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 "Be careful," he said. The White Emperor frowned slightly as he warned Black Feather.

"I know," said Black Feather. Strangely enough, Black Feather, who had been displaying his rebellious tone with Emperor White, immediately agreed. However, his tone was not very good. There were hidden dangers everywhere. Every step should be careful.

Just as Black Feather was about to finish his words, he stepped on something, and a piercing sound was heard.

Black Feather turned around and threw Qi Aoshuang to the ground without thinking.

The whizz sound was followed by the sound of tuk-tuk.

Three steel needles, about thirty centimeters long, were inserted into the tree trunk above their heads. The steel needle actually glowed with green light, which obviously contained poison.

Somebody ambush? Qi Aoshuang had thought of this first. She was horrified because she didn't feel anyone was around.

"Watch your step." White Emperor stood up, looking at the spot where Black Feather had stepped on, and coldly said.

Black Feather purred and said, "How should I know that this bad flower's roots can grow for so long?"

Qi Aoshuang was slightly taken aback. What did he mean? Was it not human that attacked them?

" It is poison needle flowers," White Emperor looked at Qi Aoshuang's puzzled expression and explained, "this flower will not attack anyone. Unless someone attacks it, it will counterattack. That idiot Black Feather stepped on the roots of the poison needle blossom which was exposed outside. "

Qi Aoshuang turned around to look. Sure enough, she saw a naked root where Black Feather was standing. Looking along the long roots and she saw a black flower that looked as big as a washbasin.

"Be careful, this flower isn't something. A lot of unremarkable small animals and little plants are even more frightening." The White Emperor helped Qi Aoshuang to his feet as he softly warned her.

Black Feather frowned in annoyance. Being lectured by the White Emperor was even more painful than being killed.

"Then you go ahead, and shit! "Black Feather and the White Emperor changed their positions and walked behind Qi Aoshuang.

The White Emperor didn't waste any more words as he carefully walked ahead. If this place could not apply magic, he would not apply it. It would be terrible if it attracted unnecessary trouble. There were no rules in this world, the strongest was the king. No need for any reason to kill and steal. Be cautious and careful.

The White Emperor was obviously much more careful, and he carefully led Qi Aoshuang and Black Feather in the forest. There was no danger. Just before the end of the woods, a strange thing happened.

"Meow ~" A soft, cat-like sound was heard among the crowd.

The White Emperor carefully stopped and looked at the surroundings with vigilance.

"What is it?" Black Feather also looked alert.

Qi Aoshuang did not say anything and searched for the origin of the sound.

The meowing voice came from behind a tree. Then, a snowy white kitten walked out from that tree. The kitten was only the size of a fist, and it was snow white, with no motley hair on it. Its amber eyes were round and big, and it looked curiously at Qi Ao Shuang and the rest.

"This ... Could it be? " White Emperor shouted.

"It should be. But she should have a master. " Blackie's complexion sank. He turned around and looked around, sensing if there were others around.

"No one".White Emperor frowned and asked, "is it wild? It have no master? "

"What is this animal?" Qi Aoshuang looked at the two of them seriously and naturally understood that the little animal before him was definitely not simple. It was not as simple as a kitten.

"It's a treasure cat, it's also called treasure hunting cat. It's a treasure hunting beast! " The White Emperor didn't dare to relax in the slightest. He continued to sense the surroundings. Although he had sensed that no one existed, he didn't exclude the fact that there were people who were far superior to them. One had to know that it was basically impossible for such a rare animal to have no owner.

"Treasure hunting cat?" Qi Aoshuang was slightly stunned. Does that mean it would look for treasures? "

"Yup. She can find treasures within a radius of a thousand miles, and she can be said to be a treasure lover. The White Emperor nodded. She should have a master, perhaps when its master didn't notice, it slipped out. Let's go, the person who can have the treasure cats is not a mortal. "

Qi Aoshuang looked at White Emperor's serious attitude, and didn't say anything further. She followed White Emperor and continued walking forward.

"Meow!" They didn't know although they wanted to leave, but the kitten didn't want to let them go. The treasure cat meowed, then squatted on Qi Aoshuang's shoulders. How speedy! She didn't even see the cat's movements when it was squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder.

Qi Aoshuang froze. She looked at the treasure cat from the corner of her eyes. The treasure cat crouched on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder and stretched out its claws to lick it first. Then, it looked at Qi Aoshuang with green eyes. In fact, the cat's eyes didn't actually let out a green light, but they were still amber. However, in Qi Aoshuang's eyes, it seemed like the cat was looking at her with green eyes, as if she was looking at a treasure that it liked.

"Crap, did you have any treasures she liked?" Black Feather frowned as he looked at the surroundings anxiously. If this treasure cat's owner appeared, it would be bad.

A treasure? Qi Aoshuang thought for a moment before asking, "Only the Liuliyan is a treasure, right?

"Then hand it over! I'll spare you! "Suddenly, a sonorous voice rang out in the air, shaking their ears.

"Who's that?" Black Feather's heart sank. There was someone talking, but they couldn't sense his presence! That meant that he was an expert! They weren't his match. Black Feather cursed silently in his heart. He was really unlucky . He actually met such a terrifying expert from the beginning.

Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly. Liuliyan was not a thing to be handed over casually? You must be joking! That cute little girl just now was still happily calling her mother-in-law. How could it be delivered like this?

"Hum! If you don't hand it to me, then I'll take it myself! " There was a hint of anger in that loud voice. The next moment, a terrifying atmosphere covered Qi Aoshuang's body.

Qi Aoshuang suddenly felt weak all over her body and her breathing became difficult.

The White Emperor and Black Feather were about to make some moves when the Treasure Cat mewed in a panicked voice. The terrifying pressure that had enveloped Qi Aoshuang in that moment was lost. Qi Aoshuang felt a wave of shock in her heart as if she had been reborn. She didn't have the ability to fight back and nearly died, but she didn't even know what the other party was like.

"Sweetie, come over here. I won't kill them all." There was actually a hint of ingratiation in that resonating voice, and the anger from before was missing.

With a whoosh, Liuliyan, who was in Qi Aoshuang's embrace, drifted out of her embrace, floating in the air, and then slowly approached the treasure cat that was squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder.

"Grandma, save me. Wuuuuuuu, I don't want to part from my husband." Liuliyan's crying came to Qi Aoshuang's mind. Qi Aoshuang wanted to reach out to grab Liuliyan, but she found that she could not move.

Meow! The treasure cat that crouched on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder only meowed in disdain. It turned his head and looked at Liu Li Yan. His eyes were still green as he looked at Qi Aoshuang.

"Sweetie, don't you want this? What do you want? "That sonorous voice has a hint of doubt.

"Meow!" The treasure cat waved its paw and grabbed Qi Aoshuang's hair.

"What treasures do you have, hand it over to me quickly, I can spare you all from dying." The sonorous voice sounded again, and Liuliyan, who was now losing control and fell to the ground. In the next moment, Qi Aoshuang's body became lighter and she could move.

Qi Aoshuang squatted down and put Liuliyan back into her bosom. Then, she said to the air in front of her, "You've heard what we just said. I have no other treasures besides this."

"Shit! Why my sweetie follow you if you have no treasures? " The sonorous voice became angry again.

"How should I know!" Qi Aoshuang retorted without any hesitation.

The White Emperor and Black Feather exchanged a look, their eyes uneasy. They were definitely no match for this person. If they annoyed him, they wouldn't be able to save their own lives, not even to say getting the core of the fire.

"Hey, you brat, you're still angry!" The resonant voice did not contain any trace of anger at this moment. Then, the air in front of him began to flow slightly. A human figure slowly appeared before everyone.

The man in front of him had long, flowing hair, and his moon-colored robe showed off his slender body. His thin, sensual lips, and his pair of eyes were squinting at Qi Aoshuang. But such a charming man is bursting with anger. " It's really hard to imagine.

"Sweetie, come over here." The charming man reached out his hand and waved towards the treasure cat which was squatting on Qi Aoshuang's shoulder. But the Treasure Cat actually ignore the beckoning of the charming man, but instead looked at Qi Aoshuang with a green light in its eyes.

"Hand over your treasure," he said. Seeing the treasure cat ignore him, the charming man became even more furious. He shouted at Qi Aoshuang, "If you don't hand it over, I'll kill you and take the spatial ring."

Meow! When the treasure cat heard his master's words, it raised its claws angrily. The next moment, it appeared on the face of the man and scratched the face of the charming man mercilessly. A few bloody marks appeared on that beautiful face .

Qi Aoshuang and the other two were dumbfounded. This pet was so rude to his own master! However, that charming man's attitude was even unexpectedly gentle. He lifted the treasure cat that was lying on his face and asked in an ingratiating manner, "then what do you want, sweetie? I will not kill her, okay? "


Qi Aoshuang's group were flabbergasted. A few streaks of blood remained on the flawless face, but the beautiful face still had a flattering smile.