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Lenny cried out in panic, "Dittas, don't, I can't drop a star." "I ..."

"The last time I kept my promise, I gave you back your personal love and took you there. But this time, I have no obligation to bring you there. " When Dittas saw Lenny's beautiful face, which had lost all color, he did not show the slightest hint of pity. His tone was still as calm and collected as before, without the slightest trace of emotion or warmth. There was no expression on Dittos' handsome face.

"No, Dotans, I, I'm in third place. I can't be reduced to the Seven Stars. If that's the case, then what face would I have left? I ..." Lenny cried pitifully to Dittins, "Dittas, are you going to put up with it?" Do you have the heart to see me humiliated? "I'm afraid Besserfin and Parina and Eber are waiting for me to make a fool of myself!" Out of the four school beauties, Lenny was the strongest. He was ranked third among the 8-star students. But this third place, the water is actually very big.

It was no wonder that Lenny's reaction was so intense, provoking many people that many male students liked him. Naturally, he was the object of displeasure for many female students. If Lenny had been reduced to the Seven Stars, the women's jokes would be ranked in a row. Lenny's arch-nemesis, Eber, in particular, was the first of the Seven Stars, the four school beauties to question him. He had been at loggerheads with Lenny the whole time, and when they met, it was like a thunder striking a lightning bolt.

"If you're being laughed at, it's your own fault. "You are originally not at the 8-star level. You know better than anyone how you got third place." With a calm expression, Dittins' words were indeed direct and direct, causing Lenny's face to instantly turn as pale as a sheet, devoid of any color.

Qi Ao Shuang did not react, just sat there quietly, listening to this farce. It felt a little cold.

"Dittos ...?" Lenny looked at the indifferent Dittas in disbelief, as if he didn't dare to believe that Dittas would say such ruthless words to him. A sense of humiliation overcame him. Because out of the corner of his eye, Lenny glanced at the silent Qi Ao Shuang sitting there. He actually said such a thing in front of others!

"Use your own strength to go over. If you can't, then go back. Don't lose your life in vain." After hearing these words, Dotans no longer paid any more attention to Lani. Instead, he walked to the edge of the swamp, quietly looking at the swamp, as if he was thinking about something.

Lenny looked at the figure of Dittas in despair. His body trembled and his face was pale. He bit his lips tightly, but he could not say a word. She knew his style too well to change what he had decided. It had never been, and it would never be, changed for him!

Momo floated beside the swamp as she stared at Ditto. She let out a few growls and swam to the side as if she was avoiding Dittas.

Huh? Qi Ao Shuang looked strangely at Mao Mao, but saw that he was also looking at her. Momo then shook his head and muttered a few words.

"Mao Mao said that this guy was very strong and was not easy to deal with. He couldn't take advantage of him, and suffered a loss at his hands last time." "That's why I'm not going to provoke him this time." Vast Sky's voice rang in Qi Ao Shuang's mind, explaining Momo's strange behavior.

Qi Ao Shuang was starting to sweat. Mao Mao also bullied the weak and feared evil. From the looks of it, Dittas was indeed very powerful. However, he had no idea as to how strong he was.

He sat down slowly and closed his eyes to Marsh.

Out of the corner of Xiao Ao Shuang's eyes, she cast a glance at Dentance. In her heart, she was puzzled. Could it be that this fellow was sensing the insides of those rocks?

Lenny's resentful eyes were fixed on Dittas the whole time, but he did not take even half a step away from where he stood for a long time.

"You'd better go back." "Other people can't take you through here. If you insist on letting others take you there, it will only harm others and yourself." Dittos suddenly spoke in a faint voice. There was one other person who could take Lenny through here, and that was Jonathan. Of course, Jonathan would never take Lenny with him. If he were here right now, he would probably be laughing his head off.

These words immediately crushed the last shred of hope Lenny had in his heart. Lenny bit hard on his lips, looking at the back of Dittas with grief and indignation. The humiliation and pain in his heart surged forth like the sea. He had been infatuated with this man, but in the end, he had obtained such an outcome. Although Dittas had been mentally prepared not to fall in love with her, Lenny had not expected things to turn out this way.

Lenny finally turned around and left, but he didn't know whether he had left the Tower or whether he was planning on going back to the next level first.

After Lani left, the surroundings quieted down. Only Momo leaned her big head against the shore and stared at Qi Ao Shuang. Ye Zichen blinked occasionally.

"This monster is very friendly to you?" Suddenly, for no reason at all, Dittos spoke up.

Qi Ao Shuang turned around and looked at Dittas, only to see that Dittas had already opened his eyes and was staring at her.

Can you tell that? Qi Ao Shuang was surprised.

"He doesn't have any killing intent. He's been watching you the whole time, and he never comes close to the shore." Dittens calmly stated his conjecture.

Qi Ao Shuang did not say anything, neither could she deny it.

"Do you want to know how you're going to get there?" Dittos suddenly said these words.

Qi Ao Shuang did not recover for a long time. Ye Zichen looked at Dotans in confusion. He had heard that the previous number one of the 8-star team was a cold-hearted person who usually stayed silent. Why is there so much nonsense today?

Without waiting for Qi Ao Shuang to reply, Dylan continued, "You just need to calm yourself down, blend into the surroundings, and blend into this world. With your heart, you can feel the true and false nature of those floating rocks."

With that, Dittos slowly stood up as if he was ready to depart.

"Why are you telling me all this?" Qi Ao Shuang finally asked.

"Don't think I'm helping you. When I'm in a good mood, I tell someone. "But, how many can comprehend my defeat?" There was a hint of mockery in Dittos' calm tone.

Before Xiao Ao Shuang could say anything, he had already moved to the third rock in the swamp. After he firmly stood there, he didn't hesitate and continued moving forward. His figure gradually vanished into the miasma, vanishing from Qi Ao Shuang's eyes.

Integrate himself into the surroundings, into this world? Qi Ao Shuang sat on the spot without moving, thinking back to what Dylan had said. As for Momo, she did not leave either, only staring at Qi Ao Shuang.

"Hey, Qi Ao Shuang, aren't you leaving?" "Momo is still waiting to guide you." Vast Sky's voice rang in Qi Ao Shuang's mind.

"I'm not in a hurry right now, just let Momo play by herself first. I'll call him when I need him." Qi Ao Shuang told Chang to tell Momo to move around first.

"Oh." Although the sky was filled with doubts, he still agreed. He walked out of Qi Ao Shuang's body and told her what Qi Ao Shuang wanted. Hairy Hair mumbled a few words as he swam towards the depths of the swamp.

Qi Ao Shuang sat cross-legged on the floor. She frowned, closed her eyes and continued to think about Dittos' words.

After an unknown period of time, Xiao Ao Shuang suddenly felt something was wrong in front of her eyes. She opened her eyes, and there was indeed a large handsome face, but this face was too close to her.

Xiao Ao Shuang was shocked. She stretched out her hand to cover her body, and saw that the person in front of her was Jonathan.

Jonathan looked at Qi Ao Shuang smilingly. He blinked his eyes and laughed, "Qi Ao Shuang, hehe, how long have you been here?"

"Jonathan." Qi Ao Shuang frowned, looking at the grinning man in front of her, then she reached out her hand to push him away.

"Qi Ao Shuang, I knew you would come here for sure." "I was right." Jonathan said proudly.

"So what?" Qi Ao Shuang frowned slightly. Looking at the relaxed Jonathan, she knew that Jonathan didn't put in much effort to get here. Jonathan's second place was obviously real. It was completely different from Lenny's.

"Hehe." Let me tell you something nice. " Jonathan sat beside Qi Ao Shuang and said happily, "Who do you think I just met?"

"Lenny." Qi Ao Shuang did not even think and said one word.

Jonathan stared at her in astonishment. "How do you know?"

"You even ruthlessly taunted her and humiliated her." Xiao Ao Shuang continued to say these words expressionlessly.

"Wa!" "How do you know that?" Jonathan was even more surprised, and his eyes widened.

"Isn't Lenny's pain your joy?" Qi Ao Shuang twitched the corner of her mouth as she said those words lazily.

"Huh?" "Haha, haha, haha ~ ~" After hearing this, Jonathan was stunned for a moment, then started laughing out loud, laughing even harder.

Qi Ao Shuang did not say anything, waiting for Jonathan to finish laughing.

"You know me too well." Ha, ha, ha, yes. If she's unhappy, I'm happy. If she's in pain, I'm happy. " Jonathan reached out his hand to pat Qi Aoshuang on the shoulder and said happily.

"Why do you hate her so much?" Qi Ao Shuang was a little puzzled. Was there any grudge between Jonathan and Lenny?

"I don't know why, I just hate it. All day long, you can do whatever you want with your beauty. So what if she was pretty? "So it's great if she's pretty?" Jonathan snorted disdainfully, and the thought in his mind matched Qi Ao Shuang's. "This woman is so disgusting." The last time he had passed the eighth level was by relying on Dittos. He had won the third place by consulting other students in private to beg for help. How noble do you think she is? She thought Dittos and I didn't know. We just don't want to talk about it. "

Qi Ao Shuang was stunned. She did not think that Lenny was pleading with those people to let her. She thought they were the ones who asked her to.

"A lot of things need to be done together with the top three. The academy rewarded the top three for cultivating in one place." Lenny has really put his life on the line to get close to Dittas. " Jonathan's disdain deepened. "Why do you think Dittos took her with him?" Because Dittos owed her a favor. "I have to start from the beginning ..."