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 Unruly island, moderate sunny weather.

The pier was bustling with activity.

It was another beautiful morning for the City of Unruly.

"Why is it me?" Dong Fenghou's beautiful face looked wronged. He was currently a peerless beauty. The effects of the gender changing potion had worn off, so everyone was waiting inside an inn for them to bring news back.

Currently, Qi Aoshuang and Dong Fenghou were quietly sitting in front of a fountain in the plaza. Like everyone else, they were feeding the seagulls pieces of bread. Because the effects of the gender changing potion had worn off, Qi Aoshuang was currently wearing a golden wig. Without Cliff's magic to change their appearances, this was the best they could do.

"Because you are the prettiest," Qi Aoshuang responded.

"I would rather not be pretty," Dong Fenghou scowled. Why was he acting as the honey trap again?! He was fundamentally a genuine male! Making him disguise himself as a woman and wait here to attract Xue Longfei, why, why!??!!

"Wait here. In a moment, Xue Longfei will pass by." Qi Aoshuang stood up, patting her clothes. "You just need to infiltrate and figure out where the mermaid princess is."

Qi Aoshuang already had a very bad impression of Xue Longfei. Last night, she planned on asking where the mermaid princess was at the city manor, but was shocked speechless by the giant harem. The courtyards were all decorated the exact same, so finding the princess would be a huge task. Damn Xue Longfei giving every concubine an entire courtyard. It was said that Xue Longfei's harem was completely harmonious. If Dong Fenghou infiltrated and asked, it should be easy.

Seeing Qi Aoshuang about to leave, Dong Fenghou hastily stood up. "What if he does something to me? What should I do?"

"Don't worry, Xue Longfei has never forced himself onto women," Qi Aoshuang said casually, about to leave.

Dong Fenghou watched Qi Aoshuang's leaving figure with puppy eyes, feeling very tortured.

Qi Aoshuang turned, about to leave, but then a figure flashed in front of her, blocking her path. How quick! Qi Aoshuang was shocked by their speed.

"Pretty girl, could I have the honor of having a cup of tea with you?" A gentle voice said.

Qi Aoshuang looked up to see who it was. Her eyes flashed with shock. What a universally shocking face. His eyes were like stars, his golden hair supple, his lips luscious and wet. Such a beautiful appearance belonged to a man, what a pity. Seeing his luxurious clothes and exceptional face, along with his casual pick up line, Qi Aoshuang immediately understood who it was.

He was the lord of the City of Unruly... Xue Longfei!

However, he was not talking to Dong Fenghou, but to Qi Aoshuang.

Seeing the man's smile was like being bathed in spring wind. Qi Aoshuang could not help but admit that the man was worthy. He was extremely attractive. Perhaps the mermaid princess had been entranced by his smile alone.

Qi Aoshuang did not respond, but Xue Longfei smiled and said something that shocked her. "Weren't you waiting for me this whole time? Why aren't you saying anything right now?"

Qi Aoshuang's heart sunk. She recoiled a few steps back, eyeing the smiling Xue Longfei coldly. She had underestimated him!

"Claire Hill. This is our first meeting. I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Let me introduce myself. I am Xue Longfei." Xue Longfei watched the girl intensely. This was the girl the Temple of Light was trying to kill no matter the cost?

Qi Aoshuang's eyes darkened. He already knew her identity?!

Xue Longfei laughed calmly. "You must be curious how I knew who you are. Haha, your friends in the inn must already be confronting people of the Temple of Light and Black Lightning. Only our fight has yet to start." His eyes flashed with a sliver of glee. Claire Hill. Originally, he had no interest in her, but after she battled with the Temple, he took notice of her. The girl who originally chased after men was now a genius that others chased, the star of Amparkland, even a Priest of the Temple of Light. However, she later defeated the Temple's Pope and twelve archbishops. Her strength remained on the back of his mind ever since. He wanted to have a fight with her.

Qi Aoshuang glanced to see Dong Fenghou was currently being chased away by a girl like a mouse running from a cat. What was going on? Wasn't Dong Fenghou a skilled summoner? Why was he having such difficulty?

"That girl is a summoner's natural enemy. He is unable to summon any magic beasts." Xue Longfei's indifferent explanation dispelled her doubts.


She clicked her tongue with annoyance, regarding the man coldly. Xue Longfei had been prepared from the start. He was indeed unordinary!

Currently, the commoners had already disappeared from the plaza. They all left, but were not far away. Many people watched from high buildings. Many more were surrounding the plaza to spectate.

"City Lord is unparalleled!"

"Go, City Lord!"

"City Lord is the best!"

Suddenly, the plaza began to bustle with noise. Cheers came from the left and right.

Xue Longfei squinted and raised a hand in response, as if this was a familiar situation. This guy was not only a playboy, he was narcissist. And from the commoners' response, it seemed it was very common for Xue Longfei to duel, and he enjoyed them watching him win to boost his ego. Their love and respect for their city lord was even more evident.

"Come, Claire Hill. Let me see if you are strong as the rumors say," Xue Longfei said in a low voice. His smile instantly vanished as he started to emit an indescribably terrifying pressure. Slowly, he raised his hand. A golden sword materialized. He stood there silently. Qi Aoshuang raised a brow at his imposing manner.

Xue Longfei! A master! As expected of Swerther's pride! Merely twenty seven years old, yet already so powerful and achieved.

She narrowed her eyes, smiling coldly. The Azure Ripple blade materialized silently in her hand.

Seeing the Azure Ripple blade, Xue Longfei raised a brow. What a good sword!

Sea gusts blew, tousling their hair. Their clothes flapped in the wind. The two's gazes suddenly intensified. An incorporeal power started to burst forth.

The seagulls that had been eating scraps suddenly all started to fly away, leaving a whirl of white feathers that floated around the two.

In that instant, the fight could have gone either way.

Qi Aoshuang and Xue Longfei eyed each other coldly.

The two both controlled their strength so that their terrifying auras would not affect the nearby commoners. Xue Longfei's eyes gleamed imperceptibly. His theory strengthened.

"City Lord is unmatched under the sky!"

"Ah... City Lord..."

It was the shriek of fan girls. The City Lord was invincible in their hearts. Nothing was infeasible for their City Lord.


It was as if time stopped. Suddenly, the two lept back at the same time, their swords glinting so brightly that it was hard to see.

Two destructive figures clashed in the air.

A loud explosion.

The entire plaza seemed to shake. No! The entire island seemed to shake.

The spectators covered their ears, the deafening sound ringing in their ears. The trembling land struck fear in their hearts.

In the air, the deadly figures separated. The two landed in their original positions.

Qi Aoshuang watched the man coldly. Xue Longfei eyed the girl without change in expression.

Evenly matched?!

The spectators watched with wide eyes, deathly silent.

This girl was evenly matched with their City Lord?! Everyone exchanged glances, their eyes filled with disbelief. How could that be?

The next moment, the loftily standing girl's golden wig flew to the ground, revealing her luscious black hair. There were evident traces of slashes in the wig.


Suddenly, there were deafening cheers.

"City Lord!"

"City Lord!"


The commoners' cheering enveloped the entire plaza.

However, the next moment, Xue Longfei coughed up blood, then started to sway, about to collapse. He struck his sword into the ground to steady himself.

The deafening cheers trailed to a stop.

The plaza was now silent, fearful. Everyone could not believe that their unparalleled City Lord could be reduced to such a state. The City Lord lost?! Their eternally invincible City Lord lost! To that girl?! Everyone's eyes were on the black haired girl.

A gust of wind gently blew, her hair fluttering in the wind. Her refined face was icy and aloof. She merely stood there silently, but everyone felt a terrifying pressure.

"You are strong, but not enough." Qi Aoshuang's ice cold voice spoke quietly. However, to all the spectators, it was nightmarish.

"You are indeed strong." Xue Longfei wiped away the blood on his mouth.

"Life or death?" Qi Aoshuang coldly regarded the man. His expression had not changed.

"Of course life." Unexpectedly, Xue Longfei revealed a toothy grin. With a snap of his fingers, the girl who had been chasing Dong Fenghou stopped and obediently ran over to Xue Longfei. "Life is so beautiful. How could I die before experiencing everything?"

Qi Aoshuang frowned seeing his brilliant smile. Suddenly, she was suspicious. What exactly was this fellow planning?