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 The next day, Vermillion flew everyone to the place on Qi Aoshuang's map.

Goblins are greedy dealmakers, also lovers of architecture. They are stout and ugly, but their intellect could not be looked down upon. They lived underground in a myriad of confusing tunnels. Their underground palace was even more magnificent. If they wanted to obtain the deity weapon, it would be a little difficult. Even if they entered, the maze-like passageways would trap them.

"From this forest onward is all goblin territory." Ben squinted as he peered into the tree. "Goblins never interact with other races."

"Because they're unscrupulous businessmen, and ugly," Leng Lingyun said quietly.

"Haha, you sure know a lot," Ben laughed.

"It was recorded in the Temple of Light's library. Long ago, when the different species still intermingled, the beast and dwarf races made business deals with the goblins, but they would always suffer loses. Later, something happened that made all the races retreat back their own territories. Everyone now guards their own territory, never making contact with other races," Leng Lingyun said faintly.

"The Temple of Light's library recorded this?" Ben was a little surprised.

"I secretly read it from the secret library," Leng Lingyun said a little embarrassedly.

Ben gave him an admiring look.

"Let's go." Qi Aoshuang walked ahead. Just as she entered the forest, there was the sound of rustling all around them.

Everyone's gazes changed. It seems that the forest had some goblins on guard.

As expected, the sound grew louder and louder. One by one, green creatures appeared.

A group of fully armed goblins riding wolves surrounded them with weapons pointed at them. The goblins had wrinkled faces, green skin, long, tapered ears, and round eyes. Currently, they were cautiously regarding Qi Aoshuang's group.

"Humans, stop. We cannot permit you to advance any further," the leading goblins said coldly.

"I have business with your king," Qi Aoshuang said to him calmly.

The goblin frowned. He sized up Qi Aoshuang, then inspected the other people. Ben timely released slight dragon aura.

"Dragon?!" the goblins all paled with fright. The wolves all uniformly crouched down and shivered.

Qi Aoshuang smiled ever so slightly. Having a dragon by her side sure was convenient.

Before the goblins could respond, a ray of bright light shot down from the sky, trapping the goblins within. Before they could cry out, they all turned to dust, then dissipated. In an instant, all their lives had been taken away. It was a frightening scene.

Enemy attack?!

They all retreated back, alertly watching the mass of white light.

The Temple of Light's power!

Slowly, the white light dissipated. A few figures emerged from within.

Angels! They were led by an angel with eight wings. Behind him stood four cold-faced angels with six wings. The five angels all had white clothes, white wings, and supple blonde hair and deep blue eyes. They all held a pure white blade

Qi Aoshuang's gaze darkened. Was the goddess of Light finally about to make her move? Indeed, she had already collected three parts of the God Feather Heaven Slayer. The goddess should have sensed it already. She could not descend in the human world for long, so she sent these angels to take her place instead.

Leng Lingyun's expression had also changed. Before them were true and blue angels. Normally, angels could not descend to the human world easily. Even if they forcibly descended, their strength would be greatly reduced, but these angels had terrifying strength. In other words, the goddess had found a way for them to descend without reducing their strength.

"Holy fuck! Actual angels." Ben was gleefully about to attack.

"Dragon King!" Suddenly, before he could attack, the leading eight-winged angel pointed his sword at Ben and said coldly, "Did you forget the agreement between the goddess and your dragon god?"

"What are you talking about, I'm no dragon king," Ben lied without a trace of embarrassment.

"Humph." However, the eight-winged angel smiled coldly. He faced the sky and gave a long whistle. The shrill sound was as loud as thunder, earsplitting.

Qi Aoshuang and everyone else's expressions changed greatly. The angel's strength was definitely unordinary, completely different from the angels that had descended and possessed the pope and archbishops' bodies.

After the long whistle, there was a rumbling sound coming from the horizon.

Ben's expression turned incomparably ugly.

Only he recognized what the pressure and rumbling sound signified.

The dragon god was descending!

The rumbling was deafening. A rainbow cloud appeared in the sky and approached. Ben's face was already beet red. Naturally, he knew what the dragon god would appear here for.

Seeing the angels' delighted expressions and Ben's unsightly expression, Qi Aoshuang immediately understood what was going on.

"Dragon king, let's see if you'll still interfere! You violated the treaty between the goddess of Light and the dragon god, so the dragon god will punish you. Hmph!" The eight winged angel smiled coldly, his sword pointed at Ben. His voice was filled with clear glee and faint malice.

"Fuck!" Ben's face darkened. He looked up at the rapidly approaching rainbow cloud, his heart sinking.

Before Qi Aoshuang and everyone else could react, the multicolored cloud was already overhead. A rope descended. Ben's expression changed. He turned, wanting to run, but as if the rope had eyes, it chased after Ben. Ben could not even have the chance to resist as the rope wound around him. In a flash, he was wrapped up tightly. With his mouth covered, he gave muffled grunts.

Qi Aoshuang's mouth was wide. It was not that Ben did not want to resist, but that he did not even have the chance to. In front of the dragon god, he was powerless.

Qi Aoshuang instantly shot a bolt of flame at the end of the string that bound Ben, but it had not effect. They could only watch on helplessly as Ben was taken into the sky. Ben struggled with all his might, looking like a wriggling caterpillar, but it was no use. Although it was amusing to see, their current situation was no joke. Qi Aoshuang was about to attack again, Ben shot her a warning look, telling her to stop. Their current situation was already critical. In order to face the five angels, she could not waste her strength. Furthermore, she was facing the profound dragon god! Qi Aoshuang knew better than anyone else how large the gap between humans and gods was. Seeing Ben's gaze, Qi Aoshuang understood and stopped everyone else from attacking.

Soon, Ben was dragged away in the cloud. Vermillion shivered, hiding behind Jean. She was afraid the dragon god was going to capture her. Clearly, Ben had been taken away because he was about to interfere.

"I'll take away this lil bastard," a resonant voice said from the sky. The voice was filled with imposing aura, inconsistent with his choice of words. Lil bastard...

Then, the multicolored cloud floated away. The sound of Ben's muffled grunts gradually disappeared along with it.

"Hmph! Lowly human, today you'll pay the price for uselessly provoking the venerable goddess's might!" The leading eight winged angel coldly humphed. He raised his blade. In the light, it shimmered.

Qi Aoshuang snorted. With a flick of her wrist, the Azure Ripple blade was already in hand.

With ringing sound, Jean pulled out his sword. Leng Lingyun's face darkened. He coldly regarded the arrogant angels.

Meanwhile, Oscar had his arms crossed. He stood to the side quietly. As promised, he was a spectator. Qi Aoshuang had never expected for him to help anyways.

"Elf?" The eight winged angel looked at Oscar in surprise.

"Is the elf race going to interfere?" one of the six winged angels said angrily.

Oscar frowned with annoyance. Were they stupid? Couldn't they see that he had no intention of doing so?

"If you think I'm going to, then why don't I?" Oscar smiled coldly, getting up.

"Idiot!" The eight winged angel swiveled back and berated. Did he not have eyes? Clearly he had no intentions of doing anything, but now, because of the six winged angel's words, the elf was going to join the fray! The elf definitely was powerful. However, elves, who were regarded as peaceful and elegant could be this irritable? Aside from anger, the eight winged angel was also a little confused.

It was not just the eight winged angel who was confused. Qi Aoshuang was surprised as well.

She frowned. Oscar sure behaved strangely. He attacked whenever he wanted to, and his reason to do so was simple too.

"Aren't you afraid of bringing trouble to your elf god?" The eight winged angel's objective was to kill Qi Aoshuang and destroy her soul, not this elf.

"Does the elf god and your god have an agreement?" Oscar said heedlessly, smiling.

The eight winged angel froze. Indeed, the elf god and goddess of Light did not have any agreement. Because the elves loved peace and hated humans, there had never been a need to make such an agreement.

"Even if there isn't, aren't you afraid of being punished by the elf god?" the eight winged angel persisted.

Oscar chuckled and didn't say anything. Evidently, he did not take the angel's word to heart.

The eight winged angel's expression changed. What these arrogant angels hated the most wasn't people cursing at them, but completely disregarding them. Oscar's haughty actions were a resounding slap in the face.