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 Everyone was stunned for a moment, then they all began to laugh silently.

"Follow the lead of deputy regimental commander." Waldo pouted his lips, feeling a little annoyed. Now he could tell that Camille would lead them to snatch Uusary. Qi Aoshuang would not participate, but to increase her strength. Finally, the two nations would jointly launch battles against Ampagland. That's good, very good! If he could avenge Aoshuangt, he would be able to eradicate the hypocritical Divine Light Temple. Waldo's heart was not happy, because he had only seen Qi Aoshuang before he was about to part! Waldo thought silently in his heart. Alright, I'll endure this for the time being in order to get Aoshuang's revenge as soon as possible and clear her grievances.

Qiao Chuxin frowned, "Ah! Then, you mean Aoshuang go to Lagka? No! I have to go too! I don't want to part with Aoshuang. " After saying that, Qiao Chuxin was about to rush over and wrap Qi Aoshuang's arms.

"You will encumber her. You are weak now, not weak. I don't want her to go to Lagka, but to train her and to improve her strength. "Camille's words successfully stopped Qiao Chuxin, who looked at Camille and knew that Camille was speaking the truth." Although her strength was much stronger than an ordinary archer, she was still weaker than Qi Aoshuang.

"Experience? Where? " Not only was Qi Aoshuang confused, but everyone present was puzzled.

"You don't need to worry about that. You just need to stay and help me. No objections? " Camille took a comfortable sip of tea and looked at Leng Lingyun before looking back at Jin Yan.

Everyone's expressions were complex, but no one objected.

Only Aosta looked at Qi Aoshuang and said faintly, "I will watch."

Camille shrugged his shoulders and said: "do as you like".Camille does not count this elf in .

Camille analyzed the situation, and arranged things. Such a quick and decisive method made everyone feel a little uncomfortable and more surprised.

"You, take everyone down to have a rest." Camille softly instructed Xi Shaosi.

Xi Shaosi immediately bounced up and smiled at everyone. "Everyone, please follow me to your bedroom for a hot bath, then come out for dinner."

Aosta was the first to stand up, loving cleanliness was the nature of all the elves. The others also stood up and followed after Xi Shaosi. Xi Shaofeng also led the way for the crowd and allocate rooms for them.

In the blink of an eye, only Camille and Qi Aoshuang were left in the hall.

The surrounding was completely silent.

After a long time, Qi Aoshuang slowly turned her head to look at Camille. She gently opened her mouth and closed it again. Her heart was filled with complex emotions. Why would he help me?' Qi Aoshuang suddenly realized that she didn't understand Camille. Shouldn't he be very cool? Why would he spend so much efforts to help her this time? Why would he be opponent of Ampagland and the Light Temple. Camille had joined the mercenary group on a whim, and Qi Aoshuang could not find a reason for Camille to do this.

Camille laughed, still smiling gently. He stood up and rubbed Qi Aoshuang's small head, saying, "Don't think about the reason why I'm going to do this. You just need to know I will remove your pain and wash away your grievances." If you really feel puzzled, you can think in the way that I'm too bored to find something to do.

Qi Aoshuang recalled that the same reason Camille had joined her mercenary group was because he was too bored, so he found something to do. "You're telling me to improve my strength?" Qi Aoshuang asked doubtfully, her lips gently lifted.

"I will tell you. Now go to rest, take a hot bath, I have a lot to explain after dinner. " Camille withdrew his hand and smiled and left.

Qi Aoshuang sat there dumbfounded and slowly stretched out her hand to feel her head. It was very warm. Camille's big hand was warm when he put it there. Not only there, but also inside the heart. This kind of feeling made Qi Aoshuang recalled a lot of things. The warmth that had been absent for a long time had made Qi Aoshuang think of Catherine. She also remembered a person long time ago, who had a gentle smile like Catherine's. Her real mother...

After a long time, Qi Aoshuang slowly stood up and went back to her room to take a shower.

Dinner was unusually luxurious.

All kinds of delicious delicacies filled the table, and there was even a roast pig in the middle of the long table. In front of Aosta were elegant vegetables for and peace-loving elves did not eat meat. Luya withdrew after he poured fragrant wine for everyone.

"Carmen," Waldo had just opened his mouth to call Camille, and his words had changed. "Wise deputy regimental commander, I would like to ask, where will Aoshuang go?"

Camille lifted his glass and smiled faintly, "you don't need to care about that."

Everyone looked at each other with complicated expressions. Camille was still smiling like a spring breeze, gracefully sipping the wine. What did Camille want? What a mystery.

"All you have to do is cooperate with me to take down Uusari," he said. Camille squinted at the people in the hall and said slowly, "Of course, you can retreat now if you don't believe me!"

There was a moment of silence in the hall, and Camille's earlier plans made them impossible to fault. Qi Aoshuang also slightly frowned and didn't say anything. At this moment, Camille was unfamiliar, completely different from before. What is different? It seemed that under that perfect smile, there was a faint anger.

Ampagland, Light Temple.

Camille raised his glass, and they all raised their glasses.

Camille slowly sipped the wine in his cup, and a faint, terrifying cold light flashed through his eyes. Ampagland, Light Temple, you, are you prepared to bear my anger?

In the dead of night.

Leng Lingyun lay quietly on the bed, thinking about what Camille had said today, and the arrangements he made. He had a question. Was Camille really just a famous scholar and killer? Was that all? He was an assassin who always did what he wanted to do. The number one assassin, he would be so careful to help Aoshuang. What was his purpose? Jin Yan and Waldo were also thinking about this question. They were all equally unable to think of why Camille would be doing this to help Qi Aoshuang.

But no matter what his purpose was, what he was doing was helping Qi Aoshuang. It was enough. If he was going to do something to harm Qi Aoshuang, they would never let him off!

Qi Aoshuang sat cross-legged on the bed at this moment. The White Emperor and Black Feather were resting on their soft pillows, their eyes squinting comfortably.

Lotus Classics, she remembered that S Konglin had said that he would appear when she was at the twelfth level of practice. However, it seemed that she had reached a bottleneck, and she couldn't break through.

Just as Qi Aoshuang was frowning and thinking, a light knock came from the door.

"Come in." Qi Aoshuang looked at the bedroom door and said faintly. She had already heard the footsteps. Camille.

Camille pushed the door open and came in smiling.

What's up, wise regimental commander, it is so late?" Qi Aoshuang tilted her head and looked at Camille, who had closed the door and walked over.

"Aoshuang, do you remember that I said that I would let you experience and increase your strength?" Camille sat on the edge of the bed and asked, smiling.

"You told me tonight, I wouldn't be so forgetful." Qi Aoshuang rolled her eyes at Camille and said unpleasantly.

"Aoshuang, do you know how many dimensions this world has?" Camille suddenly stopped smiling.

"Mortal, demonic world, demon realm, god realm." Qi Aoshuang answered.

Camille smiled. "You're half right."

"What's that?" Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly. The Camille in front of her gave off this strange feeling again.

However, Camille's face once again revealed the gentle smile that Qi Aoshuang was familiar with. "The place I sent you to is very dangerous, but the risk and profits are the same. There are treasures that can raise your strength. You can only fight against an eight-winged angel right now. You need to increase your strength as soon as possible. " Camille knew very well that Qi Aoshuang could only fight against an eight-winged angel. If the two eight-winged angels attacked her at the same time, she would probably be in danger. Luckily, the highest position of angels who can descend to the mortal world were eight-winged angel. The archangels of the ten wings and twelve wings cannot descend.

What? Qi Aoshuang was shocked.

"You have the Sky Slaughter, right?" Camille smiled, "Take it out, I can save a lot of energy."

Qi Aoshuang's mind was filled with questions, but she still took out the Sky Slaughter.

"Ha! It haven't opened it yet as I expected. Don't these people know it is the spatial key?" Camille took the Sky Slaughter, smiling and said those words softly, but Qi Aoshuang's expression changed drastically. Camille? Who was he?

"Go to the deep valley to the west and read this spell when you get the heart of fire." Camille leaned close to Qi Aoshuang's ear and murmured a short spell. "Remember, you need to recite a spell when you get it. I will bring you out." That place isn't something you can stay for a long time. "

Qi Aoshuang looked at Camille in shock, while Camille placed the Sky Slaughter into the air, and it quietly floated up.

" Road to the chaotic world, open!!" Camille's eyes narrowed slightly, and his fingers gently pointed. The Sky Slaughter slowly spun around in the air, then turned around and stopped. The traces of it transformed into a faint ring of light which didn't fade away.

"Go, Aoshuang, remember, you're not allowed to die there." Camille turned his head and looked at Qi Aoshuang, who was in shock. He said with a domineering tone and smiled faintly. He placed a gentle kiss on Qi Ashuang's forehead, and Qi Aoshuang was pulled up into the light ring before she came back to herself. Before the White Emperor and Black Feather awake, Camille grabbed them in his hands and threw them into the light ring.

Qi Aoshuang's final expression was quite astonished because Qi Aoshuang could clearly see that Camille's blue eyes had a strange glow. If she didn't see wrongly, a black light appeared in Camille's one eye, while the other was red!

Who's Camille?!