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Stunning Edge - C263

Finally, Qi Ao Shuang stopped and looked at Jonathan angrily, "What do you want?"

Jonathan ran up to her with a smile on his face and said, "Nothing." "As a senior, I will bring my cute juniors to visit the school."

Looking at Jonathan's smiling face, Qi Ao Shuang was a little angry. This person's skin was truly thick. It was unknown what he was thinking!

Jonathan pointed to the surrounding buildings and introduced them. In his heart, he had long since become interested in this red-haired youth. From his outstanding performance in the first round of the examination to the fact that he had sent a 6-star student flying just now, Jonathan was curious and puzzled.

This red-haired youth clearly didn't have a deep cultivation, so why did he always have such shocking moves? What secrets did he have?

Jonathan smiled, "Qi Ao Shuang, that is the library of our school." They were divided into ten levels, which was of course based on their status and power. I can go to the ninth floor. "One day, I will be able to ascend to the highest floor." Jonathan shook his head proudly, then turned to look at Qi Ao Shuang.

There was no one behind him. The only thing that could be seen was the wind blowing the leaves around in the air.

Where is he? Jonathan was shocked. The red-haired youth had actually disappeared from his back just like that? He had not noticed it at all!

After a while, Jonathan left slowly. However, he couldn't let it go.

Beside the lake, a gentle breeze blew. Under the sunlight, the shadows of the trees were mottled. Qi Ao Shuang sat quietly on a bench by the lake, closing her eyes to sort out her thoughts. The Star Trial was still a few months away. With his current strength, how far would he be able to go?

Broken Space ...

What does it look like?

What happened to Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun? Qi Ao Shuang slowly stretched out her hand to touch the two earrings on her right ear, but her heart was heavy.

Just as Xiao Ao Shuang was deep in thought, she was interrupted by a voice. Xiao Ao Shuang slightly frowned, this place was so quiet, and there were people here, and it seemed like there was more than one person.

"You bitch, you're always trying to confuse people with your face. "Today, I will tear your face apart!"

"That's right, why are you pretending?" "You little bitch, what else can you do other than pretend to be innocent?"

"Today, I'll let you know, acting cocky will be ..."


At first glance, it seemed that a few women had surrounded a petite girl and were cursing at her. The woman in the middle didn't make a sound and just stood there with her hands on her hips.

Xiao Ao Shuang did not want to get involved in troublesome matters, and even more so, did not want to be a hero trying to save a beauty. The best thing to do at the moment was to slap your ass and run away. Xiao Ao Shuang stood up and was about to leave, but she suddenly stepped on a small branch, causing cracking sounds to ring out.

The people on the other side noticed and shouted coldly, "Who is it?" "Who is it?"

Qi Ao Shuang did not reply, only showing them her back as she continued walking forward.

Taking advantage of this moment, the woman who was surrounded ran out. However, he ran straight towards Qi Ao Shuang.


"Little bitch!" "Stop right there!"

Qi Ao Shuang turned around and saw a group of women chasing after them. This group of women wore three small golden stars on their chests.

"Big brother, save me!" The young girl who rushed in front of Qi Ao Shuang looked to be around fourteen or fifteen years old. Her petite body trembled slightly, but her curves were beautiful. She had big eyes under long eyelashes, a round face, small lips, and skin that could be broken by the wind. She was a cute little beauty. At this moment, his face was filled with panic. He hurriedly hid behind Qi Ao Shuang and reached out his hand to grab onto the hem of Qi Ao Shuang's clothes. He refused to let go no matter what. She wore two small stars on her chest.

Oh? It seemed like a show where the strong bullied the weak?

However, was that really the case?

"This student, don't be fooled by her appearance." "She is always showing off her pitiful appearance!"

"Little slut, you're using this move again!"

"There's nothing for you to do here. You can leave now and leave that little slut behind."

There were a few ladies who came chasing after him, some who tried to persuade him in a friendly manner, and some who spoke ill of him. But there was anger in their eyes. They seemed to have suffered losses from this young girl before.

"No, big brother, don't give me to them." They are not good people. " The girl behind Qi Ao Shuang trembled even more as she begged in a low voice. A trace of mockery flashed in her eyes as she stuck her head out from behind Qi Aoshuang and winked at the group of girls.

"Bitch!" The leader of the women was so angry that she trembled. Damn Parina, she'd pretend to be innocent and take advantage of a man's mentality. They were the victims, but the men always protected her. Because she always acted cute and pitiful! Last time, his boyfriend almost broke up because of this little bitch arguing with him. He had to teach her a lesson!

The other women also looked furious. However, they didn't make a move when they saw the red-haired man in front of them. There were no marks on his clothes. He was a freshman, but if this matter were to spread, it would cause a huge disturbance.

Qi Ao Shuang remained silent, not saying anything.

The girl behind him pulled on Qi Ao Shuang's sleeves and said with a trembling voice, "Big brother, save me. Take me away." They, they want to tear my face apart. "

Parina's voice trembled as she said these words. Her tone seemed very afraid, but behind Xiao Ao Shuang's back, she was making faces at those girls. It seemed to announce another victory. Men, all that shit. Be merciful to the fairer sex, haha, then let them be merciful to the fairer sex.

In the next moment, Qi Ao Shuang moved.

Qi Ao Shuang and the other ladies looked at Qi Ao Shuang warily.

However, Qi Ao Shuang did something that surprised everyone. She coldly turned around and stretched out her hand, grabbing onto Parina's collar before throwing her out and pushing her in front of the group of girls.

"Big brother?!" Tears welled up in Parina's eyes as she stared at Qi Ao Shuang in disbelief. There was an indescribable charm in his eyes when he looked at Qi Ao Shuang.

However, Qi Ao Shuang's expression was cold, and she did not even look at her.

"Eh?" The group of women chasing after him were all stunned. This was the first time he had seen her ruthlessly thrown out by a man. The men looked at Parina's lovely face, her pitiful expression. Which one of them didn't want to protect her first? But this red-haired youth was so cold.

Qi Ao Shuang couldn't be bothered with him, and was about to leave in silence.

"Big brother, you can't leave! Don't ignore me!" Help me, I, I'm scared. "Wuuuuu, I'm so afraid of them ~ They want to scratch my face." Parina looked pitifully at Qi Ao Shuang, her sparkling tears sparkling in her big eyes. Her long eyelashes trembled, and her face was pale and transparent. Her petite body trembled slightly. It looked so pitiful, so heart-wrenching. She took two steps forward and tightly held onto the hem of Qi Ao Shuang's clothes.

"You slut ..." The leader of the women was about to shout coldly, but she didn't finish her words.

However, Xiao Ao Shuang turned around, reached out her hand and mercilessly slapped away Parina's little hand, and said in a low voice, "Disgusting." His tone was filled with disgust and disdain.

After speaking, Qi Ao Shuang didn't turn back as she dashed forward.

Parina stood there foolishly, watching Qi Ao Shuang's determined figure. Her heart was raging. The words and the look in Qi Ao Shuang's eyes before she left seemed to be engraved in her heart. For the first time, a man looked at her with disgust and disdain. It was the first time that a man didn't show any mercy to her. Furthermore, he was using his Deception Eye!

"Haha, little slut, let's see what you'll do today?"

"Haha, bitch, I didn't expect you to be humiliated one day."

"Do you see that person's eyes? You're a piece of trash!"

The group of women standing behind Parina were laughing so hard that they leaned back and forth while constantly speaking malicious words to humiliate Parina. How could they not be happy when they saw for the first time that a man was not tempted by Parina?

"Hmph!" Parina turned and looked at the laughing group. After a cold snort, he looked at the crowd silently.

The group of women were all stunned. At this moment, Parina was no longer as pitiful as she was before. She was no longer as panicked as she was when they first surrounded her. At this moment, her face was ice-cold, and her eyes were terrifyingly cold. Just being stared at by her made him feel a sense of pressure.

"B * tch! B * tch!" "We will make you pay the price today!" The leader of the women was a bit flustered but immediately shook her head to drive away this annoying feeling. After all, the other party was only a 2-star student. They were all 3-star students. What are you afraid of?!

"Hmph!" I don't want to play with you anymore. "Boring." Parina coldly spat out a sentence. The next moment, she moved.

The group of women were stunned. They could only see the afterimage of Parina, who had already disappeared.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!

Xiao Ao Shuang turned around and saw a bunch of water birds flying away from the grove by the lake.

Was that girl finally showing her true face?

2-star strength? Hmph. Qi Ao Shuang gave a faint sneer. With his hidden cultivation and charming eyes, would he be harmed by those girls? That girl, although she seemed very cute, very pure and very aggrieved, she was absolutely not what she seemed to be. That young girl probably wasn't simple. Moreover, that young girl should have the identity of a demi-human.

This academy was really special.

Qi Ao Shuang shook her head lightly, then turned around and returned to her room.

As soon as Xiao Ao Shuang left, Parina crawled out. Looking at the departing back of Xiao Ao Shuang, he narrowed his eyes.

This red-haired guy was rather interesting.

Hmph, but I don't believe I can't take you. Just you wait, you must kneel under this lady's dress! Make you delirious!