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 "Where is Master now?" This was what Qi Aoshuang was worried about.

"I do not know." Jean shook his head. "After Master Cliff disappeared, he was never to be seen again."

Qi Aoshuang frowned, looking down dejectedly. She knew very well how Master felt towards Lawrence. Lawrence was Master's only friend, the only person he treated genuinely as a friend, but because of her her, this had happened...

Leng Lingyun closed his eyes, not saying a word. However, his grief was evident.

"Perhaps Amparkland regrets becoming enemies with you now," Ben said disdainfully, "now that they've witnessed you heavily wound the Temple of Light and lost both Master Cliff and the Dragon Knight Jean, yet they haven't even caught of glimpse of you."

Everyone was silent.

"Enough. What are you guys doing?" Ben was annoyed. "You masters didn't die or anything, Aoshuang, you're not dead either. Once your master finds you, you can just destroy the root of the problem and everything will be resolved, right?"

Qi Aoshuang sighed quietly. "Yes. I don't want Master to lose his only friend because of me."

"Then we just have to work faster." Ben raised his fist eagerly.

"Have you heard anything about Walter?" Qi Aoshuang suddenly remembered the person who was so cowardly and fearful of death, yet refused to abandon her.

"Walter..." Jean shook his head. "I did not hear anything. As a Dark magician, he won't expose his whereabouts so easily. But he definitely knows what happened to you. Perhaps he is even looking for you."

Qi Aoshuang took a moment to think, but did not say anything.

"Let's rest here tonight. We have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow morning." Jean looked at Vermillion, who sat not far away. Gently, he said, "Vermillion is also tired.

Everyone agreed and started setting up camp.

"Aoshuang, you seem to be much stronger than before. When can we spar?" Ben laughed.

Qi Aoshuang ignored Ben's mischievous smile, preparing the firewood with Jean instead. Ben continued to chatter despite her disregard. Meanwhile, Oscar sat silently to the side.

Jean stood up. "I'll go catch some hares."

"Go, go. Get some fat ones." Ben laughed.

Jean walked over to Vermillion and said quietly, "Vermillion, let's go."

"Master?" Vermillion was a little surprised that Jean would approach her.

"To catch some hares." Jean did not say another word.

Vermillion didn't say anything either, following Jean silently. And so, the human and dragon walked into the forest, not silent the entire way.

Once they were a distance away, Jean said quietly, "Vermillion..."

"Hmm? Master?" Vermillion blinked.

Jean turned around and stared at Vermillion. "Vermillion, you... don't like Miss," he said calmly.

Vermillion's expression shifted. She stared back at Jean blankly. Never had she imagined Jean could be so direct. She was even more surprised by the fact that Jean would able to see through her.

Vermillion lowered her head, biting her lip, silent.

Jean did not speak either, only waiting quietly.

After a while, Vermillion finally exploded. "Yes! I hate her!" She raised her head, facing Jean directly. "I do hate her. Why? Why does Master treat her so well? But she doesn't care about you at all. Master, has she ever repaid your kindness?"

"Vermillion, she is very important to me." Jean was unexpectedly calm. "No one can replace her in my heart."

Vermillion felt as if she had been stabbed in the heart. Tears started to roll down uncontrollably.

"Of course, no one can replace you in my heart either, Vermillion," Jean consoled her gently. "Vermillion is unique."

"But, but! Master, you treat her so well, but she..." Vermillion started to shake.

"You also treat me very well. Have you ever wished I would repay your kindness?" Jean asked quietly.

"No, of course not." Vermillion shook head violently, so fast that her tears flew, sparkling and pure. She said hastily, "I am always delighted to help you. Master's wishes are my wishes."

"I have never wished for Miss to repay me either. I only wish to stay by her side forever. To watch her live happily is good enough for me," Jean said gently. He reached out and patted Vermillions head, smiling. "Do you understand? And have you ever thought what I would do if you harmed the Miss? Do you think I would just ignore her?"

Vermillion's mouth opened wide. She looked at Jean's handsome face, considering his words. Suddenly, she was filled with fear. If she really did something to her, then Master definitely would not just leave her alone, but punish her severely. Maybe, he would even abandon her! The more she thought, the more afraid she was.

"Waaah..." Vermillion finally started to cry. She dove into Jean's bosom. "Master, I understand. I'm sorry... I... I was just jealous of her. She can receive your care and protection. I... I wish Master would look after me more, care for me." Tears streamed down her face.

Jean smiled gently. He patted Vermillion's head. "It was I who was at fault. I hurt you."

Vermilion started to cry even harder. Jean didn't move, letting her continue to weep. Actually, Jean was aware of Vermillion's negative feelings long ago, but he didn't expect her to care more and more. If he let it go, perhaps something might transpire. Vermillion was still immature, technically speaking a young dragon. If her innocent self became twisted from jealousy and she ended up harming Qi Aoshuang, Jean definitely would not forgive himself or Vermillion. So, before this girl could do anything, he pulled her aside.

"I want to stay by Master's side too. I know that Master and I cannot ever have a romantic relationship. But.. but I can't help being envious of her. I wish I could drop her from my back while I'm flying." Vermillion sobbed even harder after confessing. At the same time, she felt much lighter. Indeed, she had this thought before, childishly wanting to drop her from the air. Now, she was really happy that she had only thought of it, never doing it for real. Otherwise, Master would be furious. He might even do something to her!

Jean was a little shocked. This foolish girl, she really thought she could hurt the Miss this way?

"Waah, Master, I'm sorry. Aren't I a terrible person?" Vermillion sobbed. Seeing Jean's blank expression, she felt even more uneasy.

"Vermillion did you... forget that the Miss can fly?" Jean was amused. Fortunately, she realized her wrongs and had not actually done anything.

"Ah?" Vermillion stopped crying, looking at Jean blankly. "I really forgot."

"You can't have such thoughts in the future." Jean rubbed her head, smiling.

"Mm, I'll never do it again." Vermillion nodded obediently.

"Let's hunt game now. I appreciate your hard work for the past few days, flying so many people." Jean cared for Vermillion genuinely. Afterall, she had always stayed at his side.

"No, it's not hard at all." Vermillion had already stopped crying and was smiling. Once she had thought things through, her heart had become much more light. Jean started to smile. Vermillion was a dragon indeed, seeing things in black and white. Even if she hated someone, she wouldn't be like scheme like humans. This was the difference between humans and dragons...

Once Jean and Vermillion returned, bringing back all sorts of wildlife, Qi Aoshuang was a little shocked by Vermillion's change in attitude. She was visibly more intimate, clinging to her, chatting constantly. Qi Aoshuang sent Jean a suspicious glance, but Jean only smiled without a word.

"Wow, pretty good. You got it done so easily," Ben murmured to Jean in a low voice.

"I wouldn't want Vermillion to be killed by you, charred until not even ashes remain." Jean humphed, curling his lip.

"Good thing you knew." Ben took a bite of fruit. How could Ben not tell that foolish dragon harbored intentions towards Qi Aoshuang? She just hadn't done anything. The moment she did anything foolish to Qi Aoshuang, Ben would immediately kill her. He had learned how to be sinister from Qi Aoshuang.

"Don't be so tough on Vermillion in the future," Jean said coldly.

"Tch." Jean had seen through Ben perfectly. Although Vermillion had not dishonored the dragons, Ben was dissatisfied with her. He was dissatisfied with any dragons that had accepted humans as masters. He had originally planned to give her a tough time during the journey ahead, but not that Jean had exposed him, it would be too embarrassing to continue to doing so.