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 "What do you mean?" Ben frowned. Seeing Qi Aoshuang's expression, an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

"Let me explain," Leng Lingyun interjected. He did not want Qi Aoshuang to recount her sorrowful experiences once again.

As Leng Lingyun explained everything quietly, Ben's eyes filled with more and more hatred. He unconsciously squeezed his armrest into pieces.

"I'll destroy the capital of Amparkland and raze the lowly Temple of Light to the ground." Ben stood up, about to explode.

"Ben!" Qi Aoshuang stood up to stop him.

"What?" Ben gnashed his teeth.

"The dragon race cannot attack humans without reason, especially not a human city. Did you forget your dragon god's rules?" Seeing Ben's rage, she added, "You think I don't have the capability to destroy the Temple of Light? I can!"

"Then! Then why do you not take revenge?" Ben was stunned, completely not understanding.

"Even if the Temple of Light was destroyed, they will still live in the hearts of the people. They can always rebuild. On the other hand, instead of clearing my name, I will become the enemy of all believers of the Temple of Light. Do you know how many people in Amparkland are followers of the Temple of Light? Or the entire continent? Will they believe my side of the story? Or will they believe the excuses of the Temple of Light that they have always believed in?" Qi Aoshuang's face was ice cold, emphasizing on every word.

Ben's face darkened. He sat down slowly, frowning, contemplating her words. Now, he was not the brash prince from before who would have ran in impulsively without thinking of the consequences. After a long time, he finally sighed. "Yes, it would only be a shallow attack that would not root out the main problem." Ben's face was unprecedentedly calm and serious.

"Then what do you plan to do?" Ben asked solemnly.

"Expose the Temple's true colors step by step. Overthrow her image in people hearts, and change their faith. Then, I will personally kill her." Qi Aoshuang's eyes flashed coldly with terrifying determination!

"Good. I will help you find the remaining artifacts," Ben promised. "The sprites race are closest to us. Although they have never developed a relationship with the dragon race, they have always treated us politely. We will ask them first."

With Ben's impatient personality, he was in a hurry to avenge Qi Aoshuang. He stood up abruptly. "Let's go right now."

Seeing how hurried Ben was, Qi Aoshuang felt touched. She recalled the first time she had met Ben. At that time, she had only wanted to take advantage of the dumb, impulsive fellow but somehow, without realizing it, they had changed from people exploiting each other to comrades in battle.

Qi Aoshuang did not say anything for a long time. Suddenly, there came the sound of hurried footsteps from the door.

"Your highness, we caught the human girl!" a voice said at the door.

"Bring them in," Ben said coldly.

The door was opened. Two men in grey coldly brought in a battered woman. She shuddered, her face pale, terrifying. From her clothes, they could tell she was the one who had fooled prince Banis. However, her appearance had changed. Just as Qi Aoshuang had suspected, she had been using a beautifying potion. Her current appearance was her true self. Her face could be considered pretty, somewhat similar Summer's delicate and refined features. However, this woman's moral disposition and scheming was despicable. This was clear from how she had used her beauty to exploit prince Banis and his men.

"Your name?" Qi Aoshuang coldly regarded the woman. If she was really Summer's relative, it would be hard to explain to Summer if they killed her.

The terrified woman shivered as she looked up to see the owner of the voice, then froze. Human?! This ordinary woman was the one she had seen at the mouth of the ravine? The man was beside her also. What was going on? She was acquaintances with the dragon race?

Name? What did she want her name for? The woman suddenly had hope. Perhaps, she could live. She knew that anyone who disturbed the spirits at Dragon Hollow were doomed to die if caught, but seeing this woman ask this question, she felt there was hope she could survive.

"Kimira Ailuo," she responded hastily. She looked up at Qi Aoshuang and said cautiously. "Miss, are you friends with the dragons? Please save me. I will definitely repay you."

Qi Aoshuang's expression did not change. She only shared a glance with Ben. As they had expected...

"Do you know Summer Ailuo?" Qi Aoshuang already knew, but she still waited for the woman's response.

"She is..." Kimira looked at Qi Aoshuang's expression, then looked at the intense man with black hair nervously. Was he the dragon king? Dragons could be this handsome?

"Answer her question." Ben narrowed his eyes, his voice low.

"Sh-she's my little sister!" Kimira resolutely made her decision. It was a gamble. She could not say that she did not know Summer. She just made a bet that the ordinary looking human knew Summer and would maybe save her.

"You came to steal dragon teeth to pass the test." Qi Aoshuang still did not show her intentions. She then frowned. "If you are her older sister, why have you still not passed the test?"

Kimira's face paled even more. She knew that this human really knew Summer now.

"I... I..." Her eyes flashed with unwillingness and hatred.

Qi Aoshuang smiled coldly, understanding. Kimira was indeed Summer's older sister, but was not as talented as Summer. This was why she still had not passed the test. From the hatred in her eyes, it seems she did not have good relations with Summer. With this woman's venomous personality, perhaps she would even pose a threat to Summer. The thought of killing her flashed across Qi Aoshuang's mind. Seeds of dissent must be destroyed before they sprout.

However, before Qi Aoshuang could make up her mind, Ben spoke. "Get out. We'll spare your life this time, but don't set foot in Dragon Valley ever again." He directed the two soldiers. "Throw her out. If she tries to approach Dragon Valley, kill her."

The two soldiers did not question their king's decision. They only nodded deferentially, then left, dragging Kimira away.

Kimira turned around to stare at ben. Even as the doors closed, she still did not withdraw her gaze.

"Why did you let her go?" Qi Aoshuang's voice was steady.

"Because she is Summer's sister," Ben said quietly.

Qi Aoshuang sighed quietly. Ben had fallen for Summer, which was why he did not want to take the life of that woman. That woman had not done anything to harm Summer yet. If Summer knew that Ben killed her sister, perhaps it would evolve into something more complex.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ben could see that Qi Aoshuang's face was somewhat dark.

Qi Aoshuang did not know how to explain to him either. Humans had complex emotions. Their crafty deceit was not something dragons could compare to. Qi Aoshuang kept feeling the woman who had just been spared was not so simple.

"It's nothing. You just need to be more careful in the future. That woman is very calculative. Don't let her near Summer," Qi Aoshuang said quietly.

"What? Isn't she Summer's older sister?" Ben frowned, confused.

"Weren't you also betrayed by your older sibling?" Qi Aoshuang deflected with annoyance.

Ben's expression changed, at a loss for words.

"Then... I'll keep it in mind. If anyone dares to harm Summer, I'll fry them to crisp." Ben's eyes filled with a terrifying ruthlessness.

Qi Aoshuang sighed in her heart. It would be too late to take revenge if she was already harmed. However, as a dragon, Ben did not seem to understand the complex heart of humans. Whatever, she would teach him later. He would not understand if she tried to explain. Most importantly, Kimira still had not necessarily done anything wrong. It was all merely Qi Aoshuang's own musings.

"Speaking of Summer, where is she?" Ben asked.

"She went traveling, but we don't know where she is now," Qi Aoshuang said faintly. "She is currently with Shui Wenmo. Qiao Chuxin and Dong Fenghou went to the beast clan to help collect their artifact."

"We must hurry then. After finding the wrist guards in the treasury, we'll immediately go visit the sprites." Ben wasted no time, standing up, ready to go. "Let's go. I can't wait another minute."

Seeing Ben's impatient appearance, Qi Aoshuang's heart warm. She nodded.

They flew to the end of an immense mountain range, then slowly descended. Two dragons at the foot of the mountain stood up to bow once they saw Ben, but Ben motioned for them to stop. With a slight nod of his head, he said, "I need to find something."

"Yes, your majesty." The two dragons' gazes shifted to Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun. Understanding they were their king's friend, they did not ask anything.

Ben led the two inside a giant cavern. The further they went in, the thinner the rays of light from the entrance became. However, it became more and more bright. Once Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun saw the mountain high pile of treasures, they took a deep intake of breath. So much! Stunning, dazzling, resplendent... Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun ran out of words to describe how amazing it was. To find a pair of wrist guards among all this...

Qi Aoshuang took out the refined tiara from her interspatial ring. "If Ben is right and the wrist guards are here, they should have designs similar to this tiara."

Ben took a look at the tiara. "Mm, I just know that the dragons have it. All dragon kings knew. We just have to look for it." And so, true to his word, he started looking. After a length of time, they finally found the pair of wrist guards in some nook or cranny, collecting dust. All the while, White Emperor and Black Feather bounced around happily in the pile of treasures.

Qi Aoshuang wiped the wristguards clean, then compared them to the tiara. Sure enough, they had the same mysterious design.

"They're the right ones. Next, we get the sprite clan's artifact." Ben nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Mm." Qi Aoshuang carefully put the tiara and wristguards into her interspatial ring. She looked up at Ben and said seriously, "Ben, thank you."

"What are you thanking me for? We're friends." Ben grinned.