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The person standing in front of the door made Qi Ao Shuang shocked.

He had a handsome face, charming peach blossom eyes filled with laughter, a rose in his hand gently shaking. He was dressed in noble style, had long hair with a little roll, and behind him was still a big bouquet of rosy background. Who else could had such vulgar attire? It was no one but Wan Feng Liu.

Qi Ao Shuang looked at the man walking towards them with a smile on his face. She frowned. Was it Wan Feng Liu who had sent people to attack them? Why? To probe? Probe her or Camille. However, the latter probably had more ingredients.

"Good morning, City Lord Wan." Camille smiled elegantly in greeting, but showed no intention of getting up. There were no ripples in the depths of his eyes. Clearly, Camille had known for a long time that the newcomers would be all the rage. Camil's attitude made Qi Ao Shuang confirm her conjecture. It was obvious that Wan Feng had come for Camil.

Wan Fengxian didn't mind and walked in with a smile before sitting down. The door of the room was closed at this moment. With a flick of his finger, he formed a barrier. Completely cut off from the outside world.

"Good morning, gentlemen." "Is the breakfast here more appetizing?" Wan Fengliang asked casually with a smile.

"Not bad." Camil also answered with a smile.

It felt like two foxes were laughing, but one of them was a ten-thousand-year-old fox, while the other was a little fox that had just formed from cultivation.

Qi Ao Shuang stared coldly at Wan Feng Liu, as she recalled Leng Lingyun's warning. This Feng Liu was not simple!

"Eh, Miss Ao Shuang, what's going on over your head?" "Your demonic energy?" Wan Fengliang looked at the slightly trembling pair of big ears above Xiao Aushuang's head and asked in surprise.

"Your memory crystal isn't clear?" Qi Ao Shuang smiled and asked back. Since those demi-humans were sent by the 10,000 wind to probe them, how could they not have a way to transmit those images into his hands?

"What is Miss Ao Shuang talking about?" Wanfeng played dumb and asked with a smile.

"It seems like City Lord Wan doesn't understand what we are saying. Perhaps we are mistaken." Camil smiled faintly and interrupted, "Since City Lord Wan has come early in the morning to ask if breakfast is to our liking, I have indeed troubled myself." Now that we know the answer, we're out of it. "I still want to go around with my little Ao Shuang."

Camil stood up as soon as he finished speaking, and Qi Ao Shuang stood up with an indifferent look on her face.

Wan Fengxian's peach blossom eyes, which had been squinting all this time, finally lost their previous carefree look. A trace of darkness flashed across his eyes as he coldly spoke: "What do you want?"

Camil smiled faintly, "I don't understand what City Lord Wan is talking about."

"Let's make a deal. "You're a smart man, so I don't need to go around the corner." Wan Feng Liu slowly stood up, turned around and said in a deep voice to Camil.

"You, made a deal with me?" The smile in Camil's eyes was devilish and faintly funny.

"No matter who it is, they all have their own prices. No one could be an exception. "What do you want?" Wan Feng Liu narrowed his eyes and asked in a deep voice.

"What does City Lord Wan want me to do?" Camille didn't answer.

"Participant." Wan Fengliang coldly spat out two words.

"Haha ..." Camil smiles lightly. "You don't have to say we will go." How could he let go of such a fun matter?

Wan Fengliang slightly frowned. He wanted to say something, but Camil lightly raised his hand to stop Wan Fengliu from speaking. He only said lightly, "Wan Cheng Yao, anyone in this world can have their own price, but I am the only one who doesn't." So, stop the nonsense. "

Wan Fengxian's beautiful pupils contracted. She opened her mouth to say something, but an invisible and terrifying pressure came from the front. This pressure directly entered into his body, causing the life core in his body to almost shatter. Wan Fengliang used all of his strength to stabilize his throbbing life core, and resisted the urge to spit out blood. Wan Fengliang's eyes were filled with astonishment. He finally understood that this handsome man in front of him was not someone he could control. The strength he had just displayed was probably only the tip of the iceberg. Now that Wanfeng finally believed this person in front of him, perhaps he really didn't have a suitable price.

Who exactly was he? Why would such a character come to the demon realm?

Xiao Aushuang and Camil walked out of the inn, strolling along the street. Qi Aushuang asked softly, "Wanfeng, what do you wish to do with me?" I almost forgot to ask how you got to know Wanfeng. Lingyun had warned me to be careful of this person, saying that he is not simple. "

"Haha, Little Ao Shuang." Camil smiled faintly, looking at the adorable pair of big and fluffy ears on Qi Ao Shuang's head, he couldn't help but stretch out his hand to touch it. A displeased expression appeared on his face before Camil retracted his hand and continued, "You are right, this fellow is not as calm as he seems."

"What does he want to do?" Qi Ao Shuang said with a frown.

"Guess." Camil asked leisurely. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a building on the other side of the street. A man stood behind the heavy curtains in the upstairs window, watching them without looking away.

"Could it be that Wan Fengxian wants to become a Great Demonic King?" Qi Ao Shuang frowned as she pondered, connecting all the clues together and coming to this conclusion.

"Maybe, hur hur." Camil answered casually.

Qi Ao Shuang said slowly: "He knows that you are very powerful, and he wants you to join the martial arts competition to attract everyone's attention." It can also be seen that you have no interest in the Demon King's position, so I hope to borrow your hand to help him eliminate those powerful competitors. "Lose to him in the end?" In his heart, Qi Ao Shuang found it funny. Wanfeng was a man of his word, and his plan was not bad. His insight was also not bad. It could be seen that Camil had no interest in this Demon King's position. He also insisted that everyone had their own price. If this matter were to be left to others, then perhaps they would be able to succeed. After all, there must be a reason why he had a place in the demon realm. He should also have some materials that could move a person's heart. It was a pity that the one he had his eyes on was Camille.

Camille. No one could see through Camille, not even himself. Qi Ao Shuang turned to look at Camil, who had a warm smile on his face. This person was not really happy when he smiled. Perhaps this was just his habit, or perhaps he was just trying to hide it. What did a person like him want?

Or. He didn't want it at all.

"Little Ao Shuang, in a few days, the Martial Competition will start. You should prepare as well. Let's go participate in this gathering." Camil said with a beaming smile.

"Alright." Qi Ao Shuang agreed straightforwardly. Her purpose in coming here was now clear. To preserve the world, no matter what.

In the world of humans, there were those who cared about themselves and those who cared about themselves.

He had to go back, he had to go back ...

The back of Xiao Ao Shuang and Camil gradually disappeared from the end of the street.

Behind the heavy curtains, a pair of black eyes filled with reluctance was still fixed in the direction where Qi Ao Shuang's figure disappeared.

The person behind the curtain was none other than Feng Yixuan.

"With everyone gone, what the hell are you looking at?" An unhappy voice came from behind Feng Yixuan. The speaker was the Young Lord. The young master swallowed a fruit and spat it out.

Feng Yixuan did not turn around. Instead, he said faintly, "Girl, don't be so rude."

"This is how laozi likes to talk, what's wrong?" The young master bit down on the fruit in his hand angrily, his eyes burning with rage.

Feng Yixuan slowly turned around and stared coldly at the young master, not saying a word.

The young master looked at Yi Xuan with a guilty look in his eyes. The chewing slowed, then unnaturally turned away.

Feng Yixuan remained silent, still coldly staring at the young master.

"Aiya, I was wrong." The young lord pursed his lips and murmured weakly. He had already changed his self-proclaimed title from "I" to "I". At worst, he would just stop calling me father in front of you.

Feng Yi Xuan retracted his gaze and walked towards the door. As he passed by the young master, a cold voice floated into his ears. "Remember, don't think about harming her." You should know my temper. "

After saying this, Feng Yixuan turned around and left.

"What, what?" The young lord sprung up as if his buttocks had been set on fire, "I don't have any, I didn't do anything." "Why are you being so mean to me?"

"You should be glad that it was he who stopped you that night." Feng Yixuan's cold voice floated over. He had already disappeared. It was just that the dangerous aura in his tone was so obvious.

The young master stood alone in the room, biting his lips. She was well aware of Feng Yixuan's words and she was even more clear of his character. And at this moment, the Young Lord's heart was filled with fear. So that night he did not go far, he saw everything. He had seen her threaten her, and he had seen how close he was to taking action against her.

The young lord shivered. Yes, that night, he was truly glad that the Monster race had intervened to stop him. This was because if Feng Yixuan had made a move, he would not have only given him a warning. His relationship with Feng Yixuan would also ...

Ah! The young lord grabbed his hair, wanting to gloomily shout towards the sky.

Damned little toy, it was actually so annoying! Had he known that she could affect him in such a way, he would have evaporated her at that crappy place.

However, it was too late to say anything now.

AHHH! How annoying, how irritating, how depressing ...

The young lord rolled his eyes in displeasure. Since he had seen what he had done that night, there was nothing he could do about it.

Then that was the only thing he could do ...

The Young Lord let out a long sigh in his heart. Then he walked out the door in a very dejected manner.


There were only a few days left before the Martial Competition. Camil had already finished registering. The competition was very simple. Just pay a gold coin and take a plate.

On the night before the competition started, Qi Ao Shuang welcomed an acquaintance that she hadn't seen for a long time.

It was that strange old man, Sikong Lin. Perhaps it was another of her nominal masters.

Just like that, this strange-looking old geezer appeared at the head of Qi Ao Shuang's bed and floated there quietly. Beside him was the super beauty dressed in gold.

Qi Ao Shuang, who was in a deep sleep, felt something strange. She abruptly opened her eyes and saw Sikong Lin floating on top of her head expressionlessly. He was still floating there cross-legged. This scene was extremely strange.

Qi Ao Shuang stared at the old man floating above her head, cursing in her heart. Too despicable. It wasn't shameful to appear so openly while others were sleeping. After all, his gender was still female.

"Very well, I admit that you are my disciple." Sikong Lin was practically humming these words through his nose.

"Oh." Qi Ao Shuang looked at the old man floating above her head and snorted.

"You should be moved to tears and say that you pay your respects to Master." Sikong Lin said sinisterly.

"Oh, master, wuu wuu." Qi Ao Shuang let out two dry howls, but she still didn't sit up. Right now, she was only wearing a thin nightgown under the blanket. Of course, she wouldn't get up and hug Sikong Lin's legs in tears. However, this old man's strength was terrifying as well. He couldn't afford to offend him, so it was better for him to cooperate a bit.

Sikong Lin's face turned a little green. It was obvious that Qi Ao Shuang's perfunctory manner made him very unhappy.

"Master, why have you chased me all the way here?" Looking at Sikong Lin's unfriendly expression, Qi Ao Shuang quickly changed the topic.

"At least you're my only disciple." "Of course in the future, only you can kill others. You can't be killed by others." Sikong Lin coldly snorted and said in a domineering and vicious manner.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ao Shuang was overjoyed. The meaning was so obvious. This strange old man, Sikong Lin, was clearly a super protector. The meaning behind his words was that regardless of whether he was right or wrong, he could only bully others by himself and not by others.

"Master is wise, master is powerful." Qi Ao Shuang's flattery didn't have any skill. In any case, a person like Sikong Lin wouldn't have any reaction to flattery.

"This is for you, it can raise your magic." Sikong Lin did not care about Qi Ao Shuang's useless flattery. With a flick of his finger, a small red pill shot into Qi Ao Shuang's body. He did not feel anything unusual about the pill entering his body. Sikong Lin did not wait for Qi Ao Shuang to react. He waved his hand again and threw out a piece of metal that almost smashed onto Qi Ao Shuang's body.

"What is this?" Qi Ao Shuang reached out her hand and held the strangely shaped piece of metal in her hand as she asked curiously.

"Whatever you think it is." Sikong Lin coldly snorted and said with disdain, "You seem to have a broken sword on you, take it out."

Qi Ao Shuang had some doubts in her heart, but she still did as she was told and took out the Navy Tide Sword from her spatial ring. Who knew that once she took it out, that piece of scrap metal would pounce on it and stick tightly onto Cang Lan Sword's body. Following that, the piece of scrap metal gradually changed its shape, slowly changing, and wrapped Cang Lan Jian within it. And the Navy Tide Sword was slowly disappearing!

This piece of scrap was devouring Navy Tide Sword!

"What, what is this?" Xiao Ao Shuang asked in shock. She wanted to remove the strange piece of metal, but it was useless. Xiao Ao Shuang was getting anxious, what kind of joke was this. Just like that, Navy Tide Sword was destroyed. It would be weird if his cousin didn't chase him around when she saw him in the future!

"Whatever you think it is." Sikong Lin still said this in a baffled manner, then he narrowed his eyes and coldly said, "You have already reached the twelfth layer. My only inspiration to you is that borrowing the power of the sun is your next step in cultivation." "That's the most scorching power."

After Sikong Lin said that, he disappeared into thin air. Just like when he had come without a sound, he had also left without a sound.

Qi Ao Shuang was dumbfounded. She looked at the piece of metal that was still devouring Cang Lan Sword without a care, she couldn't stop it from doing so.

What the hell was this?

Very quickly, that piece of pig iron completely devoured the Navy Tide Sword, and it once again laid there quietly like it was before.

Qi Ao Shuang picked up the piece of scrap metal, feeling displeased in her heart. What did this damned old man Sikong Lin give me? The Navy Tide Sword had actually disappeared just like that.

Just as Qi Ao Shuang thought of this, the scrap metal in her hand began to change, and very quickly it changed into the original state of Navy Tide Sword! Qi Ao Shuang was stunned, looking at the Navy Tide Sword in surprise. Why did scrap iron change into the appearance of the Navy Tide Sword? Qi Ao Shuang flicked the sword in her hand, the sword in her hand made a melodious sound. The blade emitted a faint golden glow.

A good sword!

However, this sword, was absolutely not the original Navy Tide Sword. Because this sword was even better than the Navy Tide Sword from before!

Xiao Aushuang suddenly thought of Sikong Lin's words, "Whatever you think it is, it is what you think it is."

Could it be? Could it be?!

Qi Ao Shuang stared at the sword in her hand, a thought appearing in her mind. Could it be that the unremarkable piece of scrap metal just now could transform into various forms according to his master's wishes? Then why did he swallow Navy Tide Sword? Qi Ao Shuang looked at the sword in her hand as she pondered.

Qi Ao Shuang closed her eyes, and with a thought, the sword in her hand changed its shape quickly. It turned into a long whip! Qi Ao Shuang opened her eyes and looked at the whip in her hands. After a moment of thought, the whip in her hands turned into two lightweight two-handed swords. No matter how it changed, the power of the weapon still left Xiao Ao Shuang speechless.

Good stuff! Absolute good stuff!

But why did he swallow Navy Tide Sword? Could it be that this piece of scrap is a growth type weapon, and it devours other weapons to increase its strength?

At the thought of this, Qi Ao Shuang was shocked. But in his heart, he was overjoyed. If that was the case, then the person he was fighting with wouldn't be in a miserable state. Once close combat fighters clashed with their own weapons, they would basically be declared as having lost their weapons. A Warrior who had lost their weapon was no different from someone who had lost it - it was no longer a surprise to her.

She was an anomaly.

Three days later, the competition officially began.

The demon realm was bustling with noise and excitement.

On this day, a large amount of the Monster race flooded towards the center of the Wind Stream City. They were all the Monster race members that participated in the Martial Competition.

In the center of the city, there was a huge, tightly guarded circle of light. That was the entrance to the Martial Competition Assembly. No matter how excited the demons were, they all lined up in an orderly fashion to show their competition plates. One by one, they walked into the huge circle of light before disappearing into it.

There were too many of them, and they were bustling with activity. Qi Ao Shuang tried her best to find the figures of Feng Yi Xuan and Leng Lingyun in the crowd, but she couldn't find anything. Even the White Emperor and Black Feather weren't able to see their silhouettes.

Camil and Qi Ao Shuang walked into the circle of light with calm expressions.

Wan Fengliang narrowed his eyes as he watched the demon race enter the ring of light. His eyes flashed with a trace of darkness.

With so many demi-humans going in, how many would be able to come out alive?

After a long time, when all the contestants had entered the circle of light, Wanfeng led his people into the circle of light.

After the last batch of contestants entered the circle of light, the circle of light disappeared.

What awaited them was a crisis that no one knew of.