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"Qi Ao Shuang, don't listen to him!" Jonathan said without waiting for a reply.

"I don't like women." Qi Ao Shuang twitched the corner of her mouth as she said those words.

"That's good." An almost imperceptible hint of satisfaction flashed in Dittos's eyes.

Of course he wouldn't like women. His sexual orientation was very normal.

"Wow, Dittos, you're a bad guy." "I don't like women, and I don't want Qi Ao Shuang to find women." Jonathan heard the two men shouting.

Dittos ignored Jonathan's blabbering and said to Qi Aushuang, "Let's go, the dean is looking for us." "

"Hey, Qi Ao Shuang, I'm telling you, don't listen to Dittos." This guy isn't interested in women, so don't force yourself. "That Parina is not bad. At least she's a school beauty." "But this Parina seems to be very good at playing tricks on you. You don't have to think about the other two beauties." One was Bethany, and the other was Eber. "Even this doesn't suit your tastes, there are many pretty girls in the academy."

"You're so noisy." Qi Ao Shuang frowned slightly.

"Same here." Dittos expressionlessly said this word. A knowing smile appeared in his eyes.

"You!" "You two boring fellows!" Jonathan was so angry that he snorted when he saw that the two of them were surprisingly on the same footing. Of course, he did not think that what Xiao Ao Shuang said about not liking women was completely different from what they understood.

The three of them arrived at the principal's office. This was the first time that Qi Ao Shuang had met the principal of Star Academy. The principal was not the decrepit person in Qi Ao Shuang's imagination, nor was he an expert with a full beard and white hair. Instead, he was a young man with an extraordinary bearing. Qi Ao Shuang was shocked at first, but then she came to a realization. This was the way of the world. The age of many people could no longer be seen by their outer appearances. This young principal was probably not young anymore.

"You've come." The young man smiled as the three stood up.

"Principal." All three of them did.

"Don't be restrained, your results this time are quite good. Especially you, Qi Ao Shuang, you are the second person to achieve such good results in the first trial. "You and Dittos are the last ones who might pass the last trial. Hopefully, you won't disappoint me." The headmaster looked at Xiao Aushuang and said with a smile, his eyes flashed with praise.

When the principal mentioned that Xiao Aushuang was the second person to achieve such good results in the first trial, a trace of darkness flashed in Ditantz's eyes, but it was gone in an instant.

"Do your best." Qi Ao Shuang said in a neither humble nor arrogant manner.

"Hehe, it's a good thing that young people are modest." Alright, let's get down to business. I called you here because I have a mission for you and your rewards. "Dittos and Jonathan know the reward, but this is your first time, Qi Ao Shuang." The Principal smiled at Xiao Aushuang, giving his purpose of calling them over, "Your mission is to hold a grand meeting of the four cities. The three of you will represent our academy in some matters, and the judges will be held by the other Elders and the reputable people of the various cities." "I'll give you the prizes as well. If you don't know anything, just ask Dickens and Jonathan."

The principal talked for a while before finally stopping to pick up three cards from the desk and handing them to the three of them. Finally, he instructed, "Alright, you guys can go now." If you are ready, then set out. This time, the gathering will be held in White Cloud Town, which belongs to the academy. Be careful. "I'm sure you'll take care of it." The principal nodded with a smile.

"Yes." The three of them received the cards and agreed.

"Go on." The headmaster waved them off.

After leaving the office, Qi Ao Shuang looked at the card in her hand. The card in her hand was a light blue colour and emitted a cold aura. Who knew what material it was made of?

"This is a pass. The top three rankers would be able to enter and leave the Heavenly Star Pagoda to cultivate at any time, and the highest level of the library would also be opened. There was also the chance to learn from all the elders, and perhaps even learn from them through sparring. The Elders could not refuse. "As for the materials in the academy's treasury, we can use them as we wish. There's no limit." Dittos explained in a deep voice to Xiao Aoshuang. It was also the first time Dittas had said so much.

Good stuff! This thought immediately surfaced in Xiao Ao Shuang's mind when he heard Dittancz's words. Who would have thought that the prizes for the top three would be so generous. The school was actually so generous! However, with such a generous reward, what method did Lenny have to make the other students give up on her? No one was interested in such a generous reward.

"Only the top three know of this reward, the others don't. It was a secret. "In other words, only the top three can receive these rewards." Jonathan's next words dispelled any doubts in Qi Ao Shuang's mind. So that was how it was. These rewards had to be kept secret. With such a generous reward, it would be weird if Lannis told anyone. Forget Lenny, I'm afraid no one else would tell anyone else.

"Prepare to go to White Cloud Town." Dittos frowned slightly, obviously not pleased with the job.

"Are there any subordinate towns in the academy?" Just a moment ago, Xiao Ao Shuang wanted to ask.

"It's called a town, but it's not inferior to any other city." It was independent and did not belong to any city. In truth, the balance of power between the four cities was limited by the balance of power between the four cities. "But it's not supposed to be on par with the four cities, so it's the town." Jonathan explained. "Come on, there are lots of delicious things in White Cloud Town, lots of beautiful women."

"What else do you have but these two?" Dittos snorted.

"Tsk, you think I'm as boring as you two!" "Life is supposed to be enjoyable, eating, drinking, and having fun. That is the true meaning of life." Jonathan shook his head with narrowed eyes.

"With your attitude, you won't be able to step into the Space Shattering Realm." Dittos said coldly.

"I never thought about stepping into the Space Shattering Realm. I almost lost my life the last time I went to the 9th level." "Life is still beautiful. I don't want to die like this." Jonathan pursed his lips.

"Frog at the bottom of the well." Dittos coldly snorted.

Qi Ao Shuang remained silent. The pursuit of power by Dentance was indeed obvious.

"The academy will take a break during the Four Seasons Garden's Assembly, and all students will return to their respective powers. Many students will also participate in this Assembly." "Let's prepare a little. We'll head to White Cloud City in two days." Dittos said in a deep voice.

"Right, Qi Ao Shuang, what about you? Which power are you standing behind?" Jonathan asked curiously.

"The lord of Heavenly Treasure City is my friend." Qi Ao Shuang replied plainly.

"Friend?" Jonathan was surprised. "You have friends."

Dittos lowered his head. There was a dark look in his eyes. He didn't say anything.

"What you're saying, I'm a human, so why can't I have friends? Can it be that you guys aren't my friends?" Xiao Ao Shuang snappily said, "The Heavenly Treasure City's City Lord Heaven Breaker has helped me a lot. This time, I also want to see how I can help him."

"Eh, this, haha, you can say that I said the wrong thing." "Yes, we are friends, friends." Jonathan laughed.

"Depart in two days." At this moment, Dittens coldly interjected and left first.

"Tch, that's how Ditantas is, it's boring." The face is often expressionless. " Jonathan shrugged.

"Alright, go back and prepare." Xiao Ao Shuang did not say anything further, turning around and leaving as well.

"How speechless!" Why are these two people acting like this!? " Jonathan pursed his lips as he watched the two men leave, one behind the other. These two truly had imaginative temperaments. But there seemed to be a difference. How was it different? It was impossible to tell. Jonathan frowned and thought but could think of nothing.

Forget it, I don't want to. It was better to hurry back and make preparations, and ask Hurricane City if there was anything that he could help with. Small things are fine, but big things are not to be talked about. Jonathan thought of this and left, humming.

When he returned to the dorm, Qi Ao Shuang saw Wynes, who was frowning.

"What are you thinking, Wynes?" Qi Ao Shuang called out as she opened the door.

"Ah?!" What? "Qi Ao Shuang, when did you come in?" Wynes almost jumped up in shock. He turned to look at Qi Ao Shuang.

"Thinking about Bethany?" Qi Ao Shuang laughed.

"No, no..." Wynes' face turned red, and he couldn't utter a word for a long time.

"Wynes, what is your true identity?" Xiao Ao Shuang suddenly asked with a stern face, "Bethany is the daughter of the Jade City Lord. The two of you are from a young age. Who is your true identity?" Qi Ao Shuang guessed that although Wynes was an illegitimate child, he was still able to come into contact with someone as powerful as Bethany. Therefore, Wynes' father was not a simple person either.

Wynes was silent for a long time, his face complicated. He lowered his head and did not say anything for a while. After a while, he slowly raised his head and said softly, "Qi Aoshuang, I will tell you then, since I consider you my only true friend." "My father is the previous City Lord of Nine Heavens City."

"What?" Xiao Ao Shuang was shocked as she thought of the place where she had gone with Dylan not long ago. "In other words, the current Nine Heavens City's lord is your half-brother?"

"Hmph!" "Brother?!" "I don't have a brother like that."

Looking at Wynes' expression, Xiao Ao Shuang knew that the inside story was very complicated.

"He forced my mother to death. If it wasn't for the fact that my father's trusted confidant risked his life to bring me out to join my sect, I would have been dead by now. I don't even care about the position of mayor. "But he doesn't want to let us go." Wynes' face turned extremely ugly, and his tone was full of resentment.

"You met Bethany when you were a kid?" So, does Bethany know what happened to you? "Does the Nine Heavens City's City Lord know of your current situation?" Xiao Ao Shuang asked a few questions in a row.

"En, we knew her when she was young when she came to Nine Heavens City. Bethany only knew that I wasn't dead, but she didn't know where I was, and she didn't recognize me. As for the Nine Heavens City's castellan, he naturally knew that I was not dead, but my power was low, so in his eyes, I could not pose a threat. At first, he sent people to keep an eye on me. Later, he thought that I was a trash, and he took advantage of the interference of his father's trusted confidants, so he stopped making things difficult for me. " Wynes said while grinding his teeth.

"What are your plans?" Xiao Ao Shuang asked.

"Qi Ao Shuang, I really thank you." If it weren't for you, I'd still be a piece of trash. But not now. I will always work hard, I will do my best to achieve my dream. I want to be strong, strong enough to protect Bethany. He was strong enough to stand in front of the crowd and stick out his chest. At that time, I will confess to Bethany, and I will never escape again. " Wynes' eyes burned with determination.

"Just this?" However, Qi Ao Shuang smiled and said these words softly.

Wynes was stunned, looking at the calm face of Qi Ao Shuang, he did not understand what Qi Ao Shuang meant. Originally, he thought that if he made up his mind to say such words, Ao Shuang would praise him and support him, but Qi Ao Shuang actually said such words. What does that mean?

"You don't want to take back what you should have?" You don't want to take back what the man owes you? "Without status and status, I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to marry Bethany?" A trace of an evil smile appeared on Qi Ao Shuang's handsome face, causing Wynes to be completely stunned.

That night, the two of them talked about something in the dorm that no one knew about. It was just that the fusion that occurred afterwards was extremely amazing, not knowing that it was all the doing of a red-haired youth.

Two days later, Dickens, Jonathan, and Qi Ao Shuang, wearing snow-white uniforms with eight small golden stars that symbolized their strength and status, appeared at the school's entrance in a magnificent manner.

The three of them just stood there with calm faces, but it attracted countless gazes, as well as the discussions of the people around them. Many students had been rushing to White Cloud Town for the past few days, so the school gates had always been bustling with noise and excitement.

"Qi Ao Shuang, Qi Ao Shuang ..." A sweet voice called out urgently from afar. It was Parina's voice.

"Let's go." Dittos said coldly.

"Alright." Xiao Ao Shuang nodded and prepared to get on the carriage. The reason why she didn't bother to pay attention to him was not because of Dotans' words, but because of Qi Ao Shuang's own intentions. It wasn't good to get too close to a woman, and it would be even worse if he misunderstood her.

"Qi Ao Shuang, you! Wait for me! Wait for me!" When Parina caught up, the carriage was gone.

"Damn it!" "You bastard!" Parina stomped her feet on the spot, looking unhappily at the carriage far away, muttering to herself, "You hateful fellow, just you wait." "If you don't want to come with me, I can go to White Cloud Town by myself."

In the distance, a complicated look could be seen on her face as she watched this scene. Eunia frowned and muttered something.

In the carriage, Qi Ao Shuang was resting with her eyes closed, but in her heart, she thought of Heaven Breaker and Ah'Bao. Very soon, Po and Heaven Breaker would arrive. They had not seen each other for a long time, and they truly missed each other and were filled with anticipation.

And what sort of grand occasion would the Four Seasons Tower's grand assembly be?