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 Her face was flushed red with ire, her eyes filled with rage. She shot multiple arrows without slowing at the people in the cavern.

"Die, you animals!" Qiao Chuxin seethed. She did not hold back, her magic arrows shooting towards the peoples' heads and chests. Blood spurted in flowery droplets in the entire cavern, splashing into the pool.

Feng Yixuan finally realized what was happening. He ran out of his room and was shocked see Qiao Chuxin. He called out to her, but as if she did not hear him, Qiao Chuxin shot a vicious arrow at Feng Yixuan.

"Oi! Qiao Chuxin! It's me, Feng Yixuan!" Feng Yixuan yelled as he dodged the arrow. Suddenly, he became annoyed. Currently, he was a woman, which must have been why Qiao Chuxing had not recognized him.

The Xi brother were wide eyed, mouth agape at the merciless girl who had suddenly appeared.

"Qiao Chuxin?" Leng Lingyun also discovered Qiao Chuxin. Just as he said this, Qiao Chuxing's magic arrow viciously greeted him.

"What's going on?" Leng Lingyun frowned at the malicious Qiao Chuxin. He immediately flashed over to Feng Yixuan's side. He had the same thought as Feng Yixuan, that perhaps Qiao Chuxin wasn't able to recognize him now that he had transformed into a woman.

The next moment, Leng Lingyun rejected this notion.

"Haha, Leng Lingyun, why are you dressing as a woman?" a familiar voice said. Leng Lingyun looked at the source of the voice to see a vulgar figure hide behind Qiao Chuxin.

"Dong Fenghou?" Leng Lingyun was confused. From what he remembered, Dong Fenghou was normally reticent, his speech always jumbled, but currently, his words were clear.

"Hide first. When Chuxing gets emotional, she cannot differentiate between enemy and foe. Be careful," Dong Fenghou vulgarly crouched down behind a stone and warned Leng Lingyun.

Cannot differentiate between enemy and foe?!

"Chuxin." Qi Aoshuang arrived at Qiao Chuxin's side with a light step of her foot.

"Careful!" A few people said at the same time. Qi Aoshuang's guard was currently lowered against the dangerous Qiao Chuxin!

"Why?" Qi Aoshuang was already at Qiao Chuxin's side. White Emperor and Black Feather were crouched on each shoulder, staring at Qiao Chuxin. Everyone's heart was clenched. Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun were about to rush over and save her.

But something shocking happened next. Qiao Chuxin set down her bow and head tilted, looking at Qi Aoshuang curiously. Suddenly, she flung her bow behind her, hitting Dong Fenghou squarely on the head. Dong Fenghou clutched his head in pain.

"Claire..." Qiao Chuxin grabbed Qi Aoshuang into a bear hug and started to weep. She felt extremely wronged, her heart in pain. "Claire, what happened? Exactly what on earth happened? When I heard what happened between you and the Temple of Light, I was so worried. I have been looking for you all this time, waaaaaaaaah..."

Dong Fenghou's mouth gaped. Stupefied, he turned to Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun, then said embarrassedly, "Don't look at me, I don't know either. No one could stop Qiao Chuxin whenever she was berserk." It seems Dong Fenghou had learned this through bitter experience.

"Chuxin..." Qi Aoshuang gently patted Qiao Chuxin's back. "Don't cry. Aren't I just fine?"

"What do you mean just fine? You even turned into a man, waaaaaaaah...." Qiao Chuxing started to cry even more sorrowfully.

Everyone had a strange expression and looked at each other in dismay. Qi Aoshuang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Did you forget about the gender changing potion? We all drank some in order to avoid the assassin the Temple sent."

"Huh?" Only then did Qiao Chuxin realize, but she was still a little confused.

Suddenly, the entire cavern started to shake.

"Business first, talk later." Dong Fenghou stood up impatiently. "I summoned a few sea beasts. They are currently breaking the underwater metal net. This pool is connected to the ocean. Let's save the mermaids first."

"Right. We came here to save the mermaids. Who knew that we would bump into you? It's a miracle." Qiao Chuxing was beyond pleased, radiating happiness.

"Lead the merfolk out through the underwater current. We'll destroy this place while we're at it," Dong Fenghou said hurriedly as he handed Qiao Chuxin back her bow.

Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun did not waste any words, lifting up the entire metal net out of the water. Xi Shaosi and Xi Shaoqi rescued mermaids out from the rooms and ran back and forth from the pool. The mermaids in the pool attended to the rescued mermaids.

The cavern started to shake more seriously. Debris started to smash down, arousing painful cries. The people Qiao Chuxin had pinned to stones could not move. Many could only watch on blankly as huge stones smashed down onto their bodies.

All the mermaids in the stone rooms were eventually rescued and returned back to the pool. Up until now, even with the unexpected disturbance, the mermaids had been calm, because they understood that these people were here to save them.

"Let's go." With a flick of Feng Yixuan's finger, large barrier surrounded everyone. As he gently raised his hand, the barrier brought everyone into the water. The water was turbid. All the mermaids surrounded them, waiting expectantly. Suddenly, there was a low, deep call. The water started to flow.

"Over there." Dong Fenghou pointed. "Straight that way."

Feng Yixuan controlled the barrier to move them forward. The mermaids followed closely. The water started to flow even more quickly, the low voice coming closer.

Straight ahead, they saw a sea beast with a strange appearance that was striking an iron door.


With a loud explosion, the iron door was finally broken. Feng Yixuan moved them forward as the mermaids emotionally swam at flying speeds. Dong Fenghou extended his right hand, touched the tips of his middle and pinky finger together, then started to chant in a low voice.

The next moment, a giant sea beast squeezed past them.


The sea beast opened its mouth wide and emitted a strange voice, then swam furiously.

"That place cannot remain." Dong Fenghao shrugged, casually explaining why he suddenly summoned such a huge sea beast.

Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly. Of course, she had noticed the change in Dong Fenghao. He was like an entirely different person from the previous Dong Fenghao who only knew how to eat. What exactly happened?

Meanwhile, the mermaids swam away as fast as they could.

Xi Shaoqi watched with wide eyes as the mermaids swam farther and farther away. "If they leave, how do we go to the underwater kingdom?"

"Don't worry, they will wait for us outside." Dong Fenghou dispelled Xi Shaoqi's misgivings. "Without our help, there would be no way for them to return."

"Claire, what exactly happened? Why did your hair and eyes turn black? And why did you drink the gender changing potion?" Qiao Chuxin asked anxiously.

Qi Aoshuang smiled faintly. "We'll talk another time."

Qiao Chuxing was completely worried, but in the end, merely nodded.

The barrier followed the underwater current all the way to the surface. In the distant night sky, they heard ominous rumbling, the sound of the sea beast Dong Fenghou had summoned wrecking the evil place.

The barrier bobbed gently on the sea surface. Mermaids surrounded them, watching them with wide eyes. Their gazes were filled with appreciation and hope.

The mermaids opened their mouths to speak, but no one could understand their language.

"Dong Fenghou, quickly translate!" Qiao Chuxin anxiously urged.

"They are thanking us for saving them, but they have many weak companions who are incapable of a long journey. They hope we can escort them to the underworld kingdom. If we agree to protect them, once we arrive at the underwater kingdom, they will reward us greatly," Dong Fenghou directly translated.

"Oh." Qiao Chuxing turned to Qi Aoshuang. "Are we going to accompany them back?"

Qi Aoshuang nodded. It was their objective, afterall.

Dong Fenghou nodded, then crouched down to say something to the mermaids. The mermaids revealed expressions of happiness.

"But how will we get there? Get a boat?' Feng Yixuan stroked his chin. He eyed the barrier. "This barrier won't last for long."

"I have a way." Dong Fenghou stood up. He clasped his palms together before his chest, then chanted something. However, this time, he seemed chant much longer than before.

After he finished the incantation, with a loud rumble, a colossus suddenly appeared at the surface before them.

Everyone was struck by how much larger it was compared to the previous sea beast. What was this creature?


The sea beast whistled, then suddenly opened its giant mouth. With a sudden gulp, the beast swallowed all the mermaids along with the barrier. All of a sudden, everything was dark.

Just as Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun were going to make their move, Dong Fenghou hastily stopped them. "Don't! We are going to rely on it to reach the underwater kingdom."

Just as he finished speaking, their surroundings suddenly brightened. They had all been swallowed into the sea beast's belly. The mermaids started to get frantic, but after Dong Fenghou explained to them, they calmed down.

"This is Moomoo cow's body. It can hold a lot of water, enough for the mermaids to rest. We can rest in the higher level." Dong Fenghou pointed up. Everyone looked up to see a protruding layer of pink flesh, various ores inlaid. It was because of the ores that it was so bright inside.

"Moomoo cow loves to eat, but these things can't be digested, so they were lodged there," Dong Fenghou explained. Feng Yixuan moved them up there in the barrier, then dispelled it.

"The village next to the sea! Dong Fenghou, order the sea beast to create a tsunami that will submerge the village. It's not a true village, but the base of operations for people selling mermaids." Qi Aoshuang had not forgotten about the village.

"Alright. Right away." Dong Fenghou closed his eyes. A red dot appeared in his forehead, flickering. Then Dong Fenghou stopped. "Don't worry, in a moment, the village won't exist any more."

"Alright, tell me what happened to you guys. Did Summer and Shui Wenmo not accompany you guys?" Qi Aoshuang sat down. She looked at Dong Fenghou mischievously. "And Dong Fenghou, you seemed to have become smarter."

"Wha, don't say that. I just just broke my spiritual restrictions. I was smart from the start." Dong Fenghou pouted. He touched the flesh wall and told Moomoo cow to swim into the depths of the ocean.

"We ran into a powerful beast and split up in the middle of running away. We don't know where they are now either. I heard what happened in Amparkland and immediately started to find you. I know that you didn't do what the rumors said. The vile Temple of Light framed you!" Qiao Chuxin angrily brandished her fist.

"Claire, what exactly happened?" Dong Fenghou's expression was serious. Of course, he wouldn't believe in the rumors.

"My name is now Qi Aoshuang," Qi Aoshuang said faintly.

"Qi Aoshuang?" Qiao Chuxing and Dong Fenghou echoed at the same time.

"Mm, that was my original name." Next, Qi Aoshuang calmly explained everything. Everyone remained silent. Qiao Chuxin's teeth had sunk so deeply into her lip that it was bleeding, while the fire in Dong Fenghou's eyes reached the skies. Though Qi Aoshuang spoke calmly, the two could tell how devastating it must have been.