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 Qi Aoshuang, White Emperor and Black Feather disappeared into the faint light ring. Camille smiled as he put the Sky Slaughter away, his eyes restored to the original blue color.

Camille's wrist flashed and the Sky Slaughter suddenly disappeared.

"My beloved toys, how can I let others destroy it recklessly?" Camille's lips curled up in a sinister smile, and he looked at the messy bed of Qi Aoshuang.

Camille stood silently for a few seconds, then went up to tidy the bed for Qi Aoshuang ...

Qi Aoshuang felt the world spin at this moment. The surroundings were all gray, and she could feel nothing.

"Chirp chirp!"

"Ho ho!"

The two familiar sounds brought Qi Aoshuang back to earth . She subconsciously reached out and grasped the claws of the two little things in her hand.

At last there was a light in front of them, and then it grew brighter.

Qi Aoshuang went out of the light, and finally, her feet finally landed. Land! ' Before she could look around, she suddenly felt that the touch in her hands was a bit strange.

Qi Aoshuang squeezed her hands, then frowned and looked down at her hands. She realized that she was holding a large hand.

Qi Aoshuang looked up numbly and looked to the left. Her hair was like snow, her eyes were like the moon. An immaculate smile was imperceptibly beautiful.

A human-shaped white emperor!

Qi Aoshuang looked to the right again: her hair was like ink, and her eyes were like stars. The corners of his mouth were with a charming smile as he stared at Qi Aoshuang decisively.

It's a human Black Feather!

And one of their hands was now in her hands.

Qi Aoshuang quickly withdrew her hand and was astonished. "Why do you guys turn back to human form?"

"Because it's a special world," she said. White Emperor looked around and softly said.

"Yo, it's filled with power. Hazhou, Black Feather stretched his waist and narrowed his beautiful eyes as he said contentedly, "If I don't move, my bones will rust!"

"Where is it?" Qi Aoshuang looked at the surroundings and asked in astonishment.

The air was very fresh and full of green, endless fields, and a range of hills and bottoms of the floor. The large flowers were abnormally fragrant, and the grass in the distance was half a person tall.

The air is exceptionally fresh, and the front is full of verdant hills. The flowers are particularly fragrant, and the grass was so half-person high in the distance.

"The chaotic world." The White Emperor raised his head and looked at the sky! "

Chaotic world? Qi Aoshuang raised her head and stared in the direction that White Emperor was pointing at. The sun was in the sky, while the other half had a bright moon. The world seemed to be divided into two parts. One was a bright world, and the other side was darkness.

"Night and day co-exist here," the Black Feather smiled sinisterly as he lowered his head to the side of Qi Aoshuang's ear. "This world has all sorts of races. It's full of power, and that's how we get back to the human shape. Humans are very dangerous here. Oh, you need to stay close to me. Don't let the demons eat you. " Black Feather laughed softly. The hot air was blown beside Qi Aoshuang's ear, and he suddenly moved closer to him, ready to kiss Qi Aoshuang's ear. Qi Aoshuang did not notice Black Feather's intent. It did not mean that the White Emperor didn't notice.

The White Emperor had a cold expression on his face, and his eyes had no ripples. His actions were not vague. With a light flick of his finger, a small bolt of lightning struck black feather's head. With a snap, the Black Feather was caught off guard by the attack. The dark hair was scorched.

Black Feather twitched his mouth and prepared to attack.

"Do you want to attract others?" The White Emperor said coldly.

Black Feather glanced at the Qi Aoshuang and finally suppressed the rage in his heart. If they met a stronger one from this world, even in their heyday, they could only barely escape. It would be best to leave this place as soon as that annoying Camille said that they should leave after they help Aoshuang get to the core of fire. Thinking up to this point, Black Feather suddenly frowned and asked seriously, "Aoshuang, who exactly is Camille?" Qi Aoshuang was stunned. What kind of place was this place? She had seen the strength of the human-shaped White Emperor and Black Feather. But now that they had regained their human form, they were so careful. The creatures in this world were even more powerful? Chaotic world? Why hadn't she heard it before?

After hearing Black Feather's question, the White Emperor turned his head to look at Qi Aoshuang. His eyes also had a serious look. Camille said the Sky Slaughter was the key to the open the Spatial Realm, and it could be used more easily. What was his identity?!

Qi Aoshuang frowned and said, "I ... I don't know. At first he was just a scholar, and he surpassed the number one scholar in the imperial city. Later, I knew he was a killer and a very powerful killer. "

"We know all that. "Black Feather continued to say," this guy seemed very strong. How unpleasant. " Black Feather rolled his eyes and mumbled.

"After we get the core of fire, we will go and ask him." The White Emperor's words were concise. " Let's find the core of fire and return immediately. This place isn't something that we can stay for long. " The White Emperor frowned slightly. If they were to in full time, it would be better. At present, they were not in their heyday and they were with Aoshuang. If they encountered any problems, they would really be unable to retreat.

"That boy made me feel bad." Black Feather said.

Qi Aoshuang remained silent. In her mind was the color in Camille's eyes which changed when she saw his last sight. Camille's eyes were originally blue, but in the end, one became black, one was red. Was he really just a human?

"Let's go, Aoshuang, go to the valley to the west as soon as possible. Camille said the core of fire should be there. " The White Emperor spoke in a low tone.

"Okay." Qi Aoshuang nodded and was about to take a step forward when a young voice sounded out in Qi Aoshuang's mind. "Mom, Mom!"

"The Golden Lotus?!" Qi Aoshuang stopped his steps.

"Where is this place? Why is it so powerful? Haha, what a great place. I can exchange the form of a person here! " At this moment, the Golden Lotus suddenly woke up. She turned into a beautiful boy in front of Qi Aoshuang and the other two. The young boy was only three to four years old with a jade eyeball, blonde hair and eyebrows. His clothes was also golden which was elegant. Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Qi Aoshuang's shirt.

"Mum, hug me." The little boy grinned, his cherubic smile even more charming.

"Golden Lotus?" Qi Aoshuang yelled out tentatively. The voice belonged to Golden Lotus, but the appearance was not like ... The Golden Lotus's tone seemed at least a teenager. But it was a chubby cute and tender child.

"Mom, it's me, it's me. I want to hug you." Golden Lotus chuckled, stretching out his hands.

"You little wolf." In the next moment, the small body of Golden Lotus was picked up by Black Feather, "you little wolf."

"Nonsense! I... Golden Lotus's face turned red as she snorted coldly. Before she could even finish her words, a tender voice sounded.

"Let go of my husband!" . What? Everyone's eyes were wide open as they stared at the little girl in white clothes. This little girl looked no more than five years old. She wore a snow-white dress, and her chubby cheeks were full of anger. She looked at Black Feather, her big eyes were full of anger, her red lips curled up. And it's a very beautiful little kid.

Hubby? Black Feather looked at the little girl in surprise, who had suddenly appeared. He turned around and looked at the Golden Lotus in his hands. The Golden Lotus just now was still showing off its strength, but now it hung its head and pretended to not exist.

'Your husband? ' This one? "Black Feather was so shocked that his mouth opened wide. When did the kids become so precocious. One who knew how to take advantage of the situation, and one was addressing hubby?

"Nonsense, my husband is not him, is it you?" The little girl clenched her fist in anger as she raised her hand up.

Black Feather: "..."

"Liu Li Yan?" Qi Aoshuang had seen this little girl before. She was the treasure that had trapped them in the small town of the desert. In the end, she became her treasure.

"I've seen Nanny..." Who knew that the little girl would actually bow down to Qi Aoshuang.

Phew!!! Everyone sprayed out their spittle.

Qi Aoshuang let out a cold look, and the corner of Black Feather's mouth twitched nonstop. Even White Emperor, who had a straight face, slightly twitched his mouth.

I met... Grandma, ... Oh!

Qi Aoshuang suddenly felt that her brain was a little suspicious. It seemed like this child should call her master?

"Don't scream. I, I haven't promised to marry you yet." Golden Lotus raised her head and snapped her claws, blowing cold air.

"I'll marry you." The girl in white grinned, revealing her snow-white teeth.She was so cute.

Black Feather let go of his hand. Golden Lotus didn't even react because she was still in shock and sat down straightly on the ground. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, my arse.The little girl went up to knead for Golden Lotus.

Golden Lotus was frightened as it circled the three of them, and the little girl followed him. One hiding, one chasing.

"It seems that not only will we be able to recover our human form in this world, so do they." White Emperor said solemnly.

"That's right." Black Feather looked down at the two little kids who were spinning around them, grinning.

"Mom, I'm going to run first. I can't stand her anymore." After saying that, a golden light flashed and disappeared.

"Grandma, Liu Li will go first. "The little girl hurriedly stomped her feet as well, and disappeared.

Qi Aoshuang gulped and looked up at the sky. She couldn't help exclaiming that this world was really crazy ...

"Alright, let's hurry. "White Emperor frowned slightly.

"Okay." Qi Aoshuang nodded, and the three of them quickly walked west.

The place they were was a hillside, with half-person tall grass growing on the hillside. The tall grass will swing in the wind. Black Feather walked in front and opened the road. Below the hill was a dense forest, and out of the forest was ranges of mountains while the western valley was their destination.

"To be honest, I'm curious. Why does Camille know about the core of fire in the west valley?" Black Feather said in a low voice.

"In any case, he's not human," said White Emperor coldly. No matter what, it seemed like he wouldn't do harm to Aoshuang at the moment. Let's find the core of the fire to help Aoshuang and gain a high level of strength. "

Black Feather was silent as he walked more quickly ahead. Qi Aoshuang walked in the middle while White Emperor followed behind him. The three of them walked down the hill and into the thick woods.