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 White Emperor frowned and looked backward. It seemed that the Snow Demon didn't understand that their strength was far above her own. She actually went to get help.

In the the Demon Sector, a human was extremely rare.

Not to mention, a beautiful human like Qi Aoshuang, would cause a commotion among the demons.

Black Feather's handsome face was so black that water was about to drip out of it.

This was because the following two sentences had clearly reached his ears.

Black Feather didn't know why. The moment he heard those demons said Ao Shuang would be their plaything, he became so angry that he wanted to cut those demons into pieces!

This bunch of ignorant low-level demons!

Black Feather suddenly turned around and slowly walked to Qi Aushuang's side.

Not far in front of him, the Snow Demon had already brought quite a few Demons with her.

Some of them were high-level demons.

When they saw the three of them, excitement appeared on their faces.

The proud voice of the Snow Demon came. "That's right, isn't it?"

"I didn't lie to you, did I?"

"Are there two high-level demons and a beautiful human being?"

Hearing the sharp voice of the Snow Demon, Black Feather's fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles turned white. His eyes shone with a cold light as he looked at the rapidly approaching demons.

The leader of the group was the snow-white Snow Demon that they had released earlier. She was currently looking at White Emperor and the other two with a triumphant look on her face.

As she knew, White Emperor and the others were already in their possession.

"Wow, it's really a human!"

A green-haired demon clan member cried out in alarm. His tone was filled with excitement.

Behind the human-shaped body was a long tail. Clearly, this was an ordinary demon clan that hadn't evolved to the point where it could transform into a human-shaped figure.

"Go away, this is not something you can think of."

"That human is mine. I'll give it to you after I play."

"Those two demons, we will eat them together, and then they will be able to increase our strength again."

One of the brown-haired demon who stood besides Snow Demon slapped away that green-haired demon clan member with his palm. His eyes sparkled as he looked at Qi Aoshuang and laughed, almost drooling out of his mouth.

This brown-haired demon's appearance could be considered not bad. Just like that Snow Demon, he is a high-level demon.

"All of you go to the hell." Black Feather kept his head down, but no one could clearly see his expression. After he spat out these cold words, a huge sickle as black as ink suddenly appeared in his hand, flashing with a demonic and deadly light.

The next instant, Black Feather had already moved, leaving only a blurred afterimage in front of White Emperor and Qi Aoshuang. Black Feather already standing in front of the demons.


The demons let out a surprised cry. No one could clearly see how Black Feather had arrived in front of them.

Black Feather's beautiful face was ice-cold as she waved the huge black sickle in her hand.

The demons were stunned as they stared at the gigantic sickle that was raised in the air.

In their eyes, Black Feather's movements seemed to be very slow. They could clearly see it, but what gave them fear and panic was that Black Feather's movements seemed to be very slow, but they were unable to dodge it!

Just like that, Black Feather's black sickle chopped straight towards him.

It split all the demons that were standing together in half from their waists!

Blood splattered everywhere, forming many brilliant and bewitching flowers of blood in the air.

All of the demons' eyes were bloodshot. Before they could die, their chests heavily fell to the ground. They watched as their lower bodies separated from their bodies and were neatly hammered in front of them.

Terrifying auras of death and fear engulfed them.

"Ah-" A deafening scream filled the air, filled with fear and despair.

It was the low-level demon that was send flying by the brown-haired demon. He looked at the scene in front of him with fear.

Just like that, the black-haired man had instantly killed off a group of demons!

And they did not resist at all.

Too terrifying!

Was this really the high-level demon that Snow Demon was talking about?

The brown-haired demon frantically tried to escape. Right now, his only thought was to escape this terrifying place as soon as possible, leaving that black-haired demon far away.

His long tail dragged a series of crooked marks on the ground.

Black Feather only let out a cold snort. He was already floating above the brown-haired Monster clan. He waved his sickle without any hesitation.

Screams filled the forest.

Black Feather's sickle firmly nailed the tail of the brown-haired demon to the ground.

"Ah ... please let me go, I don't know anything, please let me go."

"Beg for mercy?"

The demon desperately begged for mercy.

He wriggled his body and even tried to lose his tail and flee.

Black Feather's eyes flashed with a cold light as he swung his sickle forward, slicing the demon's tail from head to head into two halves.

Red or green things were strewn all over the floor.


Black Feather's face was cold and expressionless.

Qi Aoshuang was still in a daze. The battle ended so quickly, and she and White Emperor had not even fought yet.

Black Feather retracted his weapon and walked back with a face full of frost. He coldly said, "Let's go."

Qi Aoshuang glanced at the corpses on the ground, narrowed her eyes and did not say anything, turning around and following Black Feather.

White Emperor's eyes darkened, and he stared at Black Feather's back without saying a word.

He knew Black Feather better than anyone else.

Black Feather was angry. But Why was he angry"

Was it because of those demons' insulting words to Ao Shuang?

White Emperor frowned as he thought of this.

If that was really the case, then!

White Emperor stared at Black Feather's retreating back, his heart filled with terror.

Black Feather, don't tell me that you...to Ao Shuang ...


Black Feather retracted his weapon and snorted coldly at the group of corpses that had already lost their temperature.

White Emperor let out a soft sigh. How many batches of demons were those who wanted to attack them?

The seventh or the eighth batch?

Every time these demons saw them, their eyes would light up. When they saw Qi Aoshuang, their eyes lit up, and they drooled and then howled.

It was no wonder why these demons had such a reaction when they saw Qi Aoshuang. The fact that a human, a peerless beauty had suddenly appeared in the Demon Sector would definitely make them drool.

"Endless, annoying."

Black Feather grunted in displeasure.

At the beginning, the Snow Demon had wanted to devour them and take Qi Aoshuang away, but later on, the demons only wanted Qi Aoshuang.

Before they reached the nearest town, they had already been attacked so many times. It was hard to imagine how many more such meaningless attacks would occur in the future.

This situation could not be changed, because Qi Aoshuang was a human being.

The demon race's nose was exceptionally sensitive to the scent of humans.

As a result, Qi Aoshuang was discovered by the demon at the first possible moment, and the demon race had no way of knowing White Emperor and Black Feather's strength.

With their strength there, they could deal with them as they came. However, this sort of succession was indeed annoying.

"There it is again."

Black Feather frowned and grunted in displeasure.

White Emperor pondered for a moment, then said lightly, "It's a group of demons, not weak at all."

"They came for Ao Shuang again."

With a gentle wave of his hand, Black Feather held the weapon in his hand once again.

"Wait, it doesn't look like it."

White Emperor frowned slightly and said softly.

Black Feather's toes lightly tapped on the ground as he leaped to the top of a nearby tree to take a look. He then jumped down and disdainfully said, "It's an old friend."


White Emperor was surprised to meet someone he knew in such a remote place.

From the tone of the White Emperor and Black Feather, it should have been a thousand years since they left the Demon Sector, and now they actually met each other.

"It's Wan Fengliu, that idiot."

Black Feather sneered.

As Black Feather finished speaking, a frivolous voice came from the front, mixed with a faint smile. " Black Feather, you're actually still alive. I thought you were already dead."

In the next moment, Qi Aoshuangang felt a breeze blowing towards her, and a sweet fragrance assaulted her face.

A handsome man appeared in front of the three of them. The man held a rose in his hand and gently raised it to his face. He had a pair of enchanting peach blossom eyes and was looking at Black Feather with misty eyes.

His smooth blond hair was draped behind him. He wore luxurious clothes and had an arrogant aura.

He was charming no matter how to look at him.

But what about the mass of roses behind him?

Qi Aoshuang took a closer look and could not help but laugh.

Behind the handsome man, a cluster of gorgeous roses seemed to have been conjured up to match him.

Qi Aoshuang immediately understood. This was a despicable demon, actually using magic like this.

" White Emperor, you're here too? Hur Hur."

Wan Fengliu laughed softly as his eyes fell on Qi Aoshuang. Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

Qi Aoshuang only felt a blur before her eyes, and Wan Fengliu had already appeared in front of her.

Qi Aoshuang was shocked by this demon's strength.

"Aiya, beautiful human lady, can I buy you a cup of scented tea?"

Wan Fengliu elegantly revealed a charming smile and politely asked, "My name is Wan Fengliu, but Miss can call me Wanfeng."

Qi Aoshuang's mouth twitched. This demon was not simple!

"Go to hell!"

Black Feather's black and huge sickle swooshed towards Wan Fengliu's back.

Wan Fengliu turned around and stretched out two fingers to grasp Black Feather's weapon. He then revealed a charming smile: " Black Feather, we haven't seen each other for a long time, is this how you treat your old friend?"

"You're still so shameless."

Black Feather shouted with a cold face.

"No, I'm romantic, not shameless."

Wan Fengliu's smile was enchanting and full of bewitching charm.

The bunch of roses on his back became even more colorful.

Wan Fengxian became even more handsome and enchanting.

"Son of bitch."

White Emperor calmly spat out a single word.

White Emperor he finished speaking, the White Emperor's beautiful face turned cold again, as if he hadn't said those earth-shattering words.

Qi Aoshuang - What?

She could tell that the relationship between the three was not that simple.

At the very least, they were very familiar with each other.

And quite well.

"Anyway, why are you two here?"

"Why is this beautiful lady with you?"

"Isn't this just flowers on the pig dung?"

The rose in Wan Fengliu's hand gently swayed, and he solemnly asked.

"What is the Demon Sector going on?"

"What happened during the time we were not here? "

White Emperor frowned and asked Wan Fenghui's subordinate, who had just arrived.