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 Chapter 226

At this time, there was a light knock on the door.

Qi Aoshuang came back to her senses and looked towards the door.

From the footsteps, She could tell it was Cliff.

"Come in, Master."

The door was pushed open, and it was Cliff.

"Master, I'm looking for you." Qi Aoshuang said with a smile.

"Huh?You're looking for me?"

Qi Aoshuang nodded and said softly, "Someone asked me to bring you something, but I couldn't find a chance to give it to you."

"Who asked you?"

Aoshuang didn't reply immediately, instead she said: "Close the door first, please."

Cliff closed the door and came over and sat down.

Qi Aoshuang took out the necklace Mona gave her. She handed it to Cliff, "Do you remember this?"

Cliff suddenly lost his composure and stood up. He looked excitedly at the necklace, snatching it and asked urgently, "Where did you get this from? Why is it in your hands?" Cliff was so excited that his entire body was trembling, and his face was flushed red.

"There was a beautiful elf who told me that her heart would always belong to a man named Cliff, and that she would never get married."

Cliff's hands trembled as he held the necklace. He sat down and stared at it in silence.

Qi Aoshuang waited quietly.

The room was silent. Cliff's eyes were filled with sadness, as if he could see the distant past. After a while, two tears rolled out of his eyes and dripped onto the necklace in his hand.


Cliff called out faintly, full of yearning and longing.

"Master, Mona misses you."

Cliff took a deep breath, "How is she doing?"

"She is okay, except for the pain of love. I gave the three gifts you gave me as a souvenir to her. She was very happy when she heard that you did it yourself."

"Was she?" Cliff's expression was extremely complicated, full of joy, worry, and sadness.

The room fell silent once more.

Cliff didn't saying anything, and Qi Aoshuang did not disturb him anymore.

After a long time, Cliff looked up at Aoshuang, "Thank you, thank you so much."

"What are you thanking me for? This is what I should do. Master, why are you looking for me?"

"Oh, oh!" "Cliff finally understood and his face darkened slightly, "This time, I know you'll be in a direct confrontation with the Radiant Temple. I also know that your strength is no longer what it used to be. I just want you to promise me one thing. "

"Master?" Xiao Aoshuang could not help but be puzzled as she looked at Cliff's expression.

"If you meet Raul, I hope you will let him live. Even though he lied to me, making me lose my chance to rescue you, but he is my only friend after all. I don't want......"

"Master, you don't have to say that." Before Cliff could finish his words, Qi Aoshuang interrupted him, "Actually, Master Raul cares about you. He only cares about you because he doesn't want you to get involved in this. He doesn't want you to become enemies with the Radiant Temple, and doesn't want you to suffer any harm. I think he thought of the consequences before he lied to you. After all, he's the one who knows you best. However, he still chose to do so. You can see how sincere he is towards you!" Qi Aoshuang said slowly.

Cliff's expression was unsettled. Finally, he let out a long sigh, "Even so, I still can't forgive him immediately. Let's just let time smooth things out."

"Mm. Master, I understand you. Don't worry, I will not let anyone harm Master Raul. You'd better go rest now."

Cliff stood up, looking very tired. He nodded slightly and said, "En, you rest well, too. There are a lot of things you need to do. "

"En, Master, don't worry. I will take care of it." Qi Ao Shuang sent Cliff off.

Two days later, the dragons went on a tour of Ragka under the guidance of Ben.

The wind blew wildly, standing on the back of the Black Dragon, Qi Aoshuang stared ahead, her thoughts complex. Everything that had happened in the past appeared as if they happened just yesterday, the tragic death of Master Uri, the disappearance of his mother...

Black Feather and White Emperor stood quietly behind Qi Aoshuang, while the Treasure Cat hid in her arms. Leng Lingyun also stood at the back, looking at her silently.

When a large group of dragons arrived at Ragka, it caused a huge sensation. However, the crowd didn't panic. Feng Yixuan and his group had already arranged everything beforehand. They naturally garnered the attention of the Radiant Temple. The huge dragons descended and rested around the capital of Ragka. The Black Dragon took human form and descended with the others, preparing to enter the city. Feng Yi Xuan and his group were already waiting outside to welcome them.

The people of the Radiant Temple rushed over as fast as they could.

The archbishop, who wore a white robe, appeared in front of everyone in a split-second, along with two Winged Angels and an Eight-winged Angel.

"Dragon King! You brought so many dragons into the human territory! What do you want? Have you forgotten the agreement between the Dragon God and our great Goddess of Light?" The leading Eight-winged Angel shouted angrily at the Black Dragon.

The response he got was a sharp and terrifying force. The powerful force directly struck his chest, and in an instant, the Eight-winged Angel hurriedly retreated a few steps back, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Two Winged angels behind him quickly moved to support him.

"You -!" The Eight-winged Angel's face was pale white, and he stretched out his hand to point at the Black Dragon in disbelief. He could not believe that he would actually dare to openly attack.

"Who do you think you are? A lowly angel dares to point fingers at me?!" The Black Dragon let out an arrogant sneer and said disdainfully, "Remember your identity, you're just one of the many lackeys by the side of the Goddess of Light. As for me, I am the noble Dragon King. Be careful when you talk to me. Otherwise, it would only make people laugh at the disrespect of the Goddess' men, understand?"

Behind the Black Dragon, the crowd burst into laughter. Qi Aoshuang also couldn't help but smile. The impulsive, simple-minded fellow no longer existed. Now he was a shrewd and shameless guy. Summer covered her mouth and laughed.

"You..." After regaining his footing, the Eight-winged Angel was furious, but he still understood that he was no match for the Dragon King. After exhaling a long breath, his tone became extremely courteous, "Your Majesty, may I ask why you are bringing the dragons here at this time? The Dragon God and the Goddess of Light had an agreement. The dragon race could not easily act against humans and their cities."

"Are you human?" Ben sneered, "You aren't human at all, I only attacked you to teach you how to be courteous." When did I break the agreement? "

"Exactly. A birdman." Summer whispered. This nickname was taught by Qi Aoshuang. She thought it was appropriate indeed.

"Shut up! Lowly human, it's not up to you to talk here!" The Winged-Angel behind the Eight-winged Angel let out an angry curse and was about to attack.

"Hmph!" The Black Dragon let out a cold shout, and an even more terrifying force struck at the Winged Angel, causing it to spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Dragon King! Why are you doing this?!"

Qi Aoshuang and the rest of the group were ready for the show.

"Listen up, first of all, I didn't violate the agreement between the Dragon God and the Goddess of Light. Our dragon race has only come here for sightseeing. When have you ever seen our dragons attack a human or a human city? Instead, it is you who are truly untruthful. You said you are always the protectors of humanity. But you are treating them as ants. As for that bird man behind you, he insulted my fiancee, so I taught him a lesson. I could have taken his life." He held Summer in his arms

Everyone was stunned, including Qi Aoshuang and Shui Wenmo.

"When did I become your fiancee?" Summer whispered, but did not break away from Ben's embrace.

"Just now." The Black Dragon laughed, making Summer even tighter.

Qi Aoshuang sighed in her heart, with both happiness and sorrow. He finally punctured this layer of paper, and from the reactions of Summer, it seemed that she did not hate the Black Dragon, perhaps she still liked him. However, he is a dragon while she is a human girl. Can they get married?

Shui Wenmo's eyes were full of pain. He stared straight at Ben and Summer. His fists clenched tightly, his fingernails sinking deep into the flesh. Blood flowed through the gaps between his fingers, dripping onto the ground, but he did not feel any pain at all. Suddenly, a hand gently placed on his shoulder. Shui Wenmo turned around and saw Feng Yixuan's worried face. He lowered his head in silence and did not say another word. The love had already ended so suddenly without even a start.