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 "Meow!" "The treasure cat scurried back onto Qi Aoshuang's shoulder and crouched down. The charming man scowled, looking at Qi Aoshuang and the others who hadn't returned to their senses. "You little brat, my sweetie actually likes you. What are you doing with these two goblins? " The charming man was enraged in his heart. What was it as he could not kill but his sweetie will not come over to him?

"I've come to find the core of the fire," Qi Aoshuang regained her consciousness and replied, looking at the white kitten sitting on her shoulder. She knew that they were all saved because of this little thing. The strength of this man in front of them was truly unfathomable. To kill them, it would be effortless for him. However, she didn't know why he would he give in to this kitten. Just because this kitten was a treasure cat that could find treasures? Was it really just that?

"Oh, how did you come in?" The charming man said blandly. It seemed he had deemed they were from the outside world long since.

"A friend of mine sent us in." Qi Aoshuang replied cooperatively.

"Huh? "The charming man frowned slightly. His face was filled with uncertainty, what he was thinking was unknown.

Qi Aoshuang and the other two did not move as they waited quietly.

"You will go back when you've found the stuff?" The charming man asked the crucial question.

"Yes!" Qi Aoshuang nodded.

"Good." The charming man's eyes revealed a hint of a smile. When this annoying kid left, my sweetie will came back to me as he thought to himself. Help them find what they were looking for and they will get lost.

"Down in the west canyon." Qi Aoshuang observed the charming man and she had suddenly understood something. She turned around to look at the lazy-looking treasure cat squatting on her shoulder. She thought to herself, "I haven't thought of that this cat would be so important to this man".

"Come with me," he said. The charming man stared at the treasure cat on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder and he was still puzzled and asked again:"you really don't have any treasure? Why does my sweetie like you so much? This is impossible. "


Qi Aoshuang tried her best to recall, then she lightly shook her head." I have no treasures right now. I wonder what your treasure is asking for? "

"Treasures are rare treasures. No other requirements." The charming man stared at Qi Aoshuang and walked ahead of him. He floated ahead of them, to be exact. Qi Aoshuang looked at the charming man in front of him. He didn't even walk with his feet, but floating on the ground with an air of detachment.

"Be quick! After you get the core of the fire and get out of here." The charming man turned his head and shouted towards Qi Aoshuang's group.

White Emperor and Black Feather looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock. They had both experienced the power of this charming man ahead of them but they didn't expect him to help them get the core of the fire.

With a strong, charming man, everything was very simple. Those living creatures that were in the way, which intended to attack them, were all blown to bits by the charming men. It was worth mentioning that these were all objects without thoughts. Thinking animals did not dare to approach. On the way, they had encountered a demon race and two goblin races. However, from afar, when they could see the charming man, they ran faster away. And the strengths of the demons and goblin races were far above Qi Aoshuang and her company. Qi Aoshuang and the other two were wondering who was this man. What about his strength? What was this world?

The night and day coexisted here, so one could not sense the time.

They didn't know how long they had been walking for. Qi Aoshuang and her company were able to hold on and the charming man also didn't have any signs of fatigue. But among them, a little thing was tired.

The treasure cat, who was squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder yawned and narrowed its eyes.

"Have a rest, get some sleep and continue" That charming man stopped as he would no t care about if Qi Aoshuang and her company would disagree.

Qi Aoshuang,White Emperor and Black Feather looked at each other and didn't say anything. They stopped. They had entered the world at night, and after walking for a long time, they were indeed a bit tired. The charming man leaned against a tree and watched as Qi Aoshuang and her company set up a tent to start a bonfire to roast meat.

"Fizz," It's good. How long has it been since I've eaten cooked food? " The charming man came up to them and frowned as he recalled.

Meow? The treasure cat's eyes opened wide and its eyes widened as it looked at the meat in Qi Aoshuang's hands. It then kept meowing.

"Not yet, I'll give it to you later. "Qi Aoshuang looked at the treasure cat who was standing on her shoulder with wide eyes and said with a smile. This cute little cat, Qi Aoshuang liked it very much, even though its master didn't like her.

"Meow, meow, meow," The treasure cat licked its tongue. The charming man waved his hand in the air, and a delicate cushion appeared in his hands. He carefully laid the cushion beside him. The treasure cat meowed in satisfaction. Then, it jumped off Qi Aoshuang's shoulder, then curled up into a ball and then lay down on the cushion.

Qi Aoshuang was roasting meat while White Emperor and Black Feather were adding firewood and stewing soup. All three of them were silent.

"You, are you sure you don't have any treasures?" The charming man rubbed his chin, as he didn't give up and asked, "my sweetie had never made a mistake."

Qi Aoshuang raised her head to look at the charming man, then continued to speak out a sentence, "I definitely have no treasures with me. I poured everything out of the spatial ring, you can check. "

"No, as long as your consciousness and mine work together, then I can check." The charming man extended his hand and placed it on Qi Aoshuang's forehead, "don't resist my consciousness, be on the same level with my consciousness, relax."

White Emperor and Black Feather frowned as they were about to speak. Qi Aoshuang used her eyes to stop them. The charming man didn't have the killing intent, he wouldn't harm himself.

Qi Aoshuang twitched her mouth in annoyance, but she knew that if she didn't let this guy make it clear, he would still ask her. She could only follow the consciousness which slowly entered his mind. A moment later, the charming man withdrew his hand. He rubbed his beautiful chin and continued to frown as he looked at Qi Aoshuang. He muttered, "There's nothing left. That's weird. Why my sweetie follows you? "

Qi Aoshuang ignored the charming man and continued to apply the sesame oil on the roast meat. The fragrant scent permeated the air. The roasted meat crackled in the air, causing people's appetite to increase greatly. Qi Aoshuang's heart was filled with shock. This person could actually control the consciousness of others and observe the contents of other people's spatial rings. What a terrible man!

"Meow!" The treasure cat stared at the roasted meat in Qi Aoshuang's hands and did not look away. It purred as if urging Qi Aoshuang to be faster.

When the meat was finally ready, Qi Aoshuang tore off a piece and handed it to the treasure cat. The kitten used its claws to hold the fragrant roasted meat. It snuffled when it ate in satisfaction. Qi Aoshuang couldn't help but laugh as she looked at the kitten's innocent and bewitching manner.

"Me too." The charming man spat out a sentence as he stared at Qi Aoshuang. Due to his identity, he did not want to snatch away foods from Qi Aoshuang's hands. Seizing treasures and robbing food was completely different!

Qi Aoshuang glanced at the charming man askance. Without a word, she divided the roast meat into four parts. She handed the smallest portion to him, and the other three factions were separated to White Emperor, Black Feather and herself. The charming man looked at the smallest portion of the grilled meat in his hands. He cursed silently in his heart, "villains hold sway!" Wasn't it for my Sweetie who like you? I'll tear you all to pieces when it don't like you. While the charming man was angry, there was some movement in the corner of his shirt. Lowering his head, he saw his sweetie was rubbing her greasy paws on the corner of his coat. When it finished, it patted his bulging belly with its little paw and fell asleep on the mat. Lovely little kitten. Qi Aoshuang looked at the treasure cat which was sleeping on his back and smiled. The charming man didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he looked at his greasy clothes. His eyes turned soft when he turned to look at the treasure cat. The charming man ate the roast meat and grabbed the soup made by Black Feathers. He took a sip and said, "it's been a long time since anyone from the outside world has come to this world. "Oh, no human being has been here and exist for a long time, to be exact.

"What does that mean?" Qi Aoshuang suspected.

"Where are you from? Oh, where the hell are you from, these two goblins, they must have come from the goblin world. " The charming man chewed on his meat in satisfaction. Goblin ... Qi Aoshuang looked at White Emperor and Black Feather. Previously, this charming man had said that White Emperor and Black Feather were goblins, and they belong to the goblin race? The appearance of the goblins was in proportion to their strength, and the more beautiful they were, the stronger their strength will be. So the White Emperor and Black Feather were high-grade goblins, so she was unable to learn their identities from the beginning. She had even mistook them as magical beasts.

"I am from the Ceylon Continent," Qi Aoshuang answered.

"Haha, I hope you can come to this world with your own strength in the future". The charming man said this significant sentence.

"What's that?" Qi Aoshuang asked puzzledly.

"You'll know in the future." The charming man was perfunctory and chewed on his meat.

Qi Aoshuang looked at White Emperor and Black Feather, wanting to know the answer from them. However, the two of them were surprisingly tacit at this moment. They shook their heads and whispered, "you'll know in the future."