubtfully.

"No, I saw him, but he's really a man, and he's a man with a normal orientation." "And he's very popular," Jonathan answered, with a wry smile. "Parina pursued him relentlessly, and his senior sister put down her pride to pursue him." Unfortunately, his vision was too high. Furthermore ... Jonathan's eyes dimmed as he said this.

"And what?!" Asana asked quickly.

"Besides, he has a sweetheart." Jonathan looked up.

"Who is it?" How is that possible? "I didn't see who he was close to." Asana frowned, puzzled. "Just like you said, it seems that the relationship between Parina and Tarina is one-sided." "I don't see what kind of woman he has special feelings for ..." Asana thought.

"No way, you're still going to investigate about that!" Jonathan pursed his lips.

"What do you know!" The first time I saw this man, I knew he was a man of love and loyalty. As she said this, she was taken over by Jonathan.

"Positive interpretation!" You're right, I felt the same way when I first saw him. " Jonathan said affirmatively.

"Nonsense, how else could you be my little brother?" Asana rolled her eyes at Jonathan and continued, "Say, how could such a person be one of those beasts I mentioned?" He was definitely not a man like Dittas. But if he has a sweetheart, why doesn't he look at me? "

"Who says that he doesn't have one? It's just that you can't find the person he loves." Jonathan spoke in a strange tone, but for some reason he began to feel sour in his heart.

"What do you mean?" Asana was shocked.

"The person he loved has long gone to another realm. Before him, he stepped into the Space Shattering Realm. That's why he had to work so hard and continue cultivating." "He's going to that plane to meet up with his sweetheart." Jonathan rolled his eyes impatiently.

"Really?" Asana's face looked better. If so, it was no longer a matter of charm.

"For real!" "Alright, you can leave now. I want to sleep." Jonathan yawned, threw himself on the bed, and gave the order to leave.

"Give me back the mirror." Ashanina held out her hand for what she wanted.

"Keep it for me for now. It's such a fun thing, I'll only give it to you after playing for a while." Jonathan closed his eyes and stopped her before she could say anything else. "I say, Sister Witch, you're not so stingy, are you?" "It's just a little thing. Lending it to my only little brother to play with for a while isn't a big deal."

"Tch!" "Damn child!" Asana stared at Jonathan who was lying on the bed, turned around and left helplessly. He closed the door behind him.

The footsteps in the corridor gradually faded away. Johansson then took out the mirror and carefully touched it. He didn't want to borrow the mirror for fun. He was afraid that if he gave the mirror back to Aisha Nina and she went to check on him, his true identity would be exposed. We can't let that happen.

He had just put the mirror back when there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Johansson asked impatiently. Just as he was about to say that he was sleeping, he tactfully disappeared into the distance. But then he heard the familiar voice.

"It's me. Let's go. It's dinner time." "You've slept all afternoon. It's about time." When Xiao returned from the teahouse, she came to find Jonathan and went to the cafeteria for dinner. It seemed like it had been a while since he had been to the cafeteria. In the afternoon, he ate some pastries to fill his stomach.

"Coming, coming!" Jonathan hurriedly dressed and went to open the door. Jonathan was not reserved in front of Asharana, nor in front of Qi Ao Shuang. But it was different now. Now that he knew that she was a woman, Jonathan began to notice. He would definitely not appear in front of Qi Ao Shuang so blatantly.

"Have you rested well?" After opening the door, Qi Aushuang stood in front of him and asked with some concern.

"Alright, alright, let's go and eat." It's been so many days since I've had dinner in the cafeteria that I've started to miss it. " Jonathan grinned, hiding his panic.

The days began to go by in such a methodical manner. Xiao Ao Shuang and Jonathan frequently went into the academy's library and material storage. More often than not, the two of them would enter the Stellar Heavenly Pagoda together, and it was unknown what they were doing there.

All of this was witnessed by Dittos. He only looked at their actions with approval, not moving forward with them.

However, the person who was the happiest was the Headmaster. When the Headmaster saw all of this, he was extremely happy as he watched the strength of Qi Ao Shuang and Jonathan grow stronger day by day. On the other hand, Brill, who had already entered the Sky Tower, had never shown any signs of breaking through. It was better for them to place their hopes on Qi Ao Shuang and the rest. Dylan, Qi Ao Shuang, and Jonathan were indeed the top three students in the academy. Their strength was increasing by the day, and it wouldn't be long before they completed the mission. Furthermore, with their talent, they would definitely be able to ...

The dean stood in front of the window, looking down at the silhouettes of Qi Ao Shuang and Jonathan. The two were on their way to the Sky Tower. A satisfied smile appeared on the dean's face. After nodding slightly, he turned around and met the pair of gloomy eyes.

"Heh heh, Elder Valentine, why are you looking so gloomy?" "Our mission is about to be completed. Shouldn't we be happy?" A smile appeared on the dean's handsome face as he walked past the person standing in front of him and sat on the sofa beside him.

"I hope this mission will never be completed!" The elder named Valentine wore a gloomy expression as he slowly walked to the window. Looking at the backs of Qi Ao Shuang and Jonathan, his heart sank.

"Hehe, don't tell me you want to stay here forever and not think about our hometown?" Don't you miss your family? " The Dean shook his head and smiled sarcastically. "Valentine, have you forgotten the pain we have to suffer every year if we don't complete the task?" "Life is worse than death!"

"I'd rather die in that battle." Valentine's face grew darker and darker, and he put his right hand to his empty left sleeve.

"Tsk, tsk, you can't say that." If you die here, your soul will never return to our homeland. " The dean tried to comfort her, but a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes.

"Does that require so many lives and souls to bear?!" Valentine suddenly turned and raised his voice.

"Valentine!" Pay attention to the tone of your voice! Also, I'm the one in charge here. Get out of here! "Do not act without my orders!" The dean stood up angrily and shouted back at Valentine, "If you didn't let that person go back then, why would we be on our guard now?" It doesn't matter if you don't want to go back alone, but you have to think about the other brothers! "That's all I can say. Think about it yourself!" Without waiting for Valentine to leave, he slammed the door and left. Valentine was left alone in the room.

Valentine looked at the closed door of the room, and his eyes faded and faded.

Finally, he let out a long sigh and turned to look at the blue sky through the window.

When will things start?

"Jonathan, didn't you not want to step into the Space Shattering Realm?" "Why are you working so hard now?" After Xiao Aushuang and Jonathan entered the Heavenly Tower again, Xiao Aushuang asked curiously.

"I've changed my mind now." Jonathan blinked and rolled his eyes.

"What made you change your mind?" "You know it's dangerous, but you still want to go?" Qi Ao Shuang walked forward while Jonathan followed closely behind.

"No reason, I just want to go with you." Jonathan seemed to be perfunctory, but there was a voice in his heart telling him that because he didn't want to see anything wrong with Qi Ao Shuang, he had to follow her.

Qi Ao Shuang did not pursue the matter any further. She could tell that Jonathan was being perfunctory. There wouldn't be any result if he continued asking, so he decided to just leave it at that.

"However, Qi Ao Shuang, do you feel any changes in your body right now?" "Aiya, to be honest, how far do you think you are from breaking through?" Jonathan sounded anxious as he suddenly saw a figure in the distance. That's Dittos! Jonathan clearly remembered the bet between Qi Ao Shuang and Dittancz in the main hall of the Tian Dao Sect. If Qi Ao Shuang breaks through after Ditanth, then Ditanth will kill everyone related to Qi Ao Shuang. He was one of them! Jonathan subconsciously touched his neck and swallowed his saliva.

"Not far." "Yes." Xiao Aohan replied in a low voice, then he raised his head and looked at the Dittos in the distance. Qi Ao Shuang's gaze turned cold. Although this man was lonely and sorrowful, he was not from the same world as him. This paranoid person would never be able to become friends, and would never be able to become friends.

Dittos heard the voices of the two men and stopped where he was, waiting for them to come forward.

Qi Ao Shuang and Jonathan stopped as well. The three of them stared at each other in silence.

"Qi Ao Shuang ..." After a long time, Dittas finally spoke first, calling out Qi Ao Shuang's name in a low voice. This was the first direct exchange between the two of them since they left the Tian Dao Sect.