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Jin Yan gently exhaled. He organized his thoughts before slowly explaining how he had come to this world and how he had found Qi Ao Shuang.

Soul Separation, this was the first time Qi Ao Shuang heard this word. It was also the first time that Qi Ao Shuang had heard of Jin Yan's clan. The family, mysterious and ancient but gone, had left only Ember.

To be able to advance so quickly and catch up to Qi Ao Shuang in such a short period of time, it was all because of his soul's stripping. It was as if a person had shed his skin. The separation of the soul rose to a higher level. However, the pain was far more painful than the pain of someone shedding their skin. Although Jin Yan had only mentioned it casually, Qi Ao Shuang knew that the pain was far beyond what ordinary people could bear.

"This is a secret skill that has been passed down in our family for generations, soul stripping and soul imprinting. My soul brand was imprinted on your body at the last moment before you left. So wherever you go, I can find you. However, this time ... "I've kept you waiting." A faint smile appeared on Jin Yan's handsome face as he looked deeply at the shocked Qi Ao Shuang. What Jin Yan didn't tell Qi Ao Shuang was that after using this secret skill, every bone in his body was broken inch by inch, then reconstructed, and then reassembled nine times. The pain was obvious. And if this secret skill failed, it wouldn't be as simple as death. His soul would be completely destroyed, leaving no traces behind. He had chosen to keep these things a secret so that Qi Ao Shuang wouldn't feel any burden, not even a little bit.

"You ..." "You ..." Qi Ao Shuang stared blankly at the smiling Jin Yan in front of her. She mumbled but couldn't say anything. Deep emotions and heartache arose from the bottom of his heart. Jin Yan and Jin Yan, who had been following by his side all this time, had unexpectedly used such a method to follow him. How could he endure the pain? Was he worth it? He was not the real Freya, not the one who was tied up with him. "But, Jin Yan, I, I am not ..."

"Miss!" Jin Yan suddenly raised his voice to interrupt Qi Ao Shuang. He looked at Qi Ao Shuang brilliantly and said clearly, "Miss, you don't need to say anything else. I only know that you are the one I want to follow for the rest of my life." I said I would protect you and stand by you forever. "Don't think about anything else."

Qi Ao Shuang stared blankly at Jin Yan, her lips trembling slightly as she asked with great complexity, "Why? Why did you ..."

"Miss, please don't have any burdens." I didn't want her to respond to my feelings, not at all. "I just want to stay by your side and quietly guard you. I want to watch over you and accompany you all the way." Jin Yan smiled, but his tone was firm.

The room was quiet. Everything was silent.

After a while, the two of them calmed down and talked about their current situation. Qi Ao Shuang also told Jin Yan of her suspicions about the Star Academy.

"In that case, it is very suspicious." Jin Yan frowned as he pondered, "What is the purpose of the Star Academy being so keen to make someone become an expert?" It seemed as if the Miss had said, there was no benefit to it. "However, if these experts have some unknown uses for the Star Academy ..."

Xiao Ao Shuang was shocked. What unknown uses?!

"Strange." But, mademoiselle, don't act rashly now. Just like you said, tell that Parina's brother to stop improving and listen to the mysterious man for now. Jin Yan analyzed, "The Star Academy's attention is also focused on this year's Four Seasons Garden's event. They probably want to find out if there are any experts or people with potential ... ..." At this point, Jin Yan's words suddenly came to a halt. The two of them looked at each other, and their expressions changed drastically.

Why didn't he expect that the Star Academy would be the host of the Four Seasons Garden's Trials! Was this to satisfy the Star Academy's unknown purpose? And this goal seemed very obvious now. It was to find the strong and those with the potential to break through the Space Shattering Realm!

But what was the point of looking for these people?

A chill rose from the bottom of Qi Ao Shuang's heart. At this moment, she thought of someone.

The person who had passed the eighth floor on his first attempt at the Heavenly Pagoda trial had met a bad end with the people from the Star Academy. He almost destroyed the entire Heavenly Star Tower. The rumors said that he had already reached the Space Shattering Realm. His whereabouts were unknown. Some said that he had died, while others said that he had sneaked out.

Did that person discover something?


Qi Ao Shuang quivered, her entire body quivered. The mysterious man that prevented him from going to the ninth floor appeared in his mind. Said he'd fix things. Could it be that he was the one who went against the Star Academy?

From the analysis of the various clues, it was very likely that this was the case.

"Miss?" "Miss?" Jin Yan looked at the entranced Qi Ao Shuang. He didn't even regain his senses when he cried out a few times.

"Huh?" Qi Ao Shuang finally recovered her senses and looked at Jin Yan.

"Miss, did you think of something?" Jin Yan frowned slightly as he asked in a deep voice.

"Yes." I thought of someone. " Qi Ao Shuang nodded, revealing all the guesses in her heart.

"Miss's words make a lot of sense. This seems tricky. But what we have to do, as you decided, Miss, is to wait and see. Furthermore ... After a slight pause, Jin Yan said in a deep voice, "Moreover, we currently don't have the strength to contend against the Star Academy."

"Yes." "Now we can only drag it out for the time being." Qi Ao Shuang nodded.

"What is Miss going to do next?" Jin Yan asked.

"Mn, I want to meet the disciples of the Heaven's Path Sect." Qi Ao Shuang said.

"Is he under the tutelage of the young miss?"

"Yes." to see if there's anything I can do for you. " Qi Ao Shuang nodded, "I was planning to go there before I met you."

"Then I'll go with Miss now." Jin Yan stood up.

"That's fine." "However, you can't continue to call her Miss." Qi Ao Shuang smiled faintly.

"Yes, young master." Jin Yan and Qi Ao Shuang looked at each other and smiled.

Walking on the main street, Jin Yan habitually followed behind Qi Ao Shuang. He silently watched Qi Ao Shuang's back while his mind filled with thoughts. Seeing the Miss again was such an occasion. So many things had happened to Miss, and now she had even exchanged bodies with Feng Yixuan. And the one who had done all this was Leng Lingyun. However, because Miss didn't want Feng Yixuan to die, Leng Lingyun did so! Jin Yan raised his head and looked at the sky. "Leng Lingyun, Feng Yi Xuan ..." These two, mademoiselle, what are your last choices?

When Qi Aushuang stepped into the lobby of the Tian Dao Sect, a familiar light voice sounded out, "Oh, isn't this our Little AoShuang?" What is the emissary's business here? "Are you here to treat me to a meal?"

It was, of course, Artis.

"Elder Artis." Qi Ao Shuang looked towards the source of the voice and smiled. Somehow, Qi Ao Shuang seemed to see the shadow of the man in Artis, just a little, but it was real. That casual, lazy feeling was exactly the same as Camil's. This tiny bit of feeling made Qi Ao Shuang feel a little warm in her heart.

"Little Ao Shuang, haha, long time no see." Artis sprang out of the corner of the hall and ran to Qi Ao Shuang.

"Yes, it's been some time." Qi Ao Shuang smiled.

"Eh, who is this?" Artis suddenly frowned slightly as he looked at Jin Yan, who was behind Qi Ao Shuang, and asked puzzledly. This man's aura was a bit strange, but he couldn't pinpoint what exactly he was. That was why he asked.

"He is ..." Before Qi Ao Shuang could say anything, she was interrupted by Jin Yan.

"I am the young master's attendant." Jin Yan replied neither humbly nor arrogantly.

"Eh?" Artis looked at the two suspiciously, but he didn't ask anymore.

"Artis, thank you for helping me so much. Is there anything I can help you with in this Four Cities Gathering?" After a moment's thought, Qi Ao Shuang decided not to tell Artis what she was worried about or suspected. After all, there was no evidence, and they should not have anyone who wanted to reach the Void Stage.

"No, we did it simply." "This convention will definitely be our exclusive leader, haha." Artis threw back his head and laughed triumphantly.

Qi Ao Shuang looked at the complacent expression on Artis' face and felt a little embarrassed.

"That's why you came. There's nothing you need help with. Come, come, invite me to dinner." Artis said with a smile. He reached out his hand to grab onto Qi Ao Shuang's shoulder and pushed her out of the way.

Jin Yan's gaze was as sharp as a sword as it landed on the hand on Qi Ao Shuang's shoulder. However, Artis didn't notice it at all as he continued to happily head out with Qi Ao Shuang.

Jin Yan frowned slightly. In the end, he silently followed her.

On the second floor of the inn, Ta Lina stared blankly at Qi Ao Shuang's back as she disappeared from the entrance, her eyes filled with reluctance.

After dinner with Artis, Qi Ao Shuang and Jin Yan returned to the Star Hotel. He had the waiter arrange a room for him in a room not far from Qi Ao Shuang.

When night fell, Jonathan and Dittos returned. Xiao Ao Shuang's door was tightly shut. The two did not disturb him and went to their respective rooms.

Lying on the bed, Qi Ao Shuang looked at the gorgeous curtain, her heart was excited and happy. He didn't expect to meet Jin Yan today. The warmth and cordiality of the heart are indescribable.

It was good to have Jin Yan here ...

Qi Ao Shuang closed her eyes in satisfaction and slowly fell asleep.

At night, the moonlight shone through the window and the surroundings were quiet.

A figure quietly appeared in front of the sleeping Qi Ao Shuang's bed. Just like that, the figure stood quietly beside the bed, silently looking at the sleeping Xiao Ao Shuang's peaceful face.

"Sigh ..." An almost inaudible sigh came out from this man's mouth, carrying a hint of sadness and confusion.

Suddenly, the person in front of the bed slightly frowned. After taking a glance at the door, he instantly disappeared, as if he had never appeared at all.