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Stunning Edge - C259

The heavy iron door opened, making a creaking sound that was especially ear-piercing in the quiet night.

Jonathan's mouth was wide open as he watched the heavy iron door slowly open in disbelief.

Lenny's smile froze on his face, and his eyes were filled with astonishment.

Dittos looked calm, but his eyes flashed with surprise.

The metal door slowly opened, revealing a calm, handsome face. Fiery red hair fluttered in the wind. There were no ripples in those deep black eyes. Even when he saw the three people at the door, he didn't show any expression. His tall and straight body just stood there quietly.

"You, you ..." Jonathan wanted to ask how the red-haired boy could safely pass through the area, but found his tongue in a knot. He could not speak clearly.

"You, how could you be so fast?" "Still unharmed?!" Lenny spoke smoothly, but not in a questioning tone.

When Jonathan had asked that question, Dittos had immediately thought of a person. It was indeed this youth. However, it was much faster than he had expected.

However, Qi Ao Shuang did not say anything. She calmly walked past the three people and walked to the stairs behind them. She slowly sat down, closed her eyes and began to rest.

Seeing how Qi Ao Shuang was behaving in such a manner, Lani's expression turned slightly cold as he said, "I'm asking you how did you pass through this area so quickly?" Impossible! "Did you cheat?!"

These words were said with extreme rudeness. There was disbelief in Lenny's eyes, and a hint of jealousy. He was actually able to pass through this region so quickly! However, Qi Ao Shuang ignored him with a calm expression, continuing to sit there silently.

When had Lenny ever received such contempt from others? He was furious and even wanted to take action. The first reason was to teach this arrogant guy a lesson. It was to test whether or not he was really cheating.

"Just because you can't do it doesn't mean that others can't." You're so sick of jealousy. " A weird voice sounded. Needless to say, this was Jonathan, the schadenfreude. He could speak such vicious words with ease. He didn't mind exposing any of Lenny's ugliness to Dittas.

Lenny's face instantly swelled up to the point where it was almost the color of a pig's liver. His fists were clenched so hard that his knuckles turned white. This Jonathan had humiliated himself again and again. And in front of Dittos!

"Congratulations on passing the second round of examinations." "I hope you can pass the third round."

"Thank you." Qi Ao Shuang did not open her eyes, only letting out a few words before continuing to meditate.

The corner of Lenny's mouth twitched slightly, and he retracted the words he had just said, slowly releasing his fist. He only looked at Jonathan viciously, with unresolvable viciousness in his eyes.

Jonathan looked at this scene with a faint smile. He was silent, thinking about something.

He sat down on the side and waited for the other people who passed the examination to come out through the iron door. Lenny saw a faint smile on Dittas' face, and his eyes were filled with gentleness. He slowly moved closer and sat beside Dittas.

Jonathan looked at the scene with a hint of mockery in his eyes. With a smile on his face, he walked over to Qi Aushuang and sat down beside her.

"Hey, what's your name?" My name is Jonathan. "You actually crossed that area so quickly. That's right, there's something special about it." Jonathan laughed.

"Qi Ao Shuang." Qi Ao Shuang did not open her eyes, only saying these few words.

Qi Ao Shuang? Jonathan was stunned. Why was this name so feminine? However, it could be said that this kid looked even more beautiful than a woman. In particular, the aura exuding from him was like ice, but also like water.

"Oh, which sect are you from?" "Where are the other disciples of your sect?" Jonathan continued to ask with a smile.

"The Tian Dao Sect." After these three words, Qi Ao Shuang remained silent.

Jonathan rolled his eyes, embarrassed. This kid had fiery red hair, but he was so cold. His words were as sharp as gold. Even more silent than Dittas.

Jonathan saw that he could ask no more. Instead, he sat beside Qi Ao Shuang with his eyes closed, resting his mind.

For a moment, the surroundings were silent.

Just like that, the night passed by.

The sun and the moon swapped places, and the day came down on this side of the land.

Qi Ao Shuang slowly opened her eyes, but she could feel that the noisy Jonathan was still sitting beside her.

Below them, not far down the steps, Dittos and Lenny sat.

"Dittas, are you hungry?" Do you want some of the stuff I brought? " Lani's face, which had always been frosty, broke out in a smile.

"No need, I have my own." Still expressionless, Dylan took out some food from his Space Ring and began to eat.

Lani was a little embarrassed, but he still picked up the food and started eating. An item like the interspatial ring was rather rare, even in this world. Each of them seemed to have one person. The Star Academy was truly unfathomable.

Qi Ao Shuang watched all of this indifferently, not saying anything as she prepared to take out her own food from her space ring. A hand appeared in front of him, and he handed him a piece of bread.

Xiao Ao Shuang looked towards the direction of the hand and saw Jonathan's smiling handsome face.

"Eat this in the morning." "And this." Jonathan magically found fruit juice and milk in front of him and Qi Ao Shuang.

Qi Ao Shuang was stunned. She looked at Jonathan's eyes, but she could only see honesty in them.

"Thank you." Qi Ao Shuang did not stand on ceremony as she accepted the bread from Jonathan. Jonathan withdrew his hand.

"Wait." Jonathan didn't wait for Qi Ao Shuang to react before snatch the bread back. Then his hand froze and a wave of heat came from his palm. The bread actually emitted a burst of fragrance and a faint heat.

Qi Ao Shuang raised her eyebrows and took the bread from Jonathan. Jonathan was using fire magic.

"Milk or fruit juice?" Then Jonathan pointed to the table in front of him.

"May." "Juice." Qi Ao Shuang almost blurted out the rosetea out of habit, immediately changing the juice on her mouth. Qi Ao Shuang received the fruit juice from Johansson, but her eyes darkened. Rose tea. The man who used to make rosetea for himself.

"Do you think that woman is funny?" It was a joke to think that one of them was too much of a womanizer, that he had to spend all day with Dittas and keep other women away from Dittas. "Very arrogant." Jonathan looked at Lenny, who was sitting below them, and said to Xiao Ao Shuang in a low voice, his tone full of mockery. At this time, Lenny was pouring a cup of water and handing it to Dittas, but Dittas didn't accept it. He took out the water bag himself. Lenny's hand holding the water paused awkwardly in the air, and only retracted after a while.

Jonathan almost laughed out loud when he saw this. Seeing this, Qi Ao Shuang's face eased up a little. This Jonathan was such a rascal, he built his happiness on the pain of that woman.

"Now you know why I don't want to sit with them?" Jonathan chewed on his bread and spoke in a low voice.

Qi Ao Shuang nodded slightly, showing that she understood. The woman's character did not match her appearance at all. From the very beginning to the questions she'd asked about herself, she'd been conceited and narrow-minded.

Jonathan was a man who could not bear solitude. No one came out of the metal door during the day, and Jonathan continued to whisper in Qi Ao Shuang's ear. All this nonsense. He explained everything regarding the chaosworld very clearly. Before this, Heaven Breaker had only told her some of the Star Academy's matters in a hurry, but this world didn't have the time to explain them in detail. Now, thanks to Jonathan's blessings, the chaosworld knew everything.

In this world, there really weren't any races. There were demons, humans, demons, elves, etc. There is no such thing as a ruler. Four cities stood tall, and one of them was the sky-shattering Heavenly Treasures City. Upon hearing this name, Xiao Ao Shuang immediately understood the meaning behind it. The other three cities were Nine Heavens City, Jade City, and Hurricane City. And in this world, there were nine great sects and countless small sects. The Tian Dao Sect was one of the nine great sects. There were also areas that Jonathan did not know about. For example, the outer sea in the inner sea, which was said to be desolate. Because of the dangerous environment, no one bothered to investigate. Jonathan could not tell what was in the open sea.

The Star Academy was a place where crouching tigers and hidden dragons. It was a place where the experts of this world cultivated even higher. Every twenty years, the city lords would send people from their own forces to join their own sects before coming to participate in the assessment in order to strengthen their own forces. On the surface, the sects and the cities had nothing to do with each other, but in fact, they were secretly involved. Those who could pass the Star Trial in the Heavenly Pagoda were not ordinary people. Even if it was just passing the first level of the trial, returning to one's own homeland was still respected and admired by others.

After listening to all of this, Qi Ao Shuang was very clear in her heart, but she was also shocked by the power and power of the Heaven Shattering Sect. Back then, when he met Heaven Breaker, he was already stunned by his unfathomable strength. There was also the woman he had met at the core of the fire. She seemed to be rather afraid of Ah'Bao after recognizing him. Heaven Breaker truly wasn't simple ....

"Sigh, how boring ..." Jonathan yawned, hugged his hands behind his head, and mumbled to himself, "I really don't know what the grand elder is thinking, but he wants us to be his guides." In the past, it had always been someone else's. "I've never asked an 8-star student to come."

When Xiao Ao Shuang heard this, she was slightly startled. This meant that in the past, there had never been anyone with such a high level of strength that could be used as a guide, but this year was an exception. Was there a problem with this?

"Jonathan, this is not something you and I should deal with. We'll do our part. " The faint, cold voice of Dittas could be heard.

"I'm too lazy to tell you, even if the sky collapses, you're still a wooden statue with a dead face!" Jonathan spat.

"Jonathan, mind your tone!" When Lenny, that cold beauty, saw Jonathan talking like that, he frowned and was about to explode.

"What's your name?" You're Dittos's girlfriend? A wife? Or his mother? ' Jonathan's strange words made Qi Ao Shuang's eyes flash with a trace of laughter. This sunny and handsome youth was actually so venomous! Once again, he succeeded in making that cold and elegant female so angry that her eyes, ears, ears, ears, and mouth were all covered in smoke.

Indeed, Lenny's reaction was annoying. Dittos was obviously a serious person, while Jonathan was a lively and carefree person. However, when Jonathan teased him, he didn't pay much attention to him. It was obvious that the two of them had a deep friendship. Lenny, on the other hand, wanted to understand, and scolded him with a superior attitude.

"You!" Jonathan, don't think I'm afraid of you! ' Lenny's expression changed drastically. He stood up and glared at Jonathan.

"Haha, what a joke!" You, third brother for ten thousand years, come ~ ~ With your peacock look, only those bumpkins would chase you around like a flower, in my eyes, you are nothing. Don't lecture people with your condescending tone. Do you even have the qualifications to teach me a lesson? "Which trial didn't you eat dust behind me?" Jonathan's venomous tongue was fully displayed at this moment. He ignored Lenny's beautiful face and turned into the color of a pig's liver. Instead, he scratched his head innocently and said in confusion, "Do you think you are qualified to teach me a lesson just because you are two years older than me?"

His last sentence almost made Lenny vomit blood. Lenny's fists under his sleeves were clenched to the point that his knuckles were white. Her beautiful eyes were so wide open that they almost popped out.

Looking at Lenny who was so angry that he was about to spit out blood, Jonathan didn't stop. He still got angry and said, "Lenny, I'll tell you, I'll definitely tell you out of good intentions."

Lenny was stunned, not knowing what Jonathan was going to say. Then Jonathan's next sentence made her brain explode in anger.

"Women, I remind you out of goodwill, are apt to grow old when they get angry. You're old enough to die if you go on. " Jonathan casually said with a beaming smile.

This time, no matter how much Lani tried to restrain himself, he couldn't bear it any longer. Qi Ao Shuang raised her eyebrows and looked at Jonathan, who was smiling mischievously. Her eyes flashed with a strange light. This guy, how interesting!

Lani let out a delicate shout and with a shake of her hand, a beautiful and luxurious magic staff appeared in her hand. Following which, Qi Ao Shuang felt a chill run down her spine.


Lenny uses water magic.

The huge water spear formed a whirlpool in the air, and it rushed towards Jonathan with a whistling sound. Naturally, this attack also included Qi Ao Shuang, who was standing beside Jonathan. Clearly, Lenny had done it on purpose.

Jonathan used fire magic.

Water and fire were incompatible!

Jonathan's face turned cold. His hands moved, but he did not stand up.

"Alright." The silent Dickens finally spoke slowly.

The huge water spear stopped in mid-air, and then disappeared abruptly.

Dotans didn't even turn around, easily neutralizing Lenny's attack!

This person ...

Qi Ao Shuang narrowed her eyes as she looked at the back of Dentance, deep in thought.

Dittos slowly stood up and turned around, but his face was still as calm as before.