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 Qi Aoshuang rolled her eyes. Ok. Then I will learn it later. Now, go to sleep!

Qi Aoshuang climbed into the tent and fell down to sleep. In any case, there was a very powerful and beautiful man standing guard at the front door, she had nothing to fear.

When she woke up, Qi Aoshuang felt much better. She crawled out of the tent and saw the charming man still sitting motionless beside the treasure cat. His eyes were closed, but he was not asleep. The treasure cat was still sleeping on the ground upon his back. It was only after White Emperor and Blackie got up that the treasure cat crawled up. As soon as it got up, it immediately jumped onto Qi Aoshuang's shoulder and squatted down. That posture seemed as if it was protecting some of the most valuable treasures, which upset the charming man.

Along the way, they stopped and walked according to the treasure cat's time table. Luckily, the treasure cat's time table seemed to be in the same pace with Qi Aoshuang's group. The reason why they didn't fly all the way was simple because the treasure cat didn't like the wind. After walking for about seven to eight days, they finally arrived at the western gorge.

The scenery around them changed as soon as they entered the gorge. The original lush green forest disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by fiery red plants, and even the occasional squirrels that had been jumping in front of them was covered in red. All of their bodies were emitting elements of fire.

"The attribute of you little brat is fire attribute. No wonder you want to come to get the core of the fire. This item is indeed the most suitable thing for you to improve your strength right now. " The charming man squinted his eyes as he looked at Qi Aoshuang casually. Qi Aoshuang was a bit surprised at the tone of his voice, which meant that the core of the fire was not a treasure for him.

'Let's go.'" The charming man was in a hurry. Qi Aoshuang was a plague to him. He didn't know why his sweetie cat clang to her so much, so he really felt depressed.

When they marched into the gorge, the temperature became more and more higher. Gradually, beads of sweat appeared on the foreheads of Qi Aoshuang, White Emperor and Black Feather, and they felt boiling hot. However, the charming man continued to walk forward as if nothing happened to him.

"Meow!" The treasure cat cried out in displeasure. The charming man quickly turned around and gave the treasure cat a cool enchantment barrier.

Qi Aoshuang wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked at the canyon that seemed to be endless. She was thinking about how she would spend the time. With Qi field? Or an enchantment barrier?

While Qi Aoshuang was thinking about the methods she could use, a faint enchantment barrier appeared on her body, and it quickly became cooler. Turning her head, she saw that it was Black Feather who had created the barrier for her.

"Thank you," Qi Aoshuang whispered.

"Thanks for what, don't forget, we're your contractors. "Black Feather shrugged his shoulders and turned his face away aside uneasily.

"Walk faster, stop rambling." The charming man in front turned his head impatiently.

Qi Aoshuang and his group quickened their steps and followed after him. They didn't know how long they had been walking, until the treasure cat started to doze off and they finally arrived at the end of the valley.

At the end of the canyon was a cliff made of red crystal. Under the sunshine, it emitted a bright red light.

"The core of fire is in the middle there, go and get it out. Your physique attribute belongs to fire, so I'll form an absolute defense enchantment barrier for you and you go to take it. "The charming man yawned and waved his finger. Qi Aoshuang's entire body was enveloped in a faint azure light. The charming man continued to mutter," the person who called you here is very accurate. This item will be born once every five hundred years. It looks like it has only been formed for a few days. "

Only for a few days. That was to say, the core of the fire hadn't grown when they first entered this world? Was Camille's timing so accurate?

"Quick. Even though this thing is not very good, it doesn't mean that no one else do not want it. " The charming man urged, actually he was thinking that Qi Aoshuang should hurry up and grab the items and get away, then his sweetie treasure cat will return back to him.

Qi Aoshuang slowly walked forward. The closer she got to it, the stronger she could feel its heat. If it hadn't been for the enchantment barrier the charming man had formed, she would have been burnt to the ground. Camille just told her to come and get it, but he didn't tell her how to take it. If it hadn't been for the charming man, it would take more effort.

In the middle of the fiery cliff, there was a crystal of heart shape. It must be the core of fire. The core of the fire was red, and it was blackish. The closer she got to it, the more elemental fluctuations were. The power and strength seemed to be concealed within it as if it could gush out the next moment.

Qi Aoshuang spread out the flame wings and flew up to the core of the fire. She finally managed to stop right in front of the core of the fire. She slowly reached out her hand and extended it to the core of the red fire.

Her hand miraculously passed through the surface of the red crystal, and just as Qi Aoshuang's hand nearly touched the core of the fire, something suddenly happened!

Qi Aoshuang's hand miraculously passed through the surface of the red crystal. Just as Qi Aoshuang's hand was about to touch the core of the fire, it suddenly changed!

The blackish red core of fire began to tremble slightly. Then, as if it had a life, it slowly moved to Qi Aoshuang's hands.

A wave of heat spread throughout her body from Qi Aoshuang's hand.

"Meow"? The treasure cat was still squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder as it turned to look at Qi Aoshuang with puzzle. Even if she had the enchantment barrier that the charming man had made for her, shes still felt the heat.

"Sweetie, come back." The charming man called out.

Confused, the treasure cat looked at Qi Aoshuang and then at the charming man. This time, it obeyed and flew up to the charming man's shoulder. The charming man took off the treasure cat on his shoulder with a beaming smile and hugged it joyfully.


"Aoshuang ... ..."

White Emperor and Black Feather cried out at the same time, nervously staring at the hovering Aoshuang. Because the situation at this moment was too strange. Qi Aoshuang's entire body was surrounded by red flames, but her clothes were intact. She did not reveal anything unusual.

Slowly, Qi Aoshuang's body turned crimson red. The core of fire in her hand slowly entered her palm.

An unbelievable heat trapped Qi Aoshuang, and the flames burned unrestrainedly on her body. Qi Aoshuang quietly floated in the air without moving.

White Emperor and Black Feather looked anxiously at Qi Aoshuang in the air. They were unable to judge whether she was safe or in danger at this moment.

"Meow, meow?" Confused, the treasure cat touched the clothes on the man's chest with its paw. The charming man squinted his eyes as he looked at Qi Aoshuang, ignoring his sweetie cat.

"Meow!" The treasure cat was a bit angry. It stretched its claws and started scratching the charming man's chest. In an instant, his moon-white robe was torn into strips, revealing his robust chest.

"Ah, my little honey, don't be emotional. It was the core of the fire which was merging with her. The core of fire is something that has spirits and its own consciousness. It is testing whether she's a qualified fusion person. " The charming man saw his sweetie cat getting angry, he hastily explained. In fact, he was angry as his sweetie cat had never worried for anyone like this except himself. He was so angry as it worried so much for this strange kid.

When the charming man's words finished, the treasure cat quieted down, staring at Qi Aoshuang, who was floating in midair with its amber beautiful eyes.

White Emperor and Black Feather also felt a bit reassured after they heard the words of the charming man, but their eyes didn't move from Qi Aoshuang.

The charming man was right, Qi Aoshuang was currently undergoing a test. A beautiful woman in red appeared before her. The woman's black hair fluttered, and she wore a blood-red dress. She stood in the midst of a group of flowers and smiled at Qi Aoshuang.

"What do you want my strength for?" "The woman in red smiled and slowly lowered her head. She picked a flaming red flower and asked.

Qi Aoshuang was slightly startled and she immediately returned to her senses. The scene before her was caused by this woman. This woman was probably the core of the fire.

What was the purpose of acquiring the core of fire?

Before Qi Aoshuang could reply, the air in front of her seemed to flow, and the surrounding scene changed once again.

The person standing in front of Qi Aoshuang appeared again.

It was the Duke of Gutton!

This was an illusion. Qi Aoshuang understood it clearly.

However, Qi Aoshuang stretched out her hand expressionlessly. With a light flick of her wrist, a gigantic flame sword appeared in Qi Aoshuang's hands.

"Craire, you finally came back. Listen to me, I ..." Duke Gutton was in a hurry and said.

What answered him was Qi Aoshuang's fierce attack which cut him into two. The vision of the Duke of Gutton disappeared.

"Craire, you little bitch, you seduced my Lingyun. I will never forgive you!" Needless to say, it was Liu Xueyin who would use these words.

Qi Aoshuang swung out her sword to dispose the illusion expressionlessly.

"The great goddess of light has always been with us. Please help us ..." A hall man in a white robe was praying. He hadn't finished speaking until he was killed by Qi Aoshuang's sword.

Qi Aoshuang stood motionlessly on the spot coldly. Suddenly, the figure of the woman in red appeared before her eyes. The woman in red held a sharp sword in her hand as she stabbed at Qi Aoshuang.

Qi Aoshuang didn't move, letting the sharp sword move towards her throat.