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 Black Feather and White Emperor both stared at Qi Aoshuang, and Black Feather's eyes were filled with worry and anxiety.

From an outsider's perspective, these three people seemed to be three complicated triangles. Two men were forcing a woman to choose.

However, the strange thing was that the two men were of the demon race while the woman was of the human race.

The three of them were silent. Qi Aoshuang moved her lips slightly, but before she could say anything, a voice came from behind them, "Wow! Big brother, look! Look! The little thing in that person's arms! Ah!"

"So cute!"

White Emperor and Black Feather turned their heads and saw a group of unordinary demons standing in main hall, led by a handsome man with a calm expression. The man had a head full of black hair, brown eyes, and luxurious clothing, calmly looking at the White Emperor and Black Feather.

Beside him was a pretty girl who looked a little like him. She was also very beautiful, but her arrogant appearance ruined this kind of beauty.

"King, it's Lord Wan's woman."

The demon beside the handsome man whispered something into his ear.

The handsome man's eyes glanced at the delicate rose badge under Qi Aoshuang's collar. He narrowed his eyes slightly and didn't say anything. He turned around and led the crowd to leave.

He did not look at the cat, but thought it was a pet that a woman would like.

White Emperor and Black Feather also recognized the handsome man in front of them. White Emperor said in a low voice, "It's Hams. I didn't expect the other group to be him."

Black Feather gave a cold snort of disdain.

It was obvious that this person was their common enemy.

Looking at the rose badge under the collar of Qi Aoshuang's shirt, Hams realized that this human was Wan Fengliu's woman, so he naturally didn't want to cause too much trouble.

After all, this competition was being held on Wan Fengliu's place.

There was only a flash of cold light in Hams' eyes.

What a man! Did he think he could stay out of the trouble just because he was Wan Fengliu and unruly?


When he became the Great Demon, the first person he would subdue would be Wan Fengliu!

Now, let him do it.

Hams would not be at odds with Wan Fengliu at the moment, but that did not mean his sister Lee Laura would not either.

In Lee Laura's eyes, her brother had already become very important person in the Demon Sector. Not only that, he would be the Great Demon King, the highest ruler of the Demon Sector. What did a human count for?

Wan Fengliu was only the lord of this small territory; when the time came, he would have to lower his head and submit to her brother.

Right now, snatching a human from him was still something that he could afford. Whatever they wanted in the future, they just let him bring to them.

The things that belonged to this land would belong to his brother, and that would also belong to her.

It was no big deal for her to get her thing ahead of time.

It was likely that the crafty old schemer Wan Fengliu wouldn't fall out with them over a human pet. Besides, what she wanted was not the human, but the cat in the human's arms.

Naturally, the unruly and willful Lee Laura did not follow behind Hams. Instead, she took a step forward, pointed at Qi Aoshuang and shouted, "Lowly human, I order you to immediately give me the cat in your hands!"

Hearing this, Hams slightly frowned. His eyes were filled with helplessness, but he did not blame her.

Lee Laura had always been a favorite of the family, and he doted on her.

That was why this girl had such a willful personality. She had to get what she wanted.

There was really no other way. It seemed that he would have to fulfill the request of Lee Laura first and then symbolically talked it with Wan Fengliu afterwards.

A crafty man like Wan Fengliu would never offend him for a human pet. As for White Emperor and Black Feather by the side of the human, they definitely wouldn't offend him either.

These two had always been very indifferent.

Thinking of this, Hams stopped and said in a low voice to the demons beside him, "Go, help Lee Laura get that cat and quickly leave this place."

Qi Aoshuang's gaze turned cold. It seemed like the Demon Sector was the same as the Mortal Realm, they both had such brainless and willful young misses.

Before Qi Aoshuang could say anything, Black Feather had already changed his expression and yelled in a low voice, "Bitch, if you dare to say it again!"

After hearing Black Feather's words, Lee Laura was stunned while Hams was slightly taken aback.

Black Feather actually said such a thing to Lee Laura for a human?!

White Emperor's voice was cold and low. "Apologize."

"The cat won't belong to you, either. "

Lee Laura felt it was unreasonable. She pointed a finger at White Emperor and Black Feather with her body trembling. Just as she was about to open her mouth and curse, she heard Hams' low voice from behind her: "Lee Laura, come back."

She turned her head and looked at Hams. Her lips were quivering, and her eyes were misty. When had she ever been insulted like this?

She had always been well protected by her big brother, and she had everything she wanted. But now, she was being scolded like this by two unknown demons. The most infuriating thing was that her big brother actually didn't immediately help her, but rather called her over!

" White Emperor, Black Feather, I'm sorry. My little sister doesn't know how to act."

Hams calmly walked over and said these words.

Lee Laura's eyes widened as she suddenly turned around to look at White Emperor and Black Feather. These two were the two generals who used to dominate the battle?!

Didn't they disappear after the last Holy War?

And now they were here?

"The one to apologize isn't you, and the one you need to apologize to isn't us."

Black Feather wasn't biting and said it with a dark expression of disdain.

A trace of gloominess flashed across Hams' eyes, while astonishment filled his heart.

White Emperor and Black Feather would actually fight with him over a mere human?

Their attitudes were still as resolute as ever.

It was impossible for White Emperor and Black Feather to not know of his current power. Why would they fight against him for the sake of Wan Fengliu's playful pet?

White Emperor was silent, but there was no expression on his face.

Hams quickly weighed his options in his mind. Right now, it was not the right time to fight against the three of Wan Fengliu,White Emperor and Black Feather.

Although he didn't know what ability this human had to make White Emperor and Black Feather fight against him for her sake, it was still better to take a step back.

"Come, Lee Laura, apologize to this lady."

Hams knew that Lee Laura's willfulness and haughtiness, and it would really wrong her that letting her to apologize to a lowly human. But he had no other choice but to compensate her afterwards.

Hams gave her a meaningful glance. When she came back to her senses, her eyes were filled with rage and humiliation.

What a joke!

Apologize to a human?

Lowly humans were only fit to be pets to the demon!

Just as Lee Laura wanted to say something, Hams's eyes became severe.

Although Lee Laura was arrogant, she understood the importance of this competition.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then abruptly opened her eyes and rushed in front of Qi Aoshuang, saying quickly: "Sorry."

After saying that, she quickly ran to the second floor of the hotel without looking back.

Hams looked at White Emperor and Black Feather coldly and said in a deep voice, "Apologize again for my sister's recklessness."

"Excuse me."

Hams left with a cold expression.

Black Feather sneered with disdain.

White Emperor squinted at the back of Hamms.

How could this man possess such skills and patience...

He was extremely dangerous.

Qi Aoshuang gently touched the Treasure Cat in her arms. From the beginning to the end, she did not even say a word and it was over.

The end of the farce meant that the topic had returned to what had just been discussed.

She was at a loss ...

Qi Aoshuang frowned and closed her eyes.

As expected, Black Feather glared at White Emperor, before turning to Qi Aushuang and saying, "Ao Shuang, come with me now."

"She doesn't come with anyone."

Suddenly, a familiar voice entered their ears.

Qi Aoshuang turned her head around, looking at the person who had suddenly appeared behind her.

It was Camil!

Camil still had a warm and gentle smile on his face. He wore a white dress with gentleness and elegance. His golden hair was still as dazzling as ever, and his deep blue eyes were as enchanting as ever.

He smiled as he looked at Qi Aoshuang, and said with smile: "Did you miss me, Little Aoshuang?"

"I miss your ass!"

Qi Aoshuang suppressed the nameless anger in her heart. For some reason, Camil had taken her to the Demon Sector and make her to face such a strange situation. The culprit even had a nonchalant and playful expression on his face.

White Emperor and Black Feather frowned. The demonic aura radiating from Camil was real!

It seemed that Camil had disguised himself as a demon.

"It's alright. I always thought my ass was perfect."

Camil was not the least bit moved by Qi Aoshuang's vile attitude as he smiled and said to her.

"Who the hell are you?"

Black Feather's expression turned cold as he looked at Camil dangerously.

It seemed that if Camil's reply didn't satisfy him, he would immediately take action.

White Emperor and Black Feather both frowned and looked at Camil, their eyes filled with unconcealable wariness and hostility.

Camil's identity had always been a mystery in their eyes, but he had unexpectedly appeared in the Demon Sector.

What made them even more wary was Camil's power. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was unfathomable.

"This doesn't seem to be the place to speak."

Camil shunned their questions with a smile.

White Emperor and Black Feather exchanged a glance, both remaining silent and unmoving. This was because the place they were going to was different.

As for Qi Aoshuang, she hadn't chosen who to follow, so the two of them didn't take a single step forward.

Seeing the situation, Camil raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly before saying softly, "I advise you two to participate in this competition."

White Emperor and Black Feather's eyes narrowed, and they stared coldly at Camil. "What on earth do you know?"

"In this dCompetition, no matter who wins, he will become the Great Demon King of the Demon Sector and lead the the Demon Sector participate in the Holy War, right?"

Camil asked in a low voice, narrowing his eyes and smiling.

White Emperor and Black Feather didn't speak, only tacitly accepting Camil's answer.

"Then, what if the winner is a devil or a member of the Divine Realm?"

Camilille smiled and threw a heavy bomb.


"Devils are unable to enter the Demon Sector, and members of the Divine Realm are also unable to pass themselves off as demons!"

Black Feather immediately denied it, but both Black Feather and White Emperor's expressions changed.

"I can come in, but why can't others?"

Camil spoke with a beaming smile, holding the Treasure Cat out of Qi Aoshuang's arms and gently stroking its ears.

White Emperor and Black Feather's expressions changed. They looked at each other, unable to say anything.

If devils or the Divine Realm had snuck into this Competition, then the consequences would truly be unthinkable.

If one of them became the Great Demon King and led the Demon Sector to join the Holy War, the Demon Sector was the key to the outcome of the Holy War.

It was perfectly capable of helping one side wipe out the other.

If they help the Devil Realm defeat the Divine Realm, then ...