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 "Don't be wrong." Leng Lingyun glanced at Liu Xueqing with unconcealable disgust and said coldly, "I didn't kill you because you took care of Xuanxuan in the past. Regardless of whether you truly care for Xuanxuan, you have taken care of her for a very long time. So today, I let you go. Whether or not you can escape the Dark Temple's pursuit will depend on your luck."

After saying these words, Leng Lingyun turned around and followed behind Qi Aoshuang.

Liu Xue Jing stood there in a daze as she stared at Leng Lingyun's back. Her heart felt as painful as if it was stabbed by a knife. It's all over. It turned out that from the beginning to the end, this man who made her crazy never had her in his heart! Never.

Liu Xueqing didn't even look at the Pope, who was already dead, and hurriedly chased after him. A strange smile suddenly appeared on her face.

"Claire! Go to hell!" Liu Xueqing shouted and rushed up.

Leng Lingyun, who was at the back, suddenly turned around and cast a light magic without any hesitation. The blinding white light penetrated Liu Xueqing's body. To his surprise, she didn't use a weapon or any magic! In other words, she didn't intend to fight back?

Qi Aoshuang gently turned her head around and saw the bitter but satisfied smile on Liu Xueqing's face. She slightly frowned.

"Let's go." "Qi Aoshuang said lightly. She called back the thoughts of everyone behind her, leaving only Leng Lingyun behind. Liu Xueqing was not a noble saint at this moment, nor was she a hateful woman who was jealous. However, she was a pitiful woman who yearned for her love but could never obtain it.

Blood started to gush out from Liu Xueqing's mouth. She couldn't stop bleeding. A bloody hole in her chest dyed her dress red. She laid on the ground and looked dazedly at Leng Lingyun.

Leng Lingyun squatted down, and looked at Liu Xueqing quietly. There were no ripples in her eyes. He asked calmly, "Why?"

Liu Xueqing forced a smile on her face and said with difficulty, "I ... I just want you to remember me. I only want to die in your hands ..." Liu Xueqing's eyes were filled with sadness. Even though she knew it that he could attack her without any hesitation, she still felt great pain in her heart after it happened. Then, at this last moment, let him remember herself. Even if it's just for a short while ...

Leng Lingyun looked at Liu Xueqing silently. Time seemed to come to a standstill.

After a long while, Leng Lingyun slowly reached out his hand and gently closed Liu Xueqing's eyes.

Leng Lingyun withdrew his hand, turned his head, got up, and looked ahead, a bitter smile on his face. Ao Shuang, if I leave, would you remember me?

Standing outside the Radiant Temple, Qi Aoshuang looked up into the sky and took a deep breath. She slowly closed her eyes before opening them and slowly walked over. The road that she had once been very familiar with.

Hill Mansion.

Surprisingly, nobody was there. But everything was very neat and tidy, unlike the other mansions that were in a sorry state.

There was a familiar figure standing at the entrance.

His golden hair fluttered in the wind, and the green eyes were cold and resolute.


"I've been waiting for you for a long time!" She raised her head and looked at Qi Aoshuang as she said coldly.

Qi Aoshuang raised her hand to stop the person behind her who was about to make a move. Jean and the others retreated. They understood that this was Aoshuang's own matter.

"You are no match for me." Qi Aoshuang said indifferently.

"We'll see!" Rasiah furrowed her brows and started to condense magic elements in his hands.

"Thunder!" With a charming shout, a bolt of lightning condensed in her hands, chopping towards Qi Aoshuang. However, the lightning only stopped in front of Qi Aoshuang, causing a ripple to disappear. It was as if the rain had hit the surface of a lake. Qi Aoshuang only formed a transparent barrier, but she did not take the initiative to attack...

"Thunder Lightning Flash!" Rasiah stood still, her eyes shining, her hands flying in the air as she quickly chanted an incantation.

Thick thunder and lightning descended from the top of Qi Aoshuang's head, but it was still the same as before. They rippled a little before vanishing.

"You've improved a lot." Qi Aoshuang said softly.

Rasiah bit her lips, put her hands together in front of her chest and chanted a complicated incantation. Following which, dense lightning appeared on Qi Aoshuang's head.

However, Qi Aoshuang didn't raise her head. She only looked at Rasiah, who was still trying to hit her.

"Thunderstorm!" Rasiah's eyes were wide open in fury as she unleashed her most powerful spell.

A rumbling sound rang out, but the seemingly powerful lightning strikes just disappeared.

"As I said, you are no match for me." Qi Aoshuang walked away. The person she was looking for was not her, but the one whose hands were stained with her mother's blood.

"Stop!" Rasiah stretched out her hands to block the path in front of Qi Aoshuang, her eyes filled with stubbornness.

Qi Aoshuang slowly lowered her head to look at the stubborn young girl in front of her. Suddenly, she stretched out her hand and gently caressed Rasiah's head. Her face revealed a slight smile, "You have grown taller."

Rasiah tightly pursed her lips, but her tears flowed uncontrollably. Finally, she cried out, extending her arms to hug Qi Aoshuang, "Why? Why didn't you take me with you? Why did you leave me? Why did you have to leave? "

Qi Aoshuang sighed softly, but she did not say anything.

"I know. I know I didn't stand up. But I've been regretting it. Sister! Wu wu wu wu ... I miss you! I miss you!" Rasiah hugged Qi Aoshuang tightly, refusing to let go.

Qi Aoshuang rubbed Rasiah's hair, smiling faintly as she said, "En, I understand." "

Rasiah cried until she was out of breath and refused to let go of her hand.

Qi Aoshuang did not move.

"I have dismissed the servants, the Hill Mansion is empty now. My father had long since disappeared. My big brother had disappeared as well. There's nothing left in this house. " After a while, Rasiah regained her senses, wiped her tears and said to Qi Aoshuang.

"Alright." She only said one word. She walked inside because she could feel that the person did not leave.

"All of you, wait here." Qi Aoshuang did not turn her head around, only lightly throwing out those words. Everyone stopped walking. Rasiah wanted to follow, but she was stopped by Jean. Rasiah frowned and looked back at Jean's ice-cold face. He shook his head slightly.

Qi Aoshuang slowly walked into the room she was most familiar with. It was here that her fifteenth birthday took place in this grand and spacious hall. After passing through the corridor, Qi Aoshuang looked towards the greenhouse on the right and the training field far away. There were indelible memories. She used to drink tea in the greenhouse. The sudden appearance of White Emperor in a few training grounds as well as her arduous battle with Jean. The formerly glorious Hill Mansion now was deathly silent.

There were no more Catherine's warm laughter here.

Qi Aoshuang slowly walked to her own bedroom and gently opened the door, staring at the bed in a daze. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Catherine's worried face. It was here that she experienced the first rays of the sun.

It was like a lifetime had passed, but it was also like yesterday.

Aushuang closed the door gently, turned around and walked towards the study room.

Pushing open the door of the study, she saw the rose emblem on the wall.

The flag of the rose will always fly, the Hill family will always remain.

The old oath was still there, and now it was gone.

Perhaps, from that moment on, Gutton knew that she was not the original Claire.

"You finally came ..." An elderly voice suddenly sounded in Qi Aoshuang's ears.

Qi Aoshuang did not turn her head. This voice belonged to Gutton.

"I said, I will definitely come back." Qi Aoshuang laughed coldly, turning around and looking at Gutton who was standing in front of the bookshelf.

"I've wondered if I was wrong to do that to you. "Gutton also looked at Qi Aoshuang and said slowly, "After thinking about it many times, I think I was right. There were always sacrifices. Somebody has to pay the price."

Qi Aoshuang smiled faintly, showing a trace of ridicule on the corner of her mouth. This person was still stubborn. In his eyes, everything could be sacrificed.

"But, your eternal Hill family no longer exists. Everything has been turned into nothingness. " Qi Aoshuang smiled coldly as she watched the forced calmness of the Gutton's face slowly distort. The image of Catherine's tender and pained eyes appeared before her eyes once more. She hated the person in front of her even more, "Haha, the Hill family? What else do you have now? You're like a lost dog. Not to mention no home, even the owner was gone. What else do you have? " Qi Aoshuang laughed coldly. Finally, she could destroy everything of him!

Gutton glared, his fists clenched. Suddenly, he let out a loud shout and rushed forward. His entire body burst forth with battle power, and he threw a fierce punch at Qi Aoshuang.

His fist suddenly enlarged in front of Qi Aoshuang, and the scene of that day suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. This was the fist that struck the back of Catherine. Blood sprayed all over her body. It was this person that killed Catherine that she cared about the most!