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 "Stop, you ants!" The dragon roared in pursuit.

Qi Aoshuang narrowed her eyes. As she suspected, the alluring woman was nowhere to be found. Naturally, Leng Lingyun noticed as well. The two shared a glance, understanding what had happened.

The guard flew after them for a while, but returned in the end. Evidently, he had not been able to catch up to Carter.

Once the dragon returned to the ravine, he saw Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun. Currently angry, he was unwilling to acknowledge them. He merely gave a nod.

But Qi Aoshuang spoke. "These people were only here to attract your attention. That woman must have slipped in."

The dragon froze. He recalled what just happened. Thinking carefully, his expression changed. He immediately flew back.

"Why did that woman go in?" Leng Lingyun frowned, watching as the dragon left.

"It's hard to say." Qi Aoshuang also frowned. Using beautifying potion to attract the brainless prince Banis and using his squadron to attract the dragon's attention to slip in. Naturally, that woman could not directly fight the dragons. What was she trying to do in secret?

It was unrelated to her, but Ben was the current dragon king. She could not just sit still and watch. No matter what that woman was planning, one thing was certain: it definitely would not benefit the dragon race!

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun did not enter Dragon Valley. Warning the guarding dragon was already enough. Because they could not be identified, hastily entering was not necessarily the right choice. The best decision was to wait until Ben came out of seclusion.

Merely two days later, after Ben left seclusion, after hearing the report by his underling, he immediately went to the ravine.

Ben was like a completely new person. The Ben before them had elegant, flowy hair with profound eyes as cold as the night sky. His handsome face emanated a firm, domineering aura. He gave off the air of a king. Two people in grey followed behind him, or more accurately, two dragons in human form.

Once he saw the ordinary two people, he paused for a moment, then asking cautiously, "Claire?"

Qi Aoshuang smiled. Before she could say anything, White Emperor and Black Feather suddenly bounced out, jumping onto Ben's shoulders.

"Ah! It's really you!" he exclaimed happily.

Qi Aoshuang nodded. Ben then looked at Leng Lingyun suspiciously. "Then who are you?"

"Leng Lingyun," he said quietly.

"How come you guys look like that? You're almost ugly, haha..." Ben was back to his old ways, still that uncultured black dragon. It was just now, he was not a prince anymore, but the dragon king!

Clearly, Ben had not heard what had happened. Of course, living in Dragon Valley, the dragons would not interact with humans, and Ben had been receiving his inheritance, so naturally, he would not know what had happened to Qi Aoshuang.

"We'll talk about that later. There is another pressing matter at hand. A woman infiltrated Dragon Valley, have you found her? Her motives are unknown."

"That happened?" Ben frowned, then turned to look at the two people in grey behind him. They had terrified expressions. "Did you find the woman yet?" Ben did not ask if there was a woman who infiltrated, but if they had found the woman or not. He would never doubt Qi Aoshuang's words. The two people in grey were a little surprised at their king's faith in the human.

"Your highness, that woman is currently..." one of them started to say apprehensively, then trailed off.

"Just say if you found her!" Ben was already a little angry, his eyes flashing coldly.

"Forgive me, your majesty. We have already hastened the search," they said fearfully.

"Ben, that woman is no ordinary person. She used a beautifying potion to use a group of people as bait to attract attention, and then slipped in. Think carefully, what could it be that she wants?" Qi Aoshuang could see from Ben's intense gaze that he was now truly the dragon kind.

Suddenly, Ben had a strange expression on his face. "Summer."

"Summer?" Qi Aoshuang frowned, but then suddenly said, "The Ai Luo clan! That woman must be from the Ai Luo clan, so she is after dragon teeth!"

"She is a thief." Ben was currently calm. He ordered the two in grey, "Immediately send people to the Dragon Hollow. Bring that woman to me the moment you find her."

"Yes, your majesty." The two in grey immediately turned and left. The Dragon Hollow was the burial ground of the dragons and was not to be disturbed.

"Claire, come to my palace." Ben revealed a toothy grin, delighted with himself.

Qi Aoshuang nodded. Ben muttered something, transforming back into his true form, then started to fly. Qi Aoshuang smiled, unfurling her golden wings. Leng Lingyun also flew on his own. The two followed Ben from behind.

Entering with Ben, naturally they were not obstructed. When the guarding dragon saw Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun flying behind Ben, he stared blankly, his mouth wide open. Inwardly, he thought to himself, luckily he had not rashly offended the king's friends.

Qi Aoshuang surveyed the entire valley from her vantage point. The long mountain range was covered with dense forest. Once in a while, she would spot dragons atop mountains. Deep in the mountain range, there was a lake with dark green waters, a few dragons lounging next to it. Even further in, a grand palace appeared before them. It appeared to be made of pure white, lustrous jade. The palace was much larger than human ones.

"Ben, do you dragons typically live in your dragon forms or in your human forms?" Qi Aoshuang was curious.

"Once a dragon matures, they can assume a human form. Of course, it is their choice which form they choose. However, you must assume your human form to enter the palace." Ben sighed gloomily. "Although the dragon race is proud and looks down on humans, they can only assume the human form once they mature. To be forced to assume the human form in the palace is a bit ironic."

"Perhaps, the dragon god deeply wishes for dragons to coexist with humans," Leng Lingyun uttered in a low voice.

"Indeed." When they reached the palace, Ben descended, instantly assuming his human form as he did. Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun also descended. Immediately, two beautiful maids appeared.

"Your majesty."

The two beauties bowed respectfully. Their eyes were filled with unconcealable reverence. To dragons, strength equated to law.

Ben nodded offhandedly. "Prepare two rooms for my friends."

"Yes, your majesty." The two maids bowed, then withdrew.

Ben led Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun to the main hall, then through a corridor to arrive at a small palace hall.

Another beautiful maid came to offer the three fresh water, then left. The dragon race did not enjoy tea, all choosing to drink underground fresh water.

"Ben, I came here to ask you for something," Qi Aoshuang said solemnly after getting seated.

"What is it?" Seeing that Qi Aoshuang had a serious expression, he too became serious."

"Do you know what the God Feather Heaven Slayer is?" Qi Aoshuang asked in response.

"Relic weapon?" Ben asked probingly.

Qi Aoshuang nodded.

"We do have what you want, but..." Ben rubbed his temples. "But who knows which nook or cranny it fell into. It will be difficult to find. I think it was a pair of wristguards."

Qi Aoshuang started to sweat. She hadn't expected the dragon race to treat it like nothing. At the very least, the mermaids had given it to their princess as a gift. The dragons, on the other hand, didn't even know where they put it."

"Claire, what do you want it for? Don't the sprites treat theirs like some kind of offering from their god?" Ben asked, not understanding.

"Ben, my name is now Qi Aoshuang..." she said quietly. Her eyes flashed through a myriad of emotions: grief, heartbroken, anger, hate...