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 After Camil finished speaking, he pulled Qi Aoshuang to sit in front of the mirror. He found a pair of scissors and a comb in the drawer of the dresser, and was about to cut her overly long hair.

"You ..." Black Feather only said one word, but White Emperor lightly nudged him with his hand. Black Feather turned to look at White Emperor, who shook his head slightly.

"Hmph!" Black Feather understood what he meant and grunted unhappily. "Camil, you know our power is sealed. Can you help us unseal it?" "

"Sure." Camil answered with a beaming smile, but he didn't turn back to look at White Emperor and Black Feather. Instead, he continued to gently help Qi Aoshuang straighten her hair.

"Damn! Then why don't you help us now?" Black Feather asked angrily.

"You didn't ask me to." Camil said casually.

Black Feather was so angry he almost spit out blood. If it wasn't for White Emperor stopping him, he would have charged at Camil to fight him to the death.

"This is the Palace of Uzzari, which is to say that Uzzari has now succeeded in the coup, and the king is Rongzas?" "Qi Aoshuang hugged the Fortune Cat in her arms and asked softly," Have so many things happened in the past ten days that we've been inside? "

"Too many things have happened, Little Aoshuang, you guys have been inside for ten days, but It's already been three months here." Camille carefully combs Qi Aoshuang's hair, trimming it to the length of only knees.

Three months! Qi Aoshuang turned to look at Camil in shock. It's been so long already?!

"Don't move, this place is still a little unrepaired. It's already autumn. " Camil smiled and said softly.

"It's autumn."

Qi Aoshuang was speechless.

It's been almost a year ....

It had been almost a year since her birthday ...

"Little Aoshuang is growing up. What do you want for your tenth birthday?" Camil combed Qi Aoshuang's hair and nodded his head in satisfaction. He had already completely ignored White Emperor and Black Feather in the room.

"I ..." Aoshuang was slightly stunned. She had never thought of such a thing before.

"What is the current situation like?!" White Emperor spoke at this time in a deep voice.

"Just like my design," Camil leaned gracefully on the dressing table, looking at the hair on Qi Aoshuang's head with a smile,"Amper Land intends to declare war against Ragka. Uzzari will be allied with Ragka. The Radiant Temple is going to intervene, because Uzzari has already wiped out all of the Radiant Temple's forces."

"What do we need to do?" Black Feather grunted.

"Massacre." Camil's smile was like a spring breeze as he lightly spat out two words. "All you have to do is kill the high ranking members of the Radiant Temple, including, of course, those Angels with wings who fly around all day."

"Yes. Letting humans deal with the Winged Angels and the Eight-winged Angels is quite a loss!" White Emperor nodded slightly.

"You guys go rest first. Then we'll take action." Camil ran a comb through his blond hair, sighing, "Oh, my hair is still so smooth."

White Emperor: "..."

Black Feather: "..."

Xiao Aoshuang slightly frowned, and suddenly said in a deep voice, "Is there any news of my master? What about Summer? And the others?"

"Your master is currently sleeping in a bedroom in the palace waiting for your return. Before you came back, he was the fiercest one. He blew up one palace after another in Uzzari. Summer and Shui Wenmo are now in Ragka helping Feng Yixuan. Summer knew you were OK. The others, of course, were shining under my leadership. "Camil lightly smooths his hair in front of his forehead and says narcissistically.

"How are they shinning under your leadership?" Black Feather curled his lips and asked.

"The branches of the Radiant Temple have all disappeared in Uzzari. Our Order Temple has taken over." Camil reaches out a hand to rub Qi Aoshuang's head. "It's impossible for them to believe in the God of Darkness all of a sudden, so I created a Temple of Order." It has the similar system with the Dark Temple, but people had to pay the same price to get whatever they wanted. Everything is equivalent. "

"The Order Temple?" White Emperor repeated in a low voice, "Very true, this is much better than the Radiant Temple's verbal promise."

"Of course, don't you see who I am?" Camille's handsome face broke into a triumphant smile.

Qi Aoshuang looked at Camil's smile and slightly opened her mouth, wanting to say something but didn't say anything.

" Oh, my! The Treasure Cat!" Camil suddenly saw the cat sleeping in the arms of Qi Aoshuang and let out a cry.

"You know him?" Qi Aoshuang looked down at the lazy sleeping cat and asked curiously.

"A Good thing. Ha-ha" Camille laughed, "serve her well, and she will bring you good luck. Well, I'll have you taken to bed, and the supper will be brought to your rooms. We will celebrate your return tomorrow. Don't tell those guys for now, or you won't be able to rest tonight."

"What are you doing in Uzzari?" Black Feather frowned and asked.

"Prime Minister." Camil narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Remember, in the future, call me Prime Minister."

Black Feather: " Just forget what I said. "

Camil said with a gentle smile, "Alright, you can all go and rest. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

"Wait!" Black Feather suddenly thought of a crucial question.

"What is it?" Camil replied.

"You, since you have the ability to open the Space Gate and unseal our seal, does that mean you can resist the Eight-winged Angels or even higher ranked Angels? Why didn't you just kill them in the beginning? " Black Feather frowned and asked curiously.

"What are you talking about?" Camil rubbed his white and slender fingers in displeasure and said with slight disgust, "That's so crude and without any sense of beauty, how could I possibly do that kind of thing? What I like is the feeling of putting cold daggers on a person's neck. A boor like you will never be able to experience that extreme cold beauty."

Black Feather's face turned green.

Camille flicks his fingers at this moment, removing the barrier that surrounds the bedroom.

"Guard!" Camil gracefully clapped his hands and a guard opened the door. When the he saw that there were three more people in the bedroom, he was stunned. When did they enter the Prime Minister's bedroom? They had never left the room.

"Alright, stop looking. They are my friends. Take them down to rest. Give the young lady the best dinner. " Camil looked at the dazed guard and ordered.

"Yes, yes, Prime Minister." The guard nodded respectfully. "Everyone, please follow me."

When they arrived in front of the bedroom that was prepared for Qi Aoshuang, Black Feather was about to follow her. He then looked into her cold eyes.

"Ha-ha, I forgot." Black Feather smiled embarrassedly, then stepped back and stood beside White Emperor.

"Hmph!" Qi Aoshuang closed the door with a bang, feeling extremely unhappy. Although their IQ wasn't high, they shouldn't have forgotten who they were. What a huge loss! She had slept with these two fellows for so long!

White Emperor narrowed his eyes at Black Feather, walking in front of him, "Shameless rogue."

"Damn! Who are you talking about?" Black Feather's face turned green again. "You think you are a good person? So what did you do with Aoshuang every night?" He almost said it out loud, only then did he realize that something was wrong with his mouth and swallowed the latter words back down.

Not long after Qi Aoshuang and the Treasure Cat took a bath together, dinner arrived. The Treasure Cat was indeed different from other kittens. She liked water very much, and cooperated with Aoshuang very well. From her front paws, back paws, until her tail, she let Qi Aoshuang wash her entire body with a look of enjoyment. In the end, Aoshuang dried her fur, then she hid in Aoshuang's arms and refused to come out.

At dinner, the Treasure Car was indeed very picky, as Heaven Breaker had said. All the vegetables on the plate had been scraped aside with her front paws, and she only ate meat. After she finished all the meat, she wiped her paws on the white napkin and looked at Qi Ao shuang before looking at the fruit.

Qi Aoshuang smiled and cut the fruit into small pieces. Only then did the cat start chewing with satisfaction. When she was full, she jumped on the bed, and slept on the exquisite mattress that Aoshuang prepared for her.

All of these caused the maid who was waiting at the side to be completely stupefied. She had not seen such a cute, human little kitten. The maid slowly moved towards the bed. She really wanted to touch it. She slowly reached out her hand.

"Don't!" Qi Aoshuang turned her head and shouted. It was too late.

The Treasure Cat suddenly opened its eyes. Its amber eyes suddenly shot out a strange golden light. It instantly flipped over and let out a hissing roar.

"Ah-!" The maid cried out in fear. Her body was pushed back by a powerful force, and was about to heavily smash into the wall behind her.

With a flick of Qi Aoshuang's finger, a soft barrier was formed behind the maid, catching her. The maid was still in shock as she looked at the Treasure Cat on the bed in fear. She breathed rapidly and her heart could not calm down.

Qi Aoshuang narrowed her eyes, her gaze instantly sinking as she said coldly: "Don't you know what courtesy is?"

"Sorry, sorry!" The maid lowered her head in an apologetic manner. She was wrong to have touched someone's pet without the permission of her master. The maid was astonished. But what exactly was this pet? It was definitely not an ordinary kitten. Could it be a magical beast that looked like a kitten? Thinking of this, the maid became even more afraid. It was all his fault for being so rash. She had nearly lost her life. "Alright, you may leave now." Qi Aoshuang turned around and walked to the bed. She gently hugged the Treasure Cat and caressed her small, furry head to comfort her. In her heart, she was surprised to see the Treasure Cat explode. It seemed that her strength was not as simple as searching for treasures.