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 "If you must insist, die. I will report to the goddess the mistaken act of the elves." The eight winged angel humphed. When he opened his mouth to speak again, he was stopped by an abrupt sword thrust.

Alarmed, the eight winged angel raise his blade to block.

His sword started to hum, his hand trembling.

Qi Aoshuang raised a brow, a bemused smile on her lips. Were they looking down on them?

"Lowly human!" The angel's face ashened. He gripped his sword more tightly so that it did not shake. However, contrary to his words, he was overwhelmed with shock. A trifling human could be this strong? No wonder the goddess was so vested this time.

Qi Aoshuang smiled derisively. This birdman*, he only knew how to talk big!

*The Chinese phrase "bird man" can mean like motherfucker

Qi Aoshuang absolutely would not give the eight winged angel any slack, her sword flitting rapidly. It was a terrifying sight to behold that emanated the aura of death. Panic flashed across the eight winged angel's eyes. He hastily raised his sword to parry.

Meanwhile, Jean, Leng Lingyun, and Oscar started to engage the remaining six winged angels.

With every clash between the Azure Ripple blade and the angel's sword, there was a thunderous clang. Qi Aoshuang frowned. As expected, the eight winged angel was powerful!

As the two were in deadlock, Qi Aoshuang and the eight winged angels assumed serious expressions.

Secretly, the eight winged angel was apprehensive. This human's power was actually equal to his own. Or maybe even stronger? The eight winged angel shivered at the thought. He struck with more force. He could not lose to this heretical human!

Just as the eight winged angel struck with more force, he heard her faint, distinct voice. "Did they send fighter type birdmen this time?" The eight winged angel did not detect the hidden ridicule in the voice.

Birdmen? The eight winged angel was stunned. Only then did he realize what she meant!

"Lowly human, you must pay for your ignorant words!" The eight winged angel seethed with anger. Eyeing her alertly, his entire body started to emit bright light.

"You seem to have forgotten I am a magician as well." Qi Aoshuang raised a brow, smiling. Before the eight winged angel could come back to his senses, an intensely hot blade emerged from her palm, then erupted into golden flames. This was the supreme golden flame.

The exceedingly hot flame immediately enveloped the eight winged angel.

"Ah..." the eight winged angel cried out, rapidly retreating.

The golden flame soon extinguished, revealing the eight winged angel's body. The eight winged angel's supple blonde hair was now a mass, faintly fuming foully. His clothes were in even poorer condition, hanging in strands. His snow white wings were now burnt black. He did not carry himself so proudly now.

"Smells like burnt chicken." Qi Aoshuang sneered. The eight winged angel was so angered, he almost spat blood.

"Sinister, cunning human!" The eight winged angel was visibly angry, shouting at Qi Aoshuang with his sword raised. Suddenly, he noticed something behind Qi Aoshuang and started to smile sinisterly. "Why don't you take a good look at your companions? Not a single one of you shall escape today." The angel appeared pleased.

Qi Aoshuang frowned as she cast a glance over. Two six winged angels currently had Oscar surrounded while Jean and Leng Lingyun each faced one six winged angel. Vermillion stood to the side nervously, wanting to help, but unable to, crying instead. What Vermillion feared the most was leaving Jean, but the threat of being taken away was still fresh in her memory. White Emperor and Black Feather crouched on each side of her shoulder, chirping and peeping, as if to say don't do anything. They were not flustered at all. To them, these angels weren't a threat to Qi Aoshuang and them.

Oscar was currently enveloped in a hazy aura. Whenever an angel attacked, the moment their sword was about to approach, the sword would automatically diverge and brush past Oscar. Oscar was not injured in the slightest. Oscar would calmly evade, but he did not attack. He merely held them up so that they could not help their other angels.

Leng Lingyun was a bit more strained. Afterall, he was a healer first, a magician second.

Just as Qi Aoshuang was thinking what to do, a sharp attack shot towards her.

"Where are you looking?" the eight winged angel said coldly.

Qi Aoshuang raised her sword to deflect. She turned her attention back to the eight winged angel, losing her derisive attitude. She knew that she had to finish off this eight winged angel as soon as possible. Leng Lingyun would not be able to hold on for long, and although Jean appeared to be evenly matched with one angel, if this continued, Jean would be at the disadvantage.

Vermillion stood to the side, her hands in fists as she nervously watched the circumstances, unable to get involved. Who knew how close the dragon god was. If the eight winged angel summoned him again, she was doomed.

Leng Lingyun's situation was most dire. The moment the angel saw he was using Light magic, the angel became even more enraged. He knew that this person was the one who had betrayed the Temple, betrayed the goddess, the Holy Prince. His attacks became even more vicious.

The eight winged angel seemed to know what Qi Aoshuang was thinking. He chuckled coldly, attacking once more. This time, he did not attack with all his power. Qi Aoshuang was in a position where she could not move now.

As time passed, Qi Aoshuang became more tense. It seemed she still could not kill him off. Although she had given him multiple wounds, she had never been able to give the fatal blow. It was as if he was a cockroach. Whenever Qi Aoshuang turned around, wanting to help the people behind her, the eight winged angel would attack with renewed strength. In such an endless cycle, Qi Aoshuang couldn't help but feel vexed. Jean and Leng Lingyun already appeared weary.

"You damn human, how dare you cause the goddess problems." The eight winged angel pinned down Qi Aoshuang's blade strenuously, gritting his teeth. His eyes were now cold and smiling. "Did you think it was only we who descended? Did you think we would let you succeed in collecting all the pieces of the God Feather Heaven Slayer? Do you think your other companions are still alive?"

Qi Aoshuang's eyes widened. Chuxin and Dong Fenghou were in danger! Seeing Qi Aoshuang's expression darken, the eight winged angel became even more delighted.

"Haha, perhaps not even their bodies remain!" The eight winged angel howled with laughter. His devious expression became even more warped as he smiled malevolently.

"You..." Qi Aoshuang lowered her gaze. No one could see her expression. She only spat out this word. Suddenly, her body exploded with an icy, cold aura.

"What? Are you sad? Worried?" The eight winged angel laughed loudly, thinking that Qi Aoshuang had suffered a great blow. The best time to strike was now, when she was at her weakest. Thus, he madly brandished his sword as he charged to attack Qi Aoshuang.

But Qi Aoshuang did not move. She only calmly raised her sword to easily block the attack the eight winged angel had put so much strength into.

Huh? The eight winged angel couldn't help but stare blankly. Suddenly, a dense, murderous aura enveloped him. His heart tightened, and he instinctively wanted to back away.

"Hmph!" Qi Aoshuang leveled her gaze now. Her eyes were like cold vortexes, emitting terrifying, cold light.

The eight winged angel was stunned. This was because he had seen Qi Aoshuang's eyes glint with red light.

Red light?! The eight winged angel blinked. He wanted to take a better look to see if Qi Aoshuang's eyes had turned red, but the next moment, all he could see was redness.

It was his own blood.