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 "Alright, everyone disperse! Get back to business!" Xue Longfei ordered the spectators. They all glared at Qi Aoshuang, but still dispersed.

Dong Fenghou hurriedly ran over to Qi Aoshuang as if his butt was on fire. "Aoshuang, I-I'm going back to the inn. Chuxin, Chuxin is still there." Dong Fenghou had overheard Xue Longfei say that the Temple of Light and Black Lightning already had the inn surrounded.

"Let's go." Qi Aoshuang nodded, frowning. Her gaze had not shifted from Xue Longfei, who was still smiling brightly, evidently cautious.

Dong Fenghou madly hastened to the inn. No one stopped them, which made Qi Aoshuang even more suspicious of Xue Longfei.

"Why did you approach me?" Xue Longfei walked over casually, motioning for the girl beside him to leave.

Qi Aoshuang watched him carefully, but did not sense any malice.

"I don't care about your relationship with those religious fools. I only wanted to have a fight with you. The results are already out. You are stronger than me," he said plainly as he sheathed his sword.

"The mermaid princess." Qi Aoshuang also sheathed her sword, coldly announcing her objective. One thing was certain: Xue Longfei would not act based on common sense. She was a little surprised at his free spirit, even a little envious.

"Ah? You're looking for Qian-er*?" Xue Longfei stroked his chin thoughtfully, then said coldly. "Did you fall for her good looks? Are you into women?"

*adding -er to the end of a first name is a form of endearment, like a cute nickname

Qi Aoshuang's expression turned frosty, Azure Ripple blade already in hand.

"I was joking!" Xue Longfei took a few steps back, his hands raised in surrender. "Don't be hasty, I was just joking."

"Humph!" Qi Aoshung humphed coldly, retracting the Azure Ripple blade.

"But why are you looking for Qian-er?" Xue Longfei still did not understand.

"We are after her tiara, and want to bring her back to her parents' side." As Qi Aoshuang finished speaking, she could already see that Xue Longfei's expression was different from usual.

"Oi, don't look at me that way. I didn't kidnap her, she stubbornly wanted to follow no matter what." Xue Longfei seemed somewhat unsatisfied. He did a hair flip, then sighed, "It was just my luck that I was born with such good looks."

Qi Aoshuang immediately felt a burst of disdain, but didn't say a word. She only eyed him coldly.

"First, you should go help your friends. We'll meet at the easter pier. My boat is there. I will bring you what you want and tell Qian-er to return to her clan." Xue Longfei shrugged.

Qi Aoshuang frowned, watching Xue Longfei skeptically. What exactly was he planning?

"Let's go. Your friends must be amidst a difficult battle currently," Xue Longfei advised.

"How strong are the people they are fighting compared to you?" Qi Aoshuang gave no indication of leaving.

"Of course weaker than me. As the strongest one, I was reserved to fight you." Xue Longfei raised a brow playfully.

"Oh, then it's nothing. I'll just wait here for them." Qi Aoshuang walked over to the fountain and sat down calmly.

"What?!" Xue Longfei's eyes widened, watching the expressionless Qi Aoshuang. Did she not care about her companions? Or did she have confidence in them? It seemed to be the latter. He couldn't help but doubt. Were her friends really that strong?

Qi Aoshuang did not say a word, continuing to sit calmly.

"Hm? What are you up to?" Xue Longfei sat down right next to her, chatting naturally. "I don't like those religious hypocrites who spew lies all day either. Originally, they had a branch here, but I secretly eliminated them. They have told me to watch out for the perpetrator ever since, what a joke. Why would I hand myself over?" Xue Longfei chatted freely without any precautions.

"Destroy the Temple," Qi Aoshuang answered simply. She looked up at the sky, calculating when they would wrap up at the inn. She secretly sighed in her heart. Xue Longfei was truly unruly beyond belief. The City of Unruly, what a name that befitted him.

"Oh, really? Haha, good idea." Xue Longfei raised a brow excitedly. Then he frowned. "But right now you're being chased down by the Temple. How can you destroy it?"

Qi Aoshuang regarded him coldly. "Do you think your phrasing is correct?"

"Oh, haha. It's more like the Temple is eating your dust." Xue Longfei laughed, correcting his mistake.

Qi Aoshuang frowned. "Why did you decide to help me? Were you not assisting the Temple?" Qi Aoshuang did not care for the Temple of Light, but the goddess of Light was another story. The goddess's terrifying strength remained fresh in her memory. Therefore, though she did not care for the Temple itself, it was best not to face them directly.

Xue Longfei smoothed back his hair, adopting a relaxed posture. "No reason. I do what I want."

Qi Aoshuang was silent. His words and posture fit his personality perfectly.

"Oh right, Claire..." Xue Longfei started to say, looking at her black hair.

Qi Aoshuang broke him off. "Call me Qi Aoshuang. The name Claire died with someone else."

"Oh, Qi Aoshuang, is there a person of the Feng merchant clan among your comrades?" Xue Longfei changed to a different topic. He had noticed the nearly imperceptible trace of grief in Qi Aoshuang's eyes. The person she spoke of was probably her mother. Naturally, he did not believe the girl before him would cruelly kill her own mother. It must have been another "good deed" of the religious hypocrites.

Hmm? She was aware the Feng Trade Union was renown throughout the entire Ceylon continent, but did not understand why he would suddenly ask such a question.

Suddenly, there came the sound of thundering footsteps.

"Yes, the one with red hair. He is the Feng clan's Feng Yixuan, the son of the president of the Feng Trade Union." Qi Aoshuang indicated at the hurriedly running Feng Yixuan.

Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun arrived followed closely by the Xi brothers along with Qiao Chuxin and Dong Fenghou.

Once they saw Qi Aoshuang and the gorgeously dressed man was sitting together peacefully, they were all shocked. Dong Fenghou's chin was about to dislocate. Before he had left, Qi Aoshuang was still coldly affront him, sparks flying. How were they now harmonious?

"Oh? You must be from the Feng clan, one of the people wanted by the Temple of Light and empire of Amparkland." Xue Longfei watching Feng Yixuan with a whimsical.

Feng Yixuan's expression changed, about to flare up.

But Xue Longfei said something that struck him heavily. "For you, the Temple of Light and empire of Amparkland has put the Feng clan under heavy pressure. Are you not going to return?"

Everyone froze at his words.

Feng Yixuan was dumbstruck, staring at Xue Longfei blankly, but Xue Longfei's gaze was firm. He appeared entirely truthful.

"Something happened to the Feng clan?" Qi Aoshuang stood up promptly. Though he was smiling whimsically, his eyes were serious.

"If I can figure out your identity, you think others can't? The ones you have faced on your journey are greenhorns." Xue Longfei shrugged heedlessly. "The Temple of Light must be gathering talents who rival your strength besides I to kill you. You should take care of yourselves."

"What exactly happened to the Feng clan?" Qi Aoshuang's heart sunk. An Lisha's bright smile appeared in her mind's eye. To Qi Aoshuang, she was already a special existence. Though she appeared fiery, she was tender on the inside. At the time, it was she who had brought Qi Aoshuang to the Feng island and asked the Astral Wind elder to block the lightning strikes. When Qi Aoshuang was at her lowest point, it was she who sheltered her.

Feng Yixuan was currently unusually calm. He said coldly, "What happened to the Feng clan? Please tell me."

Xue Longfei's expression shifted slightly. Though the aura of the red haired youth before him was like that of a calm lake, he sensed an indescribable pressure. The pressure was even more dreadful compared to Qi Aoshuang's. A terrifying thought flashed in his mind. This youth was even stronger than Qi Aoshuang?! Was this why Qi Aoshuang confidently sat down, calmly waiting for them?

"Please tell me." Feng Yixuan's voice was clear cut, tranquil, yet spine chilling.

"The Feng clan is currently being pressured. Many branches have been suppressed, and Amparkland keeps on provoking Lagark," Xue Longfei said grimly. "I suggest you return." Though he had already sensed Feng Yixuan's power, he still advised him.

Feng Yixuan's eyes were already filled with hellfire.