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Stunning Edge - C253

The nine sixteen winged Angels all held their greatswords in their hands, their faces filled with disdain as they effortlessly chopped the surrounding Angel Warriors into two halves. The feathers flying around them were dyed red before slowly drifting down.

Charlotte and the other Angels also followed behind Qi Ao Shuang to welcome her.

All the Wings and Four-Winged Angels slowly retreated, leaving space for them.

"Heh heh, Charlotte, loyal warrior. I didn't expect you to advance from a mere Eight-winged Angel to a Twelve-Winged Angel in such a short time. How much Angel Heart did you absorb?" The leader of the Sixteen Winged Angels jeered at Charlotte, looking at her with a strange, sinister tone. The angel was Gudbrand of the Presbyterian Church, the grandfather of Flora.

Charlotte's face turned pale all of a sudden, and her entire body trembled even more.

"You dirty traitor, your soul is filthy to the extreme." Another Six-Winged Angel, Dervis, also spoke out these words in a cold voice.

Charlotte clenched her teeth. Her face grew paler and paler, but she couldn't say anything. He could no longer possess the glory of an Angel Warrior. Just as they had said, his soul was already extremely dirty, and he had fallen into an endless hell.

"Charlotte seems to be many times better than you guys, compared to keeping and playing with historical Radiant Goddesses like dogs." Qi Ao Shuang's cold voice rang out. It was not loud, but it was loud enough for the people nearby to hear. All the members of the Sixteen Winged Angels Association heard it, as well as the people on the side of Qi Ao Shuang. However, Qi Ao Shuang had a good grasp of the situation. She only let them hear it, but didn't let the rest of them hear it.

Xiao Ao Shuang had her own plans. After all, the Elders Guild would have to fight against Marilyn in the future. She couldn't bring down their reputation too much. However, these words were enough to cause the members of the Elders Guild to feel uneasy.

As expected, the Elders Guild members' expressions changed drastically when they heard what Qi Ao Shuang said. They all wanted to tear Qi Ao Shuang apart.

"Who are you?" You're talking nonsense here, insulting us with nonsense. " Gudbrand snapped with a dark face.

"Haha, you know best whether it's real or not, right?" Qi Ao Shuang smiled as she gave an irrelevant answer.

The faces of Charlotte and the other Angels slowly recovered. In the face of such a filthy and morally prejudiced Presbyterian, what they did would not be too much. Their souls were dirty too!

Whether human or angel, the mentality is the same. When feeling unwilling, it is always a matter of mental balance to feel someone is with you or on your back.

All of you are just a bunch of buffoons who are cheating on themselves.

Xiao Ao Shuang sneered as she looked at the few Elders Guild members who were getting more and more furious.

There were nine of them, wasn't that a bit too much?

It seems unfair to Marilyn.

"Whoever you are, if you're on Marilyn's side, you have to pay." He raised his sword, pointing it straight at Qi Ao Shuang. He said coldly, "And this price will be your life."

Qi Ao Shuang smiled but did not reply. She slowly raised her hand and suddenly waved it.

Golden rays of light dazzled the eyes, enveloping Qi Ao Shuang within. The Elders Guild's group couldn't bear the dazzling golden light any longer and narrowed their eyes. They couldn't clearly see what was in front of their eyes.

When Qi Aushuang drew the sword from its sheath, the blade trembled uncontrollably. It was excited! The swords of the sixteen Winged Angels in front of him weren't ordinary swords. At this moment, the sword in Qi Ao Shuang's hand was as excited as a hungry ghost seeing a pile of delicacies. If it could make a sound, it would probably already be wailing non-stop.

"Be quiet." Qi Ao Shuang could not help but twitch her mouth, then she stretched out her finger and flicked the blade of the sword. This guy was way too unskilled!

"Go to hell!" He raised his sword, chopping down at Qi Ao Shuang.

Qi Ao Shuang smiled and raised her sword to welcome him.

The Sixteen Winged Angels behind Dervis also charged forward with their swords raised, and the group of people behind Qi Ao Shuang flew forward to welcome them.

An intense battle began.

Seeing the pair of flaming wings on Qi Ao Shuang's back, Di Wei was astonished. He searched his mind, trying to figure out who this young lady was. It didn't seem like someone from the Divine Realm. People from the Divine Realm wouldn't have wings like these.

Black hair, black eyes, flaming wings ...


The loud sound of weapons clashing rang between Qi Ao Shuang and Di Wei. The loud sound was deafening, and shook the entire sky.

This young lady in front of him was actually able to withstand a single sword blow from him. Her face didn't change at all.

However, the next moment, his face paled. Seeing the situation in front of him, his pupils contracted.

What did he see?

Seeing the sword in the girl's hand collide with his sword, he immediately changed his shape and transformed into a liquid that quickly surrounded his sword!

The 'kacha kacha' sound was terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, all that remained was the hilt of the sword!

His sword was gone just like that! Just like that, he was "eaten" by the weapon in the hands of the young girl in front of him! Yes, he wasn't wrong. His sword had been eaten just like that ...

"Eh?" Dervis stared at the short sword in his hands in a daze. Marilyn screamed in her heart. Her eyes were so hot that they seemed to melt everything in front of her. As far as she knew, Charlotte would never let this opportunity slip. She would definitely go up and get rid of those old bastards.

For him, and for himself!

Marilyn was full of confidence and felt that the future was bright.

The position of supreme ruler of the divine realm was immediately available. He would lead the Three Realms and become the ultimate Hegemon!

In the air far away, Gudbrand suppressed the aura that was running around inside his body, repeatedly swallowing the blood that was about to spurt out. However, his eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Qi Ao Shuang.

Damn you little bitch, I'll rape you a hundred times! Lowly humans! I can't accept this, I can't accept this!

Gudbrand could bear it no longer and finally spat out a mouthful of blood. His body teetering on the verge of collapse, Dervis hobbled over and barely managed to hold on to Gudbrand.

His face was the same as the Elders Guild members behind him, deathly pale.

Their injuries were not light. The powerful people in front of them would definitely not let them off!

Was everything going to be ruined today? Was it really going to make that little bitch Marilyn change her mind?

The twin black girls!

Dervis' eyes were filled with grief and indignation as he looked at Qi Ao Shuang. He was about to say a few harsh words to express his indignation and unwillingness before he died.

However, Xiao Ao Shuang shrugged her shoulders and said passively: "Alright, we can call it a day now. Let's go." After Qi Ao Shuang finished speaking, the Ruler's flame vanished and she took the lead to leave. The powerful people who had followed her all turned around and followed behind her.

It was as if he had struck a huge ball of cotton with his fist, and then his body deeply sank into it.

Weakness, a feeling of extreme powerlessness ...

Dervis almost fell down from the skies. The other Sixteen Winged Angels also stared dumbly at He Qi and Ao Shuang's back.

Gone? It ended like this?

They don't come to reap?

That's it?

Hua Li was gone, gone?

What do you mean -!

Marilyn was stunned. What did Qi Ao Shuang mean? Didn't she want to help him become the real powerhouse? Why did he give up at such a crucial moment? The morale of the Elders Guild members in this state were low, and their injuries were not light. Such a good opportunity, how could she let it go so easily?!

Marilyn was going crazy! This was the feeling of having the taste of food in one's mouth being dragged out of one's mouth by someone else!

Qi Ao Shuang, what do you mean by that? Marilyn flew up menacingly and went straight towards Xiao Ao Shuang and the rest who were flying back.

Naturally, the Elders Guild would not miss such a great opportunity. Since the two-faced human girl let them go, it was completely mindless for them to continue fighting in their current state. Seeing that Charlotte and the others were about to swing their swords over, Davis hurriedly supported Garlan and shouted in a low voice, "Retreat!"

The members of the Elders Guild quickly retreated while a large number of Angels surrounded them to cover their retreat. Charlotte and the others watched helplessly as the members of the Elders Guild fled farther and farther away.

Qi Ao Shuang flew back with a calm face, meeting the menacing Marilyn in midair.

At this moment, Marilyn's expression was so dark that water would drip off her face. Seeing how calm and indifferent Qi Ao Shuang looked, she was so angry that she pointed at Qi Ao Shuang and shouted: "Qi Ao Shuang!" What do you mean? You actually went back on your word?! How dare you do such a thing?! Do you know what you've done? What do you mean! '