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 Qiao Chuxin and the Dong Fenghou were getting closer together on a same magical beast. From afar,Qiao Chuxin's reprimanding voice can be heard, "you idiot, you still have the nerve to say that you know the path to the Orc clan. If you're wrong this time, wait and see how I will deal with you!"

"This time, it will be right. I'm sure, definitely! "The howls of Dong Fenghou's begging for mercy could also be heard as Qiao Chuxin was pulling his ears.

Qi Aoshuang's face revealed a smile. Although Dong Fenghou was speaking more clearly than before, he was still that muddled. If it was not for the wrong way Dong Fenghou had chosen, they would be in danger. If they were to face the eight-winged angel, no matter how powerful magical beasts Dong Fenghou could summon, they wouldn't be able to defeat the eight-winged angel. And Chuxin wouldn't be a match for it too.

"What?! Aoshuang! " Qiao Chuxin saw Qi Aoshuang's figure from afar, and her voice was filled with surprise. He flicked the bottom of the magical beast and it quickly ran over.

Qi Aoshuang smiled as she stood in place, waiting for them.

"Aoshuang, why are you here?" Before the magical beast stop moving, Qiao Chuxin's heart throbbed and she hugged Qi Aoshuang.

"Things have changed. Let's go back to Uusari together, right?" Qi Aoshuang said softly, smiling.

'What? What's wrong? " Qiao Chuxin's complexion slightly changed. What did Aoshuang mean by this? Something wrong?

"Sit down first, have a rest. I'll tell you about it." Qi Aoshuang said calmly. They were naturally somewhat exhausted on the journey.

Qiao Chuxin sat down uneasily, feeling ominous. Dong Fenghou summoned the magical beast and sat beside Qiao Chuxin. He took out a water bag and handed it to Qiao Chuxin. Qiao Chuxin pushed it away and looked anxiously at Qi Aoshuang, waiting for Qi Aoshuang to speak.

When Qiao Chuxin and Dong Fenghou heard what Qi Aoshuang said, the two of them were stunned.

"It means ... we can't collect divine artifact? We could not revenge? "Qiao Chuxin stuttered when he asked. The disappointment in his eyes was clear.

"There's no need to be so pessimistic. There must be a way." Qi Aoshuang had a smile on her face, not showing any signs of fear.

"Yeah, there's definitely a way." Qiao Chuxin quickly nodded, trying to comfort Qi Aoshuang. When she raised her head, she saw Qi Aoshuang's determined expression. She could not say anything. She tried to comfort Qi Aoshuang, but it turned out that Aoshuang comforted her.

Then it was time to return to Uusari.

This time, it didn't have to rush so much as before, so Judy would rest when she felt exhausted, and they stopped and continued going.

"Er, Aoshuang, look, that valley is where we separated from Summer. There's a very powerful magical beast." Qiao Chuxin suddenly saw something from the sky downward and pointed at a mountain ridge below.

"Ah? What does that magical beast like? " Qi Aoshuang asked.

"So tall, his body is covered with fire. However, it moves quickly, "Qiao Chuxin said with a frown. She still had lingering fear in her heart when she thought of that monster.

Qiao Chuxin saw Qi Aoshuang's thoughtful expression and said in haste, "don't go down. It's too dangerous. That monster is really powerful. "

Qi Aoshuang nodded and didn't say anything else. She carefully checked the terrain below and memorized the location.

A few days later, they finally reached Qingquan town, which was located on the border of Uusari.

The town was still calm. Everyone was scattered in the corners of the only bar in the town. When night fell, Qi Aoshuang brought everyone to the front of an ordinary room. When the door opened, Luya was shocked when he saw the group of people standing in front of him.

"Can I help you?" Luya looked at the strangers in front of him and couldn't help but be alert. However, he still asked politely in confusion.

Qi Aoshuang remembered that her appearance hadn't recovered yet. She didn't have to hide anything now. Qi Aoshuang took out one leaf which could help recover appearances and swallowed it. She threw another one to Leng Lingyun.

Luya frowned slightly and looked at Qi Aoshuang in confusion. He didn't understand what the girl in front of him was doing.

"It's me, Luya," The familiar voice rang, and the girl's appearance slowly recovered. It was their holy maiden!

"Come on in," Luya whispered and moved aside to let the group in. Such a large group of people had been standing outside for a long time. If anyone noticed, it would be terrible.

After everyone entered the room, Luya respectfully said, "Lord, you've returned. The lord of bishop and master Xi have been waiting for you."

"The lord of bishop?" Qi Aoshuang was puzzled. Where did the lord of bishop come from? The position of the Dark Temple, after the Holy Maiden is the Black Bishop.

"The lord has sent him to help you." They should be in the hall at this time." When Luya said this, he did not dare to look at Qi Aoshuang. It was because the lord of bishop was truly ...

Aosta looked at Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun from the corner of his eyes. The two had recovered their appearances. Leng Lingyun was dazzlingly handsome with silver hairs and mauve eyes. Qi Aoshuang's complexion was exquisite, her hair as dark as satin and her eyes gleaming radiance like gems, which made Aosta stunned. This is her real face? So beautiful.

The crowd followed Qi Aoshuang through the secret passageway to the huge secret room underground.

"Lord bishop, you cannot be so shameless ..."

"I agree!"

"Stop talking rubbish!" The voice was very familiar.

When the group of Qi Aoshuang stepped into the hall, they saw the anxious Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi, while the person sitting between them was looking impatient.

"Ah, lord, you're back!" Among the three people in the hall who didn't know what to do, Xi Shaosi was the first to react. He happily shouted out when he raised his head and saw Qi Aoshuang.

Xi Shaoqi also raised his head, revealing a happy expression.

The man who was sitting between them was frozen in place. He was sitting there, staring at Qi Aoshuang. Although he knew that she was the Holy Maiden of the Dark Temple, he knew that her name was Qi Aoshuang. He knew that she had suffered a great injustice. He knew she was in bitterness. But when she stood before him, he did not know what to say. Will she know that he had been looking for her, and he had been waiting for her when he heard the news? Will she know that he had always been worried about her?

Qi Aoshuang looked at the dazed person and smiled, "Waldo, the Holy Maiden is coming. Come over here quickly!"

Waldo's lips quivered slightly as he looked deeply at the girl standing at the entrance. Her black hair, her dark eyes, and her appearance were completely different, but the determination in her eyes was quite familiar. No one but she would have that.

Waldo opened his mouth, not knowing what to address the person in front of him. Qi Aoshuang? Craire?

"Waldo! What are you doing there? Where did you go?" Qi Aoshuang walked over and sat down casually. Everyone sat down while Waldo was still staring.

"Ao Aoshuang ..." After a long time, Waldo spat out several words. But his mind seemed still blank.

"Shaosi, make the tea." Qi Aoshuang summoned Xi Shaosi, and at this moment, Qi Aoshuang missed Camille. She recalled the tea of Camille, to be exact.

"Your Excellency Commander, I'm willing to serve you." However, just as Qi Aoshuang had finished speaking, a ghostly voice suddenly sounded. A person appeared behind Qi Aoshuang, as silent and ghostlike as before. There was only one person who could possess such skill.

The fragrant scented tea immediately filled the entire hall. The familiar scent made Qi Ao Shuang's eyes bloom.

"Camille, why you are here?" Qi Aoshuang couldn't care about anything else as she suddenly stood up and turned to look at Camille, who was standing by her side and gracefully making tea for her. She asked in surprise.

Camille didn't answer, but her face was still with that gentle smile, gracefully pouring tea for Qi Aoshuang. After that, she tossed the teapot on the table and said softly, "Brat, go pour some tea for others." Xi Shaosi felt a chill on his back as he looked at Camille's gentle smiling face. It was a dangerous sign. Xi Shaosi quickly picked up the teapot and went to pour tea for the rest.

"You came with Waldo?" How did you get here? "Qi Aoshuang asked excitedly.

"The enemy of the enemy is friend." Camille smiled gently and pulled up the stool next to Qi Aoshuang and sat down. "I didn't stay in the imperial city during the time you were in trouble. I made a deal and went afar. When I learned what happened, I went to look for you. But it was not easy to find you." Camille picked up the empty cup gracefully, then Xi Shaosi ran over carefully to pour tea for Camille, and continued to pour tea for others.

The enemies of the Light Temple were naturally the Dark Temple. Qi Aoshuang had been set up by the Light Temple. So they had the same enemies as the Dark Temple. Camille found the Dark Temple with this common sense, and of course he found Waldo, who was also looking for Qi Aoshuang.

Aosta sniffed at the tea in the cup and looked at Camille in somewhat surprise. This human being who was full of sunshine could actually make such a sweet tea? Moreover, his attitude, he only poured tea for Qi Aoshuang and he did not care about others. There was not a trace of fluctuations of magic elemental energy in his body, but the dark necromancer was so afraid of him.

"Aoshuang ~" Waldo finally came back to himself at this moment and ran over to hug Qi Aoshuang with in agitation and sobbing. Camille elegantly stomped on his butt with an agile and skilled movement, keeping him away from Qi Aoshuang.