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 Prince Banis and the alluring woman looked over at Carter, not understanding what he was doing. Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun also eyed him as he approached.

"Good evening. Could I borrow a bit of your fire?" Carter's icy face revealed a trace of a smile.

Prince Banis blinked. Had he seen wrong? The stone-faced man could smile? The knights were even more shocked. It was the first time they had seen this powerful person take the initiative to talk to someone else, especially to strangers! The alluring woman's eyes also darkened, watching with narrowed eyes.

Qi Aoshuang's response left Carter stiff.

"No. I'm sorry, there's not enough room," Qi Aoshuang responded heedlessly. She took a sip of her cup, not even giving Carter so much as a glance.

"But isn't there a lot of room?" Carter then did something that shocked prince Banis and the rest even more. He smiled as he plopped down next to Leng Lingyun.

How shameless! Qi Aoshuang was annoyed. She did not want to have any connections to this person. He was definitely difficult to deal with. This was her intuition. She did not want problems to arise.

Carter eyed Qi Aoshuang fixedly. What he said next made Qi Aoshuang shiver. "Young lady, your voice is very similar to a person I know."

He watched Qi Aoshuang intensely to see her reaction.

But Qi Aoshuang showed no change in expression. "What? I've never met someone like you before." She paused, then said venomously, "It takes a certain level of skill to flatter others."

Carter's expression. He examined Qi Aoshuang's expression more closely, but was not able to discern any clues. He was certain that this ordinary looking girl's voice was the exact same as the person who had been seeking to battle, Claire. Claire Hill was like fireworks, falling after displaying her peak splendor. Naturally, he did not believe she had committed matricide in order to ingratiate herself with the Temple. Was this ordinary looking girl the previously shining Claire? He inspected her face with rapt attention, but was disappointed to see no similarities. Her every freckle was so realistic, there was no way she was using some kind of disguise. There was no traces of uses of potions either. It seems he had made a mistake."

"I must have mistakened you for someone else, my mistake." Carter smiled, standing up to bow apologetically, then left.

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun did not respond, continuing to make tea and roast meat. Right now, all they needed to do was wait for Ben to come out of his reclusive training.

Prince Banis's party and Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun lodged on each side of the ravine, mutually ignoring the other.

The night passed by peacefully.

As day broke, the sun rays filled the entire ravine. The crisp bird calls could be heard.

Prince Banis left his tent a little gloomily. Just as before, the captivating women did not let him do anything to her.

"Dear..." Prince Banis's hand was pulled tenderly. "Are you still mad? I already said as long as you fulfill this wish of mine, I'll become yours."

Feeling the soft sensation on his elbow, Banis discarded his floomy thoughts. He wrapped his arm around her curvy waist, nodding. "Alright, baby. You promised me."

"Mm, of course, darling," the flirtatious woman responded coyly. Her eyes flashed with loathing, but it disappeared in a wink. Inwardly, she cursed, this disgusting pig. Did he think she was some kind of playing? If he wasn't born a prince, he would be a nobody. She just needed the cretin to attract the dragon race's attention for a moment. Humph. Whether he lived or died did not matter to her, as long as she could get that thing!

"Everyone, get up! Get ready to leave!" Banis coldly commanded.

"Young master, where are we going?" the captain asked, unsettled. Was their idiot prince really that dumb?

"Of course into Dragon Valley," Banis replied haughtily.

The captain's mouth dropped, staring at the prince incredulously. Wasn't that certain death? All just for that woman?

"We'll just take a look," Banis urged impatiently. Although he was perverted, he was not a fool. He knew how strong dragons were, but the beauty only wished to witness a dragon, that was all. It couldn't be that difficult. They would just enter to take a look, then leave immediately.

Just take a look? That simple? A trace of doubt flashed in the captain's eyes. That bimbo only wanted to take a look? Perhaps it was so.

After waking up and eating, they saw Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun had lazily just come out of their tents.

"Baby, let's go. You'll finally be able to meet a dragon. However, we must be careful." Banis smiled, pulling the alluring beauty's waist close to him.

"Yes, dear." The alluring woman smiled charmingly. Banis nearly swooned.

"Carter, you must protect my baby, ok?" Banis turned to face the cold-faced Carter.

Carter's face remained impassive. "I am only responsible for your safety." His meaning was clear; he would not protect the woman.

"You!" Prince Banis's face darkened, about to explode into anger. But the alluring woman pulled him back, smiling. "Dear, you just need to protect me."

"Mm, baby, I'll definitely protect you." Prince Banis nodded repeatedly, infatuated.

The beauty gave him a lovely smile, but inwardly, she was disgusted with the arrogant prince. As her gaze passed by Carter, her eyes flashed venomously. She laughed in her heart. No matter, she had not planned on relying on them to protect her from the start. They only needed to attract the dragons' attention for a moment, that way she could infiltrate and steal that thing...

Qi Aoshuang watched as they packed up their stuff. As they started to walk to Dragon Valley, she frowned.

"Aoshuang, what do you think?" Leng Lingyun asked softly.

"That brainless prince was persuaded to enter Dragon Valley, but I can't tell what that woman's intentions are." Qi Aoshuang took a bite of bread that Leng Lingyun had handed her. White Emperor and Black Feather were jumping around in the tent. They had been hiding there since last night so that none of Banis's men could see them.

Leng Lingyun crouched down, passing a piece of bread into the flap of the tent so that the two little things would settle down.

"Want to follow them to see what happens?" Leng Lingyun stood up.

"No need to be hasty. Let's first wait and see." Qi Aoshuang watched as their figures disappeared out of the ravine. Carter also followed, clothed in pure white. Qi Aoshuang's eyes lingered on his figure the longest.

"It'll be quite tragic, I imagine." Leng Lingyun responded indifferently.

Qi Aoshuang smiled. "Did I just detect dark humor in the venerable Divine Prince's voice?"

"Really?" Leng Lingyun responded with the exact same tone.

But then something strange happened.


There came the sound of an angered dragon from the end of the ravine.

Leng Lingyun followed Qi Aoshuang's suggestion to wait and see. The result was pitiful, as expected.

The entrance of Dragon Valley:

The patrolling dragon angrily roared, the sound reverberating in their ears.

"Damn humans, pay for your idiocy!" the dragon roared. Terrifying dragon breath started to descend upon them.

"Please let me explain, venerable dragon," Bani started to say, large beads of sweat on his forehead. As his group entered Dragon Valley, they suddenly ran into the dragon just as Qi Aoshuang had and was being berated. He originally thought that after fulfilling the beauty's request to see the dragon, they could return safely. However, the woman suddenly attacked the dragon with magic. It was only a small fireball, but it hit the dragon's nostril accurately. It was clearly provocative, hitting a sensitive spot. Then the woman ducked behind him, declaring he had forced her to do so. After successfully angering the dragon, she slipped away. Prince Banis realized he had been completely manipulated, but there was no point in explaining anything now.

"Idiot," Carter cursed silently. He stepped forward, gripped Banis under one arm, then quickly ran out the mouth of the valley. This all happened in a matter of seconds. The dragon was mighty, but with Carter's strength, running away was not anything difficult. Unfortunately, the remaining knights took the brunt of the dragon's anger. Dragon breath blasted. Soon, knights became scorched earth. The surviving knights lost the will to fight, all running towards the mouth of the valley with all their might. No one noticed the alluring woman with her cold grin. She was concealed behind a large true expertly.

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun watched as Carter ran out with the previously arrogant prince pinned under his arm, while behind him, knights ran as hard as they could with looks of terror.