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However, before the man in white could speak, the ice-cold beauty beside him gave a cold snort. She raised her head, her eyes filled with disdain as she coldly said, "You don't have to know our names, nor do you have the qualifications to know them." Only the last person who passed the exam had the right to know. "Those who didn't pass the examination just now, leave now. Don't let me say those words a second time."

The cold beauty's voice was not loud, but it was exceptionally clear in everyone's ears. The man who had spoken just now had mysteriously flown out just like that. It only stopped after it knocked down several large trees behind it. He vomited blood and did not get up for a long time.

However, the cold beauty coldly snorted with disdain. Her eyes were filled with mockery.

The entire empty space became quiet in an instant.

Just like that, there was a deathly silence. No one would have thought that this cold and beautiful lady would act without warning, and in such a heavy manner at that!

Some were angry, some were unwilling, some were surprised, but no one stood up and said a word.

In an instant, many of the people who had a favourable impression of this cold-eyed woman frowned in dissatisfaction. This woman was not only arrogant, but also cold and callous. However, there were also a few people who were more determined to fight. If they could tame such a woman, it would be a good thing. Right now, he was just thinking about it. The other party's strength was still there.

"Haha, don't mind me, this is my senior sister's temper." He hoped that those who had passed the first round would go all out in the second round. "Those who don't pass, don't be discouraged. In the future, there will still be chances. Those who don't pass, please leave now." At this moment, the slightly younger youth spoke up with a smile, breaking the awkward atmosphere.

There will be opportunities in the future. Yes, I hope that I can smoothly pass next year's exam. Those who failed the exam could only console themselves like this.

At this time, someone went to help the person who was paralyzed on the ground, unable to get up. Rustling sounds could be heard as the people who had failed the exam slowly packed up their belongings and left.

The three men standing at the foot of the stairs did not show any signs of impatience or impatience. They quietly waited for the disqualified person to leave.

The empty area became quiet once again. The people who remained behind were all unharmed. Although there were some people who had thoughts of leaving, after seeing the person who was seriously injured after being questioned, they all dispelled that thought. To fool the students of the Star Academy, this idea seemed too naive. Furthermore, his opponent was an 8-star master teacher.

"Those participating in the second round, please follow us immediately." The white-clothed man in the lead said something indifferently before turning around and walking to the front.

The cold beauty and handsome sunny youth followed closely behind. A faint trace of gentleness flashed in the cold beauty's eyes as she looked at the man in white. As for the handsome sunny youth, when he saw this scene, a disdainful sneer appeared on his lips.

The others also slowly stood up, quickly putting away their belongings and following behind.

Qi Ao Shuang followed behind with an indifferent look on her face.

The group continued to walk forward. When they were halfway up the stairs, they saw a tall and black iron door. It suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, cutting off the road ahead.

The white-clothed man in the lead stopped and gently pushed open the tall and heavy metal door. The iron door squeaked. Behind the iron gate was a dark mountain range. This sudden appearance of a steel door actually connected an unknown area! Another spatial technique? Qi Ao Shuang was slightly surprised. This Star Academy was not simple at all!

At the same time that the door was gently pushed open, someone exclaimed in a low voice, "That's made of darksteel!" So heavy ... He didn't say anything after that. The meaning behind his words was that the heavy iron door was easily pushed open by the man in white as if it didn't weigh anything at all. It was clear that this man in white was extremely powerful.

Pushing the door open, a cold breeze blew into his face. It made people shudder in fear.

The white-clothed man in the lead turned around, his handsome face still expressionless. He only said calmly, "The second round of the examination will naturally enter this metal door. Passing through this area, there will be such an iron door at the end. We will receive you there." If he survived five days, he would pass. Remember, only five days. Over time, there will be others there to receive you and take you away from the Stellar Mountain.

Everyone began to whisper amongst themselves. Every year, the Stellar Academy's examinations were different. So, even if the disciples who passed the exam before told the disciples they participated in the exam to them, it was useless.

Xiao Ao Shuang narrowed her eyes, how could it be so simple? Just through this area?

Sure enough, the cold voice of the beautiful woman rang out once more, "There are so many ferocious magical beasts inside, it's unknown if they'll survive to pass through here." "Anyone who doesn't want to join us can leave right now." Although there were no ripples in her tone, the contents of her words made people feel indignant. Do you think they are cowards? If so, would they still participate in the school's assessment? It was as if he agreed with the beautiful woman's words. A terrifying beast roar came from the door, full of deterrence. It lasted for a long time, and it was soul-shaking. Some people's hearts couldn't help but beat like drums, while others had thoughts of retreating.

When the cold lady saw this, she disdainfully sneered: "Think it through before you go in." "If you lose your lives in there, it can only be said that you are not strong enough." The Star Academy's examination had always been this cruel. It was normal for someone to die during the examination. However, every year, many disciples were attracted to participate in the assessment. One could see how extraordinary this Stellar Academy was.

As soon as the words of the beautiful lady were spoken, Qi Ao Shuang slowly walked past her side with a calm expression, stepping into the tall and heavy metal door. After which, she disappeared into the darkness of the night.

The cold beauty was stunned for a moment before she frowned. A trace of disdain flashed across her eyes. He was just a boorish fellow, yet another idiot who was in a hurry to die.

The man in white glanced at the dark night. A strange light flashed in his eyes, but it only lasted for an instant.

"Oh?" The handsome youth in the sunlight slightly raised his eyebrows, then he smiled at the unhappy crowd and said, "My senior sister's words were also without malice, she only reminded everyone not to lose their lives in vain." The magical beasts inside were indeed very powerful. If you've thought it through, please. "I hope everyone will be careful and make it safely through this area."

With these words, there were already people who wanted to prove that they weren't afraid of death, so they hurriedly stepped into the iron gate and entered the unknown area.

Just now, when she saw Qi Ao Shuang enter, she had been secretly worried. Now that she heard the handsome youth's words, she immediately led her juniors and juniors to enter the iron gate.

All the disciples stepped into the metal door and disappeared into the night.

The white-clothed man looked at the vast night sky and remained silent.

"Dittas, how many people do you think will pass this exam?" The handsome youth in the sunlight asked the man in white with a smile.

"You should call me senior brother." Jonathan. Without waiting for the man called Dittos to speak, the cold beauty coldly opened her mouth and reprimanded him impolitely. She was clearly dissatisfied with the name of the man in white that the youth in the sunlight called her.

Unexpectedly, the smiling youth suddenly said coldly with a disdainful expression, "Lenny, don't make a mistake." It is only a matter of face for me to call you senior. Follow the academy's rules and do not reveal your true name until you pass the examination. "You are only a bit older than me. I can casually call you senior sister, but you are really going so far as to put your face on the line."

Lenny's expression changed and he was about to explode.

"Come on, you, third place in ten thousand years, you want to fight me?" "Don't forget, the people who make the first provocation will be punished." At this moment, the sunny youth no longer had any sunlight to speak of. His words were extremely sarcastic and sarcastic. As for Third Bro of ten thousand years, he nearly caused Lani to go berserk.

These three people all had extraordinary identities. After passing the Star Trial, one would be able to reach the top within the eighth level of the Heavenly Pagoda. They were students of the 8-star class. The white-robed man in the lead called him Dittas, but he never moved from the first position. The youth in the sunlight was called Jonathan. Although he was a bit younger, he had been following closely behind, keeping second place. Third Bro of ten thousand years naturally referred to this cold beauty, Lenny. Jonathan had never liked Lenny, who was always high and mighty, as far as he was concerned, like an open peacock. Why, because the peacock opens the screen, the ugly buttocks will be exposed. In Jonathan's eyes, this woman who was untouchable to anyone else was nothing more than a shallow-faced, stupid woman.

The Star Academy wasn't divided into grades according to the order of enrollment, but into different grades according to the Star Trial. For example, even if the students who had just entered this year participated in the Star Trial, those who could pass the eighth level would have the strength of eight stars. They would be in the same class as the students who had passed the eighth level of the Star Trial. Even if it was a long time ago, students who had not reached the 8-star level would still be courteous to them. This place was a world where the strong were revered.

"You ..." A cold glint flashed in Lani's eyes, and he was about to explode.

"Alright, let's go and wait for them there." Do not make unnecessary disputes. " Dittos lightly interrupted the conversation between the two. He reached out his hand and gently drew a line in front of his eyes. A white light gradually formed a door, and he stepped in first.

When Dittos spoke, they both stopped arguing. A hint of uneasiness and gentleness flashed in Lenny's eyes as he looked at Dittas. Afraid that his words and actions had left a bad impression on Dittos.

Jonathan sneered and followed him.

Lenny glared at Jonathan's back and followed.

In the darkness of the night, Qi Ao Shuang lifted her head and looked at the seemingly calm front. However, when a gentle breeze blew, Qi Ao Shuang narrowed her eyes. The wind told her that there was danger ahead. There were too many ferocious magical beasts in front of them, ready to fight. As soon as these disciples entered the area, the magical beasts in the area sensed them. He was grinding his teeth as he waited for the food to arrive. In the eyes of the magical beasts, these people were all delicious delicacies.

Qi Ao Shuang raised her head and looked towards the sky. The sky was dark, without the moon or the sun. It was completely different from the place they were at just now. The Sun and the Moon of the chaosworld coexist. The world existed at the same time of day and night. There was a full moon in the sky when they had been waiting in the open space.

"Hiss hiss ~ ~" A light breeze seemed to have life of its own as it swirled around Qi Ao Shuang, letting out an almost inaudible sound. Qi Ao Shuang let out a faint smile and said in a low voice: "Alright, I understand." As for that light wind, it seemed to understand what Qi Ao Shuang was saying, as it flowed happily around Qi Ao Shuang. She gently blew on her hair.

If anyone saw this, they would definitely be shocked. This was because this youth could actually understand the sound of the wind and was able to communicate with it. Had the Elven Prince Austar been there, he would have been appalled as well. One had to know that he was an Elf, and he had the talent to communicate with the wind. However, this youngster was able to reach such a level in just a short month!

Qi Ao Shuang put away her smile, and took off a leaf that was about the size of a palm. With a light wave of her hand, the leaf floated in the air. Qi Ao Shuang flew up lightly with a concentrated gaze, and in an instant, her aura vanished. Or, rather, her breath dissolved in the air around her.

The wind blew gently, and it was as if Qi Ao Shuang was weightless. She stood on the leaves and slowly flew into the night sky, disappearing into the night.

Tarina, who had been following them, did not see Qi Ao Shuang's figure. A faint sense of worry arose in her heart. That youngster just barged in alone. He wouldn't be in any trouble, right?

"Senior Sister?" "What's wrong?" Jacklin looked at the somewhat entranced Tanina and asked, puzzled.

"Oh, nothing." Let's go. Don't let us leave on the way, and don't go too far. "Be careful." After recovering from her daze, Tanina immediately ordered calmly.

"Yes." The disciples all nodded with serious expressions. They did not doubt her words.

The group of people cautiously made their way towards this unknown region.

The three of them had just arrived at another thick space.

Jonathan tilted his head and teased. "Dittos, do you want to bet on who arrived here first?" Open the door and we'll wait. "

Before Dylan could say anything, he lightly spat in disdain, "Why are you opening the door so early in the morning?" In two days. "Do you think those people can come in such a short time with their talent?" Lenny looked at Jonathan with a sneer, as if laughing at his innocence.

However, just as Lenny finished speaking, the heavy metal door slowly opened ...