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 Qi Aoshuang stared back as Jean approached her slowly. A strange feeling that she did not understand arose in her heart as she stared at him blankly.

Leng Lingyun narrowed his eyes, not saying anything.

Jean stood before them.

Qi Aoshuang lowered her head, silent.

"Miss, I've returned..." His voice was drawn out, as if filled with too many emotions. Jean knelt down on one knee, his right fist clenched before his left chest. It was the most formal knight bow.

A thousand words could not contain the meaning of these words.

Miss, I've returned...

While Ben was spewing angry fire, they were silent.

With her head lowered, Qi Aoshuang watched as he kneeled. Jean gave Qi Aoshuang a deep, long look.

The two peered into each other's eyes silently. Neither moved nor spoke.

Finally, Qi Aoshuang lowered her gaze.

Jean silently watched her, still kneeling.

"You've returned..." Qi Aoshuang broke into a bright smile, her voice quiet and gentle.

Jean slowly stood up. He stared profoundly at the person he had been chasing after all this time. Gradually, his handsome face also revealed a smile. He nodded. "Yes. Miss, I've returned."

"Chirp chirp!"

"Peep peep!"

White Emperor and Black Feather called out intimately, shooting out of Qi Aoshuang's cloak like little cannonballs into Jean's embrace. Of the people Qi Aoshuang was friends with, White Emperor and Black Feather like Jean the most. Now that they saw Jean, they were naturally excited.

Before they finished their reunion, Ben was finished with his fight. They had all died a dog's death unjustly. They originally came after her, but before they could even get a glimpse of her, not to mention attack her, they were wiped out.

"Oh? Jean, how did you find us?" Ben smiled contently, rotating his shoulder relaxedly.

"I heard what happened to Miss and had been searching for her ever since. Later, I heard that the Temple had stationed many people here, so I came. Because you were there, I predicted Miss would come to find you," Jean explained.

"Haha... not bad! You're pretty smart. I remember you were one of the Hill clan's people. Have you not thought of returning with her head?" Ben narrowed his eyes, his eyes glinting with an imperceivable cold light. If Jean's response was unsatisfactory in anyway, he would strike.

"I said long ago that the Miss is my religion. No matter what she has down, I will stand at her side. Even if everything the Temple of Light claims is true." Jean spoke faintly.

"Oh?" Ben raised a brow, his eyes narrowed. "You really believe in your Miss? Although, right now, she is not a Miss any more. Her name is now Qi Aoshuang."

"Qi Aoshuang?" Jean paused slightly, murmuring the complex characters to himself, then looked at Qi Aoshuang resolutely. "I believe in Miss, I always have. I don't need an explanation."

Seeing Jean's staunch gaze, Qi Aoshuang's heart warmed. Originally, Jean was one of Duke Gordon's people, but now, he chose to stand at her side unwaveringly....

"Thank you..." Qi Aoshuang said softly. It was all she could say.

"Is that you mount?" Suddenly, Ben shot a vicious glare at Vermillion, who was trembling slightly.

"Yes." Jean nodded.

"Alright, don't be such a bully." Qi Aoshuang knew that Ben hated dragons who accepted humans as masters. Although he could allow Qi Aoshuang to ride him, they were two different matters.

"Come over here!" Ben coldly ordered. Vermillion was still sprawled on the ground.

She shuddered, her eyes flashing. Then, she transformed into a girl in red clothes and walked over shyly.

"You just became an adult?" Ben watched Vermillion with narrowed eyes. She watched his frightfully.

Vermillion nodded, not daring to speak.

"Do you know what I am?" Ben said coldly.

Vermillion shook her head hesitantly. She knew that the young man with black hair before her was a dragon, a dragon many times more powerful than her, but she did not know who he was.

"Alright, Ben, stop being so mean.." Qi Aoshuang tried to stop him.

"I am the Dragon King. In the future, you will be our mount." Because Ben heard Qi Aoshuang speak, his tone softened a bit.

"Ah!" Vermillion froze, staring at Ben, both terrified and amazed. Dragon King! The Dragon King was with that woman! Vermillion glanced at Jean, but saw that Jean's gaze had never left Qi Aoshuang. Her heart started to dim. Master forever only had that woman in his heart. Vermillion pouted, lowering her head. She said to Ben deferentially, "Yes, your highness."

"Vermillion has grown up outside of Dragon Valley. When I found her, she still had not hatched from her egg," Jean interceded.

Ben frowned. Qi Aoshuang naturally understood what he meant, adding, "So Vermillion did not destroy the honor of the dragon clan when she became Jean's mount, understand, Ben? In the future, don't be so mean to her!"

"Fine," Ben gritted his teeth and said reluctantly.

Vermillion lowered her head, her eyes filled with unwillingness and humiliation. That woman was speaking up for her! Unacceptable! Unacceptable! But no one noticed this.

"Oh right, Jean, guess who this ugly man is." Ben was now smiling boyishly. He pointed at Leng Lingyun.

But contrary to his expectations, Jean replied calmly, "His divine highness."

"Tch!" Ben curled his lip with dissatisfaction. This boring fellow...

"I am not the Divine Prince any more." Leng Lingyun smiled.

"This is the princeling of the elves, Oscar," Ben introduced. "OScar, this is Qi Aoshuang's knight, Jean."

The two nodded in greeting without a word. Oscar did was not disrespectful now. The man before him had a dragon as a mount, but was this woman's knight! How many secrets did this woman have?

"Miss, where do we go to next? We should not stay here for long." Jean turned around, looking pointedly at the disastrous leftovers of Ben's fight.

"We were planning finding the goblins." Qi Aoshuang frowned at the dreary landscape. "Let's first leave this place."

"Miss, why are you looking for the goblins?" Jean did not understand.

"I want their deity relic. It is a part of the God Feather," Qi Aoshuang replied faintly. "With the Heaven Slayer, we can kill the goddess of Light."

"I understand now." Jean nodded, then turned to Vermillion. "Vermillion, let's go."

When Vermillion heard Qi Aoshuang's words, her heart tightened. Just as she was immersed in thought, Jean called her back to her senses.

"Master, where do we go?" With a slight huff, Vermillion resumed her original form. A giant dragon appeared before them.

"First, let's leave this place," Jean said quietly. Everyone got onto Vermillion's back. When Qi Aoshuang got on, Vermillions eyes flashed darkly for a moment, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

After everyone got on, with a slight grunt, Vermillion took off into the open sky.

"Jean, what have you been doing all this time?" Ben asked, his eyes narrowed. Suddenly, he laughed naughtily. "You are must stronger than before. How about we have a practice duel sometime?"

"You seem to have forgotten how you almost accidentally killed Qi Aoshuang last time. Jean is stronger, but you are stronger too," Leng Lingyun suddenly said.

Ben smiled embarrassedly. Indeed, last time, it was also a practice duel, but he had accidentally used his full strength.

Qi Aoshuang smiled, not saying anything.

"Oh right, do you know anything about Master Cliff or Walter?" Ben stroked his chin. "If you were able to hear that Qi Aoshuang might be at Dragon Valley, did you hear anything about the others?"

"Master Cliff..." Jean's voice trailed to a stop.

"What happened?" Qi Aoshuang hurriedly turned around and asked. She could hear the hesitation in his voice.

"After we find a place to set up camp, I'll explain." Jean sighed, reaching down to pat Vermillion. "Vermillion, find a remote place in the woods to land."

Vermillion flapped her wings, flying rapidly.

Qi Aoshuang's face darkened. Master, how are you? Did something happen to you?

As if he could read her mind, Jean said, "Miss, please don't worry. Nothing bad happened to Master Cliff."

The wind whistled past their ears. Though Jean said not to worry, Qi Aoshuang had a serious expression.

When they finally landed, Qi Aoshuang asked immediately.

Jean looked at Qi Aoshuang's anxious expression, then looked at Jean. He sighed. "A few days before Madam Katherine's trial, Master Cliff left, so he never knew that you had returned. The reason why he had left hurriedly was because he heard you were in critical danger, so he left to save you."

"At that time, I had already secretly returned to the capital." Qi Aoshuang frowned. Feelings of restlessness and regret arose in her heart. If she had found Master earlier, they wouldn't have missed each other.

"The person who informed Master Cliff you were in trouble was Master Lawrence." Jean saw that Leng Lingyun's always calm expression finally changed. Jean sighed again, this time in his mind.

"Master?!" Leng Lingyun's expression became exceptionally unsightly. "Master tricked Master Cliff away?"

"Yes." Jean nodded. "When Master Cliff realized what happened, he injured Master Lawrence heavily, then left alone. He swore he would find Miss. He also said to Master Lawrence, he would never see him again!"