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 "Those bastards!" Don't Fenghou clenched his fist tightly.

"We have to assemble the relic as soon as possible!" Qiao Chuxin's eyes blazed, her fists clenched. "So we can kill that disgusting goddess."

"Enough. She will be paid back eventually." Qi Aoshuang smiled at Dong Fenghou. "Dong Fenghou, I'm not used to you being able to talk so fluently."

"Boss, are you complimenting me or are you just being sarcastic?" Dong Fenghou pouted.

"Oh right, I haven't introduced you guys to each other. These two beauties are Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi. This is Feng Yixuan." Qi Aoshuang smiled. "This is Dong Fenghou, a summoner."

Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi darkened.

Fortunately, although Dong Fenghou could speak much more fluently, his personality was just as boring as before. He did not make fun of them, only politely greeting them.

"Ao-Aoshuang..." Qiao Chuxing was still unaccustomed to Qi Aoshuang's new name. She moved over to Qi Aoshuang's side. "We don't know where Summer and Shui Wenmo are right now."

"Exactly what kind of magic beast attacked you guys?" Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly.

"I don't know. Dong Fenghou couldn't even communicate with it. That fellow was so scary, it was huge and its entire body was covered in flames. None of our attacks affected it, so we could only run away." She shuddered from the recollection.

Qi Aoshuang pondered for a moment. "We'll look for them after obtaining the part of the relic in the hands of the merfolk."

"Mm." Qiao Chuxin nodded. She looked around her surroundings and watched the resting mermaids. "Moomoo cow's body sure is fantastically. It can block out all weather and transport us underwater."

Qi Aoshuang gave a nod. Indeed, the magic beast's body was magical. It was like a living submarine. Dong Fenghou sure was skilled.

And so, Moomoo cow listened to Dong Fenghou's order, traveling to the inner depths of the sea. At times, it was resurface for fresh air and fresh sea water. Moomoo cow had a large body, but was fast. Within three days, they reached the depths of the ocean.

"We're here." Dong Fenghou stood up and stretched. "Let's go. First go to the entrance. The mermaid city is completely filled with water, so I will summon some aquafission beasts." Dong Fenghou then leapt down to inform the merfolk in their strange, unknown language. The mermaids grew emotional, many of them splashing the sea water with their tails, faces brimming with smiles.

Qi Aoshuang and the rest also leapt down. After counting seven people, Dong Fenghou summoned seven strange sea beasts that looked similar to donkeys. The small sea beasts had thick torsos and long noses with oval ears. Their tails were curled, their necks long. They stood there calmly, awaiting orders.

"Here." With another wave of his hand, four small sea beasts appeared in the palm of his head. He handed one to everyone. "This trumpet beast can create air. Although the aquafission beasts can part the sea waters, they cannot give us enough air. Simply place these on your chests." After saying this, Dong Fenghou stuck a trumpet beast to the front of his chest. Everyone else followed suit.

"Let's go." Dong Fenghou took the initiative, mounting onto one of the aquafission beasts. Everyone else also mounted, following him.

"How mysterious." Qiao Chuxin looked down at the the strange trumpet beast. Its mouth flapped open and closed constantly.

Feng Yixuan and the Xi brothers had been very surprised when Dong Fenghou had summoned so many magic beasts. Summoners were rare, and a summoner as powerful as Dong Fenghou was even more rare.

As Moomoo cow opened its mouth, a powerful force safety sent them out. The merfolk cried out, surprised, then all started swimming. Qi Aoshuang sensed a surge of water, when...


The aquafission beast emitted a sound. A bubble like barrier surrounded both the aquafission beast and Qi Aoshuang, a completely isolated space within the ocean. On Qi Aoshuang's shoulders, White Emperor and Black Feather scanned their surroundings curiously.


The aquafission beasts emitted a sound, then swam forward together.

The mermaids emotionally swam downward. From time to time, they would look behind to check if their benefactors were following them.

Dong Fanghou pointed. "Look, this is the mermaid capital."

"Capital?" Qi Aoshuang was confused. "Do they also have towns and villages?"

"Yes, branched not far away from the capital," Dong Fenghou explained. "To thank us, we are definitely going to be led to the capital."

Few rays of light would penetrate so deeply under the sea, but the mermaid city was full of bright light and vivid color, emitting a beautiful, rainbow hue. The entire city was built atop coral reef out of white stone, among which were many kinds of sea shells and vibrant ore. Much kelp floated on top, drifting along the sea water. It was a paradise like world.

"How beautiful!" Qiao Chuxing exclaimed.

The mermaids continued to swim emotionally. The city gates were already in uproar. Everyone stopped at a distance from the city gate, understanding that even if they saved these mermaids, the mer race hated humans very much. Rashly approaching could lead to misunderstandings. It was best if the mermaids explained on their behalf.

After a while, the city gates finally calmed down. The mermaids majestically entered the city. Everyone else waited patiently. After a long time, there was finally some response at the entrance.

A delegation of male mermen swam over with pitchforks. They did not have any ornaments. Some had blue or green hair. Their skin was pale, nearly translucent, and sharp fins lined their backs.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are extremely grateful you saved our companions." Unexpectedly, the leading merman spoke in the human language. Behind him, the mermen bowed politely.

Dong Fenghou frowned. He kept feeling something was wrong, but did not know why.

"We will engrave your kindness in our hearts. Our honorable king has sent us to express our most sincere gratitude. Is there any gift our heroes may like?" Although the leading merman spoke politely, his eyes were filled with unmistakable disdain. Would these humans truly save their fellow comrades out of the pure kindness of their heart? They wouldn't believe this even in death.

Dong Fenghou's frown deepened. He finally realized what was wrong. Although they had saved many mermaids, the mer race did not seem to receive them with sincerity. After saving so many merfolk, not only where they not allowed to step foot in the city, their king did not even personally appear, only sending a few guards out to speak to them, as if to drive them away with simply a few treasures.

Qi Aoshuang smiled faintly. "What do you think we need?" she said unhurriedly.

"Gems? Pearls? Ore?" the leading merman asked. Weren't these the only things humans wanted? Didn't they save their companions and escort them here just for some treasures as reward? This was humanity's true, ugly nature!

Everyone could see the unmaskable contempt in the merman's eyes. They all started to frown vaguely.

"So in your eyes, your companions are only worth a few treasures." Qi Aoshuang laughed coldly.

The merman balked, then darkened. "Don't you humans only want materialistic goods?"

"Did I say I wanted those things? So not only is the merfolk race incapable of repaying kindness, they even look down on their helpers, imposing their thinking onto others."

"Of course. The merfolk have always been an arrogant race," Xi Shaoqi piped up, annoyed.

"You!" The merman's expression darkened. The merfolk's pride would not allow human criticism. Currently, these humans said the merfolk was incapable of repaying kindness, and even arrogant. They could not accept such treatment.

"Then, may I ask what you want?" The merman held back his anger. These humans had indeed helped them. It would not be good to be too unyielding.

"I saved your companions for a reward, but not what you have mentioned. Inform your king I want the God Feather. If you don't hand it over, I will take it by force. Don't think I'm threatening you baselessly, I have the power to back it up." Qi Aoshuang's voice was ice cold, her eyes without a trace of warmth.