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 Qi Aoshuang stood at the prow of the ship, the wind gently brushing her face. Leng Lingyun stood to the side, silent.

Xue Longfei viewed the wide expanse of oceans, arms crossed. He broke into a candid smile. "If I did not have the City of Unruly holding me back, I would have liked to join you."

"As long as I stayed with you, exciting things would be sure to happen." Xue Longfei said his true intentions.

"You're better off staying here to protect your people. Now that you've let me go, the Temple of Light is sure to investigate." Qi Aoshuang frowned. She was thinking about the innocent Feng clan that had been unfairly implicated.

"The Feng clan trade union has great, widespread influence, allowing it to be suppressed in multiple areas. I am different. My Unruly Island is out in deep waters and centralized. It is not easy to travel their either. For the Temple of Light to suppress me is fundamentally impossible." Xue Longfei said confidently, then laughed. "I sure am looking forward to the day you topple the Temple of Light, double black girl." Xue Longfei had also heard of this legend. In the past, he brushed it aside, but now, he was willing to believe in it.

"The day will come."

"Oh, also, your appearances attract too much attention." Xue Longfei stroked his chin, looking at Qi Aoshuang, then looking at Leng Lingyun. "Although you both are not as attractive as I, both of you are very noticeable. I do have a way to change your appearances, however."

Qi Aoshuang cast a sidelong glance. Leng Lingyun and her appearances were indeed trouble, especially Leng Lingyun's. His silver hair and violet eyes were too distinctive.

"If you eat this fruit, you will look like a commoner, perhaps even look ugly." Xue Longfei fished out two grey, wrinkled fruits from his robe.

"What is that?" Leng Lingyun frowned upon the two little fruits.

"This is a treasure one of my concubines gave me. I originally had ten, now I have three left." Xue Longfei gazed at the fruits longingly.

"What did you use it for?" Qi Aoshuang had no qualms and grabbed the fruit.

Xue Longfei eyed the fruits. "Sometimes, I'm handsome to a fault. When I need to do business, somethings I will be forced to change my appearance, Otherwise, I'll rouse attention everywhere I go."

Qi Aoshuang had no words.

"If you want to change back, eat these." Xue Longfei fished out another two wrinkled leaves. "These leaves come from the same plant as the fruits."

Qi Aoshuang stared at Xue Longfei, unable to find words to say. They were merely strangers who had crossed paths by accident, yet he had given them such a huge favor. Without a doubt, these items were extremely valuable, but Xue Longfei gifted them to them. She found herself somewhat moved, almost.

Qi Aoshuang did not immediately take the leaves. Instead, she looked Xue Longfei into the eye. "Xue Longfei, I will engrave this favor into my memories. If the day comes when you need my assistance, I will help you with all my might."

"Knowing you, your words alone are enough." Xue Longfei smiled brightly. He handed the two leaves over. "Eat it now and see."

Qi Aoshuang handed one of the fruits to Leng Lingyun. He looked at the ugly fruits, then swallowed it in one bite. Under Qi Aoshuang's incredulous gaze, Leng Lingyun's appearance was changing rapidly. His alluring, violet eyes gradually faded into grey. His elegant, long silver hair turned brown. His facial features also gradually changed. In an instant, standing before Qi Aoshuang was not Ye Yin anymore. It was a man with beady eyes and brown hair who could not look more ordinary.

"Come, take a look for yourself." Xue Longfei handed a refined mirror to Leng Lingyun. Of course the narcissistic Xue Longfei would carry a mirror!

When Leng Lingyun saw himself in the mirror, the person reflected was shocked. The person in the mirror and him were as different as could be.

"Absolutely no one could recognize you." Xue Longfei said, pleased.

"Chirp chirp!"

"Peep peep!"

Hidden in Leng Lingyun's cloak, White Emperor and Black Feather crawled out onto Leng Lingyun's shoulder. Their round, little eyes were filled with shock.

"Haha, and you need to watch over these two little pets carefully. They have already become symbols of your identity." Xue Longfei stroked his chin, looking at the two strange organisms thoughtfully. "What kind of magic beasts are these? I cannot recognize them. To think that there were magic beasts that I could not recognize, how astounding! It cannot be, how could I not recognize them..." He felt a blow to his confidence.

Qi Aoshuang then swallowed her fruit and felt her features changing. She looked at White Emperor and Black Feather. "Perhaps they do not come from this world. This is not their true appearance either."

"Ah? Then what exactly are they?" His interest was piqued.

"I do not know," Qi Aoshuang replied honestly. Although White Emperor and Black Feather had assumed human forms before, Qi Aoshuang still to this day did not know their true identities. She only knew that the god of Darkness and goddess of Light recognized them, so they were definitely unordinary.

"Haha, if anyone could recognize you now, I'd eat my hat!" Xue Longfei was immensely pleased.

A trace of shock flashed through Leng Lingyun's eyes. He handed over the mirror to Qi Aoshuang. When she took a look, she saw a head of green hair. Her eyes were still large, now a common blue color. Her nose was covered in freckles.

She nodded, pleased. Indeed, no one would be able to recognize her.

A few days later, Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun arrived at a dock near the border. Xue Longfei then departed.

As the sun started to set, Qi Aoshuang watched as the gorgeous vessel left, silent.

"Aoshuang, let's go," Leng Lingyun said quietly."

"Mm." Qi Aoshuang nodded, and then they left.

Their journey was smooth as expected. No one took notice of Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun now.

And so, the two smoothly passed Yowusali's border and through the hazy swamp, heading to Dragon Valley.

Dragon Valley was between wide expanses of steep mountains.

It was a forbidden area.

Who knew how many had been able to make it out alive.

Just as they entered the mountain range, Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun sensed an incorporeal pressure.

The next moment, they saw black. A giant figure appeared overhead, throat rumbling, then descended before them.

"Humans, if you want to live, leave immediately. You are in dragon territory," a thunderous voice said abruptly.

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun looked up to see a giant dragon crouched before them, eyeing them disdainfully. He was likely a dragon guarding the entrance.

Qi Aoshuang and Leng Lingyun exchanged glances.

"We are looking for Ben Berna Alexa Betlabu Etfeid..." Qi Aoshuang started to recite from memory. She had remarkable memory, able to remember Ben's long family name from that one time he had introduced himself.

"Cease your talking! Lowly human, how could you utter our king's name so wantonly." The giant dragon abruptly burst into anger, about to spit out fire.

Qi Aoshuang was elated. She had bet correctly. Ben had been able to clear his name and regain what was rightfully his! Becoming the dragon king! If this was true, then it was too easy. However, this guard was just a little too thick.

"Is the dragon race really this thick? Could any human know the dragon king's name? Tell Ben Claire Hill is here." Qi Aoshuang humphed.

The guarding dragon froze. He looked at the small human, suspicious. The dragons were a proud race and would not give away their names to anyone? But his king's true name had indeed been said by this human. Everyone knew that their king had been framed before, and they all knew some kind of human had saved their king. However, the human was famous for their golden hair and fair appearance. The tiny human did not seem to fit the description.

"Human, are you really Claire Hill? Claire Hills is known for her golden hair and jade eyes." The dragon crouched down to look at her carefully to ascertain he was not wrong. Whether it was her hair or eyes, they all did not match the description.

"I used a secret method to change my appearance," Qi Aoshuang explained. "If you bring us to meet your king, the truth shall be revealed."

"But our king is currently in seclusion, receiving the dragon king inheritance." Although the human seemed different from what their king described, she was able to utter his name. Perhaps she was really Claire Hill in disguise?

Dragon king inheritance?!

Qi Aoshuang understood. After becoming the dragon king, he would receive the dragon god's bestowal and obtain gold power. Only then would he become the true dragon king.

"Thus, we will have to wait." Qi Aoshuang smiled at the guard dragon. "Don't worry, we will leave the dragon valley and wait outside. Once your king's ceremony ends, please inform him."

"Of course. The moment he leaves seclusion, I will inform him immediately." The dragon nodded hurriedly. If the human before him was truly the king's savior, he could not afford to offend them accidentally.