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 As soon as Qi Aoshuang said that, a figure jumped in. It was Feng Yixuan!

"I want to accompany you." Feng Yixuan said hesitantly after he flipped over.

Qi Aoshuang looked at him but didn't say anything for a while. A trace of inexplicable emotion flashed in the depths of her eyes. A warm feeling spread out from the bottom of her heart.

"War is about to break out. You were originally a subject of Amper Land, but this time, you stood in opposition. I know that you must be in a bad mood ..." Feng Yixuan's voice became softer and softer.

Qi Aoshuang lowered her gaze and sighed softly. She closed the window before sitting down on the bed and patting the seat beside her, "Come and sit."

Feng Yixuan was stunned. He quickly walked over and sat down. At this moment, Qi Aoshuang gave him a strange, unfamiliar and sad feeling, as well as a sense of loneliness!

"Do you know how many planes there are in this world?" Qi Aoshuang said softly.

"Yes. The Demon world, the Devil Domain, the God world. Feng Yixuan replied.

"Anything else?" Qi Aoshuang let out a long breath, "Different from these planes, another world."

Feng Yixuan was stunned for a moment before he looked at Qi Aoshuang and said, "I don't know, but I believe that there is another world."

"Yes, I am from another world." Qi Aoshuang smiled as she looked at Feng Yixuan. Feng Yixuan was only a little surprised, but he didn't respond. He quietly waited for Qi Aoshuang to continue. He knew that what he needed to do now was to listen, not to question.

"I ... ... don't belong to this world." A bitter smile appeared on Qi Aoshuang's face, "I come from another world." The original Claire Hill died in an accident, and my spirit came through and attached itself to her, so ... Therefore, the young miss who was originally silly changed overnight and eventually became the shining star!

Not until Qi Aoshuang finished her words, she fell into a warm embrace. Feng Yixuan hugged her tightly and said with determination: "No matter where you come from, you are who you are. You belong here now, to us. You are Qi Aoshuang, a friend of all of us. You are the one we care about, the one we cherish."

Qi Aoshuang was stunned. She stared blankly ahead, feeling the warm embrace of Feng Yixuan. After a long time, she slowly closed her eyes and gently leaned on Feng Yixuan's shoulder.

"Thank you."

With a soft and faint voice, two drops of sparkling tears slid past the corners of her eyes.

"Aoshuang, I will always be with you. If there's something that separates us, I'll go looking for you. I'll keep looking Until I find you." Feng Yixuan's voice was filled with determination and affection.

"Feng Yixuan ..." Qi Aoshuang was stunned. All this time, Qi Aoshuang had never face up to Feng Yixuan's feelings for her, But now.

"Cousin!" At this moment, the door was abruptly pushed open, revealing Li Yuewen's beautiful face. When she saw the situation clearly, she immediately flew into a rage!

"You little bastard! What do you want to do by sneaking into my cousin's bedroom in the middle of the night? You perverted pervert!" Li Yuewen cursed as she brandished her dagger and quickly charged forward.

With a start, Feng Yixuan loosened his grip on Qi Aoshuang and fled out of the window in a sorry state, while Li Yuewen chased closely behind him.

Qi Aoshuang stood at the window, watching the silhouettes of the two as they gradually faded away. A smile appeared on her face.

However, that night, a person dressed in black appeared in Leng Lingyun's bedroom. No one noticed his sudden appearance. His tone was cold.

"Think about it. Whether she lives or dies is up to you."

Leng Lingyun remained silent, and a faint smile appeared on his face. However, there was an endless sadness and longing in it.

"I ... want her to live ..."

"Then let's go."

"Give me some more time. I think I'll finish it with her. " Leng Lingyun said these words with difficulty.

"Alright." The man in black answered straightforwardly. The next moment, he disappeared from the bedroom.

The war broke out all at once!

Ragka's army had sneakily ambushed the border of Amper Land without a sound. This was indeed the style of the current emperor. It was impossible for him to declare war after they had agreed on a time and place. So Amper Land was beat unawares. However, it was a powerful country after all. It took them a while to regain their senses. They immediately took up defensive positions, and the reinforcements behind them also quickly moved forward.

This battle had been very tough. The border was finally broken, and Ragka's army threatened the territory of Amper Land. A nervous atmosphere broke out in the palace of Amper Land. The king's face was dark as a sheet as he listened to the article that was being reported to him from the front, and he quickly made his countermeasure at the same time.

On the other side, however, Uzzari had declared war on Amper Land and had sent troops to attack the border cities. Uzzari has always been a laggard, which Amper Land does not take seriously. Just a while ago, when Uzzari had expelled the powers of the Radiant Temple in its country, the Pope of the Radiant Temple had come to see the Emperor and had made him pay attention to this matter. However, the Emperor didn't think much of it because he was happy to see the Radiant Temple being weakened. Unexpectedly, Uzzari declared war on them as well.

Worse was yet to come. Unexpectedly, Ragka and Uzzari's army was accompanied by a large number of huge dragons. Although the dragons didn't make a move, it made the army of Amper Land scatter. Some of the other cities directly opened their gates and surrendered, but only on the condition that the enemies would not harm their subjects, and that the dragons would not destroy their cities. Existence is deterrence! The army of Ragka and Uzzari understood this point and made full use of this advantage. They made a quick threat to the capital with the smallest casualties.

Along the way, what Qi Aoshuang and her company did was to stand on the back of the huge dragons and watch the battle. This was the smallest casualty in history, and many people surrendered without fighting. After all, everyone was terrified by these dragons. They thought resistance was futile. Only the divine staffs of the Radiant Temple continued to pray, praying that their goddess would appear to quell this incredible sight. However, how could they know that the goddess was busy with the Holy War and had no time to worry about this lower plane.

There was no suspense in this war. The prosperous and powerful Amper Land was insignificant in front of the dragon race. Seeing so many dragons, the only thing the two Dragon Knights of Amper Land wanted to do was to run away. They did not want their rides to be torn to pieces because the dragon race hated the dragons who had become human mounts. There was no need to even mention the Griffin Team. When griffins saw the huge dragons, they didn't dare to make a move. No matter how much they tried, they did not dare to take a single step forward! In just seven days, Amper Land lost a large part of its territory within 7 days. Ragka's army marched all the way to the gate of the capital.

The remaining four Eight-Winged Angels and eight Winged-Angels encountered Qi Aoshuang's group outside the capital. They were easily killed by White Emperor and Black Feather except one Eight-Winged Angel. They saved him for Qi Aoshuang. She wielded a huge fiery sword in her hands, killed the angel with a single strike while her black hair dancing in the air.

Just like that, the army entered the capital of Amper Land without any hindrances.

Qi Aoshuang jumped off the huge dragon's back and slowly walked down the street, heading in the direction of the Radiant Temple.

The emperor stood at the tallest tower of the palace. He stared at the army of Ragka. Beside him stood the empress, whose stomach had already begun to bulge. The empress was already four months pregnant. Behind the queen stood the second prince, Nancy, Princess Maris.

His day had gone and no one could save it.

The emperor slowly closed his eyes and opened them again, looking at the once bustling capital. It was defeated just like that, and then mysteriously disappeared. In the sky, there were still huge dragons circling around. The long dragon roar reverberated in the sky, causing people to shudder in fear.

"Why ..." The Emperor sighed. He wondered why so many dragons had appeared, "why they had stood on the side of Ragka and Uzzari. Why would the dragon race intervene in human affairs? What was all this about? Was it really because of that girl? The talented young lady of the Hill family, Claire. How is that possible? Could a mere human really use such a large amount of power? Ragka had always been opposed to Amper Land, and war was only a matter of time. However, there was no need to fear them. But what about the dragons and Uzzari? Was it really only because of that young girl?"

The empress stood behind the emperor, gently stroking her stomach. Here, a small life was growing. But where is the road ahead?

Nancy, the second prince, was lost in thought as he looked at the army on the street. His thoughts returned to a distant place. Claire Hill, the name that had always been on his mind, the name that had always hurt him. If he had not chosen to use Catherine, would the situation have changed? She wouldn't have been framed by the Radiant Temple. She would not have suffered such injustice and pain. This was all his own doing! He slowly closed his eyes and sighed. Everything in front of him was his own fault!

Maris stood there quietly, looking at the street, a subtle smile on her lips. Sorrow could be seen in the depths of her eyes. "You're back, you're finally back... I know you'll be back. It's time for everything to end."