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 Waldo was kicked to the ground by Camille's elegant movement of foot.

"What you do?" Waldo turned around his head on the floor and looked at Camille with hatred. "Tell me what is the matter if I hug Aosuang to express my excitement? "

"Oh, what's the matter if I kicked you?" Camille spoke the words, smiling.

Waldo shivered.The cold light in Camille's beautiful eyes didn't not only mean what was the matter as he kicked him, but more like what was the matter if I dabbed at your neck with a knife at night?

Waldo wisely ran to the seat on the other side of Qi Aoshuang and squeezed Xi Shaoqi off the seat. Xi Shaoqi's face was full of bitterness, but he didn't dare to speak. Waldo has a higher position than them, and he was also stronger. Every time Camille bullies him, he would vent his anger on the two brothers. He was the type of person who would bully the weak but fear the strong.

"Aoshuang, I'm telling you ..." Waldo became eloquent. He began to boast about his travels and how his strengths improved. He talked about the branch halls he had sneak-attacked. However, he didn't mention how he was chased after and trapped by many experts.

Qi Aoshuang smiled and didn't interrupt, waiting for Waldo to chatter on. Finally, Waldo was tired, and Qi Aoshuang introduced the others. When she introduced that Judy who was dressed in red was actually a dragon, Camille's eyes flashed a unnoticeable light. What caused everyone to be shocked was the existence of Aosta who was actually the prince of the elvish clan. After introductions, Waldo bounced to the side of Dong Fenghou and asked him aside to inquire why he had changed.

Xi Shaosi told Qi Aoshuang about the things after they had returned.

"Uzas' reputation in Uusari is high. Of course, it's not for his former identity, but his current identity. People called him a Swashbuckler. They don't even know his identity. And now, the emperor had sent soldiers to encircle and annihilate them more than once". Shi Shaosi reported seriously.

"Nonsense, the emperor also realizes that there is a threat. "Xi Shaoqi hummed.

"Um, good. Now all we have to do is to take back everything Uzas deserves. " Qi Aoshuang smiled. With Uzas' support, the first thing needed to do was to eliminate all the forces of Light in Uusari!

"That means to go to the capital city of Uusari."Xi Shaoqi felt happily as he had something interesting to do finally.

"There is a branch hall of the Light Temple in the capital of Uusari." Camille tapped the table gently, his voice was soft, "the Temple will intervene in a coup like this."

Qi Aoshuang nodded gently.

"Dong Fenghou, Waldo and the Xi brothers, you guys bring people to take apart the palace. I will go with Leng Lingyun to the palace. " Camille took out a map and spread it out on the table. He was clearly prepared.

"Look, the layout of the shrine is like this. There are only two cardinal in the temple. The archbishop had died in the confrontation with Aoshuang last time. The new archbishop had not been voted yet. "Camille's long white fingers moved on the map."

"It's not necessary to look at the layout. Now these trees or bullshit bishops aren't even my opponent now." Waldo's nostrils flared with cold air as he said disdainfully.

"Pig heads." Camille gracefully smiled. He said the words in a clear and gentle voice.

Waldo's face turned red because of anger, but before he could speak, he heard Qi Aoshuang snorted coldly. Valdo's arrogance subsided and went aside and became silent.

"Sir, please continue, honorable Captain." Qi Aoshuang smiled at Camille. Camille fiddled with his bangs on his forehead and posed a graceful and perfect pose and continued.

"It's not difficult to destroy the temple, but after we destroy it, there will be a lot of people willing to fund it. Even they will be bankrupt, those people are willing. " Camille continued blandly. The Temple had penetrated deep into the hearts of those people as the personification of tolerance, purity, greatness and justice. So, what we need to do is to break this illusion. "

"The two Cardinal don't like each other because they both want to be the archbishop," Camille had apparently found out all these out, and "there is a secret compartment behind the bookshelves in their study, where books are kept. The records on these account books cannot be seen by the public." After saying that, Camille looked meaningfully at the stunned Waldo. "Do you understand what you need to do now?"

"How do you know it clearly? Could it be that you went missing a short while ago ... " Waldo looked at Camille in surprise. Camille was the king of assassins. No one could stop him where he wanted to go.

Qi Aoshuang was also shocked. Camille did such a dangerous thing for her. Did he know that if he chose to stand on her side, he was to be the enemy of many people? Camille looked at Qi Aoshuang who was stunned. He smiled. The expression in his eyes was obvious. This was his choice.

"Memory crystals could be of great help. "Camille squinted, his eyes flashing with cold light." When the time comes, we'll have to record it in detail, and the account book, send it to everyone later". Camille's voice was soft, but it sounded eerie in the ears of the crowd. This technique was ruthless.

"You and Leng Lingyun go to the palace, can you make it?" Waldo finally caught the chance to satirize. Leng Lingyun was no longer the noble son of the Holy Light Temple. How could he safely enter the palace and carry out their plans? Was it that easy to start a coup?

"Of course not only us. There is also Jin Yan. "Camille smiled and looked at Jin Yan, then raised his eyebrows slightly. " Jin Yan, are you now a knight of the Kingdom of Ampagland, or a knight of Aoshuang's? "

Everyone was slightly surprised. Even Qi Aoshuang was stunned. They didn't understand what Camille meant by that.

However, Jin Yan did not hesitate. He indifferently said, "naturally, I am a knight for Miss." His voice was soft, but his tone was very firm.

"Haha, that's good." Camille smiled like a spring breeze and gracefully picked up a teacup and softly said, "do you have a dragon knight in Uusari?" After said this, Camille sipped. Tea, no more words.

Everyone immediately understood what Camille intended to say. There was no dragon knight in poor Uusari. If the Dragon Knight, Jin Yan, appeared in the imperial capital and the emperor, no matter how debauched this emperor was, he would know the importance of Dragon Knight. Then the emperor will try to win him over. Then it was not that Camille's group can not enter the palace, but the emperor would come to ask them if they would like to enter.

"So what." Waldo spoke the words and stopped.

"So, when the time comes?" Camille smiled, "gathering the ministers, finally let the emperor and the queen told the story back then. With Judy, all resistance is nil. "

"How can the emperor and queen tell the things happened before obediently?" Waldo grunted, his mouth twitching.

" I have a way." Camille smiled. "without spiritual control, I can make them tell the truth all back then."

"Is it so magical?" Waldo mumbled, his eyes tilted, but he didn't dare to say it out loud.

"And there's something more miraculous. I can make you sleep forever after you go asleep tonight." Camille squinted, smiling brightly.

Waldo shuddered and said nothing. He realized again how unwise it would be to retort Camille.

Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly as she listened to Camille's arrangement. She felt that something was not right. But what was wrong?

"Eh, where is Aoshuang?" Waldo suddenly recalled something.

Qi Aoshuang finally understood what was wrong with the plan. She was not in Camille's plan.

"That's the key point,". Camille stopped smiling and looked at Qi Aoshuang and said, "Aoshuang, what will you do if Lagka and the Ampagland begin to fight?"

What! Everyone in the hall looked at Camille in shock.

"The Light Temple is now greatly injured. The remaining forces have been put on you. Ampagland is looking for excuses. Things had already grown even more intense as they had been suppressing the Chamber of Commerce of the Feng Family. The Chamber of Commerce of the Feng Family has been a mainstay of the Lagka's economy. The emperor of Lagka was greedy, this time it only hastened the outbreak of conflict between the two countries". Camille looked at Qi Aoshuang with a burning gaze. He spoke clearly: "the Temple and Ampagland jointly suppressed the Chamber of Commerce of the Feng Family. Feng Yixun's appearance has temporarily changed the situation. But this is only for the time being. A war between the two countries is a matter of time. "

Qi Aoshuang quietly looked at Camille's serious face. After a long silence, she finally said, "how is the Li family of the four families of Lagka now?"

"They are actively preparing for battle." Camille said blandly, "there's a reason for it, taking revenge for your mother."

Qi Aoshuang froze for a moment as she stared at Camille, something flickering in her eyes.

"The target there is very large. "Camille said gently," give me half a year. No, three months, I will make Uusari support you and wipe out all the forces of Light in Uusari. You can do what you want to do during this period of time. Of course, these fellows must stay to help me. " Camille squinted at the crowd in the hall.

Everyone immediately understood Camille. Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi clenched their fists in excitement. This kind of thing was very exciting to hear. Qi Aoshuang was clear what the large target Camille mentioned meant. They were afraid that the Temple would send angles to interfere in the two countries' war. She was not sure how many angels will descend this time. At present, it seemed like there were two eight-winged angels. If these angels attacked the Li family or the Feng family, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"What you need to do is to improve your strength. All schemes are useless in front of absolute power." Camille lifted his cup and peeped at Xi Shaosi. Xi Shaosi felt a chill on his back looking at Camille's gentle gaze. He went to pour tea for Camille. Camille's eyes glanced at the cup in front of Qi Aoshuang. Xi Shaosi immediately understood and quickly poured tea for Qi Aoshuang.

"I..." Qi Aoshuang looked deeply at Camille, unable to say a word. This man was always so profound and unpredictable. What kind of person he was? Why did he do so much for her? Qi Aoshuang knew clearly in her heart that what Camille had just said was definitely not bragging. He had the strength to do such things.

"What do you think about it? If you have any objections, you can withdraw right now. This time, it's not just against Ampagland, but also the Light Temple. " Camille asked, smiling with squinting eyes. However, there wasn't the slightest temperature or bit of ripples in his eyes.