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 C243 - Young Lord's intention was actually this?

The circle of light disappeared.

The eyes of everyone who entered the ring lit up as they arrived at an empty space.

Qi Ao Shuang and Camil were standing on the spacious land.

"Welcome to this competition. The rules of the competition were very simple. Everyone, please take a look at the map in front of you." A voice filled with energy rang out. Although it wasn't very loud, it clearly reached everyone's ears. Of course, it was due to the magical amplification process.

In mid-air, a magic map appeared out of nowhere. On the map, there were mountains, rivers, and at the end of the map, there was a green sign.

"Everyone, please write down the map. Green is your destination. When he got there, he would naturally announce the victor. As I said before, the rules of the competition are very simple, there are no rules, no matter what you do, you just need to get there. But remember, only one winner. After passing through the cave ahead, the competition officially began. "You can't fly in the competition area." A vigorous voice announced the rules of the competition. The meaning behind these words was very simple. He would be able to get there by any means he could. On the way, the elimination of competitors is a very supportive practice.

"Let's begin." When the sound died away, the map vanished. Those who hadn't memorized the map and were cursing at Lulla had already begun attacking the surrounding demons that were weaker than them.

"Let's go through that cave first." Wei Ao Shuang said to Camille in a low voice. Camille nodded.

The scene in front of him was getting more and more chaotic. There was going to be a big melee here before they got into the cave.

"Go to hell!" An arrogant bellow rang out.

The voice was very familiar. It was the young master.

Qi Ao Shuang turned to look at the source of the voice, and saw the young master's black clothes flying around randomly. Her face was fierce and arrogant. In front of her, the many demi-humans on the tea line all collapsed one by one like dominoes. When he fell, he didn't get up again.

Feng Yi Xuan wasn't beside her.

"Let's go!" Camil said in a low voice. He didn't want to be entangled with these low-level demons here.

Qi Ao Shuang nodded.

The demons in front of the Young Chieftain were exterminated just like that. This kind of scene caused many of the demons to tremble with fear. Some of the demons ran with all their might. As long as they passed through the cave in front of them, they would arrive at a very wide area. Moreover, that area was a no-fly zone, giving them a much better chance of survival.

Some of the more powerful demon clan experts flew up on the spot and also headed towards the cave.

"Get off me." After an explosive shout, the densely packed Monster race members in the sky were like fairies scattering flowers in the sky as they incessantly descended.

And this shout was Black Feather's.

After clearing a path in the sky, Black Feather leisurely flew towards the cave.

Xiao Ao Shuang and Camil had already arrived at the entrance of the huge cave. Without saying anything further, they entered the cave and quickly rushed forward.

With their speed, they soon passed through the cave. What appeared before him was a dense forest. The land in front of him was indeed restricted, making it impossible for him to fly. More and more demons followed. As soon as many demons passed through the cave, they immediately scattered and went into hiding. It would be fine if they met a weaker opponent in a head-on battle, but if they met a stronger opponent, then they would have to wait for death. So the wisest thing to do is to find a hideout as soon as possible.

Qi Ao Shuang turned around and looked at the dark cave, and raised her eyebrows. He slightly lowered his body and raised both his hands, aiming at the hole. He shouted in a low voice. "Raging Dragon Flames!"

Just like that, a huge fire dragon rushed into the deep cave. A wave of heat rushed into his face. The huge fire dragon made the dark cave even brighter. But it was only for a moment. Following that, cries of pain and curses could be heard continuously, as well as curses and curses.

Camil looked at the brilliant smile on Qi Ao Shuang's face. This was really the character of Little Ao Shuang. She was good at Yin. However, he just liked this little Ao Shuang.

After Xiao Ao Shuang was done, she said to Camil, "Let's go."

Just like that, Camil and Qi Ao Shuang's silhouettes disappeared into the dense forest before them. The monsters behind them also rushed forward, all of them hiding into the dense forest.

Within the dense forest, danger lurked everywhere. There were all sorts of dangerous plants of all shapes and sizes.

"Ah!" From the depths of the jungle came a cry that pierced the sky. The shrieking demon clan member rolled around on the ground in pain, while his demon clan friend beside him was frantically trying to help him. Both his body and the ground that had rolled away had been dyed red with his blood.

These few demon clans were not ambushed by other demon clans; instead, they were attacked by a single vertebra. When they had just set foot on this side, one of the demons had already felt a strange movement in the air. In front of them was a slowly swaying vertebra. The long black tentacles swayed slowly in the air without wind. They didn't care too much about it. They only prepared to continue on their way through this place. Who would have thought that just as the demon clan member who was walking at the front walked in front of the vertebra, the plant's tentacles no longer had the same sluggish speed as before. Instead, it quickly attacked the demon clan member in front of it.

The black tentacles wrapped themselves around the demi-human in front of him and ruthlessly pierced into his skin. What was shocking was that the tentacle transformed into a straw, continuously absorbing the blood of the Monster race. The black tentacle gradually turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye. Astonished, the monsters behind them rushed forward to chop off their tentacles. There were even more monsters who had already used magic to set the vertebra on fire and set it on fire.

However, what was even more shocking was that the tentacle that was stuck in the arm didn't fall off. It continued to continuously drain the blood from the demon's body. Blood unceasingly flowed out from the half suckling tentacle, staining the clothes of the Monster race and the ground red.

In the end, there were the anxious howls of the Monster race that caused the rolling Monster race members to cut off their own arms, thus preventing them from being whipped into meat jerky.

Such dangerous spines could be seen everywhere in the forest, and cries of agony could be heard from everywhere.

And dangerous animals are even harder to guard against.

Giant and terrifying animals are often harmless, but insect-sized animals are deadly. There were even dangerous animals that could create illusions.

Such a dangerous animal appeared in front of Xiao Ao Shuang and Camil's eyes.

In a large village, an elegant beauty and a beautiful man sat on top of it, looking lovingly at Camil and Qi Ao Shuang.

The beautiful woman was dressed very elegantly and wore a thin, light gauze that exposed her graceful body. It was more tempting to be in such a veil than to be naked. Her beautiful face didn't show the slightest flaw, and her long golden hair gently wrapped around her arm and flowed down. Her dark blue eyes were bright and intelligent, her small cherry lips were bright and alluring, extremely enticing. A pair of small and fair feet were moving around playfully. It was enough to make anyone want to spurt blood. She was playing with a silver harp in her hand, but her eyes were full of love as she looked at Camil.

Beside the pretty girl was a beautiful man who was extremely pleasing to the eye. He had a head full of soft brown hair, and a gentle gaze that could drip water was full of love as he looked at Xiao Ao Shuang. Her beauty was unparalleled, even prettier than the Eastern Wind Marquis that Qi Aushuang had seen before. He was also wearing a white muslin dress, exposing his muscular body. The majesty beneath him was even more stunning.

Two unspeakable beauties drifted down from the village and landed in front of Qi Ao Shuang and Camil.

"Beautiful lady, can you come with me? I will stand by your side and protect you forever. " That incomparably handsome man stood in front of Qi Ao Shuang, speaking in an extremely gentle manner. He was even about to grab hold of her hand, preparing to kiss the back of her hand.

The super beauty stood in front of Camil and said gently, "A powerful and handsome person. Are you willing to protect me?"

At this moment, Qi Ao Shuang's expression changed, because the words of these two people reminded her of a person. A person who had once said that he would forever stand by his side, a person who had always been silently guarding his side - Jin Yan!

"Go to hell!" Ugly spider beast. "Qi Ao Shuang's eyes were cold. Lifting her hands up slightly, a bright golden light appeared in her left palm. A sword hilt appeared in her left palm. Qi Ao Shuang coldly took out a great sword. This treasured sword looked exactly the same as the Death's Sword that Jin Yan had used! At this moment, Qi Ao Shuang thought of Jin Yan. The weapon she had drawn was the treasured sword in his hand!

Qi Ao Shuang did not hesitate to strike out at the super pretty boy in front of her. A faint barrier enveloped Qi Ao Shuang's body, which was formed by Camil. The green, stinky liquid sprayed onto the barrier. That was the so-called blood of the super pretty boy in front of him. However, Qi Ao Shuang's weapon didn't have a trace of blood on it.

Qi Ao Shuang let out a strange scream, and without any hesitation, she hacked towards the terrified super beauty in front of Camil.

An ear-piercing 'puchi' sound rang out. This was the sound of a treasured sword slashing into flesh.

Camil let out a cry of surprise and hurriedly wrapped his own body in a veil. He was afraid that the disgusting green liquid would splash onto his body.

Two unspeakably beautiful assassins fell to the ground, twitching. The stench of green liquid was everywhere. The next moment, the two supreme beauties on the ground disappeared. In front of Xiao Ao Shuang and Camil, two ugly octospiders were twitching in pain on the ground, slowly unable to move anymore. The ugly spider was covered in green liquid, completely unlike the two unspeakable beauties from before.

Camil's mouth twitched as he looked at the two disgusting and ugly monsters on the ground. Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on his face as he turned to look at Xiao Ao Shuang and asked: "Little Ao Shuang, what do you think those confused demons will look like if they hug these Spider Beasts?"

Qi Ao Shuang shuddered when she heard this, a chill rising from the bottom of her heart.

Kiss the ugliness in his arms.

Ugh ...

"Let's go, don't delay any longer." Qi Ao Shuang put away her weapon and said softly.

As soon as Xiao Ao Shuang said that, the ground shook violently.

Just like that, a gigantic Eight-legged Spider appeared from the ground in front of Qi Ao Shuang's Camil. The pair of lush green eyes stared viciously at Qi Ao Shuang. From the looks of it, this spider beast was here to take revenge for the two Spider Beasts earlier.

However, the results would be the same.

Just as Xiao Ao Shuang was about to draw his weapon, a black shadow flashed in front of him.

Qi Ao Shuang remembered this black shadow. And the shadow's breath, she remembered.

The person who appeared was the Young Lord!