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 Chapter 227

"Dragon King!" The Eight-winged Angel was already trembling with anger, but he didn't dare to do anything to the Dragon King. He knew very well that he wasn't a match for him. But the Eight-Winged Angel wasn't stupid. He wasn't a reckless person. He stabilized his emotions and said in a deep voice, "They won't interfere in the war between humans? They are just here for sightseeing?"

"That's right." The Black Dragon nodded. That devilish smile on his handsome face made the Eight-winged Angel's heart shudder. The Eight-winged Angel knew very well that even if the dragon race didn't participate, as the Dragon King had said, the existence of these enormous dragons alone was already enough to intimidate them. The war between the two countries had already started. Just the fact that these huge dragons stood on Ragka's side was enough to cause the other side's morale to be unstable, to the point of breaking down!

How hateful! The Eight-winged Angel gnashed his teeth in anger. If it weren't for the fact that the Goddess was preparing for the Holy War and didn't have the time to think too much, the situation on this side wouldn't have turned out this way!

"Then, Dragon King, are you saying that even if we attack them, you will not interfere?" The Eight-winged Angel drew his greatsword and pointed it at Qi Aoshuang and the rest as he asked coldly.

Ben laughed and moved to the side holding Summer in his arms, happily saying, "We will be bystanders." He actually took out two stools from his Space Ring and gave one of them to Summer. Summer looked worried. She was about to say something, but Ben grabbed her hand and shook his head at her. As this scene fell into Shui Wenmo's eyes, his heart ached as if it had been twisted by a knife.

"Chuxin, come. Let's watch the show together." A playful smile appeared on Dong Fenghou's devilish face. With a gentle move of his fingers, beautiful vines grew from the ground. On the vines, there were also five colored flowers blooming, and the two vines quickly formed two beautiful large rattan chairs. Dong Fenghou pulled Qiao Chuxin to sit on the rattan chair. What was even more exaggerated was that Dong Fenghou had summoned another two small teacups. He handed one to Qiao Chuxin and carefully explained, "The honey in here can maintain your beauty. It's only been secreted once every 50 years." Qiao Chuxin was worry about Qi Aoshuang, but Dong Fenghou said, "Don't worry, Aoshuang's strength has already changed. We can't help her, why don't we just sit by and watch. We won't drag them down."

That's a good, powerful reason, and it's the truth. At this moment, their strength would only drag down Qi Ao Shuang and the rest.

Qi Aoshuang skimmed her lips... These people trusted her too much. They were just watching the show.

As for the Radiant Temple, they got furious! These lowly humans were actually making fun of them, looking down on them! Unforgivable!

"Go to hell!" The Eight-winged Angel brandished its huge sword and fiercely hacked at Qiao Chuxin's chest ... ...

With a clear clang, Dong Fenghou instantly summoned a huge beast covered in steel armor to block this fatal attack. Then, he turned around and urgently said to Qi Aoshuang, "Go on, we will support you."

Cold sweat trickled down the back of Qi Aoshuang's head.

"Alas! All these people are being led astray by you." Black Feather's voice came from behind, filled with sorrow.

Qi Aoshuang could not refute.

"Cut the crap." Just like that, White Emperor's cold voice rang out. The next moment, a white shadow flashed out from behind Qi Aoshuang.

Black Feather shrugged his shoulders, and a black afterimage flashed out as well.

Terrible screams rang out!

Two of the Winged Angels and one of the Eight-winged Angels were cut in half and laid there. A large amount of blood stained the ground beneath them.

The crowd didn't even see White Emperor and Black Feather had made their move.

There were only three people who could see clearly: Black Dragon, Qi Aoshuang and Feng Yixuan!

White Emperor's weapon was a snow-white sword, and black feather's was a shiny and black sickle. After killing them, the two quickly retrieved their weapons.

No one had thought that the reincarnated White Emperor and Black Feather would have such terrifying strength.

The archbishop stood there blankly as he looked at the scene in front of him. In his hearts, the angels were invincible. But they were easily wiped out just like that.

Things quieted down and all around was still.

The people behind Qi Aoshuang couldn't believe it. That was it?

The wind gently blew past, blowing away the fallen leaves.

The autumn wind was not very cold, but the archbishop seemed to be standing in an icehouse, stopping all his actions and words.

"Ah ..." Qi Aoshuang finally broke the silence. She looked at the archbishop, "Shall we continue?"

Before the archbishop could run away, Black Feather had raised his sickle. But Leng Lingyun stopped him.

"Don't kill him. Catch him."

The archbishop was easily brought back by Black Feather.

He waved the archbishop in his hand, causing his internal organs to nearly burst out.

"Keep him. His words are more persuasive than anyone else's."

"What do you want? I won't betray the Goddess!" The archbishop was trembling, but his tone was resolute.

"Tch!" Xi Shaosi snorted, "I know you are loyal, but what we want is your identity, your body, not your unshakable loyalty."

A look of despair appeared on the archbishop's face, and in the next moment, he fainted when Qi Aoshuang flicked her finger. When he opened his eyes again, his attitude had completely changed.

"What can I do for you?" The archbishop politely asked.

"You're good." Dong Fenghou said to Qi Aoshuang. Mental control was amazing. Amongst this group of people, no one owed more spiritual force than him except Qi Aoshuang. So what followed was a completely one-sided secret massacre.

Under the guidance of the archbishop, the group entered the Radiant Temple. The rest of the Eight-winged angels and Winged angels were all found and killed. There were a few angels left in Amper Land.

Camil's plan went unusually smoothly. Although the followers of Ragka's Radiant Temple did not believe what was written on the paper, but, just as Camil had said, there was no need for them to believe. Faith is a solid thing. You can't change it overnight. As for the military, they were the defenders of royal authority. From the beginning to the end, they did not believe in the Radiant Temple.

The Radiant Temple's forces had been secretly wiped clean. It became an empty hall.

The huge dragons were crouching around the capital. The emperor of Ragka offered them food and water. He was the one who had benefited the most from this affair. At this moment, he couldn't even close his mouth when he smiled at Anisa in the palace.

"Haha, Anisa, hahahaha ..." The emperor squinted his eyes and laughed, unable to finish his words. "We no longer have to watch those divine staffs swindle and cheat in our territory, wasting our time. Haha ... with the dragon race's help, haha, it's certain that we well win."

"The dragons won't help you." Anisa splashed cold water.

"They won't. As long as they appear in the sky, we could win! What can Amper Land do?"

"You are truly vindictive. They've directly killed them." Anisa's mouth twitched.

"Don't say that." Haha, it's really all thanks to your daughter-in-law. The dragon race's support is because of her. Furthermore, her strength has advanced by leaps and bounds, and the people around her all possess terrifying strength. " Anisa fell silent and did not say anything else. The emperor looked at her and frowned, "What's wrong, is there a problem?"

"You know the grievances and suffering of that child. This time, she is going to face those people head-on. I don't know what exactly would happen. But I don't want those people to make her suffer any more. "Anisa sighed.

"That's no problem. We'll destroy the Hill Mansion. They won't meet. Your daughter-in-law doesn't need to face the past."

"No." Anisa shook her head slightly. 'You don't know that child. Let her deal with it herself." Anisa said softly.

"That's fine." "After the army advances, I will make sure that no one moves against the Hill Mansion." The king spoke seriously.

Qi Aoshuang stayed in Lee's house. She locked herself in her room. No one bothered her. Everyone understood that it was best to leave her in peace.

The night was cold. Qi Aoshuang was lying quietly on bed, holding the Treasure Cat. The kitten yawned, rubbed its face with its paws, and arched its body in Qi Aoshuang's arms, looking for a comfortable place to sleep.

"Ah Bao, what do you care about the most?"

"Meow?" The kitten stared at Qi Aoshuang with wide eyes before mewing again ...

"It's Heaven Breaker, right?" Qi Aoshuang looked at it and laughed.

"Meow!" The kitten nodded.

"You miss him?" Qi Aoshuang smiled as she rubbed her little head.

The Treasure Cat nodded again. Although there were many delicious foods in this world, she only misses that person.

"When the matter is settled, I'll send you back, okay?" The kitten returned to Qi Aoshuang's embrace.

Suddenly, Qi Aoshuang raised her head. The light movement from the window did not escape her sense. She put down the kitten, stood up and walked to the window, gently pushed it open, then snappily smiled and said: "It's so late, why are you sneaking around here?"