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 A bone-chilling cold wind blew, and in the next moment, everything around them froze. Snow began to fly in the air, and the surrounding trees were instantly frozen into large sticks of ice, shining with a strange light.

"Snow Demon."

Black Feather coldly spat out a sentence, revealing the identity of the demon clan member in front of him.

Qi Aoshuang's mouth twitched, looking at Black Feather disdainfully and said: "Aren't you two war generals?"

"Why was he attacked when he just arrived here?"

The fact that the two generals of noble status were attacked by a demon the moment they entered the Demon Sector was, of course, unbelievable.

Black Feather's face turned black, and he said somewhat angrily, "I don't know either."

Even if these lesser demons don't recognize us, they should be able to sense our Demonic Energy and actually dare to attack us!

"How reckless!"

The biting cold wind blew again, and Qi Aoshuang shivered. For the time being, she did not want to pursue this matter. It was better for her to get rid of this situation.

With a flick of Qi Aoshuang's finger, countless red flames appeared in her hands, melting the ice in front of her, blocking the chilling wind.

Gradually, it became warmer, and the Treasure Cat finally put down her tail slightly.

If this coldness continued, she would go berserk.

Snow Demon was stunned for a moment. Then, as she saw the flames in front of her becoming more and more intense, she realized that this flame was extraordinary. She secretly cursed in her heart and turned around to escape.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

Black Feather let out a loud shout and floated in front of Snow Demon. He extended his hand and grabbed Snow Demon's throat.

However, Snow Demon's face revealed a strange smile. In that instant, she transformed into a stream of snow water that flowed down from Black Feather's hand, then turned into countless droplets of water, preparing to escape.

Qi Aoshuang formed a seal with her hands and chanted an incantation. She pushed her hands forward and a huge barrier covered all of the water droplets without missing a drop.

Countless droplets of water clashed against each other inside the barrier. No matter how hard they tried, there was no way for them to escape this place.

"Come back!"

" Qi Aoshuang let out a cold shout and the huge barrier returned to Qi Aoshuangang. The barrier continued to shrink, compressing the water droplets inside. The water droplets gradually fused together and took the form of the human figure just now.

However, at this time, the Snow Demon's face was full of fear as her body trembled non-stop.

Right now, she was somewhat regretting her rash actions.

The White Emperor frowned as he stared at Snow Demon, feeling that something was wrong.

The Snow Demon was a kind of high level demon. But the Snow Demon in front of them was different from the ones they had seen before.

"How dare you attack us? Do you know who we are?"

Black Feather's expression was extremely unsightly. The Little Snow Demon in front of him was trying to devour them!

If they were to speak of this, they would be ridiculed. After all, they uesd to be the two mighty generals!

Snow Demon was stunned, then she shook her head and said, "I don't know him."

There was no hint of pretense on her face.

It seemed that he really didn't know White Emperor and Black Feather.

Now, it was Black Feather's turn to be stunned. Black Feather snapped out of his daze, "If you don't recognize us, you should be able to sense our Demonic Energy. We are much stronger than you, and you actually dare to attack us?"

At this moment, Snow Demon no longer had any fear. A trace of disdain flashed across her eyes as she coldly said, "Demons whose Qi are stronger than mine can be found everywhere. Demonic Energy is merely a mask to hide one's strength."

"What's more, if I don't succeed when I attack you, I will just run. I will turn into a droplet of water, and if even a drop of water escapes, I will successfully escape."

Snow Demon's words fell, White Emperor and Black Feather came to realize what was going on. No wonder this little demon was so fearless.

Countless water droplets splattered everywhere. It was indeed not easy to catch all of them. This little demon really had some tricks.

However, when did the Snow Demon like this?

"Pay attention to your tone!"

"You are my captive now!"

Qi Aoshuang let out a cold humph, the barrier immediately started burning, causing the Snow Demon to scream out loud and beg for mercy.

However, Snow Demon's words caused Black Feather White Emperor and Black Feather to feel suspicious.

"What do you mean by hiding one's strength with Demonic Energy?"

White Emperor and Black Feather glanced at each other, both seeing confusion and astonishment in each other's eyes.

Demons with so powerful demonic energy could be found everywhere?

The demonic energy was only covering up his strength, not evidence to prove it.

What did it mean?

It seemed that after they had left, this world had undergone some shocking changes that they did not know about.

"You, where are you from?"

"Haven't you been out for a long time?"

Snow Demon really wanted to say where they rubes came from, but the ice-cold eyes of Qi Aoshuang made her immediately change her tone.

It's time.

She was also surprised that these two beautiful males, who seemed to be of the high-level demon race, would actually ask such a retarded question.

"It's been almost a thousand years since I've been out walking."

White Emperor said lightly, "tell us, what is going on here?"

The Snow Demon revealed an understanding expression. Then, she cleared her throat and said, "I'll tell you guys, and you will let me go."

In the next moment, Snow Demon screamed out in pain, because Qi Aoshuang had increased the temperature of the barrier once again.

The Snow Demon had originally been snow, but what she feared the most was high temperature. Now that she was being roasted by Qi Aoshuangang, the pain was indescribable.

She was not afraid of ordinary fire, but the flame that Qi Aoshuang released was not ordinary!

"You still haven't figured it out. Your life is in our hands."

Qi Aoshuangang stared coldly at the Snow Demon in front of her, letting out a soft hmph, before saying, "Speak your mind."

"Don't bargain with me!"

"I, I only know that there is chaos everywhere now."

There were places where the demonic energy could be absorbed.

Therefore, just the demonic energy alone was not enough to determine one's strength.

Snow Demon's pale face became more pale. She looked at Qi Aoshuang carefully. In her eyes, this human was even more terrifying than the two monsters beside her.

Then, Snow Demon whispered, "If I knew you guys are so terrifying, I've already run far away, who would dare to provoke you guys."

Snow Demon added in her heart, if she had known earlier, she wouldn't have come to attack you alone.

"Why did this happen?"

White Emperor's eyes darkened, and an ominous thought arose in his mind.

"How would I know!"

Snow Demon looked at the White Emperor with fear and said, "I, I'm only five hundred years old."

It is said that this happened after the Holy War some years ago.

Furthermore, there won't be any other high level demons coming here right now.

"So, that's why I did it." "That's why I attacked you." Snow Demon didn't dare to say the following words.

White Emperor and Black Feather glanced at each other and understood that the Demon Sector probably had a change after that.

This led to some of the variations of the the Demon Sector, and also caused some of the demons to undergo mutations. The Snow Demon in front of them was a very good example.

In the past, Snow Demons would only innocently release snowflakes and freeze things.

They wouldn't melt into countless water droplets and escape.

"Looks like we'll only know what's going on after we find him."

White Emperor said in a deep voice.


Black Feather nodded lightly and turned to look around.


Which him?

Could 'him' mentioned by White Emperor and Black Feather was that the Great Demon King?

Only then did Qi Aoshuangang have the time to observe her surroundings.

They were in the middle of a dark forest, but these trees were all black in color and looked dead.

The branches of the village had black crystals on them, and they looked rather strange.

Looking up, all he saw was a gray sky.

"Can you let me go?"

"I've told you everything I know."

Snow Demon looked at Qi Aoshuangang cautiously and asked.

"What is the current situation in the Demon Sector?"

White Emperor asked in a deep voice.

"I ... I'm not too sure either."

Snow Demon was on the verge of tears. She knew now that these strange fellows in front of her were not easy to handle with.

However, how could these powerful guys appear in such a desolate place!

"Where's the Great Demon King?"

What about the Four Protectors and the eight demon kings?

What were they doing?

Didn't they take any measures to deal with the situation? "

Black Feather frowned and asked.

These circumstances had clearly broken the balance of the Demon Sector. Why would such a situation occur?

Don't those guys just ignore it?

"I, I don't know. I'm wandering at the edge of this forest."

"I didn't go too far. At most, I hung around the small nearby town, which I knew was where it came from."

"I don't know anything else. "

"I really don't know anything anymore. Just let me go."

Qi Aoshuangang lifted her barrier, and Snow Demon turned around and ran.

"This forest seems to have been contaminated by some sort of power. That's why they all died."

White Emperor looked around at the black trees and spoke in a faint voice.

"Let's get out of here first."

Black Feather frowned. He really didn't like this place.

Qi Aoshuang's face was solemn. Why did Camil send her here?

The three of them walked side by side, White Emperor softly said as they walked, "Ao Shuang, this is our world."

White Emperor didn't understand what Camil is trying to do either.

He and Black Feather originally wanted to return to the Demon Sector, but why did Camil send Ao Shuang over as well?


The Treasure Cat, which was squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder, was looking at the scene with her amber eyes.

"You can't go back for now."

Black Feather pouted. "The Space Gate to the Human Realm needs the power of the three of us to open. If you want to go back, we have to find him."


Qi Aoshuang said softly: "Is the 'him' you are talking about the Great Demon King?"


Black Feather nodded carelessly, then he raised his eyebrows, "But I don't know why Camil was so crazy."

"He actually sent you here with us. "

"Ao Shuang ..."

White Emperor's expression did not look good at the moment. He said in a deep voice, "Listen to me first."

Before Qi Aoshuang say anything, Black Feather said mockingly: "What do you want to say?"

"Tell her your true purpose in finding Ao Shuang?"

What did they want to say?

Looking at disdain on Black Feather's face and the delicate expression on White Emperor's face, she understood that there might be a secret behind this.