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 Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun took set up camp outside Dragon Valley.

Leng Lingyun pitched tents, while Qi Aoshuang stacked up firewood, preparing their bonfire for the night. Black Feather and White Emperor bounced around Leng Lingyun, waiting expectantly for Leng Lingyung to cook meat for them.

At this moment, a group of people was at the mouth of the ravine. Leading them was a charming, lavishly dressed woman followed by a well dressed young man. The young man had a beautiful sword at his waist, his boots of the highest quality. His clothes were embroidered elegantly, showing his high status. Behind then were armed knights. At the very back was someone dressed completely differently from them, wearing pure white clothes. He maintained a certain distance, not lagging behind, but not following closely either.

"Young master, Dragon Valley is right ahead. We should stop now," a middle aged man leading the knights said earnestly. He cursed inwardly. This foolish price, persuaded just because of that woman to come to this dangerous place. It was Dragon Valley, a place where even some magic beasts wouldn't appear. Although they had a disciple of the Hidden Sect following to protect them, if they entered Dragon Valley and actually angered dragons, it would be strange if they weren't swallowed whole! Their horses were already unsettled at merely the mouth of the ravine. They could only leave two people behind to look after the horses as everyone else continued forward.

"Shut up, useless fool," the lavishly dressed man angrily chided. He was losing face in front of the beauty because of the old man! The young man was the third prince of Belruk, Banis. He had been completely enamored by the beauty in a chance meeting.

The captain gnashed his teeth bitterly. Useless? Could humans win against dragons? The captain shot a hateful glance at the beautiful woman. It was all because of this bimbo's fault that they were forced to follow this brainless prince here. The disciple of the Hidden Sect was only responsible for protecting the prince's safety. At a critical juncture, they would be screwed.

Though the Hidden Sect did not interfere with common life, they were still humans; they still needed to eat. All their money came from a handful of imperial families. As payment, they would dispatch some of their disciples to protect royal family members.

The captain cast a glance at the Hidden Sect disciple. The disciple followed unhurriedly, calm and composed. He had never spoken a word with them. The captain sighed. Hopefully, their prince was wise enough to not continue forward.

"Dear..." the alluring woman turned to speak to prince Banis coquettishly.

"Mm, what is it, Baby?" Banis asked cautiously with a fawning smile.

"The sky is darkening. We should set up camp at the end of the ravine and enter tomorrow, okay?" The woman's charming voice nearly melted prince Banis.

"Alright, no problem. Baby, tomorrow we enter Dragon Valley." Prince Banis gazed at the beauty tenderly.

"Will there be any problems?" the beauty asked sweetly.

"How could that be? These knights are Belruk's greatest knights. We even have a disciple of the Hidden Sect."

"No fair, that disciple is only responsible for your safety," the beauty pouted cutely. Her eyes flashed profoundly with something unclear that disappeared instantly. No one noticed.

"Oh silly you, you are my everything. How could he not protect you," he comforted her. But although he said this, he was also unsettled. The disciple had only exchanged words with him three times. He was very dissatisfied with the disciple's attitude. The way he always seemed to be looking down on him always made him feel prickled.

"Dear, you're the best." The alluring woman clung onto Banis's shoulder, her large chest rubbing against him. Instantly, Banis was elated. Watching from behind them, the captain was indignant. He had been watching everything that had happened calmly. A cold laugh surfaced in his heart.

Once they reached the end of the ravine, night had already descended.

"Huh? There's light." Banis frowned, seeing a flickering bonfire in the distance.

"Someone's there." The alluring woman was shocked. Someone was actually camping there?!

"Let's go and see." Banis started to walk over, wanting to impress the woman with his manliness.

The captain, on the other hand, frowned. Anyone who could set up camp here could be no ordinary person. He prayed the brainless prince wouldn't cause more trouble.

Once the group got close, they froze at the scene.

Two ordinary looking people sat in front of a bonfire. The young man was roasting meat, while the freckled girl was making tea?! Yes, they did not see wrong. The freckled girl was making tea. She had a cheap tea set and was waiting for the water in the kettle to boil over the bonfire. A pair of lovers on a date? Pah! Everyone discarded the thought immediately. How in their right mind would come here for a date? How many people were as dumb as their prince, who had came here just to show off to a girl?

"Dear, who are these two?" The alluring woman assumed a curious appearance. Prince Banis also frowned.

I don't know either. But of course, Banis could not say these words out loud.

"They should be lost commoners," Banis said indifferently. He had no interest in the ordinary looking people.

"But the ravine is a straight path," the woman said coyly.

Prince Banis's face reddened. He shrugged her off. "Who cares what they're doing? We're going over there." He then walked away. The two looked very ordinary, but even though Banis would often forget himself, even he knew that those who could come here were unordinary. It was best not to stir up trouble.

"Oh..." The charming woman pouted her lips, dissatisfied. She followed the prince. Banis then instructed his underlings to set up camp. Meanwhile, he and the woman flirted.

Not far away, the Hidden Sect disciple stood quietly. His gaze lingered on Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun. These two individuals were definitely out of the ordinary.

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun had of course sensed the people before they were in view. Currently, they could sense the person's gaze on them. Qi Aoshuang cast a glance, then raised a brow. What a coincidence, it was the person she had met right outside Fenghua city! His name was, uh, Carter? She was only able to remember his name vaguely because it sounded similar to Camille. He was still dressed in white. At the time, Qi Aoshuang had felt it was very familiar, but now she realized that it was the same type of clothes Elder Huo had worn. So he was a disciple of the Hidden Sect. But why was he following these group of idiots? It seemed he was protecting the ostentatiously dressed young man?

"What is it?" Leng Lingyun sensed Qi Aoshuang seemed to be in thought.

"What do you suppose those people came here for?" Qi Aoshuang kept her voice low.

"The lavishly dressed man is a prince of Belruk, Banis. He has poor character. I do not recognize the woman next to him. It's very strange that he is here. It couldn't be that he is here to pick a fight with the dragon race." As the previous Divine Prince, Leng Lingyun had met many royal family members and had an exceptional memory.

"Don't you think that woman is attractive?" Qi Aoshuang suddenly asked.

Leng Lingyun froze. He paused for a moment to look at Qi Aoshuang. After a while, he said, "I... I think you are more attractive than her."

Qi Aoshuang also froze. She looked at Leng Lingyun blankly for a brief moment before returning to her senses. She said a little embarrassedly, "I wasn't asking about that. It just seems she used a beautifying potion."

"Ah?" Only then did Leng Lingyun understanding her intentions. His eyes flashed with a trace of embarrassment upon realization. He cast a glance over at the woman who was currently flirting with prince Banis. His expression changed slightly. If that woman was using a beautifying potion to approach prince Banis, then the reason why they were here would be in large part due to her. If this woman had convinced them to come to Dragon Valley, what was her motive?

"Now do you understand?" Qi Aoshuang lifted off the teapot that hung over the bonfire and poured herself a cup of tea."

"Indeed." Leng Lingyun nodded as he rotated the meat over the bonfire to cook it evenly.

As the two pondered, Carter suddenly did something. He started to walk over to Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun.