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 "Is that why you sent me to the Demon Sector?"

Suddenly, Qi Aoshuang's cold voice sounded.

"Isn't it fun to be the Great Demon King of the Demon Sector?"

Camil looked at Qi Aoshuang with an aggrieved expression, the smile on his face never fading.

"Your joke isn't funny at all."

Qi Aoshuang's voice became even colder.

The eyes of White Emperor and Black Feather grew cold.

"Well, I'm just joking."

Of course, it's not bad for either White Emperor or Black Feather to become the Great Demon King.

Camil smiles gently. "Ao Shuang, I've reserved a private room. Aren't you coming with me?"

Qi Aoshuang frowned, feeling very bad in her heart!

White Emperor and Black Feather's expressions also darkened. Black Feather was the one who was the most impatient. He said solemnly, "Ao Shuang, this guy is dangerous. Don't go with him."

"You guys better hurry to the place you should be going."

Camil touched the Treasure Cat in his arms and spoke lightly without waiting for Qi Aoshuang to say anything. "Don't you want to see Feng Yixuan?"

"Don't you want to see Leng Lingyun?"

Qi Aoshuang's expression changed, not understanding what Camil meant by those words.

Camil looked at Qi Aoshuang with a smile that was not a smile, and leaned close to her, speaking in a low voice that only the two of them could hear, "Don't you want to know where Leng Lingyun was after he disappeared?"

"Leng Lingyun left without saying a word in order to save your life."

"Do you know what that is on your earlobe?"

"Don't you want to see Feng Yixuan?"

"Feng Yixuan is suffering because of you."

Qi Aoshuang's pupils contracted. She turned around and stared blankly at Camil.

Camil was still gently smiling, nonchalantly smiling.

"What are you trying to do?"

Qi Aoshuang almost gnashed her teeth as she asked.

"Will you go with me, or with one of them, to get mixed up in that complicated competition?"

Camil narrowed his eyes and revealed a warm smile.

Qi Aoshuang looked down coldly, and said with a low voice: "Let's go."

Camil smiled at Black Feather and White Emperor while hugging the Treasure Cat. "It is actually the safest for Ao Shuang to be staying with me."

"I hope that you or the forces you assist will come and pick her up when you become the Great Demon King."

"Haha ..." Camil said, and then he led the way while holding the Treasure Cat.

Qi Aoshuang gave White Emperor and Black Feather a complicated glance, but she did not say anything. Instead, she followed Camil and left.

White Emperor and Black Feather didn't say anything to stop them, simply because they were thinking the same.

In such a chaotic situation, it would be safer if Ao Shuang stayed with Camil.

Although Camil's identity has always been suspicious, he won't hurt her.

At least, not now.

Just like that, Camil and Qi Aoshuang went on the stairs, their backs disappearing from White Emperor and Black Feather's eyes.

Black Feather snorted coldly at White Emperor, then rushed upstairs as well.

White Emperor only let out a barely audible sigh as he slowly made his way to the stairs.

Camil brought Qi Aoshuang to a balcony on the second floor and instructed the waiter to close the door before handing the Treasure Cat back to Qi Aoshuang.

After that, he walked over to the side and elegantly poured a cup of tea for Qi Aoshuang, then handed it over to her.

"Do you know why Leng Lingyun left without saying goodbye?"

"Do you know where Feng Yi Xuan is now?"

"Tell me!"

Xiao Aoshuang did not reach out to take the tea from Camil, but stared at Camil and asked in a low voice.

Camil smiled as he placed the tea on the table in front of Qi Aoshuang, then sat down beside Qi Aoshuang and slowly threw out a sentence, "Both of them will participate in this martial arts competition."

"But I don't know if you'll recognize them. "

Qi Aoshuang's hands tightened, and she only realized that she had lost her composure when she saw the Treasure Cat using its claws to scratch her arm in displeasure.

"What do you mean?"

"Was this also caused by you?"

At this moment, Xiao Aoshuang was looking at Camil with a very unfriendly gaze, and her tone was even colder.

"My little Ao Shuang, how can you think of me like this?"

"Am I that kind of person?"

Camil's tone was full of grievance, but there was no more expression on his face. He was still wearing a gentle smile.

Xiao Aoshuang coldly snorted and did not say anything.

"Do you know that Leng Lingyun is not a human?"

Camil stood up, poured himself a cup of tea and spoke slowly.

Qi Aoshuang was stunned. She stared at Camil's back, unable to say anything.

"Feng Yixuan isn't a human either."

Camil turned around and said with a sweet smile on his face, making Qi Ao Shuang's mind go blank.

"It's funny that Leng Lingyun thought that Feng Yixuan was just an ordinary human. He volunteered to leave, wanting Feng Yixuan to bring you happiness."

Camil looked at Qi Aoshuang and smiled like a picture.

Qi Aoshuang felt her mind blanking out as her thoughts completely stopped at this moment.

Leng Lingyun was not a human?

Feng Yixuan wasn't either?!

Camil seemed to find the stimulation given to Qi Aoshuang insufficient, he put down the teacup and smiled: "And that earring on your ear, it was given to you by Leng Lingyun."

"It's one of his eyes. "

At this moment, something seemed to explode in Qi Aoshuang's mind.

An eye, this purple crystal earring was one of Leng Lingyun's eyes?!

It was actually Leng Lingyun's eye!

At this moment, the door was kicked open at the wrong time.

The door revealed the sneer on Lee Laura's face. Her beautiful eyes were filled with malice.

Lee Laura did not see Camil, her eyes were all on Qi Aoshuang.

She sneered, and with a light flick of her hand, the entire room was covered in a barrier, completely isolating itself from the outside world.

She knew that both White Emperor and Black Feather were in other rooms, meeting with her older brother's competitors. Naturally, they had set up their own barriers, and didn't have the time to take care of Qi Aoshuang.

Therefore, she took advantage of this opportunity to snatch that adorable cat, and mainly to teach this lowly human a lesson.

She still knew her limits. At least she couldn't take her life.

Lee Laura coldly snorted and slowly walked over to Xiao Aoshuang.

She had to admit that Qi Aoshuang was indeed pretty beautiful. As a human being, she was definitely a top beauty. No wonder Wan Fengliu would fall for her.

"Lowly human ..."

Before she could finish her words, she was struck by a terrifying force. Her pupils constricted. She wanted to raise her hand to block the force, but she realized that she had no power to resist.

With a stuffy groan, Lee Laura crashed into the door but didn't knock it open. Instead, she bumped onto the barrier that she had laid down.

With a "waa" sound, Lee Laura's chest continued to churn and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her internal organs were actually all shaken to the point that they seemed like they were burning.

Qi Aoshuang hugged the Treasure Cat in her arms as she coldly stared at the miserable Lee Laura. Suddenly, she revealed a bright and peerless smile as she gently said, "You have to remember, not every human is someone you can offend."

"Just now, it wasn't convenient to attack you outside. I didn't think that you would come to me by yourself."

Lee Laura's eyes were filled with disbelief. Was it the human in front of her that had injured her?

How was that possible?

Ddi this human have the power to surpass her?

Looking at the bright smile on Qi Ao Shuang's face, her heart shuddered.

She didn't know why, but at this moment, a chill rose up from the bottom of her heart and expanded until it was almost able to seep through her entire body.

Why did she feel that the human in front of her was dangerous?

"My beautiful lady, are you hurt?"

Camil slowly stepped forward with a gentle and elegant smile on his face. He reached out his hand to hold onto one of Lee Laura's arms and asked softly.

Lee Laura was stunned. She raised her head and looked dazedly at Camil's handsome face.

The pair of deep blue eyes on his handsome face were filled with gentleness, almost to the point of melting someone.

It was charming, but also mesmerizing.

For a moment, she couldn't say a word. She could only stare blankly at the charming face in front of her.

"My Miss."

Camil's gentle smile was like a spring breeze that warmed her heart. His gentle voice made her lose her mind.


Only then did Lee Laura regain her senses. Looking at Camil, she somewhat nervously replied, "I, I'm fine."

"That's good."

Camil smiled and withdrew his hand. He looked at Lee Laura and said softly, "Beautiful lady, my friend has a bad temper. I hope you don't mind."

At this moment, what else could Lee Laura hear? Her eyes were only focused on Camil's handsome face and his warm smile. She hurriedly nodded, but she didn't know what Camil was talking about.

"As for the cat, my friend cares a lot, so please don't make it hard for her. Is that okay?"

Camil's soft voice seemed to have a devilish quality to it.


Lee Laura nodded with infatuation, she looked at Camil's face without shifting her gaze.

"Then, miss, the door is over there."

The gentle smile on Camil's face was devoid of any impurities, making Lee Laura's heart thrilled.


Lee Laura obediently walked to the door, obediently turned around and looked at Camil and said softly, "May I, know your name?"

"Will we meet again?"

The corner of Xiao Aoshuang's mouth twitched, what the hell was this?

She knew Camil's intentions, and it was not wise to start a fight with this young lady.

This was because this was in the Demon Sector. It was not good if a demon had been injured by a human in such a public place?

"What's next?"

"Camil would gently tell her his name, and if he had the chance again, would he meet her again?"

"And then get rid of the trouble?"

Xiao Aoshuang originally thought so, but after hearing Lee Laura's words, Camil's face changed abruptly.

The deep blue eyes instantly became abnormally cold and a trace of undetectable brutality flashed through them.

Just like that, Camil silently walked in front of Lee Laura and grabbed her by the neck.

Lee Laura's eyes widened as she felt the ice-cold hand on her neck. In that instant, her entire body was filled with fear.

Her eyes reflected Camil's ice-cold face. She couldn't understand why the previously extremely gentle person would be so terrifyingly cold at this moment.

Xiao Aoshuang was also stunned, she did not understand why Camil's attitude had changed so suddenly.

He had a smile on his face just a moment ago, but now he looked like a bloodthirsty ghost.

"You don't deserve to know my name."

Camil's cold voice was as suffocating as of a demon's imprisonment, circling around her ears.

Lee Laura felt as if her body was on the verge of igniting into flames. Her life core was shaking inside of her body, almost as if it was about to burst out of her body.

She tried to scream, but nothing came out of her mouth.