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 "This question ..."

Wan Fengliuian took a sniff at the rose in his hand but didn't reply. Instead, he smiled at Qi Aoshuang.

White Emperor and Black Feather's mouth twitched, and White Emperor muttered in a low voice, "She is our contractor, Qi Aoshuang."

"Ao Shuang, this is despicable Wan Fengliu."

Black Feather turned to introduce him to Qi Aoshuang.

Qi Aoshuang was a little embarrassed, and could only nod at Wan Fengliu and say: "Hello."

"Wow, a peerless beauty, even her voice is so pleasant to hear."

"Miss Ao Shuang, if you don't mind, please give me some face to come my house and have a cup of flower tea with me."

Wan Fengliu smiled, as he handed over the rose in his hand.

Qi Aoshuang looked at White Emperor's eyes and accepted the rose.

"Hur hur, it's like this."

When Wan Fengliu saw Qi Aoshuang accept the rose, he squinted his peach blossom eyes and laughed before commenting, "Ever since the Holy War, the two of you have disappeared. The Great Demon King has sealed himself and disappeared as well.

The aura of the Demon Sector to become chaotic for some reason. The Protectors and the Great Demon King disappeared together.

No one knew what was going on.

The eight Demon Kings were fighting amongst themselves, splitting up into several forces. They had been fighting for a long time, and everyone wanted to become the Great Demon King, but none of them were willing to submit to the other.

"The Holy War is about to come. That's why they agreed to have a competition. The victor will become the the Great Demon King to lead the Demon Sector to participate in the Holy War."

Black Feather and White Emperor fell silent. They never imagined that such a change would occur in the Demon Sector after they left.

"Then how many forces does the Demon Sector have in total right now?"

Black Feather asked in a cold voice, "Which power do you belong to?"

"They are divided into three groups, and they all call themselves the Great Demon King."

A rose appeared in Wan Fengliu's hand, and there were no more bright red roses on his back. Wan Fengliu looked at Qi Aoshuang and said, "I don't belong to any group, a powerful and handsome character like me is naturally the target of other forces, but I don't care about any of them."

"Miss Ao Shuang, as long as you follow me, you will definitely be safe in the Demon Sector ...

Black Feather's huge sickle stabbed onto his head, hurting him so much that he almost started jumping up and down regardless of his image.

"Do you want to die?"

" Black Feather, you actually dare to disturb my hair style."

Wan Fengliu's delicate face didn't show much emotion, but his dark eyes and deep tone showed that he was very angry.

"It is You who want to die."

Black Feather said in a creepy voice.


Wan Fengliu smiled and slightly shook the rose in his hand. The rose instantly transformed into a long whip. It seemed to whip gently, but whipped towards Black Feather.

Black Feather sneered, brandishing his weapon as he charged forward.

In an instant, the two of them were engaged in a battle of attrition. The sky was dark and the earth was dark, and rocks and sand were flying everywhere.

The moves of the Wan Fengliu were extremely gorgeous. With each wave of the whip, countless petals rained down in the air. It was extremely beautiful.

He smiled elegantly, "You still haven't changed, you're still so rude. Look at my rose whip, look at my rain of roses."

Wan Fengliu turned his head and gave a charming smile to Qi Aushuang.

Naturally, he was facing even fiercer attack from Black Feather.

As for the group of demons brought over by Wan Fengliu, they all stood aside and watched. Qi Aoshuang even saw the demons whispering among themselves while handing over gold coins. It seemed like these demons were gambling whether their master won or Black Feather won.

White Emperor stood calmly by the side, waiting for the fight to begin.

"Just let them keep fighting like this?"

Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly as she looked at the two people fighting.

"Don't worry about them."

White Emperor lightly said.

However, his brows were furrowed as he thought about what Wan Fengliu had just said.

The Demon Sector was already in such a mess, what exactly happened back then?

He actually sealed himself?

The Four Protectors had also vanished. Was it also because of his self-sealing

White Emperor was more than sure about The Four Protectors' loyalty to him.

the Treasure Cat yawned and looked at the scene in front of it in boredom. It squinted its eyes and squatted on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder.

After fighting for a while, Black Feather and Wan Fengliu finally stopped. Wan Fengliu gracefully put away the rose whip and said with a smile, "Rough person, you seem to have regressed."

Black Feather's eyes darkened, and he clenched the weapon in his hand tightly.

"Alright, stop messing around. I still have a lot of questions to ask you."

White Emperor's cold voice stopped the two people from attacking.

"I don't know much."

Wan Fengliu walked forward with a bright rose in his hand, looking at Qi Aoshuang with a smile, "I am very curious, how could this beautiful lady, who looks like a rose, know two of your pig dung?"

Actually, Wan Fengliu was most surprised that White Emperor and Black Feather were so close to each other, together with a woman.

In the past, these two people were at odds with each other. Moreover, there was a shocking similarity between them, and that was that there had never been a woman by their sides!

"None of your business!"

Black Feather walked up and stood in front of Qi Aoshuang, cursing unhappily.

"What are you doing here?"

White Emperor asked coldly.

He was well aware of Wan Fengliu. Wan Fengliu would never run to such a remote place if it wasn't for some reason. He would spend his time on beautiful female demons.

"I came specially to pick you guys up."

Wan Fengliu shook the rose in his hand with a faint smile.

Black Feather sneered disdainfully. Naturally, he didn't believe Wan Fengliu's words.

"What are you doing here?"

White Emperor asked in a deep voice.

"Oh, this place belongs to me. Recently, the demons here have mutated and are somewhat rampant."

Wan Fengliu lowered his eyes and smiled as he smelled the rose in his hand, "So, I came to exterminate them."

"They should not cause any trouble when the competition is about to begin.

"This time, the four old monsters will also come back to host the event. They are the ones who provided the prizes. After consuming it, they will be able to greatly enhance their strength."

"What do you mean?"

"What the hell is going on?"

After hearing Wan Fengliu's words, White Emperor and Black Feather's faces instantly turned serious. They both frowned and looked at Wan Fengliu.

Wan Fengliu narrowed his eyes and smiled indifferently. He waved the rose in his hand and said, "Go deal with those arrogant demons first, then I will go back home and tell you the details."

Qi Aoshuang slightly frowned. From White Emperor and Black Feather's reactions, she could tell that this matter was not simple, and the four old monsters mentioned by Wan Fengliu were not simple at all.

"The arrogant demons?"

Black Feather blinked and then asked in confusion, "You asked your subordinates to go ahead and take a look. Is it those corpses lying on the ground ..."

Wan Fengliao's swaying rose suddenly stopped, then the corner of his mouth twitched, he turned to his subordinates and shouted in a low voice, "Go ahead and take a look."


The group of demons accepted the order and quickly ran ahead to check.

However, Wan Fengliuian already had an answer in her heart. Those mutated monsters were probably gone.

In the hands of Black Feather, there would be no survivors.

Wan Fengliu looked at Qi Aoshuang from the corner of his eyes. The shock and doubt in his heart had yet to disappear.

This human woman was very strong.

How did she end up together with White Emperor and Black Feather?

Why did she become their contracted partner?

The demon race and the human race had become the contracted parties ...

A master-servant contract was very normal. Of course, the demon was the master and the humans were the servant.

However, judging from the attitude of White Emperor and Black Feather, the contract between them was most likely not that of a master and servant.

How strange!

The relationship between White Emperor and Black Feather used to be so ...

But now, they had a common contract with a human!

This human probably wasn't that simple.

An indescribable glint flashed in the eyes of Wan Fengliu.

It was a light for the prey.

White Wan Fengliu was still confused, White Emperor and Qi Aoshuang were talking in a low voice.

" White Emperor, what is the old monsters Wan Fengliu spoke of?"

Qi Aoshuang asked the question in her heart.

White Emperor paused for a moment, with a serious face he said in a deep voice, "They are the ones who truly supports the Demon Sector."

"No one has ever seen their true faces, and even the previous Great Demon Kings didn't know their true appearances."

"They always solve crises when the Demon Sector is in danger."

"No one knew their strength."

"The demons that wanted to know their strength were all dead ..."

At this point, White Emperor's expression became even more unsightly.

The meaning behind his words was very obvious. There had been people who had tried to test their strength, but they had never been able to find out.

Only now did Qi Aoshuang feel really shocked.

She originally thought that the supreme ruler of the Demon Sector was the Great Demon King, but she never expected that there would be such a hidden expert.

"We all call them Sovereign. Not only the absolute power that stands at the peak of the Demon Sector, but also the order of the Demon Sector.

"Who would have thought that they would actually attack this time."

"The situation of the Demon Sector is indeed very problematic."

Although Black Feather's tone was unwilling, there weren't any big waves in the depths of his eyes.

It was obvious that even though he was unwilling, he did not disobey.

After a while, the demons sent by Wan Fengliu came back. They all reported the same thing. The corpses of the mutated demons were everywhere. They were all dead.

Wan Fengliu raised his eyebrows and smiled. He walked over to White Emperor and Black Feather and said, "It seems that you have saved me trouble this time. Let's go, to my mansion."

I'll tell you what happened. "

He followed Wan Fengliu out of the forest. He saw a group of strange horses tied to the edge of the forest. They had long and curly noses. Other than this, they looked more like horses from the human world.

Wan Fengliu's three subordinates gave out their mounts. Qi Aoshuang and White Emperor and Black Feather rided on their mounts and followed Wan Fengliu.

"My territory is under martial law, so flying mounts are not allowed."

"Of course, I also have to comply."

Wan Fengliuu smiled as he explained while holding the rose with one hand and raising his pinky.

"Because you do not belong to any of these three groups, this competition will be arranged in your territories for the sake of fairness?"

"And you are the host of this competition?"

White Emperor narrowed his eyes and voiced out his speculations.

"Haha, White Emperor is White Emperor."

Wan Fengliu squinted his peach blossom eyes, smiled and complimented, "You are right, this time, the Demon Sector Martial Competition will be arranged in my territory, and everything will be arranged by me."

"You slut, did you make a lot of money?"

Black Feather said in a low voice.

" Black Feather, you are slandering my character."

Wan Fengliu said in a wounded voice.

"What are the payout rates for the three groups?"

White Emperor suddenly said this.

"Hehe, I have analyzed it thoroughly, so it's naturally ..."

Wan Fengliu proudly said these words, then his face changed and he immediately stopped talking.

Black Feather revealed a look of disdain, while White Emperor's face was cold.

Wan Fengliu twitched his mouth, silently scolding himself for not being careful, and that White Emperor easily tricked him.

Just like that, the group set off on their journey, and Qi Aoshuang was somewhat surprised.

This Demon Sector seemed to have a similar pattern to the Mortal Realm.

The settled lives of the demons in the town were orderly.

Even though some of the demons were surprised to see that the human Qi Aoshuang, and some of them were so eager to do something, but they didn't find it strange at all when they saw her together with Wan Fengliu.

In their eyes, it was normal for a demon of Wan Fengliu's status to have such a peerless human as his pet.

Their mounts had good stamina and speed, so they soon passed through the town and galloped on the main road. In just half a day, they arrived at the City of Wan Fengliu.

Feng Liu City.

The city gate was engraved with three flamboyant words.